Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dr. Devika performing physiotherapy massage on Raj. Karan sees that and says even he wants to undergo physiotherapy for his calf pain. Dimpy says he needs massage and asks him to come into room, signalling she will beat him. Pam comes and sees Devika leaning over Raj and yells at her, asks if she has left her hospital job or it is her side business. Raj says she is performing physiotherapy on him. Devika asks why is she overreacting. Pam says she is Raj’s friend, more than friend. Raj calls Devika babes and asks to continue physiotherapy. Pam gets irked.

Aman drops Ragini home and asks if they can go to movie. She says no. He says he knows she is thinking about Neil. She says she is not and walks out of car.

Ragini’s society people catch Ranbir red-handed kissing Shilpa and try to beat him. Shilpa’s mom interferes. They asks if she is not ashamed to let her daughter with this pervert. Ranbir says they don’t know who his dad is. People say they don’t care and are about to hit him when Ragini interferes and says Ranbir is her son. They say they know her children Arav and Nishi and they are very well mannered, not like this pervert. Another member says he must be American boy, so he is pervert. Another one asks Ranbir not to enter society again, else they will forget he is Ragini’s son and asks him to marry Shilpa if he is so much in love with her.

Neil comes home and asks Pam why did she go to Ragini’s house with engagement card. She says she is inviting friends and relatives. He asks if ragini is her friend or relative and angrily tears all cards. Nivedita starts her emotional atyachar and says Pam that Neil does not want her in his life and runs from there crying, actually smirking.

Ragini comes home crying (without a drop of tear in her eyes). Suhani asks what happened. She says her son is a pervert and her ex-husband is getting engaged, she does not know what to do. Suhani thinks mom still loves dad, then why did she marry Aman.

Shilpa’s mom tries to emotionally blackmail Ranbir that if she had listened to Ragini, she and Shilpa would not have been insulted and asks him to get engaged to Shilpa. He shouts that he has studies and career ahead and cannot engage and says he does not want to listen about Ragini and will not let her win again. Shilpa asks how can he badmouth about his mom. He angrily leaves. Shilpa asks when Ranbir does not care about his mom and does not want to get engaged, why should she go behind him. Mom asks him to forget everything and think of becoming khanna bahu and living lavish life.
Suhani asks Ragini to give her ex-husband’s number and address as she wants to meet him. Ragini says what will she do. Suhani tells what if Rupali lied. Ragini reminisces Rupali telling that she does not want come in between Neil and her and is just worried about her child and she and her child are alive just because or Neil. Suhani tells what if Neil was treating Rupali as a doc. Ragini asks how does she know that her ex-husband is a doc.

Ugly minded vamp Nivedita thinks Ragini is thinking of getting more than she deserves, she wants to get back to Neil, which she will never let that happen and says she will throw her joker card now. Pam calls beggar and asks her to give phone to Suhani. Beggar says children are playing on terrace and she will inform Suhani to call her when she comes down. Pam then sees Nivedita and asks why is she upset. Nivedita says she does not want to marry Neil and will go back to Kolkota as Neil does not want to engage and she does not want to force her over him or his family. Pam says she is not forcing herself and says she liked her, so she wants her to marry her brother. Nivedita says she does not care these emotional talks and walks out smirking, ugly like all other vamps.

Ragini asks Suhani how does she know her ex-husband is doc. Suhani says she told her and says what if Neil was helping Rupali as a good friend, so Rupali told because of Nachiket, her child is getting life. Ragini is forced to think.

Precap: Suhani tells Agam about Neil and Ragini’s misunderstanding. Agam says they have to clear mom and dad’s misunderstanding, though they may not unite, they will not feel bad for each other. Ragini’s mom hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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