Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini thinking if Aman told something to Neil. Neil asks what happened? Ragini says nothing, she thinks Aman might not have told him anything or Neil might be acting. Neil asks if she wants to share something. Ragini asks him about his interview with Aman. Neil says Aman is a good man, but he don’t have the qualities to take my interview. Ragini asks what did he ask you? Neil asks if you have done deal with him, and asks what is the matter? RK tells Neil that Pam wants to say something and tells there is an audio clip of Neil in which he confessed that his marriage with Ragini is contract marriage. Neil is shocked and thinks how can Nivedita betray him. Pam tells Nivedita wanted to play that audio clip, but I managed somehow. Ragini says what we will do now, and asks Pam not to let kids know about it. Nishi hears them and is shocked and tensed.

In the night Ragini plays music and says it is a stress buster for her. Neil asks if the kids are sleeping? Ragini says yes, and says we know about the results. Neil says whatever, and asks her to sleep. Ragini asks if there is any other way out? Neil thinks he knows about the way, but if you will walk with me. Ragini thinks kids want us together. Neil thinks if you leave your ego then we can be together for always. Ragini thinks Neil should asks her and she will run to him. She thinks kids will be happy.

Goon asks Aarav to call Jignesh and says he is about to come here. Jignesh and Ranbir search something in Aarav’s stuff. Aarav asks his friend is asking when he is coming. Jignesh says I will give money after 2 days, but can come now.

Nivedita tells Neil and Ragini that they will be seated in different rooms. Neil asks what is the proof that whatever you writes as our answers will be right. Nivedita says everything will be recorded. Later in room, Nivedita asks Neil to come back to her and promises to accept him. Neil says he is waiting for the investigation to finish and swears that he will not spare her. Nivedita acts to get scared and says Ragini was right, you are full of ego and arrogance. She says it was good that Ragini left you. Neil says I will call your seniors and asks her to start with the interview.

Aman asks Ragini to relax and says he was worried about her. Ragini tells Aman that she is worried about the audio clip which is with Nivedita. Aman says nivedita didn’t tell me about any audio. Nivedita asks Neil not to think that he will win, and says I have surprise for you.

Other investigating officer congratulates Neil and Ragini, and says they have answered 5 questions correctly. Nivedita wonders how can they answer right. The officer gives them break of 10 mins. Pam and RK are worried about the interview. Ranbir comes and informs Pam about Aarav investing 30 Lakhs with someone. Nivedita thinks to continue the interview till she gets the audio tape. She asks Ragini, how did you get the injury? Ragini tells she tried to save her son in Dahi handi event and got injured. Nivedita asks why Neil didn’t save him, and says you are lying? She says truth is that Dr. Neil have raised hand on you, and must have slapped you. Ragini says my husband never raised hand on me. Aman asks her to tell the truth and says do you agree that your husband is a responsible man. Ragini says yes. Aman says why your husband haven’t saved your son. Ragini says he didn’t know. Aman says your husband is a fraud and is a self centered man, who left you 18 years back. Neil asks what nonsense is he saying and blaming his wife.

Nishi is worried thinking about how to inform her siblings that their happiness will be shortlived. Suhani, Agam and Karthik ask her not to worry and says interview will be good. Nishi thinks to tell the truth, and asks them to be strong as she needs to tell something. She says I heard Maa, dad and Pam talking about audio clip in which Dad confessed that it was a contract marriage.

Aarav calls Jignesh and asks him not to come there. He says he is badly trapped as the goons have refused to return his money. Jignesh thinks to inform Ranbir. Nivedita thinks how can Neil and Ragini answer everything perfectly. She suspects Aman is helping them, and asks if he has leaked papers. Aman says it is investigation. Neil asks Ragini not to worry as they have scored all answers. Neil thinks she will shock them and thinks Pam must have not informed about the audio.

Ragini and Neil talk about Pam. Ragini asks if Pam is thinking to settle down with RK. Neil says she has not yet decided.

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