Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam trying to brainwash Neil. Neil gives her weird answers. She asks if he is alright. He asks her to serve dinner for him and says he is going on a medical conference with Aman and asks if she wants to come along. She says she will never where Aman is and says RK and Karan have decided to go out for dinner and asks him to join. He says he is not feeling well and will stay home. Gol maal hai bhai sab gol maal hai…song… plays in the background.

Agam and Suhani come to Ragini’s home. Sunny happily greets them in. Suhani says dad’s engagement with Nivedita is cancelled. Sunny says her prayer got fulfilled by lord hanuman. Suhani says they will have to know what did mom and dad speak. Badi naani comes wearing colorful clothes and tells she is going to meet Devanand and confess her love for him as her parents are getting her married to another boy. Suhani and Agam start laughing. Sunny tai says it is Ranbir Kapoor’s era and not Devanand’s. Badi naani says Raj kapoor and says joker is good, but she likes Devanand more. Naani says Devanand likes girl with kajol more. Badi naani asks Sunny tai get her kajol box.

Aman goes to street side stall to eat panipuri and is surprised to see Nivedita already enjoying pani puri. She asks how come she is here. He says he has to ask this. She says she was feeling low and thought of eating spicy junk food. Aman says there is a good restaurant with unique food, he was searching a partner to go, so they can go. She says it is difficult to get a table. He says he is restaurant’s VVIP member and with one message will book table. She asks if he is so famous. He is in Mumbai, only two people with word A are famous, Aman Mehra and Amitabh Bachhan and smiles.

Karan and RK enter Neil’s room and see him writhing in pain. Neil says he is having fever, but they can go out and enjoy dinner outside. They both leave. Once they leave, he calls Ragini and says he is coming to pick her for dinner. She says they just met some time back. He insists and says he will be outside her house in 5 min. Ragini tells her mom that she is going out with Aman on official work and leaves. She goes down and meets Neil who is waiting near his car. He says she is looking very beautiful with red lipstick. She says she is not that beautiful. He says she is and should see from his eyes. She gets shy. They both leave for the same restaurant where Karan and party and Aman/Nivedita are going, each of them not knowing their plains.

Karan’s team take a table and ask manager what is their specialty. He says Indian, Italian and Chinese. RK selects Chinese, Pam Italian and Dimpy Indian. Karan asks what will he have then. They say all 3. Karan asks manager if he knows to prepare sarson ka saag. RK asks what about Amritsari fish and says Karan owns a punjabi restaurant and knows to prepare each dish. Manager says his chefs prepare food. Pam laughs and they all order food. Aman reaches with Nivedita. Manager identifies him and says his wife is very beautiful. Aman says she is his friend. He apologizes Nivedita and she says it is okay and orders many nonveg dishes. Aman says he is veg, but does not mind eating with nonveg people.

Neil reaches restaurant with Ragini. RK sees him and thinks he came to surprise them. He then sees Ragini and thinks it is a big surprise and Neil will suffer now. Neil goes and sits on table with Ragini. They both start their romantic talk. Aman sees Neil and tries to hide his face. Ragini asks Neil if he remembers their first date 20 years ago. He says of course yes. Ragini says even then she lied and met him and even today she lied to meet him. They start reminiscing younger days’ romance.

Precap: Ragini says Neil before anyone sees them, they should go to some other restaurant. He says let everyone know. She says they should inform seeing the situation and not now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice epi….. love to see neil and ragini reunite soon

  2. Lovely episode.

  3. Chemistry is On between Nividita an Dr Aman N Ragini an Neil the chemistry is Rockin tooooo!!!! Perfect match. Very disapointd to hear tat thes trouble brewing wit Suhani dad comin in2 the picture, hate tat!!!!!

  4. the epsode was wow i really loved it.

  5. Please do not serial to a ugly turn by bringing Suhani’s biological father. Let the serial continue with Neil and Ragini sorting outb their differences and fixing poroblmes of Ranbir and Arav, The said ugly turn will dash hopes of reviving failed/ fragil;e relation ships. Request to Ekta Kapoor not to detrack the serial.

  6. awesom writer loving it

  7. Clare Monnier

    So far going well. No hitch.

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