Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunny telling Ragini that she is wrong this time and says between her and Neil’s fight, kids are suffering, she got Ranbeer arrested to teach him a lesson and did not think about him or Nishi/Aarav. Ragini starts crying.

Suhani calls Pam and asks about Agam, says she knows he must be in Nishi’s premarriage poojas and asks her to tell Agam to record everything and send it to him. She asks about Ranbeer. Pam says he has gone out and says she has a good news for her. Suhani asks excitedly what is it. Pam says Neil is getting married. Suhani gets sad. Pam asks if she is not happy. Suhani says she is happy and asks who is the lady. Nivedita comes and Pam introduces her to Suhani. Neil also comes converses with Suhani. Once he leaves, Pam asks Nivedita if Neil told about their relationship to Ragini. She says no as police came to take Arav’s sigature on eye witness.

Police comes to take Shilpa’s statement and asks to tell about the accident. She says she was driving car. Her mom asks to tell truth. Inspector says he has Arav as eyewitness who told Ranveer was driving car. Shilpa says Arav is right, but she was riding car. Mom asks her why is she lying. Inspector asks her if she is changing statement due to pressure. She says no. He asks then why Karan take blame on himself. She says car is registered in his name and save Ranbir, he lied. Inspector asks this will be her final statement and asks to sign on it. Shilpa looks at the door where Ragini is eagerly looking at her. She reminisces Ragini seeing her sleeping and sadly telling that Ranbir will go to jail with her statement and his life will be ruined. She is responsible for his wrong upbringing and she will go to jail instead if she can, requests to save her son.

Aman asks Ragini if she told all this to shilpa seeing her sleeping and wanted to save Nishi’s marriage. Ragini says Nishi’s marriage broke yesterday, but she told this before that as she does not want Ranbir’s life ruined. He asks if she did this as she loves Neil even now. She says she is not, but cannot see him helpless in front of his children.

Pam tells Nivedita that they to tell truth to Neil to save Ranbir. She tries to tell Neil, but sees Ranbir coming home with police. Inspector says Shilpa gave statement that Ranbir is not a culprit. Nivedita asks whose name she took then. He says she told she herself was driving. Pam gets happy. Neila asks her to pack their bag as they are leaving for Us tonight and walks out. She asks where is he going. He says to tell Ragini that she is wrong and make Arav Patel as Arav Khanna. Nivedita asks why did Shilpa change statement suddenly.

Ragini walks out of cabin and thinks Ranbir is released now, but how to save Nishi’s marriage now. Peon drops water on her by mistake. She tries to get into her cabin t change it, but sees lady cleaning it. She asks about another cabin. Lady says it is getting repaired. Ragini goes to Neil’s cabin to change. Neil comes to hospital and asks lady about Ragini. She says she has gone to his cabin. He comes to his cabin and sees Ragini changing dress. She sees him and asks why did he come here. He says it is his cabin and says he came to make her realize her mistake and says she failed in her challenge, so he is taking Arav with him to secure his future. She starts sneezing. He sees AC on and says she herself told not to switch on AC when hair is wet, gives her towel to dry her hand. She dries hair and says she knows why he is doing. He says he does not to repeat the mistake he did 15 years ago. She asks when will he come to take Arav. He says it is midnight flight. She starts crying and says he is thinking not to take Arav as he wants to make her feel about her mistake. He says 15 years ago, 2 children were separated from their father and 2 from mother, he does not want to repeat the same mistake. He gives her tissue paper to wipe her tears and leaves.

He comes out and asks Dimpy to take him home. She asks if they have to pick Arav from Ragini’s house. He says no and says he told she is defeated and he likes seeing her defeated face. He says winning against dear ones is worst than losing and says he cannot take Arav from Ragini. They both get into car and leave. Ragini comes out and sees them leaving.

PRecap: Agam tells Neil that Nishi’s marriage is cancelled because of Ranbir. Ranbir asks what rubbish he is talking. Agam says he is telling truth and says Ranbir lied to him, dad and everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am waiting for nivedita getting caught she needs to b kicked
    pam in comparison is not so bad atleast she is not evil

  2. TOO NICE…finally the serial come back on the track. ragini and neil are best couple…they looks awesome when they comes toghther….this looks too nice when they cares for each other and could not see each other in pain and realize the pain of each other just like that was in today’s episode….i hope very soon neil will came to the true of ranveer as well as ragini and aman’s fake marriage…

  3. Nthng happend gud in tht….. Neil have to know that ragini is not mmarried again

  4. Ragini and Aman are a better couple. But of course… Its obvious that Ragini and Neil will be together at the end of the show… I would have liked Ragini and Aman though.

  5. I wish to see romance betwen neil n ragini

    1. Fucck uh in ur aasss !!!

    2. Rajkumar Jatiya

      yes mam

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