Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini telling about her mother’s struggle after her dad’s death. She says then she got married to him and thought no one can snatch happiness from her. Then they got divorced and distributed children. She says she missed her children Agam and Ranbir, but then decided to take care of her children Nishi and Aarav. She says Nishi was eager to marry and Aarav wanted to do business. She says may be she is unlucky for everyone. She says you was well settled in Us, but came here and spoiled your life. She says you have gone back to zero. Neil says you are my strength and I get strength from you to fight with troubles. Ragini cries asking him to go back to US. Neil hugs and comforts her.

Pam tells Ranbir that they can’t forgive Aarav. She says humans do mistakes, but learns from their mistakes. Aarav apologizes. Pam says sorry has an important meaning, and asks did you think about your Ragini. She says Ragini has sacrificed so much for you and Nishi, and you are pushing her in debt. RK asks her to stop it. Pam says you don’t feel pity on your mum. Aman comes and says I think I came for the wrong time. Pam calls Ragini and Neil. Aman tells Ragini that you left interview mid way, and the foreign investigating team thought that you did right. He says they have made the allegations null and void. Pam thanks Aman. Ragini asks him to sit. Aman says he came to inform her this, and says he will come later. Kids thanks Aman. Aman congratulates them and leave.

Agam brings sweets. RK says he can’t as he kept karvachauth fast for Pam. Pam says she didn’t keep fast and have sweets. Suhani says she has kept fast to give company to Nishi. Ragini says she will eat later after fast. Nishi asks Ragini to come with them. Pam says I will stay with Ragini. RK says he will stay with Pam and he needs to break fast seeing her face in evening. Pam laughs. Ragini says she will take rest. Ranbir tells Aarav that everything will be fine.

Nivedita is in her hotel room, and asks the waitress to sit with her. Waitress says she can’t sit as it is against hotel rules. She says she is fasting also on karvachauth day. Nivedita cries and says you are lucky. She says I will never marry and will be alone. Waitress says I think I should leave, and goes. Nivedita drinks wine and says she is fine alone. Her soul comes and says you have lost it. Nivedita says she has everything. Her soul/inner self says that you have lost everything, and couldn’t separate Neil and Ragini. She says you have lost your friends also. Nivedita asks her to go from there. Her soul says you are all alone and says even Suhani hates you as you don’t have a heart. She says you loves your ambition and is egoistic. She says you have much money, but you have no one to enjoy life with, and says you are loser and zero as a person. Nivedita gets angry and breaks the glass. She cries and falls down on the bed.

Suhani asks Nishi if she is doing as told by her saas. They hear the paath. Ragini wears bangles and puts sindoor in her maang. She gets ready. IKNMP music plays…………..RK tells Pam that he wish to see her in red dress. Pam says your dreams couldn’t be fulfilled. RK says no problem, I will keep fast for you. Nishi and Suhani break fast after doing puja. Ragini sees Neil through the mesh. She does his aarti and takes his blessings. Ragini faints. Neil makes her drink water and breaks her fast.

Neil says until those investigating officer doesn’t submit the reports, my bank balance and money will be seized. Ragini says it means we have to vacate this house within 3 days. She says this house is my father’s last memory and my mum is emotionally attached to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Awwwww! Loved the NeiRa moments❤️

  2. Kumkum Bhagya aka KKB aka klear kut bullshit. If ekta kapoor can torture us with dragging drama I can change the spelling of clear cut 🙂

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