Hello guys!!!! Well if you remember i had given the first chapter of this story ” it hurts to love” where swara love her ex husband Aniket who died in accident and then he was forced to marry sanskar who truly love her. So, some readers said it was common concept so here i changed the concept but the title will be same. The whole story is new so forget about that one chapter.
Hopefully you will like it. And i will only update this story first so i can end it. When i think of so many stories i get puzzled and at the end i don’t give any update. I will write it regularly with short updates if you all are okay with it. Like this one by one i will complete my stories. I know no one is much interested in my stories seeing your response but still those who read leave your comments also with likes pleaseeeee.
Let’s begin:

Swara’s pov:
I nervously moved towards the huge building standing infront of me. It’s my first day in my new office and I’m scared like hell. I’m wearing a simple indian suit and as i took the look of my surrounding, all are dressed in modern outfits. Ofcouse its not india but new york where no one will be dressed traditionally. Yesterday i landed here and i didn’t got time to buy anything so i wore one out of few suits which i bought with me from india. I approached the reception ” hello!! I’m swara and i have to meet Mr Maheshwari” the words came out of my dry throat. It is really not easy to survive in different country among different people.

” wait a second” the beautiful lady said passing me a sweet smile. I felt nice when she smiled. ” Sir is in the cabin you can go on the tenth floor” she told me while i was busy in admiring the beauty of the office.
” thank you”i said. ” my pleasure” she again smiled. I moved towards the elevator and clicked the button to reach my desired floor. There is pin drop silent on the floor and i slowly moved on the corridor looking at the cabin’s name plate. I saw there are two cabin’s next to each other and the name plates are ” Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari” and “Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari”. In which was i suppose to go because i got call from mr maheshwari and who is that one.
I was standing puzzled infront of the door when it suddenly opened ajar. I yelped with this and a handsome man who seems to be in his mid twenties came outside. He give me confused look and then raised his eyebrow.

” what bought you here??” He asked taking steps close to me. ” umm..i i.” I don’t know what to say. I was never too shy but a very strong and confident girl but few incidents in my life broke me to the core. ” are you there??” He waved his hand infront of my eyes. ” hmm I’m swara and i want to meet Mr Maheshwari “i said in one breathe. ” ohh btw which Maheshwari you want to meet one is me myself junior aka sanskar maheshwari while the other is oldie i mean my father Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari” he was speaking non stop and i was amused.
” actually I’m also confused because i was asked to meet Mr Maheshwari” i said bitting my lips. ” ohh i seee” he kept his hand on cheeks. ” well you can meet both, come let’s go inside” he said pointing to his father’s cabin. I nodded and followed him.

” dad someone is here” sanskar said once we enter inside. His father lifted his head from the file and look at me. ” are you swara??” He asked adjusting his glasses. ” yes sir” i said smiling nervously. ” ohh kindly take seat” he gestured towards the chair and sanskar dragged the chair out for me. ” thanks” i mumble and took the seat. Sanskar is leaning on the table. He is cool and kind person i think so.

” so you are here in new york for this job?” Ram maheshwari asked me. ” really??? Otherwise where do you live??” Before i could reply sanskar asked getting surprised.
” sshhhh” ram Maheshwari gestured.
” I’m from India and i came yesterday to join this job”. ” I’m glad you are here and i know you are a capable employee” ram Maheshwari smiles. ” your father was very good friend of mine” he further said. I felt sad when i remember my father who is now no more. ” anyways you can join as sanskar’s assistant and will handle his all work. He is little careless so please handle him” he told me while sanskar was making faces. “Sure sir” i said. ” sanskar show him her cabin” Ram Maheshwari said to sanskar and he nodded.

We came out of the cabin and he showed me my small cabin which was beside his office. ” so you are new to this place and country, if you need any help feel free to ask” he said being a gentleman. ” Sure” i smiled. He told my work stuff and was about to leave but turn around and said ” i like your dress” he said truthfully. I never thought that i will get such compliment but I’m overwhelmed. ” thank you” i smile brightly at him and he left the cabin.

I took deep breath hoping to start a new life leaving all the mess in india. I will never wish to go back there which has shown me a living hell. I was fed of my life and even i thought to end it but then one day i saw advertisement that Maheshwari enterprises need employees. I randomly applied for it because it was in new york and it will help me to leave the country. After 24 hours i got call from Mr Maheshwari that i got selected and i needed to join after a week. When i gave him my details he found that my father shekar gododia was his good friend in college time. It’s not like i got job because of my father because i was already hired. I bought a ticket for almost all the savings i had and little money i bought with myself. The company is providing me an apartment so i have only my food expenses and shopping i will do when i will get my first salary. Finally i will leave a normal life not like slaves. I closed my eyes for a second and started my work. In the evening i went back to my apartment and i bid bye to ram uncle before leaving but i didn’t see sanskar in the office. I really met nice people in this new country.
To be continued….

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  14. Marsuu do awesome and sanskar was cool and really miss ur ff post daily do and awesome

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