Episode from next day..
at evening everyone was present in hall today is sangeet so for to celebrate. Everyone looking nice good.While twinkle too today she wears light colour dress.. but looking really pretty all girls is less in front of her simple beauty after they dress up so much still nothing in front of twinkle..

Everyone dancing and singing enjoying it.

All come and perform and went..

Yuvi: now it’s kunj turn…

Kunj: me no Yuvi please I can’t do dance..

Mahi:Arey who saying you to dance you can sing after all you have so beautiful voice today let everyone too listen your voice.

Riya:And twinkle didi too.. Tanejas shocked.Abhay and riya force twinkle she nodded her head in yes.

Kunj went in center and his back facing to everyone while his eyes went on twinkle and vikram who standing together. He closed his eyes and twinkle betray story flash in his mind her and vikram that picture killing kunj.while Usha didn’t happy that twinkle will sing with kunj. Manohar raise his eyes too see twinkle inside in his heart he is so happy but can’t speak anything helpless..Kunj started the song..

Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se muskuraye.

(He went in side and look at everyone while others too see him)
Kunj: Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se muskuraye

(Twinkle just shocked in his lyrics)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye.

(He take the glass of champagne)
Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se
Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se muskuraye

(His whole eyes become red and looking at twinkle with anger eyes)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

(inside in heart breaking down..)

Jo tut ke na tute koi aisa dil dikhaye

Jo tut ke na tute koi aisa dil dikhaye

(He about to bumped with chair but stable on time)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye
( take maya hand dancing with her)

Maine to ki mohabbat tune ki bewafai
Taqdeer ye hamari kis mod pe le aayi
Taqdeer ye hamari kis mod pe le aayi

(He went towards twinkle and vikram roaming around both them)
Tute hai is tarha dil aawaz tak na aaye
Tute hai is tarha dil aawaz tak na aaye

(He started clapping and going in backward while looking at twinkle with painful eyes)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

(Twinkle see kunj face and she too become emotional through this kunj taunting twinkle and putting allegations she betray him while fuzail closed his fist vikram hand around twinkle shoulders)

Twinkle:Afsos mere dil ko mujhko bhula diya hai

(Twinkle went to in centre she too looking at Kunj with same expressions)
Meri wafa ka tune achha sila diya hai
Meri wafa ka tune achha sila diya hai
(Vikram come and hold twinkle hands kunj too pulled maya near to him)
Tumne to keh diya haan bayan bhi kar na paaye.

(Twinkle dancing with vikram while kunj with maya both looking at each with painful eyes standing near to each other with their partners.)
Tumne to keh diya haan bayan bhi kar na paaye.
(Kunj and twinkle hands touch kunj went towards bar and take whole bottle of beer and throw it in side)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye
Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se muskuraye
Aankhon mein aansoo leke hoton se muskuraye.

(Tears coming from twinkle eyes both remembering their old and happy moments)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye..

(Now both together sing..)

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaisi jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye..
(Kunj wiped his tears and hugged maya just show twinkle this) song end..

All clap for them while kunj went from there.Ammar is in fuzu Arms he wake up and started crying mehar didn’t handle him so she give him to twinkle she take him and take him in side room.

Twinkle:what happened to my baby haa.

She see tears coming from ammar small eyes she cuddles him. Still he crying like anything didn’t take the name to stop.

Twinkle give him milk slightly he become normal twinkle caressing his hairs.. recalling what happened just now..

Twinkle:what he try to show haa.if he is happy with maya even me too with my baby and family.Kunj was passing from room he stop to see twinkle with baby.. room door was open he stop there only.
Kunj shocked that twinkle feeding baby.

Kunj:baby keshe ka baby.. she feeding.

Don’t know kunj your drink so much don’t know if she is twinkle or someone else.he rubbed his eyes and went from there.

Twinkle give mike to ammar and she didn’t feel anything just check him found he sleep while having milk twinkle palce him on her arms patting on his back make him take burped he take burped twinkle take him in their room. She entered in room and went towards bed and place ammar on bed and covered him with his small duvet and kissed on his forehead and went in washroom get freshen up just than there

Nanny come.twinkle too come from washroom. And see the nanny.

Twinkle: Arey you come na so please sit here I’ll call fuzu okay he have little bit fever so I’ll take him to doctor once.

Nanny: okay I’m with baby.

Twinkle:hmm. She went downstairs while nanny went towards ammar and sit beside him.

Twinkle come to fuzu but he was busy in his work twinkle went to vikram she too busy with him totally forgot for what work she come down..all ladies sit and chit chatting with each other just than one lady.

Lady:Arey Usha this twinkle is same who is your daughter in law wife of kunj..Usha see twinkle face even she too.

Usha:hmm now no more.twinkle went from there. Nanny feels thirsty she finding water in room but no water in room so she went downstairs. While ammar wake up with jerk in his raw sleep he crying like anything so loudly even his Throat too become dry.
Aur blister too come on his lips..

Kunj was going in his room he stop at his room door.

Kunj:Arey yeh kesh ka Bach roha hai man.
Mera ???not in sense Arey Kunj you don’t have baby hat??slap on his head. Still baby crying very badly. while hearing the voice kunj reached towards twinkle room still confused. Voice coming from there should I go.. yeah kunj you should why I felt so bad and after listening this baby cry voice kunj went in room.He see baby was laying on bed and crying horribly. Hoo baby he rushed towards him.

See him. Arey baby don’t cry.. he take him in his arms what happened why you crying this much haa. Place him on his lap. Haa bolo While ammar look at Kunj face making cute faces ??..

Kunj:aww don’t cry where is your mamma haa.Kunj place him on his shoulders caressing his back. Mera baby.?

Ammar: in his baby language haaha?..

Kunj:why you always cry haa. But stop after come into my Arms we are friends na.Kunj shake his hand with ammar small hand:let’s go down okay.Kunj went downstairs along with ammar.Kunj coming down having ammar in his arms. Ammar cuddling kunj like kunj is kangaroo and he is kangaroo baby.Usha eyes went on kunj. She get confused whom baby he taking.

Kunj went in side before usha went to him he sit in side and started playing with ammar. Happily ammar too. Tears roll down from kunj eyes.

Kunj:you know baby after a year now I felt so good when I’m with you don’t know jeshe I was dying for this peace when you with me I feel so good seemed like my all pain went somewhere for some time till when you with me.Ammar just looking at Kunj

Like he understands his talks.Kunj caress his lips see blisters on his where is your father haa I just see your mom mehar didn’t see Papa.. ammar clutch Kunj shirt.

Ammar:ahahahahahhaahah.Kunj laughing at ammar. Kunj kissed on ammar face and smell his hands.. ammar pee on kunj..

He felt wet and look at down than at ammar face who giving him smile..

Kunj:mere baap I didn’t let anyone do this you are the one who pee on me.Kunj make fake angry face ammar see and he make sad face pout his lips.Kunj see this and amazed to see his overload cuteness he lifts him in air so adorable man.pulled his cheeks and ammar pulled kunj hairs and giving scratches on his face bite his nose with his gums Kunj enjoy it.. hahah baby.
While twinkle went to fuzail..

Twinkle:fuzu where are you..??

Fuzu:yes di anything is serious..

Twinkle:not serious it just ammar have fever little bit so we can take him to doctor na.

Fuzu:yes why you didn’t tell me before ha..

Twinkle:I’ll bring him okay. Twinkle went upstairs goes in her room as soon as she entered in room and see nanny was not in room and than her eyes went on bed see even ammar too not on bed.. where is they went twinkle giving voice to nanny. She come.

Nanny: yes mam..

Twinkle:where is ammar give him to me.

I’m taking him to doctor.

Nanny: ammar is here.

Twinkle:where nanny look at bed and find it’s empty on one is there..

Nanny: Arey I leave ammar here only.

Twinkle:what you leave ammar in room alone room door was open you went how careless you are. I give you his responsibility what you did now see where is my baby bring my baby.

Nanny: I’m sorry mam but I don’t know about ammar:: Twinkle shocked tears coming from her eyes.She run to downstairs while crying she thought maybe he was with mehar she bring him with her. Twinkle coming down all see her stage.. she about to went to mehar Rt hold her hands too see her face.

Rt: what happened twinkle haa.

Twinkle: Papa one second please mehar where is ammar did you bring him.

Mehar: no twinkle I don’t know about ammar. I didn’t bring him after listen this floor slip from twinkle feet’s.. she totally jerk and take step back all shocked..

Rt: Twinkle kya..

Twinkle: while crying Papa ammar isn’t in room even.

Rt: what asked nanny beta.

Twinkle: I asked her I told her to sit beside him he was sleeping in room I come down and this nanny leave my ammar alone now I went in room didn’t find him even nanny don’t know about him all Tanejas shocked.. ???.

Rt: fuzu go and check ammar everywhere. Leela come and hold twinkle hands console her.

Leela: calm down twinkle mil jayega ammar.

Twinkle:no MAA how can I calm down mera bacha nahi milraha hai you telling

Me this I can’t. She went to Rt and clutch his shirt with her both hands Papa mera ammar please find him na I can’t leave without him.. if anything happened to him I’ll kill my self????..

Rt: Twinkle bas nothing will happen to our baby.. he cupped her face you handle yourself. Fuzail search ammar everywhere didn’t find him anywhere. He come back with shocking face. What happened fuzu..

Fuzu: Papa I check everywhere but rockstar kahi nahi hai..

Twinkle: bas papa????.

Chetan:Twinkle beta don’t cry,, just than there kunj come ammar sleep in kunj Arms.He get confused why everyone standing like this while usha see kunj with baby. From far..

Usha:whom baby you taking kunj haa..?

Kunj: woh mehar baby.. mehar look at Kunj get confused why he telling her baby just than realised after see ammar clothes.

Mehar: Twinkle here is ammar.

Twinkle:where. Twinkle turned her face mehar pointing her hand towards kunj. Twinkle see ammar back she rushed towards him so fast.. mera baby… first she look at Kunj taking ammar in his Arms. She taking him from kunj while ammar holding Kunj shirt didn’t leave him. But forcefully twinkle take him.And cuddles him tightly and take deep breath.he check him fully mera baby.Kunj shocked to listen what she said just now mera baby twinkle take him to her family.Papa see mera baby.all Sarnas shocked and surprised whom they all thinking mehar baby but it’s twinkle baby????..
Kunj see twinkle she kissing ammar..

kunj: yeh twinkle ka baby but mehar 

Rt:see twinkle.vikram come there and hugged twinkle and ammar.

Kunj:so he is twinkle and vikram son. Tears escaping from kunj eyes.. ???..
While Usha started clapping..

Usha: Arey waha from where you bring this baby twinkle..

Twinkle: what you mean. He is my baby..

Usha:see everyone some year before what she and her family saying it that she and this vikram doesn’t have anything between them now see this two and baby too bacha aasmaan se aagya. Really you didn’t have shame shadi mere bete se ki aur bacha kishi aur ke saath.. pata nahi kesh ka ganda khoon hai yeh..

Twinkle:mind your tongue Mrs Usha Sarna.I’ll not listen single word about my son.Twinkle give ammar to fuzu and went to usha.

Usha:acha single words when people taking about you an vikram that time why you people leave like a coward.See this he is proof of your and his relationship..

Twinkle:I didn’t run like cowards I didn’t find to give you all explanation. When you and your son knows na I have relation with vikram than good na.Yes we have now what you’ll do haa. Kunj come there.

Kunj: MAA lets go from there..

Usha:you kunj why you take this ganda bacha.

Kunj:MAA bas karo.

Twinkle: I’ll not leave.. don’t take my son in this all..

Usha:see kunj you were saying na she is sati savitri now you can see with your eyes. Kya pata yeh bacha Iss vikram ka hai yeh kishi aur ka kitno ka ganda khoon Iss ki nason me daud raha hai.. twinkle immediately slap usha.. all shocked to see this while Tanejas just keep quite they wanted twinkle fight for herself alone.

Usha hold her cheek. And look at twinkle with anger eyes. While twinkle too in roar way.

Usha: you slapped me. How dare you..

Twinkle:how dare you..I told you still.

Till now I thought time make people bad but today after seen you understand one thing some of like this since from birth.

You don’t have shame you talking like about a small baby what he did with you haa. It’s none of your business iss ki nasso me kesh ka khoon daud raha hai.. whatever you said na one day you will regret lot usha Sarna.That day you people humiliate me lot I didn’t said anything today not when matter about my son I’ll not listen anything against him. Yeh toh waqat bataayega ganda khoon hai yeh acha she said While looking at Kunj face.

And you Mr Kunj Sarna take your mother in limits if I cross my limits it’s would be very difficult for you Twinkle show him finger while kunj too.

Kunj:hiii????.Mimi. Mind your tongue.

This can’t make you good..

Twinkle:acha first look at yourself than talk about me.. babaji did right to separate us kunj till now I was thinking why he separated us but today not what type of man you are in front of you your mother talking totally rubbish about my son..

Usha:what wrong I said.

Kunj:MAA please ???.. why I’ll said anything to my mother go and tell this to vikram na. He isn’t my son.

Twinkle:good I want to listen this from your mouth.

Usha: hehehe teri jeshi ladki ek pr*stitute.

Rt: ushaaaa enough is enough.. Usha telling so much Twinkle she can’t bear those word just falls down get unconscious. Rt take twinkle head in his lap and patting on his face Twinkle Puttar wake up. Fuzu lift twinkle and went in room.While others just get tired with this.

Doctor come examine twinkle and give injection tell them let her do rest.. after sometime later twinkle come in sense..

Rt: Twinkle.. she hugged Rt crying lot.

Twinkle:papa?????. This people are so bad what type of father kunj is. His own blood he and his mother abusing??

Leela: Twinkle beta don’t think about them they didn’t deserve your emotions.

Rt: but I’m proud of my daughter today she take stand for her son good twinkle just be like this give each and everyone answer back.

In other room usha just fuming on twinkle.
Usha:I’ll not leave this girl..

Kunj: MAA please start first why you abused her baby haa what he do in this..

Usha:really kunj.

Maya: yes she cheated on you.

Kunj: maya please and you too MAA. She cheated me long back not today. After that night we separated from each other’s. Now and now she moved on in her life I don’t have any problem with her have with my wife not with baby mother..
Yuvi and Mahi everyone look at Kunj.

Bebe: kunj is right usha.

Usha: please you don’t have her side now.

You didn’t feel bad kunj she slapped your Mother..

Kunj: without having any reason If anyone touch I’ll not leave them but MAA today sorry you get what you deserve you think if you called someone baby bad she’ll do your worship haa MAA not na. Baath chahye kuch bhi MAA I have issues with twinkle not with her baby.Na kabhi hogi maa.she betray me that I Can’t forget and neither I’ll forgives her too. Now please stop this.

Usha: waha kunj you too taking her side.

Kunj: no MAA why you thinking..Kunj went from there. While Yuvi behind him..

Yuvi: kunj stop.


Yuvi: why you said this to usha chachi..

Kunj:I said what is right Yuvi MAA did wrong to abused her baby..

Yuvi: and why you taking twinkle baby.

Kunj: why do you have any problem.

Yuvi: really kunj you don’t have any problem with this baby. I mean woh twinkle and vikram ka baby hai..

Kunj: why I’ll have they love each other so baby hone me kuch galt toh nahi hai.

Yuvi:even not angry..

Kunj:don’t talk about anger I can’t tell you about my anger level. Feel so frustrated here I’m going..

Yuvi: wait na..

Kunj: leave me alone..

Yuvi: okay.. Yuvi went from there while kunj sit cried lot for sometimes even twinkle too in other side.. after sometime later twinkle and Mehar in garden along with ammar.. Kunj see mehar and ammar.

Twinkle went in side while kunj see this he went to mehar.

Kunj: hi baby.


Kunj: yes let me meet with him na.. he take ammar from mehar and hugged ammar tightly sorry dost behalf of my mother..

He kissed on ammar cheeks.. mehar See this and give smile.. Kunj joint his head with ammar. In heart. Why I can’t stay angry with him babaji MAA all words hurting me. He is vikram and twinkle son. Why not mine????. I’m so unlucky.
Who’s ever son you are friends I don’t care I find peace with you.Bye don’t know if we meet again in life or not so goodbye❤️. Kunj brought band and give mehar.

Kunj: don’t tell anyone about this.

Mehar: okay.. just than twinkle come there she see ammar with kunj in anger she Rushed towards them..

Twinkle:what Is this twinkle snatch from kunj while ammar started dare you touch my baby stay away from him get it show him finger.still you come after your mother.both mother and son is same.
While Kunj didn’t interested in twinkle he just busy to admire ammar.Twinkle see this don’t put your evil eyes on my son. She hide ammar face..Kunj laugh out painfully. Today you too kunj regret on your and your mother words.

Kunj:that day never come mrs what should I call you.

I don’t know his name babaji shit

Twinkle:call me twinkle. I don’t want to listen my name from your mouth get it now go from here. Kunj wave to ammar and went from there while ammar looking at Kunj who going. His head resting on twinkle shoulder.. he started crying to see kunj going. Kunj turned and look at ammar and give him flying kiss. And went from there ammar started crying horribly. Now what happened to you keep quite didn’t crying in this sadu Arms now huhu.

We cannot always control everything that happens to us in this life, but we can control how we respond. Many struggles come as problems and pressures that sometimes cause pain. Others come as temptations, trials, and tribulations.

After this kunj left for Amritsar he didn’t attend the wedding.While next day riya and abhay wedding take the place hopefully they get married take everyone blessing.In whole wedding ammar eyes finding Kunj unknowingly in all men’s faces. After wedding all left for their place.


Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little.
twinkle and Kunj life become like this only.

Let see what turn up Their life takes.

Twinkle and Kunj nadi ek woh do kinare hai jo end me milte ek durese me hi. Jo unhe connect karega kaha hai ek last connect ammar dekh hai kya yeh dono mili paayege kya..Zindagi ki ek nai shurwat.


How was the episode guys hope you all like please any mistakes.. finally I posted for you.. get ready to see this mohabbat aur nafart se bhari khanni..

Bye love you all..

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