It was meant to happen (A Twinj FF) Chapter 1

(A/n : All the flashbacks will be in blue italics.)

Twinkle is shown surfing her phone, when she gets an anonymous mail. Curiosity takes the better of her and she taps on the notification, eagerly waiting for it to load.
The mail uploads and her eyes start scanning through the words. Eyebrows scrunched in confusion, she reads it again, only to come up with the same conclusion.
“A reunion camp ??! What the hell..”
Not knowing what to think or do, she wanders out in search of Natasha.
She arrives at the kitchen to find Natasha preparing some coffee.
Natasha looks up, eyebrows raised in question.
“Did you get any mail regarding some kind of a reunion, di ??”
“Reunion ?! Nope.. Wait, I’ve not checked the latest mails. Can you get my phone please ? It’s in my room.”
“Sure di.” Twinkle nods, before moving towards Natasha’s room.

“What the hell is this ?!!!” Neil shouts, unable to tear his gaze away from his mobile screen.
Having heard his LOUD shout, Vihaan comes in, followed by a groaning Karan.
“What up, man ? Who the hell shouts like THAT ? And that too at 8 in the morning ?!!” Karan whines, looking at Neil with a look that says ‘It better be good or you’re dead.’
“You’ll do too, lazy boy, once you read this thing.” Neil smacks Karan upside his head, before handing his phone to the awaiting guys.
“What the —-”
“Language Karan…” The other boys interrupt.
“Whatever! But this is insane. Who the hell in their right mind plans a high school reunion almost 10 years after leaving the school..? And that too as a camp..?!!!”
“Karan, you’re exaggerating. Anyways, where’s the camp exactly ? I mean, just asking.” Vihaan clarifies at the end, after getting weird looks from his friends.
“Hmm.. Let’s see…. A reunion camp in… Wait what..?!!”
“What happened ? What’s the place, Karan..?!”
“This is beyond ridiculous, guys. As far as I remember, our school was in New York. Then why do they want us to go to Moscow ?!!”
“Moscow as in Russia’s capital ?!”
“No Neil, Moscow as in China’s biggest city… Of course Russia’s capital, you dimwit!!”
“Ya ya.. whatever.”
“Neil, Karan, just drop it. We’re meeting for breakfast in an hour. We’ll discuss about it there.” Vihaan says, breaking both apart. All nod, before Vihaan and Karan move out of Neil’s room, closing the door behind them.
Neil sighs, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. Taking a photograph out of his pocket, he caresses the pic. He then closes his eyes, the memories hitting him hard, as a tear finally makes it’s way down his cheek.

“Hmm.. This is quite strange.”

“What’s strange ?”
Twinkle and Natasha look up from the latter’s phone to find Krystle standing at the doorway.
“Krys, did you get a mail regarding any kind of reunion ?”
“Reunion ?? I don’t get it.. But I did get some new mails this morning, but didn’t check them. So what’s it about ?”
“Ummmm.. Krsy, it’s a mail from Willson High, our high school. And it’s about a reunion camp..” Natasha whispers, not knowing what reaction she might get from Krystle.
Krystle stiffens, that name bringing thousands of memories to her brains’ surface. It all revolves around like a never-ending movie. Those happy memories, those fun-filled moments, which were now nothing but torment to her. She remembers all those days, which were now her worst nightmares.
“C’mon K, you know you can’t catch me. Then what’s the use of even trying ?!” A boy yells, getting away from a girl as she tries her best to catch him.
“Nope, I’ll catch you for sure. I think you’re forgetting, but I’m your best friend.”
“Keep dreaming on, little girl. But you’re not gonna catch me… Krystle watch out!!” The guy suddenly shouts as Krystle almost gets hit by a car.
“Krystle, you okay ?”
“Ya, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” She replies, as her friend helps her up.
“What the hell! Don’t you people have eyes ?!” The driver of the car comes and shouts at them both.
“Enough Davis. It’s okay!” Someone says from behind. All turn around to see a boy coming out of the same car. The driver gets scared seeing his eyes and leaves.
“Hey, you okay ? Sorry for my driver’s misbehavior.”
“I’m fine, thank you. But just tell that egoistic driver of yours to get his eyes checked first!”
“Oh so you’re a fiery one, huh ?!!” A smirk forms on the corner of his lips, knowing exactly what his next move should be. But before he can continue, the other male interrupts.
“K, we gotta leave now! See ya around, new guy!” Answering the “New Guy’s” glare with one of his own, he waves him goodbye and leaves with Krystle.
“Krystle, you okay ?!!” Natasha says, bringing the said girl out of her thoughts.
“Yeah..?! Oh I’m fine. So where is it to be held ?”
“Krys, you sure about it ?” Twinkle asks, speaking for the first time since Krystle joined them.
Both have an eye-contact; one showing pain, and the other showing nothing but concern.
“I’m fine, guys. Just tell me where it is!!” Krystle cries, her voice faltering.
“It’s in Moscow and we’ve to leave this Sunday, which is in two days. But they want a confirmation first.”
“Krys, it’s not necessary for us to go. We won’t go if you —”
“We’re going!” Krystle interrupts, as the other two look at her, wide-eyed.
“Krystle, this is no time to joke around. You sure ?”
“I’m damn sure, Twinkle. We’re going for sure! Send the confirmation and pack your bags. I’ll be in my room.” Krystle speaks in an authoritative tone, before leaving the room.
“I’ll also leave, Tasha di. See ya!”
“Okay!” Natasha nods, as Twinkle too leaves, closing the door behind her.
Natasha walks up to her book shelf, siding some books to find a secret locker. She opens the locker and takes out a photograph. A teary smile forms on her face, as she looks at the group photo. All the eleven people radiating nothing but pure joy. Her eyes drift towards the corner to see two girls punching a guy, as he makes a fake crying face.
A chuckle escapes her lips, but then she gets teary-eyed. Shifting her eyes forward, she looks out of the window into the limitless sky, scared of what might happen at this unexpected reunion.

“Morning everyone.” Kunj greets, before sitting down for breakfast.
“Hey guys! So sorry for being late..”
“It’s fine Neil. Let’s start now guys.”
“Wait a minute!”
“What happened, Kunj ?”
“Neil, is something wrong ?”
“No Kunj. Why would you ask ?”
“Don’t lie! Your eyes are red. Why so ??”
All look at Neil’s bloodshot eyes, as he looks down, searching for an answer.
“Oh it’s nothing! Just some dust allergy guys.”
Others nod, still not buying his lame excuse, but then leave it for the time being. All continue with their breakfast, not uttering a word.
“Guys, what are we going to do about the reunion camp ? I mean, they want a confirmation. So you guys don’t mind if I deny, right ?”
“No, we’re going.”
“Neil ??!!! Why so ??”
“If not you guys, then I’m going alone and that’s final. It’s been months since we went on any holiday together. You guys are just busy in work.”
“But Neil…”
“Don’t NEIL me, V Bhai! Pleashh.. Let’s go na..”
“Stop whining, Neil!”
“Pleashhhh na, Kunj and Karan.” Neil joins his hands, giving them his best puppy look, making it impossible for them to deny.
“Fine!” And this word makes Neil totally hyper.
“”So we gotta pack our bags fast. I’ll give the confirmation. We have a flight this Sunday morning. So gotta get ready!” Neil informs with a glitter in his eyes.
“What ? This Sunday ?!!”
“So we all shall go and get ready, guys.” Vihaan announces, as all nod and leave for their respective rooms.

“A reunion camp, huh ?!! This is the perfect time to execute my plan. You’ll pay, that’s my promise. And all those people who sided with you, will too.”

Avni looks at the big group photograph stuck on her wall. Her eyes darken as she looks at a particular face, her heart promising the demolition of all those people who made her the devil she is now!

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