Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj joking with Pam and Dimpy. Pam says he is a specimen. Karan prepares dinner for them. Dimpy says mumbai’s #1 restaurant’s owner is a worst chef. Pam says he has prepared baby olive salad. Dimpy says he has burnt peas instead. Pam says she will not eat it then and asks to order dinner from outside. Dimpy comes with engagements cards and asks Pam to select one. Pam says Neil has gone to Ragini’s house and she does not know how to convince him. Dimpy starts her emotional atyachar and Pam selects one card. Dimpy thinks her emotional atyachar always works.

Ragini tells Suhani that Neil had an affair with Rupali, so she divorced him. Suhani gets sad hearing that. Once Ragini leaves, she calls Agam and tells him about her conversation with Ragini. He says god punished them for 15 years, but cannot be so cruel to punish them more. He wants mummy papa and familyreunite. Suhani says she is outside family and is not his sister. He says she is and will always be his sister and asks her to rest now.

In the morning, Arav reaches Neil’s house with Neil and Nivedita’s engagement cards. Nivedita hurriedly snatches from his hand and hides it. Neil comes and asks Arav why did come so early in the morning. Nivedita says he came to meet Karan to talk about business. Neil says he is proud of him and leaves. Arav asks Nivedita why did she lie. She says she wants to surprise Neil and make him proud of his son and asks him to have breakfast.

Nivedita shows engagment card to Pam and says Ragini will be shocked to see this card. Pam says she is right. Nivedita then thinks she will also be shocked to see Suhani at Ragini’s house.

Suhani prepares pakoras with Aman and praises his culinary skills. Aman says practice makes man perfect. Sunny comes and asks them to let her prepare tea. Suhani says she is done with her breakfast preparation and serves it to Ragini. Ragini likes them. She then serves it to badi naani. Badi naani thinks she is Pam and asks where is nachiket. Ragini says she Kareena and and not Pam. Naani eats pakoras and say they are very hot and scolds Aman thinking he is cook. Ragni says she told her many times that he is Aman, her boss.

Nivedita reaches Ragini’s house with Pam and gives her engagement invitation card and insists to attend. She insists to go to washroom to catch Suhani red-handed and isnists to use Nishi’s bathroom. Badi naani thinks she is servant and scolds her. Sunny takes her to washroom. She goes to nishi’s room and searches Suhani in bathroom and cupboard, but suhani is hiding under bed. She is about to check bed when Sunny comes there calling Kareena and asks why is she roaming around instead of going to bathroom. Nivedita asks who is kareena and insists. Sunny says it is her house and it is her wish to call anyone and asks her to finish her work and get out with her hair cut friend. Nivedita comes out thinking Agam told Suhani is at mom’s house, then where did she go. Pam asks Ragini to attend engagement for sure and takes Nivedita with her.

Neil goes to get coffee from hospital canteen. Aman comes out wearing chef hat and vegetables. Neil says he is looking cute in chef’s hand. Aman gets embarrassed. Neil asks why is he wearing chef hat today. Aman says he is making special pudding with bottle guard and tomato. Neil says he is allergic to tomato adn bottle guard seeds. Ragini comes and says she will not attend his engagement. Neil asks what. She says Pam and Nivedita came to invite her for engagement, but she cannot attend it.

Precap: Suhani asks Ragini if Neil used to love her like she loves him. Ragini says yes. Suhani asks then why did he have extramarital affair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Great job Suhani ,Ragini n Niel are good together

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