Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Aman taking Ragini in his car to drop her home. While driving, he asks why did Neil want me to know about your divorce and asks her to tell what happened. She says situations were not her favor and she had to take divorce. He asks why did they divide their children and asks her to open her heart out. She reminisces her moments with Neil and tells Aman that she is fine and does not want to discuss about her past. He says it is okay, divorce must have happened for a wrong reason. He drops her home and says whenever she likes to share anything with him, he is always available. He thanks her, wishes goodnight and gets out of car.

Pam comes to Neil’s bedroom and asks which side of cupboard he will share with girl. He asks what is she talking about. She says he proposed Nivedita yesterday night and asks to stop acting confused, says it is good he is thinking about himself now. He calls Nivedita and asks what did he tell her yesterday night. She says he proposed her yesterday night. He asks if she is happy with it. She says she is very happy. He says Pam wants me to share my cupboard with you, I will ask someone to remove my clothes, you can keep your clothes here. Pam happily hugs and thanks him. She tells Nivedita that after coming to India, something good his happening with Neil and happily hugts Nivedita.

Aman reaches Ragini’s house with gift bags. Baa opens door and asks why did he come, Asha’s bapuji does not want her marriage with him. Sunny comes, invites Aman in and tells Baa that Asha’s babuji is calling her. She happily leaves. Ragini sees Aman and asks why did he come so early. He says Ragini asked him to bring groceries for Pooja, so he went to Dadar market and brought them. Ragini scolds Sunny for asking a reputation hospital’s dean to bring groceries. Aman says it is okay and says he brought breakfast for them. She says she is not habituated with favours. He asks her not to think much and asks her to get ready for hospital.

Ragini’s mother suggests her to move ahead in life and marry Aman. Sunny says she has seen both her and Neil’s feeling for each other and to move out, she should marry Aman. Aman knocks and opens door and asks Ragini why is she not ready yet. Sunny says Ragini wants to tell her something and says she wants to thank him for helping her. He says he promised Ragini to be always with her.

Inspector reaches hospital and tells Ragini that he will not spare Ranbeer as he spoilt Shilpa’s life. Aman sees Ragini sad and asks her to go home.

Ranbeer nervously asks Pam to get him out from jail as he cannot stay in. Pam says Ragini knew till Monday, he cannot get bail, so she purposefully got him arrested on Friday. He says he will not make any mistake again and asks her again to get him out. Nivedita comes and tells Shilpa has gained consciousness and until she gives her statement, they cannot get bail. Pam asks her to get bail with money by hook or crook. Nivedita says they will have to bribe Shilpa and her mother and force them to change their statement.

Pam meets Shilpa’s mother and introduces her as Ranbeer’s mother. She asks her not to think about financial burden as she has cleared bills and will also take care of Shilpa’s education expenses. She asks her to convince Shilpa not to take Ranbeer’s name and gives money envelope to her. Mom throws money on floor and asks how can she try to buy her with money. Pam tries to frighten her then that she can use other ways to shut Shilpa’s mouth. Shilpa’s mom gets angry. Aman interferes and asks Pam how can she stoop to such a low level. Pam says she was just trying to give monetary help. He says he is sparing her as she is his wife’s ex-husband’s sister. Pam laughs and says she likes his words. Aman calls Ragini and tells about Pam’s drama. Ragini says they will have to teach them a lesson.

Precap: Pam sees Neil and Nivedita getting ready and asks where are they going. Nivedita says she does not want to attend Nishi’s premarriage party, thinking Ragini will get annoyed, but Neil is forcing her. Neil says she is marrying him soon and he wants everyone to know about them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Not sure why Dr. Neil is being manipulated by these women. It does not suit his personality. Pam. Is screaming too much, very annoying .

  2. I am liking the new promos – Neil and Ragini are looking very nice – Made for Each Other. Hoping to see they clear all their differences.

  3. the new promo shown in the break was too nice..i hope very soon we will watch something better in this show…

  4. Pam is very very irritating.

  5. Padma Harikumari

    Pam’s histrionics is way over the top. Neil, on the other hand, compensates by being totally wooden and unemotional. His character does not seem to have any real emotion towards children, only egotistical and self-pitying resentment against his ex-wife. At least Ragini seems to be worried over her children’s welfare. Ragini’s character started out as a strong one but she contradicts herself often by going on about being alone/single-handed whereas she seems to be surrounded by a support system of her mother, Sunny Tai, grandmother and Aman sir. Her scenes of “main haar gayi” are therefore very disappointing and do not evoke sympathy. Instead, they are a let down as she has not yet portrayed strength convincingly enough. Both Ragini and Neil come across as self-centered and self-pitying rather than focused on their children’s well-being.

    My favorite characters (and acting) in the show are of Aagam, Aman, Aarav and Ragini. Nishi seems sweet but hasn’t yet been given a chance to win viewers’ admiration.

  6. I like this serial very much. My favorites are Ronit(Nachiket/Neil) and Pallavi Kulkarni (Ragini). They are playing their characters with great perfection.But there is very strange that devika never attended any Wedding function if she been there she will know that Neil is ex husband of Ragini and I am just surprised that how come Neil doesn’t know Amar is not the husband of Ragini and is just acting specially when the Jignesh’s family all knows about it 🙂

  7. Typo error Amar should be “aman”. One more thing actually most of the casts acts well except Ashwani (Pam) overacting. The characters dialogues are very well written too. Also one doesn’t need to speak much to show love – the eyes can say it all – sunny tai bingo!!!

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