Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

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The episode starts with Nishi and Jignesh cutting their wedding anniversary cake. Sunny clicks pics and says today it is double celebration, one is their wedding anniversary and another Nishi is pregnant. Jignesh speaks and Nishi taunts him. Ragini thinks she has to speak to Nishi.

Sunny sends video to Agam. He watches it on TV and jumps happily that he is becoming mama/uncle. He runs to inform Suhani and Neil and sees Pam outside (wearing weird makeup and hair style).

Ragini asks Nishi to stop insulting Jignesh. Nishi says he has made her life hell and takes all the decisions alone, he does not let her go anywhere, rejected her job offer, etc. Ragini says she should not let misunderstanding between them. Nishi asks why did not she understand dad well then and leaves.

Jignesh asks Nishi to stop insulting him. She starts fighting wit him. Ragini interferes and says they both have to clear their misunderstanding and make each other compatible as it is their love marriage. Nishi asks her again why did she misunderstand dad then. Ragini feels devastated. Jignesh says she will not understand and walks out sadly. Ragini asks her to stop fuming as she is pregnant. She says she is not.

Suhani and Agam inform Neil that he has come grandpa. Neil asks him to send bouquet to her. Agam says she is his daughter and he cannot walk out like this. Neil says he has only 3 children and Nishi and Arav are not his children. Suhani asks how can he say that. Neil gets adamant. She says Nishi is just like him and gets emotional, makes faces like him, etc. He says he does not know all this. They both try to convince him.

Ragini tries to explain Nishi to cope up with Jignesh and stop insulting him. Nishi continues that Jignesh and his family made her life hell and they want her to get pregnant soon, so she lied that she is pregnant. Ragini says she should not lie to them. she says she will not and let Jignesh do it. she says she has made a mistake and has to correct it. Nishi asks her to stay out of it. Ragini asks how can she talk to her mom like this.

Aman enters room and asks if there is any problem. Nishi asks if he is a superman and asks why he interferes every time, says her problem is much bigger and cannot be solved. Aman says he knows well how to solve. She says it is personal issue and she wants to share it with her parents and not an outsider like him, though he helped his mom in every step of her life. She asks him to get out as she wants to obey her mom and goes out herself. Ragini apologizes him. He says she is a child. Ragini says she got arrogant behavior from her father.

Suhani and Agam continue to convince Neil to call Nishi and congratulate her as she must be expecting his call, but he is adamant.

Aman says some relationships are not forgettable. Ragini asks what does he mean. He says even now she remembers Neil when her children trouble her. She says it is not called remembrance. He says whatever it is, she remembers Neil. He says he made a mistake by proposing her. She asks if he also thinks she is not fit for marriage now. He says he did not mean that. She says she can marry him, but cannot give any commitment or love him as she already loved once and not more. She walks out. Neil on the other side continues his adamancy not to call Nishi.
Precap: Ragini tells Jignesh’s parents that Nishi is not pregnant, and they are shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode not taking a good turn and getting boring day by day…really losing interest in it not!!

    1. u r right

  2. Ragini ur a great 1 to give a lecture to ur daughter, about misunderstandings, listening, etc ….u need to take ur own advise LOL

  3. Swati n SA i totally agree…geting slow n draging…wonder y n how many episodes left????will the family RS/Dr N ever ever get bk? Tnx nivi i hope we no see her again pls…

    1. I agree with all the three commenters.
      Ragini’s arrogance and wrongful ill temper has already put her down in my opinion.

  4. Have no interest in the serial an y more

  5. Nice episode. Love Sunny tai.

  6. i was waiting for today update thanks

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