Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani enjoying breakfast with Aman. She asks him why he is always seen in the morning and not at night. H says he has a lot of work in hospital and comes later around 2-3 a.m. Badi naani comes and asks Aman/chamanlal why is he having breakfast on table being a servant. Ragini says he is her boss and not chamanlal. Aman says he is chamanlal. Suhani laughs. Naani says his face resembles their servant chamanlal. Ragini asks Sunny tai to take naani in.

Ugly minded vamp Nivedita (looks like real vamp though) comes in. Suhani runs to her room seeing her. Vamp tells Ragini that she is not getting engaged, so she wants to cancel her engagement order with Arav. Ragini asks what does she mean. She says Arav is taking care of engagement arrangements. Ragini brings Arav from his bedroom and asks what is Nivedita telling. Arav says he wants to do business and grow like papa. Ragini says he is still young and his son, not Neil’s. Arav argues with her, says she is ruining his life and leaves. Vamp starts her emotional blackmail crying and says Ragini because of her, Arav fought with her. She asks who is that girl in. Aman says she is Kareena. Vamp walks out and thinks her doubt was right, Suhani is living in Ragini’s house as Kareena, she will use her when time comes.

Raj enjoys breakfast with Dimpy, Karan and Devika. Pam comes there and yells at Devika and leaves. Dimpy says she feels something is burning. Raj says exactly.

Neil explains about a heart condition to his juniors. Juniors say he is a real genius and ask if they can assist him in his next surgery. He agrees. Ragini comes there and asks why did he give money to Arav for his business. He says he was just helping him and is about to tell Arav does not like her, but stops. Ragini says he could not be a good father for her children and asks him to get married to Nivedita and stop interfering in her life as Aman is there to take care of her and her children. She says Nivedita loves him a lot, so he should marry her and let her live peacefully with Aman. Once she comes out, Aman asks why did she repeat the same mistake. Ragini says she had to do it for Nivedita and Neil’s remaining feels for her will change.

Neil at home starts drinking alcohol reminiscing Ragini’s words. Raj comes and asks why has he started drinking immediately after coming from hospital and asks if he is upset thinking about Ragini. Neil says since Ragini came into his life from his daadaji’s illness till now, she did not understand him at all. He as a father helped his son monetarily for his business as Arav wanted to leave studies and start business, he asked him to study and work as well and not leave Ragini, but Ragini yelled at him today and asked him to keep away from her children, he cannot tolerate it any more. Dimpy comes and asks what she should do with the engagement. He apologizes for tearing cards and asks her to invite everyone, especially Ragini and Aman.

Precap: Ragini asks Arav to study first and then think of working. He says he will work. If he does not work, they will not starve.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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