Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dr. Devika calling Neil and informing him about an emergency case of his patient Pari. He reaches hospital. Devika gives her Pari’s file and he goes to meet Pari. Ragini reaches hospital with Aman and asks how is Pari. Devika says Dr. Neil has gone to check. Aman leaves. Devika apologizes Ragini for not attending Nishi’s wedding. Ragini says she should thank her instead as she took care of hospital in her absence. Devika apologizes again for flirting with Neil in front of her. Ragini says he is her ex-husband and she is not interested in him anymore. Neil comes back and tells Devika Pari is fine and had chest pain due to drug overdose and asks her to keep her in observation for 2 days. He gets his servant’s call from US who informs that Suhani has boarded flight to India. He asks her to send flight details. A man requests him to operate his wife and save her life, says he does not have money to pay his fees, but will pay later. Neil says he has to pick his daughter and is in a hurry. Man yells that he is avoiding as he cannot pay fees now. Neil gets irked, asks him to think whatever he can and leaves. He gets into car. Nishi calls him and asks if he got info about Suhani. He says she has boarded flight and asks if she told her mom. She says she promised him, so she will never in her life and thanks him for arranging her marriage so well. He asks her to concentrate on he family now, he will handle the situation here.

Ragini prepares food for Nishi’s paghpheras. Her mom says even she used to prepare food for her when she got married. Ragini gets sad. Baa comes and asks Sunny to get her jogging suit as she does not want to become fat like her. Aman comes with vegetables. Baa scolds him and asks him to stop eyeing his owner’s daughter, being a driver.

Pam and Dimpy get ready for Nishi’s paghphera function and ask Neil to get ready. He says Suhani is coming to India and he has to pick her up, so he cannot come.

Shilpa’s mom comes to Ragini’s house and enquires if Neil and Ranbir are coming. Ragini says she does not know. Shilpa’s mom walks out. Arav says she came to check if Ranbir is coming as she wants to bring Shilpa here. Ragini asks what rubbish he is talking. He says Shilpa proposed Ranbir. She says he should be bothered about them. Sunny asks him to tell Ragini that he loves Shilpa. He tells Ragini that he loves Shilpa and wants to marry her. He says he has not completed his studies yet, but Ranbir has and what is wrong if Shilpa loves Ranbir. She says she had to accept Nishi’s demand, but she will not let him ruin his life and asks him to complete his studies first. He says she does not understand him at all. She says she does not want to.

Pam comes to Ragini’s home with Agam and Ranbir. Nishi comes home with her family. She hugs her brothers happily. Ragini asks if she did not sleep well. Daadi yells that she slept late at night and woke up late, so they came late for rituals. Ragini says muhurath is around 3 p.m., so they have a lot of time. Neil comes with Nivedita and meets everyone. Agam takes Nishi and Jignesh in saying they should not disturb elders. Shilpa takes Ranbir holding his hand. Arav feels dejected seeing that.

Nivedita taunts Ragini. Mom interferes and sends Ragini from there. Karan calls Neil from airport and tells he searched whole arrival area but did not find Suhani there. Neil asks him to search again and thinks where Suhani must have gone. Suhani reaches Ragini’s area and asks shopkeeper Ragini’s address. He shows her Ragini’s building. She enters building and smiles seeing Ragini’s name plate.

Precap: Pam asks Neil if he went to pick Devika. Neil says Suhani has come to India and he found her outside Ragini’s door, so he went to send her out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ohh god big problem

  2. Loving this serial so mature n so well written

  3. I am not sure if the devil ladies are really that devilish or the writer has jumped overboard to make characters of Pam, Nivedita and Shilpa look that way.

  4. A hindi serial story is not complete without devilish women. Our story writers cant see beyond that . This serial has such a good plot that pam was not required .

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