Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode tarts with Neil reaching Aman’s building, calling and asking him to come down. Aman says he cannot meet him at midnight and to come in the morning. Neil says it is very important and asks him to come down and not inform wake up Ragini. Aman says he is at hospital. Neil says he will come there. Aman rushes to hospital in his night suit and waits for Neil. Neil comes and tells him that he wants him to accompany to Jignesh’s house to convince his parents for Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage. Aman hesitantly agrees.

Neil reaches Jignesh’s house with Aman and Karan. Baa says Neil if he has come to talk about marriage, then he is wrong, she will not let his grandson married to a house whose son is a criminal. Neil says his son is arrested on a doubt and the Shilpa herself gave her statement and proved his son innocent. She asks then why did Ragini herself got her son arrested. He says Ragini had a doubt and very rarely someone gets his/her dear ones punished for their mistake. He says both children love each other and she should agree for their marriage. Jignesh says sasurji is telling right and says even dada went to jail. She says he was a freedom fighter. Jignesh says being innocent, dada went to jail and even Nishi’s brother went to jail being innocent, so she should accept now. Grandma agrees for the marriage. Neil walks out happily with Aman and Karan.

In car, Aman says Neil it is good he took charge and got Jignesh’s grandma convinced. Neil says since he did not speak out, he had to take charge and says let us go to home. Aman says he will come to his house some other day. Neil says he wants to go to his house and inform Ragini. Aman hesitantly takes him to Ragini’s house.

Neil rings Ragini’s door bell. Ragini opens door and asks why did not he go to US. He says he came to apologize her for misunderstanding her and says Ranbir proved him wrong and he came to thank her for thinking about Ranbir. He also tells her that as she wished, Nishi’s marriage will happen on the fixed date and he will also attend it. She says her marriage is broken. He says he knows, but he convinced Jignesh’s grandma for the marriage. He says he will take care of all the functions personally. Aman comes there, Ragini asks why is he here. Neil says he is her husband and should be in this house. Aman tries to explain Ragini, Neil asks why is he explaining his own wife. Aman says he is sleepy now. Neil asks him to lend his car as he will not get taxi. Aman gives him car keys and tells Ragini how Neil convinced Jignesh’s gradma and says Neil loves Nishi a lot and looked like a complete father.

Pam yells on Ragini in front of Dimpy and Nivedita. Dimpy asks why is she yelling when Ranbir got released because of her. Pam says it was Ragini’s preplan to get into Neil’s good books. Nivedita says Ranbir would not have been released without Ragini’s help. Pam says if she makes Ragini great in front of Neil, she will have to forget marrying her. She sees Neil coming and asks him how was his meeting with Ragini. Dimpy asks how can she be so sure. She says it is years of experience. Karan says they fixed Nishi’s marriage back. Dimpy gets happy. Neil says Nishi’s marriage is on 13th and whoever likes they can attend with him.

Precap: During premarriage rituals, Ragini gets sad hearing Nishi telling nothing wrong will happen when her dad Neil is with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  2. … except for the yelling pam and nagin everything else is ok .. they are given too much footage
    would love to see them get defeated at their own game…

  3. This show is my favorite…as its characters and their acting talent and its speed is fast enough….it’s not like the others show creeping like a turtle….

  4. after star one’s show’Mile Jab Ham Tum’i am liking this show the most… star one’s show this is also febulous….i was missing the show ‘mile jab ham tum’ from long time and was waiting for this kind of show….thanks to sony tv and ekta kapoor who generates such a loving and heart touching show…i cant miss even a single episode of this show..the show is going too good….i hope very soon we will see ragini and neil toghther…

  5. guys to see how Neil cares for his children despite being separate from them coz of their deal…..nice going on….

  6. Nyc epi

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