Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini’s neigbhour seeing Neil walking out of Ragini’s house and thinks he was in her home for 45 minutes, what he must have done there. She thinks Ragini did not allow her to become secretary, she will take her revenge now.

Aman’s nurse informs him about Neil coming to hospital. He gets nervous, calls Ragini and asks her to reach hospital right now as Dr. Neil has come. Ragini thinks he went to hospital from here to confront Aman. Neil reaches hospital and asks Aman he went to his house but did not find him. He asks which house. Neil says small house. Aman says he comes to hospital around 6 a.m. Neil says it is good he comes soon as he does not have to bear being under Ragini’s pressure. Aman starts praising Ragini that she runs his hospital and even his life and continues. Neil says he must be Ragini’s puppet and runs behind it, etc. He asks about his surgeries and his cabin. Aman says Ragini will brief him. He walks thinking Ragini controls Aman so badly. He sees Ragini getting into Aman’s cabin.

Ragini gets into Aman’s cabin and requests if he can become her husband for some days. He says she rejected his proposal earlier, now she wants him to be her husband, looks like she is more confused than him. He starts bowing in front of her. Neil sees that and thinks because of people like Aman, ladies like Ragini rule over men. Once Ragini comes out, he says he will come for engagement late and she cannot control him like Aman. They both start verbal argument. Devika comes there and asks Neil if he remembers her. Neil says he does not forget pretty faces like her. Devika says since he is here for 1 month, she will meet him often. Once he leaves, she praises Neil and says if he stays with her for 15 minutes, she will lure him. Ragini gets irked. Devika says she is reacting as if Neil is her husband. She says that man can be anything but not her husband.

Agam says Ranbir he is happy that he will be attending his sister’s engagement and meet his mother. Rabir says he just wants to see a woman who left her children and did not look at them for 15 years. Agam says even dad did not see our other siblings. Agam says Pam took care of us and she is our mother and not Ragini.

Dimpy tries to fix Karan’s pant buttons and scolds for getting suit 2 sizes less. Neil comes there and says they should have shut door. Dimpy says she is trying to fix his button and asks him if he can help. He says he cannot.

Neil reaches engagement venue with Pam and Dr. Aman greets them by folding hands. Neil says he does not have do that. Aman gives him ganesh idol gift and greets in. Neil says Pam that Aman is Ragini’s husband and starts scolding him for being her puppet. Pam says he looks jealous and is hating Aman for being Ragini’s husband. Neil says nothing like that. She says he told he will enjoy party and walk out, but he is behaving like Ragini’s ex-husband instead.

Agam and Ranbir reach engagement venue with Karan and Agam asks him where is his mom and sis. He says they may be in dressing room. He reaches dressing room and asks if anybody is there. Ragini thinks Arav has come and asks him to not enter until she calls him as Nishi is getting ready. She comes out and sees Agam there. She says he came again in a wrong place. He says he came at the right place and tells he was praying god that his mother should be like her, but did not she is his mother, he is very happy. Ragini goes into flashback about his childhood, realizes he is her son and starts crying emotionally. Agam also gets emotional, runs and hugs her. She also hugs him. Neil comes there and she part ways seeing him, remembering her promise made to him that she will not get emotional with her children.

Precap: Neil tells Nishi that he came to attend his marriage as she requested him something for the first time. She says she is happy that he is there with her in her life’s most mememorable moments. He looks at Ragini and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow the show is doing great

  2. Love d precap

  3. I am little confused on is Suhani thier daughter or not? or is she Pam’s? soooo confusing

    1. zoma,suhani is their daughter..only ranbir is pam’s son

  4. too good..this serial has become my favourite even in this short time.

  5. ya i love the serial.being young also iam impressed in this mature couple serial.good going.thanks for update.

  6. No Ranbir is Neil and raginie’s daughter and it is confirmed

  7. amazing acting.. just wow….

  8. rittika mittal

    suhani is pam’s daughter (or may be adopted) but ranbir is ragini and neil’s son. they have 4 kids 3 sons and 1 daughter (nishi).

  9. Ypp. I also think suhani is pan daughter

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