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Continued part.

Kunj Kissing twinkle fully she just in shocked after listen OUR SECOND BABY from kunj mouth. Kunj break the kiss and look at twinkle who looking at him. 

Kunj:what happened are you okay na. Come with me he take her out of the washroom.Uff twinkle today you give me best news ever he lift her from her knees and swirl her. Her hands resting on his shoulders Kunj smiling so much.Twinkle get surprised to see his reaction. Feeling today I’ll Shout loudly tell everyone about this little bundle of joy ?. Twinkle feels dizzy. 

Twinkle:kunjj please put me down i feel dizzy. 

Kunj:ho sorry he stop and put her down. Kunj cupped twinkle face thanks again twinkle. 

Twinkle: you are very much happy kunj?

Kunj:yes obviously twinkle I’ll na at ammar time I didn’t get chance to celebrate and feel this moment today babaji give me one more chance that I didn’t let go.!Twinkle smile to him.Again thanks he wiped her unshed tears why this tears.did I said anything wrong haa. 

Twinkle:nahi toh..  Kunj kissed on her forehead he take her towards bed and make her sit. 

Kunj:you do rest now don’t run here and there okay. Let’s in formed this to doctor what’s say??

Twinkle:hmm wait kunj first we’ll get sure examined once with doctor.

Kunj:okay you are right.. let’s go to doctor than.

Twinkle: hmm let ammar from school. 

Kunj: he had time still we’ll pickup from school after hospital directly what’s say. 

Twinkle: fine. 

Kunj:let’s go Than.

Twinkle:haa you go I’ll come down. 

Kunj: okay he went down twinkle went towards dressing table she look at herself in mirror she closed her eyes recalled Kunj words tears didn’t take name to stop continuously tears dropping down. 

Twinkle:babaji ??? what I’ll tell him haa this baby wasn’t our second but third. 

I’m not happy today what I’ll do how I’ll control on myself still remember that day when I get to know about baby girl she is no more.Kunj give voice to twinkle.Haa I’m coming she wiped her tears and went

downstairs.They went outside Kunj bring car.Twinkle sit beside Kunj and Kunj starts the car they drove off for hospital while twinkle resting her head on Car headrest. 

 She looking out of the window.Kunj see her she lost in her thoughts he get confused what happened to her Kunj take her one hand in his hand kissed on her hand back palm.He linked the fingers tightly!Twinkle look at Kunj she didn’t said anything just give him normal fine smile 

She rest her head on his shoulder. 

Kunj:kya hua are you okay na twinkle. 

Twinkle:hmm.. soon they reached hospital Kunj come out of the car and open the door for her and she come kunj hold her hand and take her inside.They wait for doctor nurse come and tell them doctor calling him.They went inside gynecologist cabin. 

D: come Mr Sarna.. they went ahead and take the seats. 

Kunj:doctor my wife.. twinkle. 

D:hoo. How’s Aditi. 

Kunj:fine she is.. twinkle get confused why this gynecologist knows Aditi and asked about her with kunj.. 

D: you come twinkle I’ll examine you twinkle went with doctor she lay down bed while Kunj waiting for them.Twinkle looking at Kunj he too her doctor pull the curtain half from twinkle neck she check twinkle. Twinkle was worried about herself what ever happened with her last time during her pregnancy time she had issues because of her her baby suffered inside in her womb.Kunj gestured her don’t worry. 

Doctor examined twinkle they come back and sit. She did her pregnancy test.. 

D:you wait her pregnancy test report will come in some time.. 

Kunj:okay doctor. Twinkle and Kunj sit while doctor warped up her other patients. After nurse come with twinkle pregnancy reports. 

D:congratulation Mr and Mrs Sarna reports come positive.twinkle and Kunj give smile. 

Kunj:now what doctor.. 

D:I’ll start her treatment you bring her for her routine checkup to me I’ll prescribe her vitamins tables give her on time and haa take care of her fully she is weak.. 

Kunj:sure doctor.. doctor prescribed twinkle her medicines. 

D:Twinkle bring your last time pregnancy reports all things please. 

Twinkle:why doctor in suspiciously. 

D:no twinkle just for counseling. 

Kunj:haa it’s okay.She’ll bring next time. 

They bid bye to doctor. Twinkle you sit I’ll get your medicines okay. 

Twinkle:haa. Kunj went to pharmacy to get twinkle medicine.Twinkle sit in side bench don’t know why she feeling so weak her fear scared her lot.she feel nausea she hold her mouth and rushed towards washroom she throw back to back.. Kunj come back he finding twinkle.

Kunj:where is this twinkle went .?? He looking for her here and there.twinkle wash her face and come back she. She wiping her face kunj rushed towards her.

What happened to you haa. I’m very concerned voice. 

Twinkle:Woh I went in washroom. She feels weak.. hold her head. 

Kunj: Twinkle are you okay na.. 

Twinkle:haa kunj I’m absolutely fine just feeling nausea. 

Kunj: why.. 

Twinkle: aise hi.. let’s go.he hold her from shoulders and they went from there they sit in car and left for school to pick up

Ammar. Kunj driving the car slowly for twinkle.While twinkle keck so much. Kunj see her she try to control on herself. He stop the car and went out of the car while Twinkle get confused she thought maybe he went due to his work she closed her eyes and rest Kunj went to fruits juice shop he bring her favourite mix fruits juice Kunj went back he sit twinkle open her eyes and look at him. Kunj forward juice glass to her. 

Twinkle:what is this where you went. 

Kunj: I went to take this for you drink this you feel good. 

Twinkle: no kunj please already I feeling so heavy. 

Kunj: Arey drink this juice you’ll love it.. 

Twinkle: but. 

Kunj:for me please.She take glass from his hands. She take the sip of juice and surprised and look at Kunj. Nice.

Twinkle:you remember this.. 

Kunj:yes I know you love can I’ll forgot twinkle.You maybe forgot me somewhere but I always miss and remember your each and everything whether if is in hatred.. 

Twinkle:what I forgot about you haa. I know each and everything about you kunj. We know each and everything about each other’s but we can’t understand each other’s in sad tone. WAQT KE SAATH SAB KUCH BADAL JAATA HAI LOG BHI RISHTEY BHI. EHSAAS BHI OR KABHI-KABHI HUM KHUD BHI…she said.. 

Kunj look at twinkle painfully listen her each words and feels as well. 

Kunj:with painful smile. KOI AGAR GUSSE MEIN CHOR JAYE TO WAPIS AA SHAKTA HAI.MAGAR MUSKURA KE JUDA HONE WALA KABHI NAHI LOUTA TA. You are matured can understand what I mean I didn’t leave you with a smile twinkle. 

Kuch rishte ap khud bhi nahi chunte, khuda chunta hai apke liye aur chunotiya Dete rehte hai. Magar kabhi twinkle zindagi ki kasauati toh apko  khud hi utarna hai jahaan haazaro pehliya apko ki suljana parta hai twinkle.That we doing same here.She turned her face.Stop staying in past at least for now.. she drinking juice while Kunj starts the car and left.Soon they reached ammar school.All kids Roaming here and there.You sit I’ll bring your son. 

Twinkle:haa.. Kunj went and looking for ammar. Romir and ammar coming together. They see kunj and get surprised run towards him.

Ammar: Papa you here.. 

Kunj: haa today mamma and papa come to take ammar happy. 


Ammar: same. 

Kunj:let’s go.He hold their hands take them make them sit in back seat and come back and sit and drove off.. ammar and Romir doing Masti at back seat. While ammar lock his hands around twinkle neck from back only and kissing on her cheeks.

Ammar:mamma I’m coming to you. 

Kunj:sit there only ammar. 

Ammar:why..twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.While he insists so much he went in front he sit on kunj lap. 

Twinkle:ammar see Romir he sitting na nicely.They see Romir sleep ?.how Papa will drive haa. 

Ammar:don’t care.. 

Kunj:leave this boy.. if traffic police will come I’ll tell your name only. 

Ammar:okay.Kunj drive with ammar anyhow.Kunj see ammar hairs he touch easily hair stands coming out in hands.He get confused and leave it soon they reached.Kunj parked the car while Romir wake up he went inside.. 

Twinkle:I’m going to maa house. 

Kunj:good lets go and give her this news you both mother and son go. 

Ammar:why you not papa. 

Kunj:I have work you both go.He look down went from there while twinkle

understands why he didn’t going with her from which mouth he’ll give this news to everyone. Twinkle take ammar and went to Taneja Mansion. They went inside Leela was in kitchen twinkle went and sit ammar running here and there see his toy small car he sit and playing with car. 

Twinkle:baby first change the uniform na. 

Ammar:later. I’m hungry give me something. 

Twinkle:ammar I’m not feeling well you go and take from MAA. Leela come out of the kitchen and see twinkle and ammar get surprised.

Leela: you both here aww.. she went and sit beside twinkle look at her face get worried about her to see twinkle face colour.What happened to you twinkle puttar haa you looking so weak. She caress her face. 

Twinkle:MAA I’m fine.Woh.. 


Twinkle:MAA I’m pregnant. Leela look at her.

Leela: really when this..

Twinkle:I just come back from doctor only today only I get to know about this I get pregnant. 

Leela:it’s very good news twinkle puttar she look at ammar finally this baby will Save my ammar still I’m happy again going to become nani.. tears escaping from twinkle eyes Leela get shocked. Twinkle hugged and sobbing slightly ammar didn’t heard. 

Twinkle: MAA I don’t know mujhe khush hona chahiye yeh Phir dukhi.

Leela: why.. twinkle bacha.. you should be happy.

Twinkle:MAA I really missing my baby today.If something happened to this baby again. MAA.. 

Leela:why you thinking this twinkle haa. From now only she wasn’t in your destiny twinkle beta. She crying her embrace lot.

Twinkle:MAA one side my ammar now this you know last time. 


Twinkle:MAA I didn’t tell kunj about this all things last time only doctor clearly told me if I will have baby in future it will be very bad for me and baby. 

Leela:what doctor said.

Twinkle:nothing much now. 

Leela:just faith on babaji.He’ll do

everything good with us.. you rest from now I’ll tell kunj if not than why not you stay here only from now twinkle.Twinkle look at Leela.

Twinkle:don’t know MAA you know na kunj. 

Leela:I can’t trust there on anyone.. 

Twinkle:MAA I’ll talk to him.You give him something to have please. 

Leela: haa ammar come.. 

Ammar: no Nani let me play now.. 

Scene turned.. 

Kunj sitting on rocks alone thinking about twinkle words.Cool breeze hitting on his face. 

Kunj:where you bring me babaji today I got best news ever wanted to celebrate I’m going to become father.last time because of my mistakes I didn’t get chance wasted my happiness.Didn’t understand the value of time.Today I get but woh maza nahi hai. Bahle hi waqat Phir se aaya hai laut ke But apne saath khushiya nahi Laya hai.My baby inside in 

Her womb she isn’t baby.don’t know what life planned for me.he lost in ocean.

Kyu Zindagi Tu Tham Si Gayi He

Aakhein Bhi Nam Si Ho Gayi He

Door Se Dekha To Bahut Khubsurat Dikhi Tu Kareeb Aakar Kyu Tufaano Se Bhar Si Si Gayi He Tujse Teri Thodi Si Zindagi Churaani Chahi Phir Bhi Kyu Kam Pad Si Gayi He Koshish Hazaar Ki Tujme Samaa Jaane Ki Par Kyu Gamon Ke Rait Me Tu Jamm Si Gayi He Andhera Tere Aanchal Mein Faila He Kyu Koi Roshni Ki Aasha Gum Si Gayi He Tuje Jeene Ki Aarzu To Thi Mann Mein Par Kyu Ban Ek Tu Bharam Si Gayi He.

Just than Yuvi and Aditi come there they see him and  take seat beside him.They open the bottle for him and offered him kunj see them than look at bottle.

Yuvi: take.

Kunj:nahi Yuvi no mood.

Yuvi:aditi see great Kunj Sarna dying for drink I mean you wanted all the time this. What happened today. 

Kunj:nothing Yuvi now I don’t wanted to stay in NASHA..(intoxication) that time I just running from reality now not Yuvi. 

Rukshi gayi ti zindagi uske jaane se har lamha I was just thinking about her. Meri

Nafrat me bhi she is the reason my life. When I didn’t think about her it’s so difficult for me to take breath.When I was think about twinkle her memories hurt me lot but at the same time i get breath I think about her.When I saw her feels like today I get my breath back.I had heart inside in my body but that heart stop after her didn’t beat anymore didn’t feel his existence Yuvi and Aditi just listen him.To see her face my heart again started beating. Never thought life play this game with me today make me stand here. 


Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai

Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai) – 2

Beete Lamhein……….


Yuvi:kunj don’t think about this. 

Aditi: yes kunj. You got her back make her yours for forever.he look at Aditi with tears eyes. 

Kunj:how Aditi  even if she is with me but just for namesake we are closer yet far from each other’s like thousands of miles apart from each other’s. 


Yuvi and Aditi give him side hug. 

Aditi: Leave kunj.. just than Kunj got call from twinkle he pick up the phone call was on speaker.

Kunj: haa twinkle bolo.. 

Twinkle:Kunj where are you.. 

Kunj:why are you okay. 

Twinkle:haa baba I’m okay you come and handle this ammar. 

Kunj:what he have done.

Twinkle:he teasing me please come and see him. 

Kunj:acha Okay I’ll don’t run behind him.. they end the call. 

Yuvi: what happened to her haa you caring so about her?? Kunj look at him.

Aditi: he isn’t like you nA.?


Kunj:biwi hai Meri.. 

Yuvi: can’t she handle her son. 

Kunj:you know ammar he is very


Yuvi: haa toh.

Kunj: toh he will teased his mother she is good for her in this condition. 

Aditi: means.. 

Kunj:means twinkle is pregnant. They get so happy after listen this.

Yuvi:wow kunjj. Great man.

Aditi:yes congratulations BF.. 

Kunj:thanks.Now I have to go..

Yuvi:okay.. Kunj went from there. While Aditi and yuvi look at him. Finally something happened good in kunj life I wish this baby bring them closer short out their all misunderstandings whoever separated them if I get to know I’ll that person surely. 

Aditi:calm down mr Yuvraj luthra. 

Soon kunj reaches Taneja Mansion he parked his car about to going inside while usha see kunj she make faces,.

Usha:this kunj nowadays he just roaming around this blo*dy peoples. Kunj entered inside.He went ahead Rt and Fuzail was sitting in living room.They see kunj Fuzail get up and share a hug with kunj. 

Rt:kunj come.. 

Kunj:Haa where is ammar.His voice coming. Leela come. 

Leela: kunj puttar you go and see your son please he Troubles my daughter lot. 

Rt: Leela you have dinner na. 


Kunj: I’m come.

Leela: haa..Kunj get up and went upstairs goes in room. He entered In room and see ammar teasing twinkle exhausting herself upon ammar. 

Twinkle: ammar come sit na I’m calling you na.

Ammar:let me find na he standing on ladder. Kunj went and lift ammar and went towards bed. 

Twinkle: finally you come kunj see your son. 

Ammar:haha mamma papa leave me na. 

Kunj:what papa he place him on his lap. 

Hold his hands.Why you teasing your


Twinkle:haa from evening he eating my head. Didn’t listen to anyone. 

Kunj:why ammar. Why you standing on this ladder. 

Ammar: woh I was finding my car set. 

Kunj: acha you sit I’ll bring kunj get up and find his car set and bring give him. He started playing in side on bed while Kunj look at twinkle. 

Kunj:How’s you now. 

Twinkle:better.They chit chat with each other’s. Ammar blinking his eyes.ammar don’t sleep now. Kunj take him down he didn’t have anything now also I have to give medicine. 

Kunj: what about you.

Twinkle:no I’m not feeling like have anything please you go na MAA make dinner for you specially.. 

Kunj:but how I..

Twinkle: go na let me rest.. 

Kunj:acha Okay you sleep I’ll feed him. Kunj lift ammar take him down while Leela was just coming to call them only for dinner kunj see her she stop. 

Leela:I was just calling you people where is twinkle.

Kunj:woh Leela MAA she resting she didn’t feel like to have anything.

Leela:this girl started again like Last time. 

Now have to roam around her for foods!

Kunj:don’t worry MAA I’ll see her and give her food on time.Now due to vomits she feels heavy. 

Leela:acha Okay you come they went down and sit with everyone.Ammar was sitting on table Leela served them food kunj see his favourite dish which he used to love just made by Leela only.After years he get.Let’s have the dinner.Kunj feeding Ammar he doing drama while having food. 

After sometimes later twinkle come down. 

Leela bring lemonade for her. 

Rt:Twinkle beta you making yourself weak.!

Twinkle:no papa I’m fine. 

Fuzail:yes di you looking so dull. 

Twinkle:let’s go kunj now.. 

Leela:haa it’s late.And take care of yourself please and Kunj beta.He assured her.Kunj lift ammar he hold twinkle hand. 

They left from there.They went to Sarna Mansion and directly went in their room. Kunj place ammar on bed while twinkle went towards wardrobe she take out their nightdress. 

Kunj:Twinkle you change I’ll change ammar clothes.She went in washroom while kunj change ammar clothes.Kunj give him medicine he slightly wake up and take.Kunj patting on his back he sleep again.Twinkle come back kunj changed his clothes.Twinkle lay down and closed her eyes while Kunj sit on couch get busy in his work.Twinkle sleep after sometimes later.While in sleep she feel uneasy she wake up and run in washroom Kunj get shocked she throwing Kunj understands he went behind her Kunj patting on his back. 

Kunj:why this much.. 

Twinkle:hmmm.Kunj take her in room.yHe filled water glass and give her make her drink. 

Kunj: kya hua.. 

Twinkle:nahi kunj.. 

Kunj:you wait. Kunj went downstairs and went in kitchen he heat up milk for twinkle and filled in glass take for her he entered in room see twinkle Kunj went towards her.

Twinkle.She look at him.. 

Twinkle: haa kunjj.. he show her milk glass. What.. in irritating way.. 

Kunj: milk for you. He sit beside her. Drink this you’ll feel good and have a nice sleep as well.

Twinkle: please kunj I’m not baby kunjj. 

Kunj:I know you aren’t baby but from me always like before I always called you baby and you get irritates lot??.now you didn’t have your meal too now drink this milk if you will not have anything stay like this baby will be hungry I’m sure. 

Twinkle:acha how you know this baby is hungry. 

Kunj:I know.. 

Twinkle: acha before you handle many babies.

Kunj:haa.. twinkle look at him he get shocked what he said.Woh nahi try to coverup.I read somewhere so now you drink this milk.. 

Twinkle: I’ll puke Kunj.. 

Kunj:don’t worry you can puke I’ll bring again for you.. she making faces Kunj make her drink milk with his hands. She finished the milk.. my good girl.. 

Twinkle:chiii.. ammar is right milk is very yucky.

Kunj:haa.very smart.. now when things on come you.From today you will drink Milk one day you become so weak.! Kunj kept his hand on her belly.It’s so good na twinkle.This little soul inside in you.Twinkle look at him.. 


Kunj:now medicine time.He give her medicines.You sleep she lay down kunj covered her with blanket and kissed on her forehead and went to other side of bed and lay down.Twinkle closed her eyes she cuddled her tummy she look at ammar. 

Twinkle:my baby.She kissed on his

forehead and bring him near her soon they drifted off to sleep.middle of night kunj wake up he was sweating heavily he get up and went in washroom.He look at moon.Just than Kunj eyes went on someone 

Kunj:who is at this time.. Kunj see the face get shocked and surprised as well.Usha coming from outside she covering her face with shawl. She went inside back like a thief.MAA at this time from where she coming man.Kunj get lost in his thoughts. He look at garden he remember something smiling. 

Flash back.. 

A small baby boy nearly 3 year old playing with his father.Old lady watching three. 

Lady:Arey Manohar don’t tease my kunj. 

Manohar:MAA see your kunj first he doing cheating. 

Lady:acha let him do whatever he wants he is my one and only heir.She cuddles kunj.. 

Kunj:in baby voice DADI my.?he complained her about Manohar. Kunj went inside he about to pass from room he stop to see a lady who laying down on bed tears escaping from her eyes. Why she cry always.Kunj get scared to went in her room.She see him she gestured him to come he give smile and went towards her. She cuddles kunj and kissed on his forehead. Just than Usha come.. 

Usha:kunj baby you are here come with me. 

Kunj:MAA. I’ll stay here with her. 

Usha: who will have food.. 

Lady:in low voice you go.. 

Kunj:acha you never listen to me why I’ll. 

Manohar come. 

Lady:what he saying Manohar Listen your son.He sit beside her take kunj in his embrace and give her side hug.Usha see this she clutched her duppta. 

Kunj:MAA come na.She too sit beside Manohar.Maa let’s go out today. 


Lady:you all go I’ll not.. 

Kunj:you never went with me why.. 

Lady: don’t argue with me in stern voice kunj started crying and went from there while Usha run behind him. She hold his hand take him in her arms. 

Usha:why you crying kunj we’ll go na.

Kunj:no MAA I want her why she didn’t stay with me happy. 

Usha:I’m your MAA na why you worry haa mera bacha. 

Manohar: why you making him away from yourself. 

Lady:I didn’t Manohar. He had his MAA Usha.Flash back break down. Kunj open his eyes with jerked.

Kunj:MAA.Time changed so much Ek Time ta she loved me so much today she didn’t have time for me.. Kunj went inside and sleep back. 

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Kunj wake up as a good husband he ready everything which ammar and he needs twinkle wake up and see kunj ironing on ammar uniform. She get up. 

Twinkle:Kunj what is this why you doing this haa. 

Kunj:Arey you wake up good morning.. ammar need na uniform so I m ironing on his uniform. 

Twinkle:I’m here for him.. 

Kunj:I promise na Usha Maa that I’ll take care of your so I have to look for

everything. You go and take bath.She went in washroom quickly get freshen up. While Kunj wake up ammar some how and give him bath get ready for school. Now don’t teased mamma. 


Kunj:why you want na baby soon she’ll give you baby. 

Ammar: acha where is that baby twinkle come out of the washroom. Mamma where is baby she get confused. 

Twinkle: what baby.

Ammar:papa telling me you’ll give me baby. She look at Kunj who looking here and there.Sadu she murmured.. 

Twinkle:acha ask him only.She went towards them. 

Kunj:now let’s go have breakfast you’ll get late for your school.Kunj making his hairs slightly hairs coming out in his hands he show twinkle. 

Ammar:papa see what happened to my hairs that coming out easily now.They both look at each other’s understand this happening due to chemo. 

Kunj:aise hi. Twinkle kissed on his temple they went downstairs went towards dinning table everyone was sitting and having their breakfast just than Yuvi. 

Yuvi:Arey Bebe you get news. 

Bebe:what news Yuvi puttar.. 

Yuvi:your kunj going to become father again they all leave their food and look at twinkle.Twinkle is pregnant.all get happy expect than Mahi and Anita aur Usha. 

Usha:hoo she get pregnant finally let’s see how this baby will come in this world. 

Bebe:khush rehna Twinkle puttar ab.they have Their breakfast after went from there .Twinkle sitting in garden while Bebe and dadi beside her. Usha come there. Dadi see her started getting panicking. They get confused.maa.. she give voice to kunjj he come. 

Usha: mummy jiii.. 

Kunj:dadiiii.What happened she cuddles kunj. 

Usha:what happened to her.

Bebe:don’t know what happened to my mother after see you usha Rani. 

Usha:what do you mean by this.. 

Kunj:leave this things leave dadi you sit here. He make her sit and she breathing heavily. Kya hua aap ko tell me. 

Dadi:In breaking voice. Kun… I wo…h Anami.. she stope while Usha get shocked after listen this her floor slipped from her feet’s.. 

Kunj:what anami… 

Twinkle:Kunj ask her later take in room. Kunj take her in room while twinkle see usha her face colour faded.They went inside kunj take in room make her lay on bed and give her water. She drink.. 

Kunj: calm down dadiii. Yuvi come when he heard about dadi can’t stop himself he rushed toward her hugged her.. 

Yuvi: dadiii??. What happened to her.

Kunj:oyee dadi ka pota she is fine don’t know why so suddenly she get panicked. 

They both Yuvi and Kunj sit beside her and holding her hands.she look at them she rest her head on Yuvi chest he patting on her head.Twinkle sit in side couch.My dadi loves you lot.. ??. 

Yuvi:jealous man.. 

Kunj:acha Sune you stay with dadi here only i have meeting I’ll come in sometimes and even have to see fuzu Presentation. 

Twinkle:Kunj send me too na. 

Kunj:okay.And madam do rest don’t roam here and there okay. 

Twinkle:haa you getting to much now. Yuvi laugh out. 

Yuvi: hehe twinkle he is like this you remember kunj on her time how we irritates her Kunj gestured him what he saying it Yuvi stop. Twinkle looking at them with a doubt expression. 

Kunj:bye take care of yourself.Kunj left for his office.While Yuvi stay with dadi. 

Usha went in her room and breathing heavily after see Padmakshi.What happened to her she didn’t remember anything why she get so hyper after see me.I have to do something before she’ll get fine fully.after sometimes later.Twinkle sitting in backyard alone just than chinki

come there she flowing her baby bump. She went towards and sit beside twinkle.

Twinkle:hi chinki.. 

Chinki:hi twinkle how’s you..

Twinkle:looking good with baby bump..  

Chinki:haa.what you having haa. 

Twinkle:raw mango.. 


Twinkle;pregnant soon as chinki Listen this and get shocked she clutch her duppta. 


Twinkle:thanks.. chinki.. 

Chinki:kuch bhi kaho you and kunj become one anyhow don’t care In what situation.Yuvi come there. He give fruits bowls to twinkle.

Twinkle: why you giving me this..

Yuvi:your husband oder me to give you this so madam have this. If you try to escape from kunj you can’t.. she laugh out. 

Twinkle:this kunj become mad since yesterday he get to know about me behaving over caring towards me. Yuvi take sit beside twinkle and take fruit in folk and feed her.

Chinki: hoo see twinkle today Yuvi care about you. After mahi he toh forgot everything na. 

Yuvi:you are still fire brigade Kunj is right about you.Twinkle laughing.While Chinki making faces.

Chinki: just shut up I know each and everything how you behave with twinkle with mahi. 

Yuvi:you just shut up chilli flakes. I just wish whoever separate them that person didn’t stay in peace. Chinki look at Yuvi.

Twinkle:acha Yuvi what about your kunj. 

Yuvi:he did whatever having in front of his eyes twinkle.He loves you lot today and yesterday as well. He get up and went from there.

Chinki:you don’t trust at him twinkle this two just busters I can’t forget what they have done with my bestie. 

Twinkle:Chinki please don’t bring past things if I take it on my heart that didn’t good for my baby.Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Tum Rahe Na Tum Hum Rahe Naa Hum. I didn’t blamed anyone don’t know who apart us from each other’s our love didn’t strong as much as it should be Chinki.Today when I think about us never today again I’ll carry his baby in my womb.She give her fake smile just than Kunj come back he bring her favorite chaat for her. He went towards her and see Chinki didn’t said anything. 

Twinkle: you come back see ammar he didn’t come back.

Kunj:Arey he went with fuzu along with Romir for football match. 

Twinkle: hoo. 

Kunj:why you sitting here alone haa. Did you have your fruits haa. 

Twinkle:haa baba I have you leave Yuvi behind me.Kunj call servant and give her tell to bring it in plates! He sit beside her. 

Chinki:acha twinkle I’ll take a leave. 

Twinkle:haa.Chinki left while servant bring chaat.Place in front of twinkle she see and get surprised to see her favourite chaat. 

This wow you bring for me she didn’t wait for anything just started eating.Kunj see her get so happy to see happiness on her face.At least he can bring happiness on her face.its so tasty.. ???.. 

Kunj: happy.. 

Twinkle: Hell ??thanks she peck on his cheeks.I just wanted this kunjj.. 

Kunj:haa eat today how much you wanted from today you can’t have she look at him. 

Twinkle: why?.. 

Kunj:because it’s not good for baby.. 

Twinkle:you know during ammar time I used to eat this MAA and papa scold me. 

Kunj:haa I’ll too he take the plate from her hand and having too.she making puppy faces Kunj see her get melt.He feed her more she have happily.!

#After sometimes later twinkle and Kunj went in their room.Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest Kunj caressing her hairs.Kunj look at her she too him.He caress her lips.She closed her eyes kunj captured her lips they kissing each other’s slowly.He leave her lips nuzzles his face in her neck giving her wet kisses.Twinkle caressing his nape hairs Kunj bite her neck slightly and suck the part twinkle moaning Kunj name.twinkle open his shirt buttons.kunj didn’t put his body weight on twinkle.Kunj give her side hug and twinkle hug him back tightly Kunj hand moving on her back open her zipped. Kunj kissed on her forehead just than ammar entered in room.They get shocked immediately leave each other’s and composed themselves. 

Twinkle look at Kunj. She get up and went in washroom it’s become awkward for them in front of kunj.Kunj ruffles his hairs ammar went towards kunj. 

Kunj:my baby come back on correct time ??. Ammar hugged him. Kya hua mere baby ko.. 

Ammar:I get tired Papa.. 

Kunj:no mere bacha.. he lift him and went in balcony. Twinkle come out of the washroom didn’t find kunj and ammar. She see them in balcony. 

Twinkle.This sadu bhi na.she went downstairs and went in kitchen. She heard some voice coming out from Yuvi and Mahi room she ignored and making coffee for her and Kunj she make went back in her room.Twinkle give coffee mug to kunj. And Itself she sit on side chair while Kunj lifting ammar in his arms who try to sleep.

Kunj:why you make this twinkle.

Twinkle:Kunj I can do this much work. 

They enjoy their coffee. Later they have their dinner and after dinner back to their  rooms twinkle and Kunj laying down while ammar between them who playing game. 

Ammar:mamma lets do shopping.

Twinkle:for whom. 

Ammar:for baby mamma. Let’s go now.

Kunj: why we’ll now we can do shopping here only he bring his laptop open online shopping side and show ammar baby clothes twinkle just see kunj.who totally drenched in baby happiness. 

Ammar:this one this good. 

Twinkle:how you are so sure it will be boy. 

Ammar: I want boy only mamma. 

Kunj:see this baby girl clothes so cute ?

Let’s wish it will be baby girl only. We have one boy than one girl family complete. 

Ammar:haa right mamma baby girl I’ll pulled her hairs like Hiya.Kunj and ammar laugh while twinkle control on herself.She lay down and moving her hand on her belly than Kunj can see.Kunj and ammar busy in their baby shopping while twinkle crying slightly.  After both father and son sleep laptop still on twinkle turned and see them she sit and off the laptop and covered them she kissed on ammar forehead and about to kiss on kunj she stop when she recalled her baby girl. She lay down and cuddles the pillow and cried. 

Like this weeks passed kunj taking care of twinkle he fulfilled her all wishes didn’t let tears drops fall down from her eyes.many of get jealous to see twinkle and Kunj. 

Twinkle and Kunj went to hospital for check up doctor call twinkle for sonography.She lay down and doctor doing her sonography.

D:see your baby twinkle and Kunj.kunj see baby in monitor. He get so happy and tears come in his eyes slightly he went near monitor and touch the screen. 

Kunj:hoo my baby he is so small docter.

D:haa now baby kuch weeks ka hi hai. 

Twinkle see kunj. 

Kunj:hoo it’s so beautiful to see this.. 

D:I have something more for you.She make them listen baby heart beats sound both twinkle and Kunj hold each other hand and listen Their baby heart beats. 

They went out of the doctor cabin Kunj went to bring water for twinkle just than twinkle eyes went on one lay who crying like anything kunj come back and see her too. Twinkle ask nurse about her what happened to her why she crying. 

Twinkle:what happened to her nurse.

Nurse:Arey woh her baby die after birth. 

Immediately that’s why.twinkle get more shocked. 

Kunj:hoo sorry for loss hope babaji give her straight to fight with her hard time. 

How can babaji did this with a mother snatch her baby after gives her immediately twinkle looking at Kunj.She closed her eyes.After this they meet with ammar doctor in other hospital.Talk to ammar doctor and tell him about twinkle. 

Twinkle just lost in that lady pain.After doctor they both went in parked they sit kunj went to bring coconut water for her. Twinkle watching little babies she get so happy she take one of baby in her arms

She get so happy to see baby girl playing in her arms kunj come with coconut water. 

He sit beside her and see twinkle with baby. 

Twinkle:Kunj see this baby she is so cute. 

Kunj:haa you take this my baby will be cute more than everyone’s.He give her coconut and take baby. 

Twinkle: you are very mean kunjj.. Kunj flying baby in air and she enjoys lot. He kissed on her cheeks.

Kunj:she so adorable twinkle don’t want to leave her.Now give me fast I wanna play with my own baby.You should have baby girl na.twinkle leave the coconut and look at Kunj..

Other side usha went to police station she hide her face and went inside inspector asked her name. 

Inspector: what’s your name you can’t meet with him. 

Usha:let me meet with him. 

Inspector:tell me your name.Usha think ??

Usha:hmm leela. 

Inspector:okay can go and meet with him. Usha smirked and went from there.While inspector think!Should I call kunj sir and tell him about Leela she come to meet with Purushottam.he call Kunj and leave message. 

Kunj and twinkle happily playing with baby.just than baby mother come and take baby.. 

Twinkle:let’s go kunj.. 

Kunj:haa.. Kunj see message.and get confused who she is?? Leela who come with Purushottam. 

Twinkle:ouchh she feel pain in her tummy. 

Kunj:kya hua.he hold her from her shoulders.

Twinkle:don’t know why suddenly pain started in my tummy..  

Kunj:haa don’t worry let’s go home.Kunj carry her in his arms in bridal style. 




Episode end here only.. 


Next:Romir went in hospital.. and twinj fight.. doctor told twinkle she has complications in her pregnancy.. 


Hi guys how’s you all.. 

so how was the episode??

Hope you all like it.. 

So this episode as a treat of my bday ???. Wish myself thanks for each and everything supporting me very much and more you all give me so much love through your comments thanks the year went very tough but leave it.. never thought my pa will be not with me on my bday. ? But I know he was with me only watching.. ???.. thanks again everyone support me more please.. last bday was super with you all.. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

bye love you all no proof I write in hustle.. 

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