Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam yelling at Karan that his because of Neil, Suhani’s life is in trouble and leaves for hospital. Karan tells Dimpy relationships are very complicated and says Pam and Neil love each other but fight often, othe side Neil and Ragini love each other but neither cannot stay witout each other and cannot see each other. Dimpy asks if he loves her. He asks why is she asking this. She asks if she asks him to leave, will he. He says never. She says then Neil also would not have left Ragini. He says he loves her a lot.

Neil cries seeing Suhani’s condition but hides his emotions. Ragini tells a man punished this girl because of her father. Neil asks how. She says man wanted his wife operated by girl’s doc father, but since he did not have money, doc refused and his wife died, so he shot girl in frustation. Man’s body is taken in front of them and Ragini tells Neil he is the man and shot himself after shooting girl. Neil realizes meeting man before.

Karan and Dimpy come to hospital. Ragini asks why did they come. Karan says Neil informed that she is tensed, so they came to cheer her up and see the girl who is shot. Aman asks why are they concerned about girl. He says as a hamunity. Neil takes Karan to a side and tells girl is Suhani. He says he will drop Ragini home and goes till door when nurse informs that girl gained consciousness. Ragini runs to meet girl. Suhani wakes up, sees Neil standing near door and calls papa, she then sees Ragini and calls mom. Ragini asks who are parents. She goes unconscious again. Ragini stumbles. Aman asks her to go and rest. Neil says he will drop her and asks Karan to stay with girl. Aman asks why should Aman stay. He says Karan has many contacts and will help him. Police comes to meet. Karan meets inspector and takes him down.

Nivedita informs Pam about Suhani and she comes to hospital. She starts crying seeing her and asks who brought her here. Nivedita says Ragini brought her here. Pam asks where is Neil. She says he went to drop Ragini. Pam gets irked and says if Ragini is a child that he went to drop her instead of being with Suhani. She says she will take Suhani back to US and has spoken to Dimpy, she has a plan. Nivedita says Suhani is still in danger. Pam says she will take her back at any cost. Nivedita smirks that her plan is working and Ragini will be blamed even after rescuing Suhani.

Neil stops car seeing Ragini crying. Constable comes tells they cannot romance on street. Neil asks him to mind his tongue. Constable asks who is he… Ragini comes out and tries to intervene. Neil calls comissioner. Ragini asks him to stop, takes constable to the side and tells they are husband and wife. Constable leaves asking her to call him when needed. She gets back into car. Neil asks what did she say to him. She says she told they are husband and wife and asks him to drive now.

Precap: Suhani insists to Neil that she wants to meet mom and says she knows they divorced because of her. Neil is shocked to hear that and looks at Pam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kamini nivedita and chudail pam!!
    I love the way ragini said we are husband and wife :*

  2. Such a big incident happened and they have their stupid brain working overtime to hide the truth from Ragini … no one will even give a damn to such scheming if their kid was in danger like this.


  4. Exactly wat turth abt Suhani.eish nivi die plssss

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