Scene starts with arnav angrily leaving the house. All family members get worried. Dadi tells every one to go to their rooms and sleep now as its too late. Anjali says that guests have enjoyed party but kushi herself has locked herself in. Dadi asks her not to worry as arnav’s anger can be handled by kushi and they love each other so… Much and he’l be back in some time lets give them their space. Anjali nods her head and says she’ll give food to kushi she didn’t had anything till now. All leave from there. Kushi is in tears remembering arnav. Kyun dard heh itna… Plays anjali comes from behind she says that kushi u know that how choteh is. He is always into anger. But u know what he loves u more than himself. Kushi nods and hugs her. Anjali asks her not to worry about anything as everything will be fine and asks whether she is hiding anything else to her kushi says nothing. Anjali says that payal has managed everything down. All went to sleep u too don’t worry. have sleep. Its too late. Kushi nods. Anjali turns and is shocked seeing mrs.india contract in pieces. She angrily leaves from there. Anjali calls arnav. He doesn’t lift the phone anjali messages him that she wouldn’t have her tablet till he calls her. Arnav calls her and asks her to sleep he would be there in some time. Anjali says that he did wrong by destroying kushi’s party. She says that choteh, u remember u said that kushi is an angel in ur life and today u blamed her for ur loss how can u do that and u even teared her contract? Arnav gets shocked! What the! Di how can i do that? Anjali says that then… Arnav feels sad.. He remembers blaming her and saying not to follow her he want to live without her Rabba ve…. Heh heh plays. Arnav says di u don’t worry iam coming home. And says KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA i love you. Kushi is in tears. Arnav comes their. Kushi feels the heart beat and says it can’t be true.Arnav touches her hand and kisses her neck and says this is true. Kushi turns and hugs him and cries. Arnav puts finger on her lips and says iam sorry i was angry on u because i wanted u to be in my office with me 24 hrs kushi is in shock arnav says yes its true u wanted to do something right? Would u do this? Kushi nods and hugs him. Arnav kisses her forehead rabbave…. Plays. Arnav makes her eat jalebi and ask for a party. he lifts her up and makes her sit on the bed. He was about to kiss she stops and asks him to have food. They have föod. rabba ve… Plays. Its morning. Anjali does the aarti. Meri aankon mein tu… Plays. All take the prasad. Anjali sees arnav and kushi coming and thanks god for their union. There in asr’s office. A girl enters saying she reached her destiny asr’s model.

Precap- kushi is in office the new girl enters arnav smiles at her and says SHARANYA she says na na asr’s sharon reporting now. There kushi remembers arnav’s I LOVE U and touches her modelling dress and smiles.

Credit to: Sindhu

  1. gud effort . Keep doing it # sindhu

  2. Lovely, very nice going Sindhu. Loving your story very much. Interesting precap. Plan to show some scenes for payash, nk, bua ji and khushi’s parents. Also show some twist with shyam’s revenge, ArShi becoming parents etc… Eagerly waiting for the next episodes … love you…

  3. Sindhu i wamt to say one thing..lahani ko sirf arshi me hi na rahne do..Aarav ke bare me apne kuch b to nahi likha and where is manorama maami…i am sry dr if i hurt i want them too

  4. Oops…. The new track begins!

  5. Aditi Chandgothia

    On which channel is this show being telecast n at wat tym..plz give every details clearly

    1. It is fan fiction story not seriel

  6. Ok guyz! Thanks for ur feed back drs! I’l make sure to write them. Love you all.

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