Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini thinking that Arav cannot make Shilpa’s accident. She thinks if he had done this, he would have informed her, he does not even know with whom Shilpa went with. She comes home and asks Nishi about Arav. Nishi says he went out. Sunny shows Shilpa’s scarf and asks Nishi if it is hers. She says no. Nishi takes scarf from her, searches Arav’s bag and finds costly new mobile box in it. She reminisces Arav telling that he does not want to stay with her and needs a lavish life and Dimpy telling that Karan is saving her son. Arav comes home and asks Naani to serve him food. Ragini says his hands are stained with Shilpa’s blood, slaps him and asks what did he do. He says he did not do anything. She shows him scarf and mobile and asks about them. He says he got a birthday gift. She drags him and says she will get him arrested. Arav says he did not do anything and asks who told I did this accident. She says Dimpy told that her son did this. He asks did she take his name and says Ranveer did this. Ragini is shocked to hear that and asks why did he lie when he knew about it. He says he did not lie, but hid truth. He says Shilpa is his childhood friend and cannot think of harming her. He says he had to choose between Nishi and Shilpa and he chose Nishi. She asks how is Nishi related in this accident. He says Nishi’s in-laws come to our house often and he did not want them to see police in our house. Hes says Ranveer is Nishi’s brother, so her marriage would have been at risk if they had arrested Ranveer. He tells her the whole incident happened and says accident happened due to Ranveer’s rash driving. He says he hates Ranveer, but he had to keep quiet as he is Nishi and his brother. Ragini says even he is her child and would have hurt if Nishi’s marriage was broken. She says Ranveer did a mistake and she will get him arrested with his evidence.

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Agam speaks to Suhani who tells him about Karan’s arrest. He asks Ranveer if he knows about Karan’s arrest. Ranveer shouts at him and walks out angrily. Suhani asks what happened to him. He says he is acting weird since yesterday.

Ragini reaches police station with Arav and tells inspector that her son wants to complain. Arav tells that Ranveer Khanna made Shilpa’s accident. Inspector thanks Arav and asks constable to get arrest warrant against Ranveer. Nivedita comes there and hears everything. Inspector says her that he got a new lead in Shilpa’s case. She says he cannot come to a conclusion until court’s hearing. She asks Ragini if she is getting Ranveer arrested just because he hates her. She says Ranveer did a small mistake and she cannot get him arrested being a mother. Ragini says she is doing this as she is his mother and does not want him to do another mistake. Nivedita says she hates Neil and his children so much that she is hatching plan to get her own son arrested. Ragini says she loves her son a lot and it will be her loss if Ranveer goes to jail. Nivedita says she is just hiding her hatred and she will not let her harm Neil and his children as she is related to Neil now. She gives case papers to inspector and leaves. Inspector asks Ragini even now if she wants to get her son arrested. Ragini says yes. Inspector asks constable to get arrest warrant ready.

Nivedita comes home and starts acting in front of Pam as getting worried for Ranveer. She says she tried to convince Ragini, but she went ahead with complaint. Neil comes there and asks what did Ragini did. She says Ragini hates you so much that she wants Ranveer arrested for Karan’s mistake. Neila asks Ranveer to tell truth. He says he did not do anything and did not go with any girl. Nivedita says he does not have explain anything and says Neil that Ragini was repeatedly telling that Ranveer misbehaved with her and she will teach him a lesson. She says she cannot understand how a mother can do this to her own son. He says he knows Ragini well, she can be a bad wife, but cannot be a bad mother, it is not in her nature. Nivedita asks how can he believe Ragini and says Ranveer that she will not let him go to jail. Pam says Neil that why can’t he see the difference between Ragini and Nivedita and says he did not believe when she told Ragini has remarried, but believed when he came to India and saw himself. He says Nivedita that she must be lying and still cannot believe that Ragini can do this to her own son. Inspector comes with Ragini there and arrests Ranveer.

Precap: Nishi takes Jignesh’s parents’s and grandma’s blessings. Grandma asks Ragini if Neil will attend function. Jignesh’s dad says yes and says he has already messaged Neil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. just love this show

  2. IT’S was nice when neil says that he knows ragini very well and she cant do this….when neil shows faith and concern for ragini…this looks awesome. AND FANTASTIC

  3. IT’S was nice when neil says that he knows ragini very well and she cant do this….when neil shows faith and concern for ragini…this looks awesome.

  4. Nyc epi

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