Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam angrily telling Neil that Ragini is using her kids to get some money. He says he does not care about Ragini but cannot let her ruin Nishi’s life. He asks why is he getting angry then. He says he is just worried about Nishi. She asks him not to call her then.

Aarav gets happy hearing Ragini’s phone ringing. Ragini picks call and speaks to marketing executive. Nishi’s phone rings then. Ragini goes back to sleep. Neil calls her. She wakes up and before she can pick call, he cuts it. He is nervous and thinks his hands does not shake even while performing critical surgeries, then thinks about Nishi and calls her. She picks call. He speaks and she gets nervous hearing his voice. He cuts call. She washes her face and thinks why did he call her. He calls her again. She picks it and stands nervously. He says he is… She says she knows his voice and asks why did he call her after 15 years. She says her daughter met him and told that she is controlling her life. She says Nishi is my daughter and he is breaking his promise of not interfering in her life. He says he is not interested in her life and just wants her to stop interfering someone else’s life as he does not want Nishi go through the pain he is going through. She asks him again not to interfere in her life and cuts call.

Ragini angrily knocks Nishi’s room door and calls her out. Once she comes out, she asks why did she go to airport to meet her dad. She says she went to meet Dr. Neil and not her papa. She asks then why did she meet Nachiket Khanna. Nishi says Dr. Neil K is Nachiket Khanna and says she found his number on net. She says she wants to marry Jignesh, but she is stopping her. Ragini says she has agreed for the marriage. Nishi says she asked to her marry after 5 years. Ragini says she should burn her books and forget about her career then, starts crying and says because of her, the man who did not turn up in 15 years calls her and tells she is controlling everyone’s life. Naani asks her to calm down. She says she had to hear from a man whom she thinks is a biggest mistake of her life. She gets into her room and starts crying vigorously.

Ragini reaches Jignesh’s house and asks his mom what date she has set for the marriage. She says after 15 days. Ragini says she wants Jignesh and Nishi to marry in 15 days. Mom asks she is giving her another shock and asks if she will not back off. She says she will not and says after marriage, they can take Nishi’s studies and career decision as she will not have right after that. Jignesh thinks his father-in-law must have called and convinced his mother-in-law and thanks him.

Ragini reaches home and says Nishi that her marriage will happen in 15 days and gets into her room. Sunny tai says she got a jackpot by calling her dad and says even Aarav can marry his girlfriend Shilpa. Naani goes to Ragini’s room and asks her to calm down. Ragini says she could not understand her children’s minds in 15 years and they love their father than her. Naani says Nishi called her father and not your husband and says husband and wife can separate and not father and mother. Nishi hears their conversation and thinks dad called mom after she asked him and says she will unite her parents again.

Nishi joins her family on breakfast table and greets goodmorning to Aarav and Naani. He asks Aarav to thank mom for agreeing to the marriage. Ragini says she should thank her dad instead and her matters to her more than her. She asks Naani to talk to Nishi’s MIL about marriage’s arrangements, etc. Nishi says she wants to invite her papa for her marriage. Ragini gets irked hearing that and says her papa called her as he does not her to interfere in his life again. Nishi says he called as he cares for her and will attend her marriage and prove that he loves her. Ragini says now her papa is important to her than her mom.

Nishi calls Neil and tells him that her mom agreed for the marriage in 15 days. He says that is nice. She invites him for her marriage. He sees Pam coming in and cuts call. Pam asks whom he was talking to. He says Nishi and she invited him for marriage. Pam says mom and daughter are trying to use you. She says Dimpy is on net. He speaks to her and she says she met Ragini at a shopping mall with her husband and says she forgot her past and has moved on adn even he should move on. Pam says now he should realize that mom and daughter are using him and says he can marry Dimpy’s sister who is much better than Ragini.

Precap: Neil gets angry on Ragini for betraying him, says he hates her but cannot curse her as she is his children’s mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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