Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil calling property agent and asking him to get a property in Ragini’s area. Agent says he is lucky that there is one property, but owner needs money immediately and will vacate place in 20 days. He says it is okay and thinks property is better than people. Agent then calls Ragini and tells her that he got a client and will fix meeting in her area. She says she will manage without house once Nishi gets married.

Arav waiting outside his girlfriend’s house. Girlfriend comes and says he told his mom will get a new bike in his next birthday, so when is he getting it. He says soon and he has selected even metallic black color one. She says he should give her a ride first and holds his hands. He excitedly says okay. Her mom comes there, scolds and sends her from there. She then asks Arav to get a bike from her mom as she has seen rich people coming to his house. He nods yes.

Aarav comes home and asks Ragini to sell off his laptop and get him a bike for his birthday. She says Nishi’s marriage is around and she cannot afford birthday expenses. He asks when she can spend on Nishi’s marriage, why can’t she for his birthday. Nishi tries to calm Arav. Ragini says she has to tell them something important and says she is selling this house as she does not have money for marriage expenses. Arav says they have been staying in this house since childhood and emotionally attached to it. Ragini says she is more emotionally attached than him, but she has not other option. Nishi gets emotional and asks Ragini to tell Jignesh’s family that she will not marry. Ragini says she is happy that she is fulfilling her responsibilities well. Arav says Ragini that she is settling Nishi’s life by marrying her to Jignesh who is well settled and leaving him without house, wants him to work like a donkey and fulfill his responsibilities his whole life. She says she is there to take care of her responsibilities and will not need any man’s help, says it is her papa’s house and he does not have any right on it. She drags Nishi and asks how can he think of stopping his sister’s marriage. He says he did not mean that and will live as she wants and gets out of house. Nishi tries to stop him. Ragini stops her and says let him go and realize that Nishi’s marriage is important than his bike and birthday party.

Pam’s car breaks down on road. She comes out of car fuming. Sunny sees her and calls her Bai. Pam gets irked and asks her not to call Bai. Sunny asks what is she doing here. She says she is searching Manish’s store. Sunny says she knows it. Pam taunts that even low class people know designer store and asks her to tell her route. Sunny tells her, but she gets confused asks to help her. Sunny takes her to some local Manish photo studio. Pam gets irked and starts scolding her. Sunny asks her to behave. Pam shouts at her and says Ragini must have sent her to trouble her and asks her to tell Ragini that she will be punished soon for her deed.

Jignesh’s grandmother calls Ragini home and says Nishi and Jignesh’s marriage should happen on 18th instead of 20th as per her panditji’s plan and on 22nd, Jignesh and Nishi will go to their family god’s temple. Ragini is Nishi has exam on 22nd. Daadi says she can give exams next year and she does not want her bahu to work anyways. Ragini gets angry and walks out. Jignesh stops her and says he will manage the issue by getting Nishi to exam venue on time after attending temple. Ragini thanks him. He asks if he can drop her home. She says she will go alone.

Pam comes back to Dimpy’s house and says she took a right decision of not marrying as she cannot handle all this. Dimpy jokes she took a right decision. Nivedita comes well dressed and says she is going to office. Pam says when she is working in Kolkota, how can she practice law in Mumbai. She says her firm is India’s best law firm and has offices in major cities. Pam praises her and offers garlic bread. She says she does not like it. Pam says even Neil does not like it and their likes and dislikes match. Dimpy backs her. Agam comes there. Nivedita wishes him happy birthday. Pam asks how does she remember his birthday. She says remembers everyone’s birthday and asks Agam what plans he has. He gives Neil’s credit card to Pam and says he wants to celebrate it with Arav, Ragini and Nishi. Pam gets irked and says he celebrated birthdays till now with her and even today he will have, orders him not to get out of house. He walks out from there. Nivedita asks Pam not to be rude on kids.

Neil scolds Aman for being careless towards Ragini. Aman says he does not understand what he means. Neil asks how can he let Ragini sell her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Awesome precap… neil is very protective about ragini,,,but he is not accepting this fact…when he talks to ragini nd taunts her nd specially when he behaves like a jealous husband,,,,it seems like he is missing her in his life a lot….i just love this serial,,,mostly neil nd ragini’s realationship,,truly””dil ka rishta””hope rail come close soon…..

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