Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini walking with agent to meet client and asking if he informed all her demands to client. He says yes. Power goes off. Client introduces them both. Power comes back and they both are shocked to see each other. Neil asks agent to excuse them and asks Ragini why is she selling house for Nishi’s marriage instead of taking his help. She says he does not have to worry about her. He says his children spent their childhood in that home and where will he keep Arav. She says he is her son and he does not have to worry about him. He says he forgot and asks why did not she take her husband Aman’s help. She says it is her wish and says she will not sell her house to him. He says he will not take her house even for free and leaves in car.

Neil angrily comes to hospital and asks nurse about Aman. She says he is in canteen selecting menu. He walks into canteen and scolds him for selecting canteen menu instead of his wife. Aman asks what does he mean. He says he wanted to roam around his wife like a puppet, but does not want to take his responsibilities and Ragini has to sell her home. Aman is shocked to hear that. Neil asks if he acting and asks how can he not know about Ragini’s financial situation even being staying with her for 24 hours. He says she will not take his help due to her superego, but being her husband it is his responsibility to take care of her financial crisis. Aman says when he does how Ragini is, why is he yelling at him and now he knows what to do, he does not have to remind him.

Aman goes to Ragini’s house and asks being his friend for 15 years and spending 32000 hours together, she still does not trust him and did not inform him about her financial crisis. Ragini says Neil must have told him. He says yes and says she has to take his help, else he will tell Neil that he is not her husband. She says she cannot do this. He says he will give it as a loan and will cut money from her salary after her eduction loan finishes.

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Pam writhes in leg pain after coming back home and shouts at Sunny tai. Dimpy says sunny tai is an innocent woman and she should not shout at her. Pam says it is Ragini’s conspiracy towards her and continues yelling at Ragini. Karan asks her to stop yelling at Ragini as she is his friend. Pam says Ragini has trapped everyone and continues yelling. Karan angrily opens alcohol bottle to drink. Neil comes and says mad woman is selling her house for Nishi’s marriage. Karan why is he getting affected by this when he does not consider her his wife. He says after selling house, she will bring my children on road. Ragini comes with Aman. Aman says Neil that he is bearing Nishis’s marriage expenses now and says Neil that he opened his eyes, etc. Karan says he wants something from Ragini and Neil and says Nishi’s marriage will happen at his hotel and he will give 70% discount as his contribution. Ragini tries to deny his offer, but Aman presses her hand and she stops. Neil gets jealous seeing that.

Karan is busy enjoying video game with Agam. Dimpy comes with his call details with girls and scolds him. Before he could explain, she walks out saying he will sleep on sofa today. Agam says he made those calls. Karan says he would have taken his help as he is doing all this since he was 17 years old. Agam says he has a plan and tells him about it.

Ragini asks Aman why did he agree for taking care of expenses. He says he is her friend and it is his fight also now, she cannot deny his help. She gets emotional and starts crying, and he hugs her and thinks he did not get confuse today took decision himself as Ragini is involved in it.

Neil comes to balcony and gets jealous seeing Aman hugging Ragini. He reminisces his young days with her and recently when he saw her in Nishi’s engagement, etc. Teri aahaten….song…plays in the background. Nivedita sees him watching Ragini and Aman and asks him not to get sad as she is there with him in every moment and emotion and holds his hands. Ragini sees them and gets jealous, gets into car and leaves with Aman.

Precap: Neil pins Ragini and shuts her mouth. He says his pain is much worse than hers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Nyc precap!
    Hope they realise each othrs love

  3. Woahh. What a fantabulous episode.
    Completely in love with it plus the precap. .. so intense

  4. SUPERB EPISODE AND PERECAP…I JUST LOVE THIS SERIAL. sony t.v. PLZ.PLZ.PLZ.continue this serial 5 days per week…

  5. Yes, really good story line…love it…can’t wait when Neil finds out Ragini is not married. Please make that happen fast. Also want this to be a 5day show. It can replace Hum Hai Na as 4days.

  6. yrr aaj ka update daaldo plss m waiting from sooo soo long…

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