Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neil showing his house pics to Ragini. She asks why is he showing them to him. He says it is her house and she must know about it. She says she is reuniting with her family and it is enough for her. She asks if it has swimming pool. He says every house has swimming pool in US. She asks what happens in it. He says nothing happens that she will not know as he already suffered hiding things from her.

Babu’s goons catch Arav and takes him along with them.

Ragini informs Aman that she is going to US with Neil and family. He says he is happy for him. She says she is happy that she is reuniting with her family and asks if he is happy for her. He says he is.

Arav reaches Neil’s home injured and requests him to save him. Neil gets worried and takes him in.

Ragini informs her mom about her plans. Naani asks if she wants to reunite with Neil. Ragini says she does not know how and when to start and says she just wants to stay with her family. Naani says she is happy that her daughter’s life is resettling.

Arav tells Neil the whole incident. Neil asks why did he take debt twice and asks who is it. Arav says he is very dangerous and says his name is Babu bhai, real name Madhav. Neil asks if he is gangster Madhav. Arav says yes. Neil asks him to call babu and speaks to him. He tells Madhav that he did wrong by hitting his son and says he will send his money tomorrow morning. Babu says he needs money tonight, else will kidnap his son till morning. Neil asks him to stop threatening, but babu cuts call. Neil says goon is speaking his usual mind and asks Arav to stay in his friend’s flat tonight, else his mom will get worried seeing him injured. Just then, Ragini comes and rings door bell. Neil opens door and holds her out till Arav runs with money bag.

Arav reaches Shilpa’s room with money bag and says he loves her a lot, is leaving the city and wants her to accompany him. She agrees (as Ranbir broke up with her, selfish woman).

Neil while having dinner with Ragini in a restaurant tells her that Arav will not come home even today. She says he did not come home yesterday and she is worried for him as he is very innocent. She asks him not to worry.

He continues that he wanted to express his love for her since many years, but before he could Ranbir did, now he wants to leave this city. She says she will be with him in both sorrows and happiness throughout his life. He says he is very happy.

Babu bhai enters hotel. Neil sees him and sends Ragini to car and wait until he comes back from washroom. Babu asks where is Arav. Neil says arav is his son, so he will clear his debt. Babu asks him to give phone. Neil asks why phone. His goon shows gun. Neil helpless hands over phone to babu. Babu asks where is he and he tells his address thinking it is Neil. Once he leaves, Neil calls Arav and informs babu called from his mobile and asks him to leave the place right away. Ragini hears that and asks what is happening.

Ranbir calls Shilpa and hears Arav telling they have to reach Bombay Central station soon. He thinks of meeting Shilpa in train station.

Precap: Arav holds gun on his head and asks Ragini to forgive him. She says he can prove himself. He says nothing can be done now and he has to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow!!!!!

  2. Omg wats going to happen next

  3. Arav is too dumb

  4. No parent would let their son out of their sight if they knew his life was threatened and then go on to have a romantic date. They would do their best to protect their kid and ensure he is completely safe before doing anything else.

  5. quboolhai4ever

    Interesting hmmm
    If i don’t comment tomorrow know I died of suspense

  6. i think arav is going to commit suicide becoz he is not seen in the new precap while all other children are shown

  7. Whats going to happen next . plz share anybody

  8. how stupid aarav n whole family..
    howits shown that some gunda and all thee things..
    ektaji.. pls stop this… focus on serial main issue…

  9. Amazing episode , but aarav is too dumb and is always in love with shilpa.

  10. Ektaji pls make the serial interesting now a day the episodes are very boring

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