It was meant to happen (A Twinj FF) Prologue Part III

Hey guys! So I’m here with the 3rd and the final part of the prologue. Sorry for the delay. And once again thanks a lot for all your precious comments. Hope you all will like this one too..

Twinkle is going to her room to check on Johnny, as she had promised.
As she’s about to twist the door knob, someone taps her shoulder.

“Twinkle ?!” A girl speaks, making Twinkle curse her luck once again.
“Hey Krystle!” Twinkle waves her hand, a sheepish smile on her face. But her mind contradicts with her expression; ‘I’m so dead’ continuously ringing in her head.

(Krystle D’Souza as Krystle D’Souza : A modern but composed girl. Only her closest ones know the kind Krystle. She’s no push over. An emotionless business woman.)

“Twinkle! What did you do today ?” Krystle asks with an impassive look, making Twinkle sigh in defeat.
So she starts recalling her tale of the day. Krystle’s expressions change from shocked, to angry, and finally raged.
But before she can give her a piece of her mind, Twinkle vanishes into her room.
Krystle sighs, but then her lips form an unexpected smile.
“She’s still that little Twinkle, the one who used to attract trouble like a magnet. But then again, that innocent Twinkle is dead now.”
Sighing sadly, she moves to her room, unknown of a pair of eyes staring at her retreating form.

A guy is shown standing on a cliff-side, looking down at the roaring sea. His eyes, though emotionless, have an excrutiating pain in them. Those brown pools full of regret, of what might have been different, if he had not been at that place, all those years ago. His mind again drifts back to the past, a past which is better left undisturbed. The memories, both happy and sad, just giving him immense pain. It is said that regret is the best apology. But for him, it is the reason of his insides dying. He died long back, his soul was shattered to pieces. But still the regret, the repentance is there, crystal clear in his eyes. Life gave him the only reason of surviving : REMORSE. He’s surviving just because of his guilt. That past, which was so much worse than death itself. His scared soul, his shattered heart and his shaken mind, everything was just full of guilt. Nothing else came to his mind, it never did. His sleepless nights, those nightmares, all of them were haunted by his past. And he…?! He himself was chained in the clutches of his past; his regret.
But he could never show it to anyone. He was trying to survive, even though he could not live, still he was surviving. All because of that one person. All because of……
“Kunj ??!!” He was snapped out of his thoughts by a voice laced with worry.

(Sidhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna : A cool guy. Had a bad childhood, but he never let it affect his present. A selfless and overprotective person for his loved ones.)

He felt someone put a hand on his shoulder, as he turned around to find Vihaan.

“I’m fine Bhai. Don’t worry.” Kunj smiles a bit, making Vihaan sigh in relief.

“Now stop being a cry baby and let’s go. Another one is waiting at home.” Vihaan smirks, as both chuckle, and walk back towards their car.

“Ahhh.. It feels so great to be backkk.. But now how to find those not-so-sweet friends of mine?!!!” A guy mutters while coming out of the airport. He takes out his phone to call someone. But before he can, someone shouts his name from behind.

“Hey Neil, I’m here!” Karan says. Neil turns around and both shake hand, all smiles.

(Zain Imam as Neil Khanna : A carefree and fun-loving guy. Quite egoistic, and funny too. But that’s what he shows to the world. Loves his friends more than anything. A business man.)

“Hey Karan! How are ya doin’ ?” Neil asks, as both move towards their car.

“Great! What about you ?”

“I’m alive, I guess.”

“Oh really ?!! I thought I was talking to some kind of a ghost till now.”

“That was quite lame, Tacker boy.”

“I know!” Karan winks, as both stroll towards their car, all the while laughing hard.

Paris, France

The Eiffel tower is shown. The majestic building reflecting the sunlight of the beautiful sunset. Birds flying back to their nests, bringing food for their little ones. A girl is shown standing just below the tower. Her unfocused eyes, calm body and flying hair, showing her absence from the real world. The screen focuses on her eyes. Her eyes, though hazy, have an unspoken emotion in them. The wild fire of her eyes, the thirst for revenge, making a promise of someone’s destruction. Revenge from someone, revenge for their deeds, for their mistakes, her broken trust, that broken but dangerous soul. The promise of inflicting unimaginable pain on all those people, the promise of vengeance.
“You’ll be destroyed, I promise you that. For what you did, you shall pay the price. Now get ready, cause this Avni Sarna will annihilate you in the most beautiful way possible.” She whispers as the camera zooms off, showing the sun setting beyond the horizon…

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