Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

<The episode starts with Neil reaching Ragini's home with Nivedita for Nishi’s premarriage ritual pooja. Jignesh’s grandma asks Neil who is she. He says she is his friend. Grandma says Jignesh's mother that something is fishy in this family, parents are seen more with their friends than themselves. Mother says they are high society people and it is common for them. Grandma says we stay in a different environment and cannot adjust with all this. Mother asks her to forget this and concentrate on pooja.

Nivedita asks Sunny tai about a mirror to correct her sari pallu. Sunny shows her a room. Neil comes there and she asks her to help her fix pallu. He fixes with his back towards door. Ragini passes by. Nivedita sees her and starts hugging Neil and smiling. Ragini gets irked seeing that and walks out. Nivedita asks Neil they should not have come together here. Neil says they are marrying soon and he will announce about it today.

They both sit on pooja. Ragini sees them and tries to get closer to Aman. Nivedita tries to wipe Neil's sweat. He stops her. After pooja, they all 4 stand next to each other for aarti. Constables come there and asks Arav to come out. Nivedita starts acting and tells Ragini that she will help Arav as he is like her son. Ragini says she will handle herself. Daadi gets suspicious seeing police and follows them. She sees constable taking Arav's signatures and scolding him for nothing pick his call. Nivedita comes there and asks if he needs her help. He says his mother is there for her and walks inside home. Grandma asks her what is happening here.

Aman sees Ragini sad and says he knows what she is feeling and consoles her that everything will be alright, holding her hand. Neil sees that and gets irked.

Nivedita tells Grandma that Ragini got her own son arrested and says she cannot understand how can mother get her son arrested. Grandma angrily walks in. Neil comes there and asks what did she say Jignesh’s grandma. She says she lied that constable came for Arav’s passport verification as it would have stopped Nishi’s marriage. He says she did right and takes her from there.

Panditji asks Jignesh and Nishi to come for pooja. Grandma says this marriage cannot happen as this family is characterless, after divorce, Nishi’s parents are with someone else always and her brother is in jail. Ragini says Ranveer is staying with his dad and not her. Grandma says she has given birth to him and is responsible for his wrong upbringing. Naani says she should not break this marriage. Grandma says she will as Ragini told them lies and walks out asking her family to follow her. Ragini asks Jignesh’s father to at least understand the situation. He says he lied to them and he cannot go against his society. He forcefully takes Jignesh from there.

Nivedita on the way home asks Neil why did not he inform about their relationship to Ragini. He says Ragini does not matter to him. She asks then why did he get upset, if he wants to change his decision. He says he will not, but she can if she wants. She says she wants to be with him and wants to gve the love which Ragini could not.

Naani tries to console Nishi. Ragini gives her water, but she throws it and asks why did she do this. She says many people meet with an accident, but she went overboard and wants to help some stranger by getting her own son arrested, she just wanted to break this marriage somehow and does not care about her children. Ragini starts crying. Naani takes Nishi in. Arav says Ragini that he warned her not to get Ranveer arrested as it will affect Nishi’s marriage, but she did not listen to him at all.

Precap: Inspector asks Shilpa to tell what happened with her. She keeps mum. Her mom asks her to speak, but she does not.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. when will niel will get to know that ragini is geniune she is worth being his wife for ever.

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