Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with inspector reaching Neil’s house with Ragini and giving Nivedita Ranveer’s arrest orders. Nivedita checks papers and tells Pam that Ranveer has to go with police. Pam starts her acting and asks Ragini why she wants to arrest her own son. Ragini says she is doing right. Neil says inspector they can sit and talk. Inspector says he has to arrest Ranveer. Neil says already he had arrested Karan for the same crime, he cannot arrest Ranveer now. Nivedita asks Neil not to utter anything, she will release Ranveer with bail orders in the morning. Ranveer says Ragini that she wants him to get punished for the mistake he did not do and says he hates her now and she cannot be a good mother.

Neil asks Ragini why did she get her own son arrested. Ragini says she wants to get her son to the right track. Neil says she always imposes her decision on everyone and says he took a right decision by divorcing her. He shows Nivedita and says though she is not Ranveer’s mother, she is trying her best to protect him, says she cannot be a good mother at all. He asks her not to do the same to Ranveer which she did it to her. Aman comes there and takes Ragini from there.

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Ragini sits on a bench and cries that Neil is falsely alleging her that she is a cruel mother. She says if Ranveer would have been with her, he would not hesitated accepting his mistake, Neil pushed her son into wrong path. Aman asks her to calm down. She says Neil said divorcing her was his life’s most right decision, but she left him instead and his presence does not matter to her. Aman asks if he does not matter to her, then why is she getting affected with his words. Ragini wipes her tears.

Neil thinks he still believes Ragini cannot harm her own son, though she did more wrong to her 15 years ago. Pam says she told him not to come to a city where Ragini lives and now Ranveer is in jail because of them. She says they both divided children like groceries, Ragini’s children got mother at least, but his children did not get either mom or dad as he was in depression. She says when Ragini left her, Ranveer was 5 years old and she took care of him as her own son, so he should save Ranveer as his sister’s son at least. Agam comes and says Neil that he wants to talk to him. Pam says because of him, Neil and Ranveer came to Mumbai and Ragini sent Ranveer behind bars. Agam says Neil that he did not try to correct Ranveer till now when he misbehaved or did wrong. In party, he misbehaved with Ragini and when wants to correct him, he is opposing instead of taking her side. Pam gets irked and tries to slap him. Neil stops her. Pam says he is misbehaving with his dad for Ragini and it is wrong. Neil says Agam that he will neither go to Ragini’s house from hereon nor talk to her. Agam tries to speak, but Neil sends him in.

Jignesh’s parents and grandma come to Ragini’s house. Baa comes with snacks and asks if they accepted her. Grandma asks why is she acting as bride. Jignesh’s mom says Baa has Alzheimer’s. Sunny takes Baa in. Ragini comes with Aman. Grandma asks Aman if he comes daily to drop Ragini. He says he came just today. Dad says it is good he got a chance to meet him. Grandma says he has a pooja at her home and asks if Neil will attend with Ragini. Dad says yes and he already messaged Neil. They leave after inviting. Aman also leaves. Naani asks Ragini why is she tensed. She says Ranveer is arrested. Nishi says her marriage is on the way and how can she get her brother arrested, how will Jignesh’s family react if they come to know about Ranveer’s arrest.

Neil reminisces his happier days with Ragini and their divorce. Sab kuch yahi hain….song plays in the background. He then reminisces scolding her. Ragini looks at her pic with Neil and children and apologizes Ranveer.

Precap: Neil enters Ragini’s society meeting and drags her out from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. guys indoney ke bachey kaun hain
    3:agam and arav and??

  2. Tellyupdatefan

    This serial is taking a ridiculous track!!!! not feeling enthusiastic to watch it! please stop misunderstandings yaar!

  3. Serial is getting too negative and depressing…I totally agree with neha ,minna and swati…

  4. why neil is not trying to undertood the truth and where is ragini she can tell truth to neil also that ranveer has occured this accident..and how nivedita is going to be successful in her motive and according to the precap which is being shown on these days ,neil will perpose to nivedita for marriage…..this is toooo bad..

  5. Why in serials it is shown crime pays its a wrong message to people a terrible person like nivedita is being successful in fooling everyone …..why i hate serials of this kind its better to show how neil and ragini solve their problems not give footage to a vamp

  6. Todays episode is too depressing…do not wish to see it…Neil needs to know the fact about Ranveer…Nivedita, a drama queen and too much lie from her…pliz make the epi interesting with more connection between Ragni and Neil…would love to see that…

  7. Precap is nt gud

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