Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini fainting and Neil helps her sit on bed. He asks why did you keep the fast? Ragini says even though ours is a contract marriage, but we got married with all the rituals. Neil says that’s why I came back and haven’t eaten anything. He brings the plate of food, and makes her eat with his hand. Ragini reminiscences their old days and Nachiket has love for everyone, whom I fell in love with. Ragini says you made me learn the meaning of love. Ragini says I wish our marriage was not contract marriage. Neil hugs her.

Pam and RK peeps in Neil and Ragini’s room and see them sleeping. She says I thought there are misfit for each other and shouldn’t have married. She says when I see them now, I feel they are meant for each other. Even destiny wants them to be together. RK says I knew that they could stay separate but can’t stay without each other. RK talks to her about their marriage and asks her to think about them. He talks about their children. Pam says I am going to sleep. RK says I can stay here. Pam says I will drop you till door.

Ragini wakes up from sleep and says they have less time. Neil asks for what. Ragini says they have to manage 70 Lakhs in 3 days. Neil says investigation team have given clean chit to him, and says his accounts will be freed soon. Ragini says I can’t take money from you. Neil says you were talking about love yerterday night, and says it is my house also. He asks her to give him tea.

Aarav is tensed. Karthik suggests robbery. Others dismiss the idea. Agam says RK uncle has farmhouse. They think RK don’t have money. Karthik suggests they should kidnap Nivedita and get the money. Suhani says it is all bad ideas and hopes Sunny Tai would have suggested good idea.
Sunny Tai and Nani talk to each other. Pam comes and greets them. Nani forgets and tells Sunny that she will massage her head. Pam asks if you will get Nani massage your head. Sunny Tai says she is fine. Pam gets Nivedita’s call and sees her calls. Nivedita is in the hotel. Manager says you have damaged the hotel property and also asked the staff to sit with you. He says it is against the hotel rules. Nivedita gives him credit card and asks him to take the money, but she is informed that the card is not working. Nivedita gives another card, and is informed the same. She gets worried and calls Pam and RK, but they didn’t pick her call. She gets tensed and gives her diamond jewellery to manager. He agrees to let her go.

Neil talks to someone and says he needs his money urgently. He is being informed that it is not possible. Ragini asks what happened? Neil says Paul said that until the investigating officers submit the report, my accounts and everything will be freezed. Ragini says her childhood and all the memories are attached with the house and says we have to leave this house in 3 days. Neil says we shall go to that man and requests him to give some more time.

Nivedita calls Dr. Aman and thanks him for picking the call. She says she is going far from here. Aman asks if she is going to foreign. Nivedita cries and apologizes to him. She asks him to apologize to Ragini, Neil, Pam and Suhani. Aman asks where are you right now? Nivedita says she didn’t know and tells about the building address.

Ragini and Neil come to the real estate agent. Neil asks him to give some more time. The agent asks him to take 4 days to return his money. Ragini asks him to try to understand. She says I accept that it is my signature but we didn’t know that our son take money from you. She says she didn’t read the papers before signing. The agent says you both want to cheat me, and says he knows how to get back the money else. He call her nautanki and asks her not to act here. Neil slaps him hard. The agent says you didn’t do right. He calls security. Neil warns him not to misbehave with his wife again.

Ragini asks Neil why he got angry on agent, and asks him to control his anger. She says agent threatened them taking court’s name. Neil says I can’t tolerate if anyone misbehaves with you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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