Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini getting afraid seeing an animal and hugging Neil tightly. Neil jokes that it has long teeth and nails, etc., and then says it is a dog whole crying like him. She separates from him and says if he had fulfilled his duty as a doc and brought medicine box with him, they would not have to come here. He says he came here to see Nishi on her insistence and even she is a nurse and her fiance Aman runs a big hospital, they would have brought medicines. They both then start walking.

Nishi tells Jignesh that she is hungry. He asks her what she needs. She says roasted paneer, dal makhani, biryani, corn soup, ras malai, etc. He says he will bring and runs. Sunny and party who were peeping run down and try to settle down in sofas. Ranbir who is there asks what are they doing. They say they are trying to reunite Nishi and Jignesh. Jignesh comes down and asks Sunny to prepare food as he does not know to prepare it. Sunny says within such a short time no one can prepare it. Ranbir says he can order food from restaurant. He says it is a good idea and orders it.

Karan and Dimpy sees RK confused and asks what happened. He says he is confused regarding Pam as she videochats and calls him for hours, but does not accept her love for him. Karan says he is expert in this and can say what woman thinks. He says woman are confused from childhood and make even men confused. Pam wants to confirm if he has moved on with Devika and if he is not she will tell she is untrustable. Dimpy says he is right and tells RK that Pam is trying to fool him.

Jignesh gets food from restaurant and starts thanking Sunny, Agam, and everyone. They ask him to go and serve food first and then they can start thanking session. He ascending stairs happily when Dimpy, Karan and RK asks if he is throwing party without them. He says Nishi wants to eat all this. Dimpy says Nishi is ill and should not eat all this, she will prepare khichdi for her instead. RK takes food packet from him and leaves. Jignesh gets tensed.

RK gets Devika’s call who starts talking. Door bell rings, RK opens door and is surprised to see Pam. While speaking to Devika, he says he was missing her. Pam thinks he is telling her and smiles. Devika asks him to tell I love you. He hesitates. Pam asks where is Dimpy. He opens door and shows her. Pam is shocked to see all children present there. She starts shouting at them that they grew up so big that they forgot her, etc, etc. They apologize her, but she continues that they will repeat it again. She tells Dimpy that they did not inform her and came here. Dimpy asks children to apologize her. RK gets a call and she asks him to silent his phone. He signals Dimpy that she has come for him. Pam continues shouting.

Aman tries to go out of his room and sees Badi naani there who says she will not him flirt with her and sends him back. He tries to go out, but naani sends him back. He thinks it is better to have water than getting badi naani’s beating.

Neil and Ragini reach main road and take lift from a sardarji. Sardarji is restaurant owner and starts speaking to Neil. Neil asks if he knows him. He says very much, Ragini had come to his restaurant some days ago, but with someone else. He starts praising Neil that he learnt loving family seeing him and asks where is he going. Neil says to get medicine to his daughter. He asks if it is for Nishi. Neil asks if he knows his children. He says he knows all his children and even takes their name. Ragini gets emotional reminiscing Arav.

Precap: Nishi scolds Jignesh for not bringing her ordered food. He says Dimpy aunty stopped him and said kichdi is better for her. Nishi yells that he is worried about Dimpy than her and says he is a bad husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nishi is stupid n dumb like her mom

  2. srkfanclubmember

    I am sorry ,but Nishi is acting greedy and rude,I thing Ragini is just trying to keep her dignity in front of Neil,she is not acting dumb,but that is your own opinion,so it is okay for you to think that .But for me she is just trying to keep her dignity.

    1. Wen ragini was telling nishi nt to gt married as she is still too young den nishi taunt ragini nd called her father Neil nd now she herself is regretting her married life…..she didn’t listened to her mother so now face da problems….mothers r always ryt I don’t blame ragini for anything ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  3. Poor Jignesh he tolerates so much. Nishi needs two tight slaps to bring her back to reality.
    A very good and funny episode.

    1. Nishi things wat ragini did years bk she will do da same bt she doesn’t know dat her situation is way different frm raginis……

  4. Show is going towards worst execution. Nishi is arrogant like her mother towards her husband. Karthik has allergy medicines but not besic medicines as they gave to walk in jungle. Now a days karat is not that isolated that you have to walk for necessaticies. Medical field people including ranbir neil karthik can’t get free time the way it is showing. Ranbir was not shown single time in medical atire. Show some reality.

  5. jignesh is a bad husband or she is a pathetic wife…seriously cant stand nishis butchered role anymore…she and ragini are both extremely annoying now….their way or the highway…

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