Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aman asking Ragini to leave staff requirement file in his cabin. He says he will study and let her know what to do. Neil takes her from there silently. Aman wonders if Ragini was with him or he was talking alone. Neil takes Ragini to a side. Ragini asks what are you doing? Neil says he is just loving her. Ragini says that’s why I asked you not to come to hospital. Neil says you are still beautiful and s—y. Ragini gets shy and reminds him that it is a hospital. They reminisces their romance. Ragini says anyone might see them. Dr. Aman might be searching for her. Neil says if Dr. Aman came in your dowry. Tose Naina plays while she reminsces their romantic moments. Neil gets closer to her. Ragini asks him to leave her as she can’t stop herself. Neil asks her not to stop herself.

Aarav comes to Babu bhai and says he cracked a big deal today. Babu bhai says it is a good thing, but why you are upset. Aarav says he needs an investment. Babu Bhai asks why can’t he take money from his father as he is rich. Aarav says Papa is busy in home crisis. Babu Bhai agrees to give money, his goon try to stop him. Babu Bhai scolds him asking not to interfere. Aarav asks for 20 lakhs. Babu Bhai says you have to do a small formality for this.

RK and Devika ask Aman about Ragini. Aman says she was with him, but then vanished. He hears sound from store room and goes in. Ragini asks Neil to hide somewhere. Aman asks Ragini, what are you doing here? Ragini says she followed rat and came here. Aman asks did you follow the rat? Ragini says she will shoo him away. Aman says he will get the medicine sprinkle here. Ragini says this rat is our hospital’s rat, so don’t hurt him. Aman says he will get the mouse trap and catch the rat. Ragini asks the rat not to come out. Neil looks on tensed.

Ragini and Aman come out. Aman tells RK that Ragini was following a rat. RK laughs and asks about Neil. Aman says we came together, but he vanished too. RK understands and asks Ragini, if the rat is big. She says yes. He says lets go.

Shilpa comes to Aarav and asks about his business. Aarav says he is working to earn more money. Shilpa praises him for his work and asks for work. Aarav asks her to do the scheduling. She gets Ranbir’s call. He asks what are you doing? Shilpa says she came to terrace to dry her clothes. Aarav gets sad. Yaara Re………….plays……….Ranbir tells that he is missing her. She says me too. Aarav gets sad and leaves. Shilpa thinks Ranbir called her at wrong time.

Neil talks to someone over phone. Aman asks where were you Dr. Neil. Neil says he was in his cabin. He tells Aman that he got a call from Pune research centre for the seminar. He says he wants to take someone with him. Aman insists to come. Neil says who will take care of hospital if you come with me. Aman says I will manage. Neil tries to convince him to stay back, but Aman says I am free. Neil says it is 3 hour ride and we will reach while talking. Aman recalls going with Neil in his car before in a flashback. He says you are right, you will bore me. Neil asks what? Aman asks him to take Devika or Ragini. Ragini says she has so much work. Neil says Ragini is administrative head. Aman insists. Ragini asks are you sure? Neil says Dr. Aman will handle the hospital. Aman asks her not to worry. Ragini agrees to go. Neil says it would have been fun if Dr. Aman comes with us. He sits for lunch and tries to tease Ragini. He tries to touch Ragini with his leg, but he touches Aman’s leg instead. Neil says there is a rat here. Aman says Ragini is not allowing him for do pest control.

RK comes and asks why didn’t you tell me. I would have done last time darshan. Pam asks did anyone died? RK says then why you are sitting upset. He says he wants to have lunch outside. Karan asks him to go to his restaurant. Pam suggests him to go to some other restaurant. RK agrees. Pam asks will you take special person there? RK asks her to get ready. Pam gets happy and says she liked his idea. She says we all will go. Dimpy asks what about Nivedita. Pam calls Nivedita and asks her to join for dinner. Nivedita refuses and says she is not liking anything. She asks her to give some space. Pam agrees and disconnects the call.

Neil offers to drop Ragini home. Ragini says if anyone sees us then…..Neil says then where we will talk. Ragini invites him home. Neil says we will not get a chance to talk. Aman comes and says lets go. Neil asks where? Aman says house. He asks are you staying back. Neil says his work has ended and Ragini is going home. Aman looks at them.

Pam asks Neil why did you join Aman’s hospital again and reminds his job at America’s hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. I just love this,its so sweet of ragini and neil

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  5. Lovely episode.

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