Episode: 34


Twinkle was crying while thinking about Kunj and whatever Aditi and yuvi told her this all this breaks her down completely she just think about herself her pain tears which she flows for Kunj: 

Twinkle:but this is wrong even Kunj too suffered in this all years which she didn’t have any idea itself she never think can’t imagine as well.he isn’t in happiness after. She hold her head keep her hands on her belly.Baby what is this all happened I never ever imagine this even your papa too suffers and I’m idiot tell him so much that night and tell him your both are us my kids he don’t have any rights on you both.But I’m not baby he is your father today you all my babies belong to him only existence of us.his blood our love symbols.Tears just rolling down overall on her face.Twinkle said herself.. 

While Aditi and yuvi look at sky they sitting thinking about today they truth which connected them.Their love existence romir his truth comes in front of all he is their baby.She is his mother. 

Yuvi: What happened are you okay ?

Aditi:Hmm yuvi never think this truth come out like this.both look at each other’s with tearfully eyes. 

Yuvi:I know Aditi but this truth come out one day it’s needed it when we’ll hide this romir is your and my baby.

Aditi look at him and rest her head on his chest and cuddles him tightly.

Aditi:You know yuvi I always have a dream even I have also happy family like others.Do you think about romir what you will tell him Mahi must be feel bad yuvi Aditi said. 

Yuvi: Kya karu Aditi here we are standing here just because of Mahi deeds itself I never wanted to do this all with her.She never care about me once.Now I don’t have any feelings for her little bit also in these years we just stay under on roof because of romir today this truth too come out now nothings is left between us yuvi said to Aditi in painful voice.She knows he is right at his place.Aditi wiped his unshed tears and kissed on his forehead.

Aditi:now I should leave and you take care of you and haa see twinkle once don’t let BF get to know about this we told her all truth he feels bad he hide with twinkle all truth because he don’t want she forgive him just because of this pain and tears wanted she forgive him but from her heart.Maafi dil de hoti hai na hi kishi wajah se mile.. Aditi said. And after she left yuvi look at towards Sarna Mansion he went inside and he went in his room find Mahi sitting he didn’t talk to her just went and lay down and cuddles and sleep with romir.

Other hand twinkle waiting for Kunj she try to call him but he didn’t pick up her calls she get worried about him lay down on couch she don’t when she falls in sleep.

At mid night Kunj come back after warped his few works he entered in room his eyes went on twinkle who laying on couch in very uncomfortable position.He went towards her touch her neck she feels cold due to his touch twinkle wake up and see Kunj get relief she about to get up but due to her baby bump can’t. 

Twinkle:Ouchhh twinkle scream winched in pain. 

Kunj:What happened haa are you okay what is this told you behave you are pregnant in this condition also Kunj said with care.He held her make her stand she immediately hugged him tightly he get surprised to see her. 

Twinkle:Kunjj where were you haa I’m worried about you just waiting for you twinkle said.Tight the hug more and more.


Kunj:Why?? Twinkle I’m here only you should sleep now..he said.he break the hug and look at her eyes understand she cried lot. 

Twinkle:Kunjj I’m hungry in cute voice see even baby also twinkle said.she take his hand place on her baby bump Kunj feels baby kick he chucked never know about this..

Kunj:wow twinkle what is this with surprised way Kunj asked her?? 

Twinkle:Baby kick twinkle said with smiled.

Kunj:Acha baby giving you kick that’s why you sometime scream Kunj said she nodded in yes. Kunj closed his eyes keep his both hands on her belly and feels his baby movements so precious moments for him.There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you.” 

Kunj:Acha what you wanted to have tell me I’ll make?? Kunj asked. 

twinkle:She think hmm Kunj make something tasty and chatpata twinkle said with puppy expressions.

Kunj:Twinkle you know what doctor told you still okay fine only today. Where is ammar?? Kunj said.

twinkle:We come here so suddenly na he is with his nanu and nani..twinkle said.. 

Kunj make her sit on bed tell her he is coming.He went downstairs while twinkle smiling.Kunj went in kitchen make noddles and other few things for her.Always love to fulfil her demands and bear her mood swings.. 

Twinkle:I didn’t tell him I have reason let right come I’ll tell him each and everything apologies to him whatever I told him.I hurt Kunj lot now I’ll just love him and no more tears if today I told him I love him than I know he get happy but I don’t have much time if at delivery time anything happened to me that I don’t know too I’m just hanging.I went away from him he did with himself this all’s and try to kill himself just for me that time toh he hate me due to misunderstanding still he love me this much get ready to end his life for me now he can’t do anything I can’t take risk no no let him stay like this he feels bad just for sometimes after he get normal my babies need him after me. Twinkle think in her heart.. 

just than Kunj entered in room with food smells coming so yummy he went towards her she busy in her thoughts due to smells she come out of her thoughts and see him and give smile Kunj sit beside him. Twinkle see and get so happy. 

Twinkle:Awww Kunj this much I love this all thanks for this I wanted this only you understand me so well without telling she said in excitement Kunj just look at her after meet her again today only he see that real twinkle smile and shine in her eyes which he saw when he meet with her first time same to same.

Kunj:Anything for you  twinkle Kunj said. He take the spoon take near twinkle lips she open her mouth and eat happily.

Twinkle:Yummy Kunj very much you become very good cook she said.

Kunj:Good you like otherwise I don’t know.You girls is so weird in pregnancy always wanted to have something at night only why?? He said.

Twinkle:haa Kunj woh na baby wanted that’s why cravings she replied..

Kunj:even Aditi to said same things when she is pregnant he said.Kunj stop and see twinkle what he just said.she too look at him.

Twinkle:It’s normal Kunj feed me more She said Just avoid the situation Kunj feed her quietly even she too him just than twinkle again scream ouchhh she look at Kunj both laugh out loudly. This baby bhi na it’s so naughty baby wait do your kicking after come out She said.

After they both lay down on sitting position Kunj look at twinkle face. 

Kunj: Twinkle can I ask you one thing if you okay.he said in nervousness.She look at him 

Twinkle:yes Kunj ask me what you wanna asked she said..

Kunj:Woh really baby needs he asked she understands him.

Twinkle: Kunj leave that matter she isn’t in our destiny that’s why Babaji bring her back.With teardrops she said. Kunj cupped her face and wiped her tears.. 

Kunj: I’m really sorry twinkle you are right I’m bad father just because of me my baby died he said before he speak more twinkle covered his mouth.tears escaping from their eyes.

Twinkle: No Kunj it’s nothing like that why you saying. Please leave this don’t talk about this matter I feel bad and my bp level increase.

Kunj: right sorry Kunj said in cute voice.. she cuddles him between twinkle how she look I mean??.twinkle look at him

Twinkle:wait a second I have something for you that I’ll show you go and bring one box which kept in wardrobe she said Kunj immediately get up and bring box and come back lay down beside her.Twinkle open the box and take out her baby girl pictures see Kunj this she is our baby whom we lost she said in broken voice. Kunj take pictures in his hand he see baby girl 

Kunj:she is so cute twinkle just look like us na perfect combination of our in one.. he said she nodded in yes Kunj caress the photos and cuddles as well than twinkle take that clothe which she wears just for sometimes she smells and get emotional what is this ??Kunj asked 

Twinkle:This is her clothe which she wore just for hours that also because of fuzu its smells so good Kunj twinkle said. You still kept them twinkle Kunj said haa Kunj never ever I miss her this all decrease my pain I didn’t get time to spend with her just this few things I have as a memories of her find she is here only.She said..


Twinkle:I planned so much when I get to know about her but my bad fortune.Feels so bad even for Chinki also Kunj see she lost her baby She said. Kunj didn’t said anything in his mind.. 

Kunj:Which pain I’m seeing in your eyes twinkle which Chinki didn’t have I mean it’s been years you lost her but look at Chinki just day passed but she just normal no pain nothing at all sometimes I have doubts on her did really she is pregnant or else just making everyone fool..acha let’s sleep my baby must be get tired you sitting for long time he said. 

He make her lay down properly and 

covered them with blanket she about to turned lay on her waist.

Kunj:Twinkle yaar don’t sleep like this in pregnancy it’s troubling my baby get it she smiled and hugged Kunj said 

Twinkle:okay Baba she said.. 

Kunj kissed on her forehead both sleep 

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Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully sunlight coming on their face kunj wake up and see twinkle face she smiled to see her cuteness caress her face than slightly side her kurta and kissed on her baby bump 

Kunj:good morning my bacha.Kunj said She is wake up but didn’t open her eyes.

Twinkle:Even baby ke papa good morning twinkle said he look at her.

Kunj:You awake haa.Kunj asked her?? 

Twinkle:yes husband ji she said. 

Both get up and went in washroom get freshen up within no time than they both went downstairs everywhere just mournful atmosphere they both understand Kunj and twinkle went towards Bebe and dadi they both sitting together twinkle sit beside Bebe while Kunj tell servant arrange the breakfast other’s too come meantime they all look at each other’s faces. Yuvi look at Mahi she too Mahi just than Ammar come and rushed towards Kunj he jumped in his arms. 

Ammar:What is this mamma and papa you both leave me alone and come here ammar said?? With puppy faces.they all sniggers. Kunj lift him in his arms. 

Kunj:Acha woh ammar you busy with nanu and nani that’s why okay sorry Kunj reply him.

Ammar:Don’t do this next time ammar said 

Kunj:okay Kunj said..

Mahi take romir with her in room yuvi about to say something while Kunj gestures him don’t.he stop they all sits for breakfast Kunj feeding Ammar and twinkle with his hands Usha burning to see this. 

Dadi:My Kunj is so happy Babaji please don’t do anything with my son he bear lot dadi think in her heart.she look at Usha I’ll tell Kunj about her at right time she break everything destroys my happy family Anamikaaa.after sometimes later 

Kunj and yuvi sitting with Bebe and dadi or Manohar while twinkle was in their in room.Bebe talking about someone baby shower Kunj listen this.. 

Kunj:What is this Bebe I mean baby shower Kunj asked.. 

Bebe:Godh Bharai Kunj Godh bharai is a baby shower celebrated during pregnancy to welcome the unborn baby to the family and bless the mother-to-be with abundant joys of motherhood.godh bharai literally means to ‘fill the lap’ with abundance Bebe tells him. 

Kunj:Interesting na Bebe Kunj said. 

Bebe:Yes it is Bebe reply back.. 

Kunj:we should to celebrate twinkle godh bharai Bebe I didn’t get chance to celebrate and welcome my babies now this time I’ll not let go I’ll too. All smiled.

Kunj said.. 

Bebe:Yes Kunj great even I’m thinking this too only than let’s celebrate tomorrow how’s it?? Bebe said.

Yuvi:Haa Bebe you are absolutely right yuvi said. 

Kunj:Tell us Bebe what we have to do we’ll celebrate in grand way Kunj said happiness clearly visible on his eyes and face yuvi get so happy to see him. 

Bebe:I’ll tell you both all work list okay firstly invites people whomever you wanna calls Bebe said.. 

Yuvi:This I’ll handle Bebe and you Kunj see other things yuvi said.

Hmm Kunj mutter.. 

Than they divided their work and give each other’s their responsibilities Kunj quickly call invitation card maker.he take the card see all cards than he finalised one card it was very cute Kunj didn’t tell twinkle wanted to give her surprise. 

Kunj:Please fast and I want this card only Kunj said.

Man:Okay sir I’ll do quickly card maker said and went.After sometimes later all invitations cards comes Kunj see and get so happy he tell yuvi he send invitation cards to their all beloved once along with chocolate boxes.. 

Kunj take card and went upstairs goes in his room he entered in room see twinkle resting he went towards her and sit beside twinkle. 

Kunj:I have something for you twinkle Said. 

Twinkle look at him with questioning eyes what Kunj ? She asked. 

Kunj take out card from back and show her. 

Kunj:See Kunj said.. 

twinkle:what card twinkle said.. 

Kunj:Yes Kunj reply.. 

she take in her hands and see the card 

Twinkle:baby shower invitation card whose baby shower card is this she asked?? 

Kunj: Kunj giggles. Itself you can see he said. 

Twinkle open the card and see she get shocked than look at Kunj. 

Twinkle: Mera baby shower she added surprisingly. 

Kunj:Yes twinkle it’s your baby shower card. How’s it I know it’s cute na like my baby he said. Twinkle blinked her eyes. 

twinkle:Kunj I didn’t get it anything what you mean by this I mean my baby shower but why?? She said.

Kunj:What do you mean by babe said it’s a ritual every to be mother celebrate this .and I too wanted this we should celebrate and welcome our baby with lots of happiness and joy twinkle he said. 

twinkle:Buttt Kunj twinkle said. 

Kunj:No buts and ifs twinkle..

I didn’t got chance to celebrate and cherish my happiness baap Banaa world best feeling one time I lost now I don’t want to. So I wanted to celebrate your baby shower she smiled please for me he said.. 

Twinkle:she cupped his face okay Baba If you wanted than I’m ready she said.Twinkle see card and smile.Nice Kunj haha she said with a laugh. 

Kunj:Listen babes I did everything till than you just sleep so rest afterwards you’ll not get time do you have your fruits kunj Said. 

She smiled to see his unconditional care for her and baby. Feels like something is missing till now twinkle get what she wanted from years she had many people how cared about her but she wanted this guy whom she love like anything.She lost in Kunj fully. 

Ammar come in room while Kunj called servant and tell him bring her fruits. Ammar jumping on the bed servant give fruits bowl to Kunj and went.. 

Twinkle:Ammarrrr baby don’t jumped you’ll falls down twinkle said. But he didn’t listen her still jumping.. 

while jumping ammar about to falls down on twinkle but on the time Kunj clutch him… 

Kunj:Ammarrrr twinkle are you okay he asked her she nodded her head in yes he look at ammar with little anger eyes.ammar what is this nowadays you didn’t listen to us haa he said He about to sit in twinkle lap Kunj stop him.

Ammar:Mammaa ammar said.. 

Kunj:you can’t sit here you know na mamma Kunj said.. 

Ammar:Huhu mamma and papa you both just love your new baby not me now you both scold me too that night how baldy you scream at me I didn’t do anything he said in nostalgic voice.Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s and slightly they grin. Now don’t giggles I didn’t like this you know mamma. I’m toh going happy with new baby he said and about to go while Kunj hold his hand and pulled him towards his lap. 

Kunj:Waha waha ammar who told you this we didn’t love you haa.We toh love you like anything you toh our baby na twinkle pulled his cheeks.Haina twinkle ??he said

Twinkle:Haa ammar baby don’t think like this twinkle said. 

Ammar:Than why mamma scold me papa you didn’t tell her anything also he said make pouty lips. 

Kunj:Haa twinkle you shouldn’t scold my son Kunj said. Okay Baba I’m sorry twinkle said and hold her ears Ammar hugged her about to cuddles her fully. 

Bas bas mere baap for sometimes careful towards your mamma after than you can do anything Kunj said. Ammar look at twinkle baby bumped and with his finger he poked on her baby bumped.

Ammar:Mamma why your flat tummy becoming like balloon day by day ?ammar said Kunj and twinkle titter loudly on his words. 

twinkle:Ammar baby haina that’s why my tummy becoming balloon ?? twinkle said. 

Ammar:Hoo hoo baby is this big hooo. But how he went in your tummy ??? He asked while twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s what they tell him.Kunj ruffles his hairs 

Kunj:my hero it’s god blessing so he knows we don’t know you want sibling ha so we pray for your wish see Babaji give us.. Kunj said. 

Ammar:Understand now papa but romir saying baby come from some where he said. 

Kunj:This yuvi son is too smart and making my baby too Kunj murmured. 

Ammar:I’m going mammu taking me for outing okay bye he road and kissed on Their cheeks even on twinkle baby bump and run while twinkle and Kunj laugh out loudly on ammar cuteness.

twinkle:Nowadays kids is so smart and their question uff Babaji she said.

Kunj:Hmm you have this Kunj feed her fruits while she making faces but she have to no other way is left.she done okay sleep kissed on her forehead and make her lay down i m coming he said and went from there while twinkle is so happy today.She cuddles pillow and lost in her bubble land. Leela and rt get to know about this they too get happy but some others at all.Everything is done Kunj send her baby shower dress in room.After sometimes.All guest and family members come and get mesmerising to see the arrangements.

Chinki look at Kunj and smile inside her heart.

Bebe:Chinki puttar go and bring twinkle Bebe said. 

Kunj:Bebe I’ll see her Kunj said and went upstairs he goes in room he entered in room and see twinkle sitting in front of mirror he get lost to see her beauty he lock the door and went towards her she fully get ready just her head is left to covered with veil. She look at him. 

twinkle:Aise Kya dekh rahe ho kunj ??twinkle asked.. 

Kunj:Bas yehi ki tum hi dekhta rahu me zindagi bhar twinkle she blushed aur kuch nahi Whenever I see you, I feel like I’m looking at the most beautiful angel on earth.he said he look at her head to toe she looking so beautiful like a bride. 

Kunj kissed on her forehead he covered her head with veil perfect twinkle now. He said.She hugged him.Kunj caress her face she too cupped his face their face is just inch apart Kunj captured her lips slightly they both kissing each other’s with lots of love and caress. 

Leela:They didn’t come till now Leela said.. 

Chinki:I’ll call them aunty Chinki said and went upstairs. She about to going towards door but she see something slightly take her step in backwards she stand near window twinkle and Kunj room window is opened Chinki see them they kissing each other’s she clutch her fist.. 

how much try to separate them they come more closer why Babaji yeh Kesha pyaar hai?? Chinki said herself only.. 

She went down in anger didn’t said anything.While twinkle and Kunj break their kiss and look at each other’s twinkle blushed. 

Kunj:Don’t blushed already you looking so beautiful I don’t wanna do anything with you at this condition.kunj said.. she laughs. 

Twinkle:That’s why doctor tells you stay away from me let’s go now twinkle said..she about to go Kunj stop her.

Kunj:Not like this Kunj said. 

twinkle:Than how?? Twinkle asked.. 

he didn’t said anything immediately lift her in his arms in bridal style.. she look at him. Kunj what is this everyone is at down she said. 

Kunj:So what you are my wife and I know much your bearing pain this needed he said and went downstairs they coming downstairs everyone turned and see twinkle and Kunj. She is in his arms all smiled to see them Usha and Chinki or maya burns fully Aditi click their photo. 

Aditi:How romantic Kunj BF yuvi Aditi said. 

Yuvi: Hmm yuvi replied..

They come down Kunj take her towards jula where twinkle going to sit and perform this ritual all things.he make her sit on jula carefully.Just family men’s is there not outsiders. Mehar come towards twinkle.

Mehar:Twinkle you looking the best I mean I don’t have words nice choice Mehar said. Twinkle look at Kunj. 

Aditi:Ahem ahem Kunj bf I don’t know your choice is in girls things beautiful Aditi said.They all smiling.

Bebe.Now let’s start the function Bebe said.They all get ready men’s sit in side while ladies one by one went towards twinkle give her gifts and tell something in her ears mutedly she make her laughs out everytimes. 

Kunj just see her.And think in his heart Whenever I see your face, a wave of happiness touches my heart. Your beauty got my attention, but your personality stole my heart.

Chinki:Here only years back she insulted by so much even her baby too today see everything is has changed for her I mean how can this happened with all love and respect she is here and today her baby shower Kunj planned for twinkle and her baby he love her why?? This question I always asked myself I didn’t let come this baby in this world he is last ray of their love reunion Chinki think. 

Taqdeer Ka likha koi mitta nahi sakta chahe koi kitni bhi koshish Karle agar kismat achhi na hui toh samjho inteham hai agar achhi hui toh samjho inaam hai. 

People thing like this for twinkle and Kunj but they are wrong and their all manoeuvres failed. Inshan taqdeer se kabhi nahi Jeet shakta hai. Finally they all done twinkle lap fully filled with fruits than Leela went towards her and sit beside twinkle.

Leela:My doll looking so beautiful twinkle puttar see your daughter she gestured to rt meri bachii kissed on her forehead 

How so suddenly this all’s twinkle beta. 

Leela said. 

twinkle:Woh Maa this all Kunj did because he wanted to celebrate this baby shower twinkle said. 

 Rt:Good beta Mera bacha kitna khush lag raha hai saalo baad hai na she cuddles rt are you happy rt asked her??

twinkle:Yes papa I’m really very happy today I don’t have words I always want this type of welcome for my baby see today this all things Kunj did for our baby and me Twinkle said.. others dancing and smiling Chinki went near twinkle and sit beside her. 

Chinki:Wow twinkii happy she said. 

Haa I’m very much Chinki twinkle said. 

After all sit for dinner twinkle having pain in her back because she sitting from long time Kunj see and come with food plate. 

Kunj: I know you having back pain he sit beside her.Have this food than take your medicines.She open her mouth Kunj feed her with a smile Chinki see this and curse herself Lot.

everyone done with their foods and respectfully they all went back to their place after sometimes later Chinki didn’t went because Mahi stop her due to some work.Kunj take twinkle back in their room it’s too late.. he get call so he went in balcony to attend the call. While twinkle feeling uneasy she hold her hands.

Twinkle:Why I feeling so uneasy like something happened going to happened Babaji please now I’m don’t do anything bad with me and my family she think. Even I don’t know what will happened did I get time to spend with Kunj Babaji she look at herself just than Kunj come in room ammar sleeping on bed already.. 

Kunj:what happened twinkle yaar haa. 

She look at him.

Twinkle:nothing happened Kunj just normally waiting for you.. 

Kunj:I’m toh here only.. he went near her hold her hands it’s so cold.. are you okay. 

Twinkle: Kunj I wanted to spend this night with you.. she cuddles him don’t know when I get this time if I.. please. 

Kunj:what you saying I didn’t get it properly. She raise her face and look at him.

Twinkle:Kunj I mean this night just you and me I m not feeling well. 

Kunj: lets go to doctor than. 

Twinkle: nahi na Kunj I give you what you wanted why not you give me.. 

Kunj:acha I’ll give you what you wanted. 

Twinkle: may be yeh humhari last night ho. In sad voice

Kunj: what??? 

Twinkle:nothing you have any problem make me yours.he get surprised. 

Kunj: twinkle at this condition you know we can’t it’s not good for baby and you too. 

Twinkle:I don’t care tonight I just think about you and me that’s it.Nothing happened be gentle.Kunj can see fear in her eyes but why?? Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:okay aaj ki raat bas humhari.Than he look at ammar and look at twinkle. What about him?? 

Twinkle:let him here na.. 

Kunj: you wait I’ll be. She sit in side after Kunj come back hold her hand take in balcony.Twinkle see and get happy he set all things here only matrix blanket and all’s.And more even canopy net as well. Amazing?? Lock balcony door.

Twinkle:haa aww.they both sits down Kunj look at twinkle.He kissed on her forehead taking out her earrings and kissed on her earlobe’s than he take out her necklace other all accessories and kissed on her neck she clutch the bed sheet than he remove the veil from her head taking out her bangales slowly slowly and kissing on her hands everywhere she smiling. Slightly both laying down on matrix. Kunj open her hairs and smells her. 

{Je main nai tere kol

Te phir kaun hoyega

Rooh meri tadpegi jaani

Di vi royega x (2)

Mera vi jee nai lagna

Do din vich mar jaaun sajjna

Main paagal jana

Main vi te kho jana}

Kunj:you smell awesome twinkle she smiled.Twinkle cupped his face and kissed on his face all overall.He enjoys this very much didn’t expect this from twinkle so suddenly why she doing this. 

She open his shirt buttons and kissed on his chest and give him love bite.Kunj now is shirtless he come upon her didn’t put his weight on her slightly also. Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and kissing she like anything while twinkle hands went on his nape and caressing his hairs she feeling like she got everything this is last moment with Kunj after delivery if she didn’t alive than Kunj give her bite and she moan his name.. 

{Je teri meri tutt gayi

Haaye ve rabb vi royega

Je main nai tere kol

Te phir kaun hoyega

Jis mila na tainu

Kuchh khaas nai lagdi

Mainu bhukh nai lagdi

Maini pyas nai lagdi x (2)}

Twinkle:aha kunjj..Kunj slide her sleeves from her shoulders and give her wet kisses.His hands went on her back open the hook of her blouse and moving his hand inside in her blouse.Kunj can see she enjoyed this all.don’t stop please.. 

soon their clothes scattered in corner Kunj kissed on twinkle belly both look at each other’s and he sealed his lips with her both kissing each other’s like there is no tomorrow and didn’t get it as well let this night spend in each other’s embrace. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. 

{Tufan te main khushbu

Tu jannat main taara

Kiddan lagnae samandar

Je na hoye kinaara

Na koyi teriyan baanh de vich

Sir rakh soyega}

Kunj:why this tears. 

Twinkle:bas aise hi.Kunj pulled blanket with his toe and covered them they linked their fingers and make love under the blanket in each cover of balcony just filled with their love moan.. 

but in the end love always wins because not even death can stop true love.Hate leads to loneliness.Faith makes all things possible,Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful.Their whole night filled with love and love.Cold air, dark night, warm fire, bright stars. 

The longer you have to wait for something the more you’ll appreciate it when it finally arrives. The harder you have to fight for something. The more priceless it will become once your achieve it. And the more pain you have to endure on your journey. The sweeter the arrival at your destination. All good things are worth waiting for and worth fighting. 

{Je main nai tere kol

Te phir kaun hoyega

Rooh meri tadpegi jaani

Di vi royega x (2)

Mainu aadat pai gayi teri

Jaani ve iss tarah

Machhli nu paani di lod ae jis tarah

Machhli nu paani di lod ae jis tarah}

#At morning birds tweeting in their language making the view so beautiful. 

Sun rising making the atmosphere like heaven.Two beautiful couple sleeping in each other’s embrace peacefully on tension anything just love around them. 

Kunj arms around twinkle waist holding her firmly while she resting her head on his chest and both cuddles each other fully. Twinkle sleep get disturbed she open her eyes due to her hands Kunj too wake up both look at each other’s at the same time Kunj caress twinkle face tucked her hairs behind her ears.. 

Kunj: good morning. 

Twinkle: good morning. 

Kunj: are you fine.. 

Twinkle:hmm very much thanks for making my last night best.. now I don’t want anything Kunj. Kunj one more thing.


Twinkle: Kunj you’ll always love my babies na if I’m not. 

Kunj: what nonsense you speaking haa. 

Twinkle: bolo na.. 

Kunj: twinkle they are my part I love them like anything.from last night you talking totally unwanted what happened tell me I’ll try to solve.. 

Twinkle:I’m okay you leave this.she kissed on his cheeks.. let’s go if ammar wake up than.. siyappa. 

Kunj:haa siyappa queen Too early. 

Twinkle: lets go Guruduwara today. She about to get up but stop to see her condition she try to pulled blanket.. 

Kunj: twinkle why you doing this I seen everything already.She hit on his chest. They both never thought they will be like this one day.Kunj lift her in his arms they went inside he look at ammar who sleeping peacefully.Let’s get freshen up together twinkle give him positive response they went in washroom.They get freshen up together romancing with each other’s whole taking bath.They come out of the washroom and get dressed up twinkle sit on couch she see her Heena colour come so dark.Kunj come with breakfast and sit beside her he feeding her breakfast she too him. Kunj see his love glow on her face.After sometimes later ammar too wake up they went downstairs.Twinkle didn’t feel well she didn’t said anything just smiling and try to control herself. 


Yuvi and Kunj went for some work while Usha finding Purushottam nothing she get.Chinki crying so much. 

She went in hidden room and on the lights and see Kunj pictures everywhere she stick on walls with hearts she went and touch them. 

Chinki: kunjj what is this you love twinkle this much I had done so much just to separate you both still you both come together how..can’t you see my love haa.For you I didn’t care about my baby haa. 

Kunj and yuvi went Purushottam office at night to find something there someone come it’s none other than Chinki who come. Kunj and yuvi climb down their hands get fractured. She too finding something while going from staircase she miss blanched and slightly falls down but she is fine.After a day when she didn’t feels any movement of her baby she went to doctor from there she get to know she had miscarriage. She get shocked but didn’t feel this much bad because she didn’t wanted to have baby this just because of Gautam’.

After she doing faking drama of pregnancy. End.. she laughing and crying together. 

Twinkle message Kunj come to home back she wanted to go Guruduwara. 

Kunj didn’t deny her he immediately come with yuvi she is ready and waiting for him only. 

Kunj: chale.

Twinkle:yes.Kunj hold her hand ammar come too even romir they all went Guruduwara there Aditi already comes soon they reached and went inside. Kunj didn’t left twinkle hand ammar was in his arms.They sit and praying.Babaji please give me strength to fight with this all and save my baby not me ammar needs him.And after me take care of my babies and Kunj please bring new love for him. Humdono woh pyaar karene wale hai jo pyaar karte hai ek durse se itna but bayan bhi nahi kar parahe hai now I understand why. Humara saath zindagi bhar ka nahi ta. 

Kunj:thanks Babaji for giving me this all happiness now I want my love and my babies and lastly I wanted to punish that man who make my life this. 

Aditi:mujhe zindagi mili Babaji pyaar mila sab diya aapne ab bas umbhar ka saath chahiye yuvi ka bas.They both hold each other’s hands and than they all stand they walking around and around while walking they tiding the threat. Than they went and help in langar twinkle sitting near water pond side Kunj come sit beside her. 

Kunj:Kya hua kal se haa.. 

Twinkle:Kuch nahi just wanted to happy. 

Kunj:you didn’t tell me about you what doctor said??

Twinkle:everything is fine Kunj.

Kunj:hmm but you look so dull twinkle you hiding something from me tell me please. 

Twinkle:nothing Kunj you just see me. Now what about Mahi and yuvi Kunj.

Kunj:pata nahi twinkle kesha pyaar hai. 

Now yuvi love Aditi twinkle

Twinkle:that I can see in his eyes even Aditi too love yuvi. Romir Kunj??

Kunj:let right come we’ll tell him truth. 

Twinkle:where you went so suddenly. Even I’m thinking you hiding something big from me.Kunj mummy ji started behaving totally rotten nowadays.why??

Kunj:don’t know twinkle woh kehte hai na waqt ke saath sab badal jata hai yeh Kuch shamne bas.. just wish dadi and papa get fine. 

Twinkle:hmm right.Than they get up and went from there outside.Kunj leave twinkle Taneja Mansion with ammar and Aditi or romir while yuvi and Kunj went to find something.Whole day passed.

Twinkle controlling lot than she give up. She sitting and suddenly her water bag break and having uncontrollable pain in her tummy she screaming so loudly.. all see and get shocked rushed her.

Fuzu: diiiiiii.. 

Twinkle: maaa.

Leela: twinkle puttar Kya hua. 

Twinkle: maa dard ho raha hai.

Rt: but Abhi toh time haina.

Twinkle: do something she winched in pain while yuvi and Kunj was coming there only they too heard scream sound Kunj gets shocked the first name come in his mind was twinkle he run fully entered in hall see twinkle he went towards her. 

Kunj: twinkle???? What happened. She drenched in sweat.. 

Twinkle:kunjjj please do something Mera bachaaa.. 

Kunj: she having pain but still she have time. 

Twinkle: take meeeeee. 

Kunj: haa. Don’t worry nothing will happened to you and baby. Kunj lift her all get worried about twinkle he went outside and place her in back seats sit with her hand her head on his lap while yuvi and Aditi at in front seat while others too left in another cars they all left for hospital in car. Shhh twinkle calm down.

Twinkle:kunj????. Save my baby. Over me.. 

Kunj:don’t think like this you talking rubbished from last night.Soon they reached hospital and come out of the car place twinkle on stretcher take her inside she scream that fear more making her. Doctorrr Kunj giving voice to doctors soon twinkle doctor come they taking her inside Kunj holding twinkle hand. 

Twinkle:kunjj ammarrr.

Kunj:twinkle don’t worry please last night I give you what you want today you have to me please give me my daughter back today.she look at him. This time forever.She smiled forgot her pain.Their hands going away doctor take twinkle in OT.. while all come there and standing in tension.What is this so suddenly Babaji please they both is fine. 

At inside OT twinkle screaming like things her voice coming out making all scared.Bebe hold Kunj hands who fully in tension.Fuzail take romir and ammar in side. 

Bebe: Kunj puttar don’t worry please nothing will happens to her.. 

Kunj:Bebeeeee in trembling.He hugged her tightly. Bebe Kya hua yeh.. 

Daee jaa: it’s normal Kunj don’t worry. 

Inside in OT twinkle struggles in pain like a fish without water.. 

Doctor: twinkle please push..

Twinkle: I can’t Docter.. ??.

Doctor: I told you already twinkle we have to go for operation and you know. Twinkle face drenched in tears and sweat. 

Twinkle:in low voice.Doctor please save my baby not me. 

Doctor:hmm.let’s start the operation preparation I’ll come. She went outside all see her get surprised she removed her hand gloves. And went towards all. 

Kunj:doctor how’s my baby and wife. 

Doctor:wait Kunj nurse nurse come with consent papers. She take and forwards to Kunj. 

Kunj: what is this??

Doctor:this consent papers Kunj we have to go for surgery. 

Kunj:why??.. everything is fine.. 

Dr: haa Kunj but we can’t take risk on our self.. 

Kunj: what risk?? 

Dr: twinkle have complications in her pregnancy since starting and at the time we can only save twinkle or else baby only one. As soon as Kunj listen this his floor slip under his feet’s tears long drops falling down from his eyes 

Kunj:what no this can’t.. you should in formed us before this now you telling me chose between my wife and baby how can I. 

Dr:Kunj I can understand  your situation but I tell twinkle already only she itself hide everything from you she wanted her baby is save not she now everything is in your hand she is in very bad condition. Think she give papers and went Kunj just freezes while all shocked.

Leela: jii meri twinkleee.

Rt:how can twinkle did this.. 

Usha:Kunj sign the papers.

Kunj:maa how can I chose between twinkle and baby no I can’t.What she done with me again I’m standing here where I can lose her. Yuvi hold Kunj hands. 

Yuvi:kunjj we understand just do what your heart wanted don’t take anything in pressure. 

Bebe:haa. Doctor come back.

Dr: yes Kunj fast.. 

Kunj: I wanna see twinkle once before. 

Dr:okay you go nurse.She take Kunj in OT he entered in OT and see twinkle laying down on bed he went towards her. Her eyes were closed Kunj see her condition feel like his heart has stopped beating.He caress twinkle forehead due to this she open her eyes she see Kunj and get shocked.. 

Twinkle:kunjjjj.. tears escaping from her eyes too. 

Kunj:why you do this twinkle haa make me stand here why???. I’ll do what you want even wanna leave me okay fine almost crying.. she smiled hold Kunj hand he sit beside her. 

Twinkle:in low voice.. kunjjj I’m sorry na. But I don’t have anything taking breath with lots of difficulties. 

Kunj: what sorry see your condition I’ll not let anything happened to you I got you back now didn’t let you go twinkle.

Twinkle:no Kunj please save our baby ammar needs him think about my ammar. 

Kunj: no I can’t think like this if you are here than we can save ammar anyhow twinkle but I’ll not do this. 

Twinkle:noooo save baby not me. He about to go she hold her hand. Please at least last time don’t know after this I’ll be wake up or not.Kunj stop curse himself lot he turned towards her. He went near her cupped her face. Kissed on her forehead both crying like anything. Kunjjj please take care of our babies after me. 

Kunj:don’t say I can’t loose again anyone twinkle. How I’ll live.. you again break my heart I hate you she smiled. 

Twinkle:haa sadu hate it’s fine.Now I don’t want anything I live my best time with you.. thanks again. Don’t cry. Kunj don’t have strength look into her eyes he peck on her lips and hugged her than nurse come and tell him doctor calling him.Okay bye.he didn’t said anything just went outside while wiping his tears all see Kunj understood his emotions. 

Dr:kunjj please take decision fast. 

Kunj:save my wife twinkle not baby.all shocked but didn’t said anything.  



Kunj:yes doctor mujhe meri biwi chahiye hai.He sigh consent papers doctor went inside didn’t tell anything to twinkle they take the for surgery.Soon surgery process started while all sitting in tension.Kunj went towards ammar who crying for twinkle. He take him on his lap. 

Ammar: papa meri mamma.??. 

Kunj:nothing happened to your mamma ammar don’t cry.He cuddles him tears escaping from his eyes.Kunj lift him went towards mandir he stand in front of god and fold his hand and praying for twinkle and baby.please Babaji if I did something good for that save my twinkle and baby if but I want my twinkle think about ammar don’t make me like me who lost his mother.all come and praying for twinkle while Usha making faces. Chinki come and come to know about twinkle she feels so good. 

Chinki:in mind huhu why this Kunj chose her if today she is gone than my way is clear than I can easily entered in Kunj life anyhow She smirked. 

Ammar:god ji save my mamma promise I’ll not tease her at all.All smiled sadly.

Purushottam try to escape from factory but Kunj men’s caught him and they give him food so much forcefully make him have all. After they beat him till he didn’t begging but they didn’t care about him his all scream voice giving Kunj and yuvi so much relief. 

Kunj roaming here and there in tension his heart slipped out thinking about twinkle just.While ammar didn’t take name to stop crying.Rt and Leela 

handling him. 

Kunj: this doctor taking so much time.

Aditi: Kunj relax think positive you didn’t hurt anyone why Babaji will do something like this with you just faith on god.

Yuvi:haa Kunj. They both hugged him.

Kunj:if something happened to her yuvi I can’t live now. 

In OT twinkle surgery is going on doctor doing their best to save twinkle as well baby if they can. Kunj stand in front of god keep diya on his palm and stand.

He see someone doing here so he too. 

Yuvi:Kunj you hurt yourself.

Kunj:I don’t care what about my twinkle even she too now. Doctors look at each other’s with surprising eyes. 

Dr:what a miracle happened I never see this

Another dr: yes doctor. 

Dr:last.finally They take out the baby out.Give to nurse and they just freeze baby didn’t movement nurse pat on baby back baby started crying loudly. 

Dr:really god is best Kunj prayer come out they both save.After this they both doctors went outside all see OT lights off Aditi give voice to Kunj he leave and come to them. See doctor who coming she removed her face mask.Kunj heart stop. 

Kunj:doctor ??. How’s twinkle. 

Doctor: really Kunj your prayers come out and your love win.twinkle is absolutely safe. They all smiled but baby not more this make them sad. 

Kunj: my…ba….by…??. Chinki smirked Usha as well. Dr pat on Kunj shoulder tears coming like anything from Kunj eyes. 

Dr:I never seen this Kunj in my career till now it’s like miracle happened today. Even your baby is too save. 

Kunj: what didn’t you said..?? All listen and happy like anything. 

Dr:means your baby and twinkle both are safe.. 

Kunj: really doctor na.. 

Dr:yes Kunj even I’m too shocked but happy na.You bless with a baby girl congratulations now twinkle is unconscious.  Don’t worry. 

Kunj: thanks doctor he hugged her in happiness sorry. 

Dr: it’s okay..

Kunj: my baby. 

Dr:see baby is very weak before time she born so she is under observation right now we have to kept baby in incubator so you can’t meet with him.You should go for blood baby needs. 

Kunj:haa take me fast nothing happened to my baby this time. 

Dr:haa don’t worry you go with me.. Kunj went with doctor. 

Leela:it’s so good thanks Babaji she hugged rt and Abeer.. Kunj went he gives his blood slightly from small window nurse gesture him here is his baby.Kunj see him she is so small cuddles herself full that happiness seeing in his eyes. Become a father of a daughter finally. 

Kunj:thanks for fulfilled my promise twinkle even you too Babaji Kaun kehta hai aap de ke bhi aazmate ho aur leke bhi thanks again giving back our angel. 

I’ll love her lot this time no one can separate my princess. The root of all suffering is attachment.

Years back the situation was same but the scenario wasn’t history maybe repeat but you never know which phrase of your life changed in repeated time. Same happened with Kunj maybe that time wasn’t good the baby died that Time she needs her father again back same happened today her father is here for her to save this time blessing doesn’t went back to heaven stay in their parents heaven.Life is like this only just go with flow you never know where when your life take turn up. 

The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or small as you want. 

What is life? Some say life is a journey of love, loss, heartbreak and a myriad other emotions that we encounter on our way.Others call it the greatest teacher. But say what you may, no one can really capture the essence of life.The root of all suffering is attachment.

Kunj went back to outside everyone sitting and drink coffee ammar who sleep.Kunj went towards him take him in his embrace and cuddles him.After sometimes later it’s almost morning whole night their passed out twinkle still didn’t get conscious.Kunj worries about her.

Kunj:you all should go home and get freshen up.

Leela:na beta let twinkle get conscious after that we’ll go.. 

Kunj:okay.. yuvi and Kunj sits in side Aditi bring coffee for them and sit beside yuvi. 

Aditi:take you both they take.. did you see baby Kunj. 

Kunj:just glimpse from far yaar Aditi she is so small I mean little rabbit. 

Yuvi: hehe thanks to god they both are fine Kunj. 

Kunj:I’ll not talk to her yuvi she didn’t tell me about her complications itself alone she bearing all pains that’s why from many days she behaving weird.I’m so scared if I lose her than what I’ll do. 

Aditi: you chose twinkle that’s so good.

Kunj:Aditi I can bring wife for myself but from where I’ll bring my babies mothers she is more important to me.If she is here than we get more baby.Today I got my happiness back now with this baby my ammar will be get fine or else what I wanted more. After sometimes later 

Twinkle was shifted in normal-ward.She laying on bed and connecting with many machines she get conscious and open her eyes didn’t get clear vision firstly she didn’t open her full eyes just blabbered Kunj name.Nurse see twinkle and she went outside tell doctor and others.They all get happy doctor went and check twinkle still she isn’t in sense doctor went outside. 

Dr:go and meet with twinkle now don’t make noise okay.They all nodded Their heads in yes and about to went inside.Firstly they send Kunj.He went inside. And see twinkle he take step near her sit beside her hold her hand she open her eyes. 


Kunj:twinkleeeee.. she open her eyes and see Kunj.. 

Twinkle:I’m alive than her hands went on her belly didn’t feel anything. My baby ???. Tears escaping from her eyes she look at Kunj. He wiped her tears. 

Kunj: no more tears now don’t cry. 

Twinkle:really you saying this Kunj my baby why you save me. 

Kunj: yes I save you because you are important for me like anything baby aur mil jayege agar tu saath hai but tujhe kaha se lauga me twinkle in sad voice. 

Twinkle:kyu kiya tumne aisa Kunj.he didn’t said anything all come inside and meet with twinkle.Kunj tell them already don’t tell her about baby. 

Leela:how’s my bacha. Ammar come and kissed on twinkle hands.

Ammar:don’t go anywhere mamma.I love you she just give smile and looking at Kunj with anger and painful eyes he save her not Their baby.after sometimes all went and left for house doctor tell only one person can stay here with twinkle.Still doctors didn’t allowed anyone see baby.Kunj just sit in side didn’t talk to twinkle.Doctors call Kunj for some work they told he have to go and take baby in babies hospital.Kunj get ready he tell Aditi stay with twinkle till he come back yuvi and Kunj take baby to other hospital there they admitted baby and stay there only like this two days passed out Kunj still didn’t disclosed twinkle about baby she didn’t said Just stay in silent.. 

Kunj didn’t get time for a seconds to sit just roaming here and there due to baby sometimes they need this and that. Twinkle tell doctors she didn’t wanted to stay here so she want to go back her house. Kunj sitting with baby doctor.

Dr:now she is normal bit you have to take care of her be careful in cold. 

Kunj:yeah doctor he prescribed medicine.Than he went in ward there his baby was admitted Kunj went near her she sleeping peacefully fully covered in white cloth.and she is so adorable nurse 

Give her to Kunj hands Kunj take her carefully he feels so scared to take her if he falls her down than what.but he feels so good whole world around his arms when he take his part in his hand Kunj kissed on her forehead gently meri beti??.Happiness tears clearly visible in his eyes.Even twinkle get discharged yuvi see her. Kunj give baby to Aditi and tell her come in another come with baby till he see twinkle he went in her hospital clear all discharged process.Twinkle sifting sadly she thinking about her baby again her blessing went back. 

Kunj: twinkleee.. 

Twinkle:hmm let’s go.. 

Kunj: how’s you. 

Twinkle:hmm good.He hold her hand and they her outside yuvi waiting for them in car.They went and sit in back seat.Kunj message Aditi let’s go.Their car drove off together while everyone was at Sarna Mansion waiting for

twinkle and baby.Their happiness has no boundaries today.Soon they reached their car stop in front Sarna Mansion. 

They come out of the car and went inside while aditi from back side door she directly went inside place baby on Cradle. Kunj and twinkle come inside along with yuvi they see everyone was presented there only.Twinkle see them and Kunj holding her hand.Aditi gesturing Kunj.Twinkle sit with everyone didn’t said anything while her eyes went on cradle it’s so cute cradle which they wanted for Their baby but didn’t got it how this come here now there is no use of this.Twinkle get up and went towards cradle. 

Twinkle:why this cradle doing here haa. Now there is no use of this please keep it inside. 

Kunj:why it’s needed twinkle.I have something Kunj bring cradle to her.He slightly open the cradle curtains.See here is your happiness.She closed her eyes he is joking with her.She turned and her eyes went on cradle and see lil baby sleeping inside the cradle. She get shocked. Cradle was so beautiful 

Twinkle:what is this.. baby whose.she take her step near cradle. 

Kunj:our baby twinkle.Our happiness come back again she look at him with questioning eyes.Our daughter her mouth got open.She forwards her hands towards baby while her hand shivering everywhere baby girl toys and things making the ambiance so beautiful she take baby in her hand carefully she immediately cuddles baby and tears escaping from her eyes but happiness tears. What relief she get no one can’t express and describe in words.

“Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.

Twinkle:Mera bachaa??.She look at Kunj who also had tears in his eyes all happy for them. As soon as baby feels her mother embrace smell she wake up and started crying. Hoo. Yeh keshe Mera baby. I mean woh toh. 

Kunj:haa you think you again lost your baby but that time baby father wasn’t there for his princess this time he had with her how can I let anyone take back my angle.Yes twinkle you and baby both saved nothing happened she smiled and see her baby cuddles her more and more. 

Twinkle:haa I’m so happy my baby. Daughter she laughs.And remember her bad time.Maa I got back. Leela nodded her head in yes. 

Yuvi:la twinkle let us too see your daughter we didn’t get time Arey yAar Kunj from now only she make us roam this much think about further ??. 

Twinkle:very bad yuvi.She sit and all come and see baby and play with her but she sleeping ??.Kunj just standing in side and looking at them twinkle see Kunj with loving eyes. Twinkle give her in dadi arms she kissed on her forehead. 

Chinki:so cool twinkle you and baby both safe.  

Twinkle: my baby.. 

Ammar: mamma why she is so small like teddy bear. Ek phunk me hi she will fuss. All laugh out ??. 

Twinkle:acha even you are too same like her don’t forget it. 

Ammar:mamma I’ll keep her with me okay. 

Twinkle:okay.Ammar give her side hug. After sometimes later.

Romir:even she is too sleeping beauty like your twinkle Chachi ??. 

Bebe:twinkle puttar you should go now and take rest even let her too.

Twinkle:yeah baby she get up with difficulties little pain her tummy due her stitches on her belly.Kunj hold her hand 

Take her upstairs she just look at him. Kunj open room door for them lights there off.They entered inside Kunj on the lights as soon as lights get on Twinkle see the scenario and get stunned. Whole room was decorated with baby girl things.She don’t have words she look at Kunj. You did this. 

Kunj:you sit come he take them towards bed he changed everything in their room.They sit on bed. 

Twinkle: are you angry with me.. 

Kunj:hmm. Why not I’ll twinkle you hide such a big truth from me twinkle think If something happened bad when from where I’ll bring you thanks to god you both are safe.I was so scared twinkle. 

Twinkle:what I’ll do Kunj I don’t have any another option left wanted my baby come and save ammar just.Doctor tell me I have complications in my

pregnancy I should abort baby as well I hide this truth right you are I’m sorry. I just think about ammar and you.Maa tell me everything Kunj.You save her didn’t let our baby went back to heaven this time she is with us Kunj see na.Tears escaping from twinkle their eyes they both see baby she is so cute kissed on her cheeks my bacha. Twinkle place her on bed Kunj bend and smells her hands.

Kunj:thanks twinkle for giving my baby back this time I wouldn’t let happen anything to my babies.You fulfilled your promise.She hugged Kunj tightly and both crying in each other’s. 

Twinkle:ha????. Kunj I’m really sorry for each and everything today she is here just because of you only.He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead Their face drenched in tears.

They again hugged each other’s and resting in each other’s embrace just than baby started crying. They break the hug.. 

Kunj:what happened to her haa why she crying now haa he get panic twinkle giggles to see him. 

Twinkl:bas bas calm down Kunj nothing happened to her she is hungry that’s why she is crying. 

Kunj:hoo than feed her ?.With naughty smile. 

Twinkle:acha good turned let me feed her. 

Kunj:why is it necessary twinkle.He winked at her I toh already seen.. she give him slap playfully ?.


Kunj:acha what about you haa that night you toh start. 

Twinkle:bas bhi karo.I know you never improved.Let it be.She place baby in her lap and started feeding her while Kunj just admire them.Mother and child connection is so unique.Twinkle too feels so good she look at Kunj who lost in them only. Kya hua why you seeing us like this haa. 

Kunj:no bas it’s so cute na mother and baby connection 9months kept in their womb than whole life hold in her heart.

Twinkle:true kunjj.just Than ammar entered in room. 

Ammar:mamma I’ll play with her. 

Twinkle: haa but afterwards not now she is so small and weak as well baby. Ammar went lay beside twinkle. 

Ammar:okay place her near me. 

Kunj:haa let her full her tummy. Aditi and yuvi about entered in room they knocked. 

Yuvi:kunjjj. Twinkle look at Kunj. 

Kunj:yuvi wait here only.Twinkle stop nourishing her she patting on her back Kunj call yuvi and Aditi they come.Baby take burped again doze off. 

Yuvi:now we have caution to come in your room they all laughs out and sit twinkle place baby near ammar as per his wish. She again sleep fish. 

Aditi:yuvi she is just 3 days old obviously she’ll sleep only not went and play in garden.Ammar touch her cheeks.he chuckled. 

Yuvi:did you both decided her name haa??

Kunj:nope let’s see. 

Aditi:lets think hmmm.  

Ammar: how’s this ammar ki behan ammara same to same. All look at ammar. 

Aditi: acha Rat..

Ammar: haa pink panther.. 

Kunj: good one ammar why not we kept her name Ammar sarna ki Amaira sarna sister.Amaira Meaning One who is Forever Beautiful; Princess; Beloved Princess. All look at Kunj .

Aditi:awesome what a name selection..?. 

Yuvi:yup.Romir come and tell Mahi calling they went from there while Kunj come lay down beside ammar and see their both babies sleeping peacefully. 

Twinkle and Kunj kissed on their forehead.Nothing is better than this see your new life in your parts. 

Twinkle:hi Amaira ji..?. 

Kunj:heheh tell her yes twinkle ji my cutie pie. 

Twinkle:just wish we stay happy now in our life Kunj. 

Kunj:bas twinkle now just happiness and happiness few things is just left after that nothing is in our life’s.They cuddles their babies kissed on each other’s cheeks. 


{Tu manzil te main rah

Ho sakde nai juda

Haaye kade vi suraj bin

Hundi ni subah

Tu khud nu layi sambhal

Zakham mere allah dhoyega

Je main nai tere kol

Te phir kaun hoyega

Rooh meri tadpegi jaani

Di vi royega x (2)}

After sometimes later they have Their 

Dinner and sleep at mid of night baby Amaira wake up due to her Kunj and twinkle too twinkle feet her still she didn’t stop and twinkle is very much sleepy Kunj tAke her in his arms and Roaming here and there talking to her. 

Kunj:hayee mera bacha now sleep na see your mamma and bhai.. 

Amaira:ahah crying. Hu hu.

Kunj:okay papa sorry cuddles her. 

The past cannot be changed.The future is yet in your power.

Waqat ne liya hai phirse ek mod khushiyo ka hai intezzar..

Other side in somewhere someone crying she fully tiding with cuffs. 

Kahaoo Aap. Sab Badal gaya hum yeha hai aur aap kaha hai.

Maine tumahre zindagi ke do pal

Apne pass Rakh liye hai aur apne zindagi ke dol  pal tumheinb de diye ab yahi do pal humaari nishaani hai aur yahi hamaari kahaani bhi.she look at her mangalsutra and cried.. loudly. 


Storm is on the way life hai ek page ke baad next page hehe. 

Mohabbat bhut Khoobsurat hoti hai toh Kya hua. Agar woh apne saath thoda sa dard laati hai.. . 

Jo khoya ta saalo phale.hai woh saamne Phir bhi nazro me hai woh aanjaan. Jo aaye ek saath Kya hongye Kya woh rub rubu..

everyone get shocked when they get to know the truth.. manhoar get up…


How was the episode guys I hope you all like the episode. finally twinkle get her Angle back  but in another.kabhi kabhi humhi humhare dukh ka jeemedar hote hai aur usko hum hi sahi bhi kar shakte hai.kya mile payege yeh pyaar karne wale.Kya hai aage let’s see. Mystery will be out in next finally..Jo judye kya milege umhar bhar ke liye yeh Phir rahejaygi unki mohbbate ek dastaan.

No proofs thanks for your comments in previous yup many of you all guess right. Thanks for you love for my story.And next will be last.. sad ending orhappy??bye love you all.. stay tuned here.allahafiz

  1. Amazing episode dear post soon

  2. Amazing
    Loved it❤❤
    Such a emotional yet heart touching episode
    Plz end it on a happy note
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Keep smiling??
    Stay blessed??

  3. Yyeppiiiii… All good now… Finally they r back together got there angel back….. But yaar next would be last… Plzzz nai want to live more of ipkknd…. Plz don’t end it

  4. Wow fantastic Episode dear twinj scene is too good and emotional waiting for next please post RSSI

  5. Awesome ? Episode dear finally twinj come together happy for them hope they never seperate please post soon

  6. Trivisha Choudhary

    Superb mind-blowing ?
    Twinj scene is too good ?
    And their baby girl also?
    Waiting for next ?
    Please dear post soon ?
    Please post RSSI to??

  7. Omg what an episode dr twinj reunion hope it remain same, just amazing dr .

  8. SSK

    Fantastic episode dear.
    You have provided FF’s which all are masterpiece and anyone who will read, would never want it to end it.
    Such an emotional episode it was but ended on a happy note.
    I must really say, you have brilliant ideas. 🙂
    The episode was really beautifully penned down 🙂

  9. Beautiful episode dear … absolutely amazing

  10. Awesome amazing
    Thank god twinkleband baby are safe.

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