Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devika seeing Pam in Suhani’s room and asks what is she doing. She says she came to meet Neil and asks how is this girl. Devika says girl is fine and will wake up after 1-2 hours and says Neil went to drop Ragini. Pam asks her to show her hospital. Devika takes her. Pam tells Nivedita she is going to see hospital and as ks her to wait for her.

Karan who is with Aman and inspector says he wants to go to bathroom. Aman says he will show bathroom. Karan says he goes to bathroom alone and runs from there. Inspector says he has solved case and is waiting for Neil. Aman asks why. Inspector gets his son’s call and he gets busy..

Karan, Deepti and Nivedita try to elope with Suhani. Pam who is with Devika sees them coming and diverts her attention. They all 3 run with Suhani who is on stretcher. Aman sees karan and asks him to wait. Karan sends Suhani and Nivedita in lift before Aman comes and tells Aman that Dimpy is having ankle sprain, so he is carrying her on wheelchair. Pam comes near lift and sees Nivedita and Suhani in lift. She closes it and tells Devika that she wants the next room. Devika says it is bathroom. Pam says she wants to check toilet and takes her forcefully. Aman asks nurse where is Devika. Nurse says she is with buff cut lady and took her to toilet. Karan continues diverting Aman’s attention while Nivedita carries Suhani out of hospital. She then messages Pam and Karan that she is out of hospital. Karan and Pam who are trying to keep Devika and Aman engage leave in between after reading messages.

Neil drops Ragini home and asks her to go and rest. Karan calls him and tells that he brought Suhani home. Neil rushes home. Suhani wakes up and insists that she wants to meet mom. Neil says she is not here. Suhani says mom saved her from kidnapper and she knows his parents divorced because of her, she wants to know what happened 15 years ago. Neil says he will tell her later. Pam says she should not intrigue 15-year-old issue. Suhani insists to meet mom/Ragini. Neil says Ragini is not her mom. Pam asks him to stop. Neil says truth has to come out and repeats again that Ragini is not suhani’s mom. Suhani asks who is her mom. He says she is dead.

Neil goes into flashback to his younger days where he meets his s*xy girlfriend Rupali. Next, she waits for him with Dimpy and Karan (full of hair/wig) in a disco and sees him dancing with girls on a dancing floor. He comes near her table, but starts flirting with another girl. She tells girl that he is booked and shoos him. They both then go and sit on table. Neil says girl was his friend’s sister and goes to washroom. Dimpy also leaves for washroom. Karan starts flirting with Rupali and asks her to marry him. She asks what about Dimpy. He says he does not like her. Dimpy comes and throws water on his face. He says he was thirsty anyways. Dimpy says Rupali that they should find more handsome body than Neil and Karan.

Neil brings Rupali to his house. She says what if dadaji wakes up. He says he will not wake up. She says she wants to go to bathroom and leaves. He goes and sleeps in a bed. Ragini wakes up from bed and shouts and asks what is he doing. He says it is his house. Rupli comes and is shocked to see them together.

Precap: Ragini says she is working in his house since 3 years and she knows he has changed 13 girlfriends. He asks why did she read his diary and asks her to be his grandfather’s nurse and not his mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. at last,,,after waitng so many days…..the truth of suhani is coming out……hope all the problems between neil nd ragini whatever it i…. get solved…..

  2. Stella Solomon

    Waoo l can’t wait to see who is suhani real mum and did he break their relationship

  3. I really love this programme. Pls always meet. Up the subtitle of this series

  4. Rupali was seen meddling with her ‘touchscreen mobile..were there cell phones 15-20 yrs back??

    1. really Simar a valid question

  5. Hmmmmm Neil is such a user…………poor ragini.
    Now who is rupali

  6. Rupali is elder sister of Nivedita.

  7. Sadly disappointed I felt this episode to be silly and immature for their characters.

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