Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nivedita coming to Ragini and says she wants to help her truly. She apologizes to her again and again. Ragini says I never hate you and had anything against you in my heart. She asks her to stop crying. Nivedita asks her to let her fight case and says this is the last chance for her. Ragini asks her to come. Prosecution lawyer tells Judge that it is a open and shut case and tells about the details. Nivedita argues and tells about Zaveri writing date without informing Ragini, and tells everything. Zaveri tells that Aarav got half of the money from him. Nivedita tells that Zaveri is keeping eye on Ragini’s 1.5 crore worth house and that’s why giving less time to settle the money. Judge gives the verdict and asks Ragini to return money within 2 years through installments. Zaveri argues. Judge asks him to keep quiet else he will file case against him. Pam thanks Nivedita and says she is not her friend any longer. Nivedita says Ragini forgave me. Pam says Ragini is good, but not me. She gives her best wishes and leaves. Nivedita feels hurt and cries. Aman asks her to give sometime to Pam as she is angry. Nivedita says I have lost her friendship. Aman says give her sometime and have patience.

Pam tells Ranbir that problem is solved and says magistrate gave them 2 years to settle the money. Ranbir says I didn’t think that Nivedita fought the case. Pam says you can’t trust her. Pam gets call from USA. She takes the message for Neil. She telsl Ranbir that Neil’s bank accounts and properties are cleared. Ranbir asks if Neil goes back to America then. Pam says then we have to go with him.

Agam asks Aarav about Mumbai colleges. Aarav tells about the colleges. Karthik says he will also settle. Ranbir comes and says they might return to America, and hopes Ragini agrees to come with them. Sunny Tai says I will also come with you and will make tattoo of a snake.

Nivedita and Aman are watching horror film. Nivedita gets scared and hugs Aman. Aman says it is okay as it is a horror film. She says you are like me. Aman says lets watch one more film. Later in night, Aman gets scared. Nivedita comes to his room and says can I sleep in your room. Aman is surprised and asks her to sleep on bed. Nivedita says I have an idea and says we will talk all night. She goes to make coffee.

Ragini asks Neil what happened? Neil says everything is fine and says I have to go back to America to get all the assets, money, property etc. He asks her to come with him and says they will take Nani also. He says we will stay together and can get Nani treated. Ragini says she was born in the same house, and have many memories in this house. She says she wants to live her life with him and says decision is tough. She says it is impossible, and says Maa and Nani will never agree to go to America. She says they will not adjust there. Neil says we can give this home on rent or will hire caretaker to take care of the house. He says I will make them understand. Ragini says my everything is in this city. Neil says what this city have given you, and says this city has snatched your husband. He says you have debt of 70 lakhs rupees and asks her to settle the money and come with him. Ragini says I got you and kids here. Neil asks her to think about kids. Ragini says we shall not spoon feed them now and says you said that let kids struggle and succeed. She thinks please don’t go Nachiket. Neil thinks I know you will not stop me.

Nivedita tells Aman that we have come closer and says I love you. Aman is shocked and asks really. Nivedita asks why you are shocked and not happy. She asks if she is not suitable for him. Aman looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is like itna karo na mujhe pyaar
    Awsome episode
    After A long time all the problems all settle down

  2. luv this maan

  3. I just that they reunite forever US/India doesn’t matter

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