It was a mistake to love you.. Chapter 12

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Hey guys, this is Pavithra here…I am really sorry for not updating for the past two months.. I was really busy.. And I don’t like typing.. So so sorry… So here I continue with my 12th chapter of my ff… Thanks to those who commented on the previous chapter. Thanks to silent readers too. Hope u guys like this one?

Recap:- School reopens. Keerthi meets her friends.. Mishal and Keerthi talk.._


Link for previous chapter..


And that year passes away.. Keerthi still loves Madhav with all her heart while Madhav does the same..

Keerthi: Life is not moving at all. I couldn’t hate him a percent. What is this? I can’t believe that I still love him even after this 1 and a half years of trying to hate him…

At the same time..

Madhav: Keerthi, you don’t know how much I love you. You wait, I will tell u my feelings one day and make you mine…

Soon the school Day arrives. It was time for their dance practise..

At the practise room, dance teacher was keeping them in lines and finding pair..

Teacher: Keerthi, you stand here.. And your pair.. Mmmmm… Madhav…

Both Keerthi and Madhav feels happy.. Madhav goes and stands near Keerthi..

Keerdhav looks at each other…

Teacher: No no no! Its better to have Kevin as a pair for Keerthi and Madhav, you go to Neha..

They does the same..

Kevin: Hello, Keerthi. (and extends his hand for a hand shake)

They have a handshake..

They dance… The teacher taught the dance and tells them to practise on their own during free periods..

During one of their practises…

Madhav held Neha’s hands (for a step in their dance). Neha suddenly falls down and Madhav falls on her.

Keerthi looks on feeling really glummy..

Neha: oops! Sorry Madhav… (Blushing)

They continue their practise. There was a step in which girls should go around their pairs.. Madhav is the one who stands behind Keerthi and Kevin. During that step, Keerthi strikes Kevin’s leg and suddenly was going to fall when Madhav, her protector always holds her…

They look into each other’s eyes… 

Keerthi: (in mind) Madhav… You are made for me..

Madhav: (in mind) Keerthi.. We are made for each other..

Keerthi: (in mind) if u hated me, you wouldnt have stopped me from falling..

Madhav: (in mind) understand my love Keerthi.. If I hated you,I wouldn’t have held u..

It was though they were talking with their eyes.. Mishal was looking at them…

Mishal: (in mind) such a cute couple.. Keerthi, your love for him is eternal. It will never end..

Keerthi was still on Madhav’s hands and started at each others eyes..

Mishal : Keerthi..

That’s when Madhav and Keerthi came to senses and said sorry and went to each others place..

She turns back and sees Madhav and Neha happily chattering..

Keerthi: madhav is good for Neha. Not for me. They are such a cute couple. I was wrong, Madhav is made for Neha..

Time flies by and it was time for school to close for summer vacation. This time too, keerthi decided to do what she tried to do last year vacation. Yes, she wanted to try to hate Madhav again.

Her ‘try’ was again in vain. But she didn’t lose hope of hating Madhav one day.

She just wanted to get rid of this love. She don’t even want to hate but she wants to get rid of her love..

Keerthi : I want this love to be rid off. He love someone else. He hates me too. And see, this stupid me is still loving him.. But Madhav, I can’t forget u so fast..


Precap:- Keerthi starts to hate Madhav… When Madhav starts to love her more..
Hope you guys liked it.. I know you guys hasn’t liked it.. Because me myself has found this too boring… I guess it will become more interesting after two or three chapter s as there is a twist coming..

Ignore the spelling or grammatical mistakes. Ignore the short forms, of any…

I remember you all again that this story doesn’t have any happy ending. I mean in this story you won’t find the leads united… To know more about this story check out intro revised..

You guys must be thinking why I am showing ‘time flies by’ not the real scene. Because it will be too dragging. That’s why! Soon it will be back to the real scenes!! Because a major twist is coming!!??

I will try to update as soon as possible. Do let me know what you think of the story by dropping in a comment. Don’t forget to hit the like button. I want all your love and support… Thanks for reading…


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  1. Pavithra1616

    The link won’t be working so here is the link for thepreviosu chapter?

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    Amazing Pavi
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    Update soon

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      Thank u Chechi.. Thanks a lot.. Ya will update soon?

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    I was actually Waiting for this update and finally u did…….it’s awesome and update soon ?

    1. Pavithra1616

      Oh really di !! Thanks a lot?? luv u?? and ya will update soon?

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    Awesome Pavithra
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      Thanks a lot di?? ya I know this was a short one.. I cant find time to update.. ?? luv u????

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    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di????? glad u loved it.. I know its short! I didn’t have time to type so much..?? will update ASAP..?

  7. Awsome ?? a problem all girls and boys have nowadays ?????? haha?? Eagerly waiting for next part to know what will happen ????

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thank u di.. Ya,right..?.. Ya will update soon so that u can know what will happen very soon!!

  8. so sorry.. I didn’t comment on your previous ff.. Actually I was very busy with school work.. This ff is too good pabi… I was missing your ff especially this one… May God bless you… Take care and love you dear ???

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      No problem di! Don’t say sorry! Its okay! I know u must be really busy.. Thank u for commenting?? may God bless u too?? luv u??

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    Wooww ..Awesome update yaar Keerthi and Madhav ???…I caught the story from here…So superb…Post soon..Waiting for the next ..Love u lott ?????❤❤

    1. Pavithra1616

      Thanks a lot reji for commenting!! Thank u so so much.. Really happy to see ur review.. And if u have any doubts u can ask.. Feel free.. Ya ,sure will update soon? luv u too…???

  10. Niyati

    Don’t u dare that this story is boring …Pavi , it getting interesting day by day ….Loved the chapter . Update soon & waiting for ur major twist ? ….Love u ? ?

    1. Pavithra1616

      Oops! I won’t say that! Really? So it will get really very interesting after this major twist I referred to!! I am sure u will love that!!?? glad u loved it! Ya,will update soon??? luv u too??

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