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Life is one big love story with hundreds of little love stories within it.????


Episode starts from next day morning.

Twinkle and ammar sleeping calmly ammar cuddling twinkle fully his legs around her waist..

Sunshine coming in room through windows which directly hitting on twinkle face due to this she wakes up and stretch her arms with smile open her eyes and see ammar give smile and place him on bed and get up and sit there only she looks at in whole room. After years, she sleeps and wake up in her room.She cuddles her knees and rest her chin on her knees.

Twinkle:after years I sleep in this room feels like today I sleep peacefully till now just closing my eyes for name’s sake I sleep but today truly feeling my sleep completed today.. she eyes went on kunj who’s sleeping on couch in sitting position his hands falling down in air and in very uncomfortable position he sleeps. Look this sadu can’t he sleep on some other things.She gets up and take her clothes and went in washroom she gets freshen up quickly.And come out of the washroom and went towards dressing table as per kunj rules she gets ready fully like before she gets.! Kunj phone ringing due to this he wakes up and take yawn and look at twinkle his neck stiffed fully. Somehow he gets up see his today schedule which his pa send it to him.Kunj went towards wardrobe and finding his clothes.

Kunj:where is she went place my clothes this girl na.twinkle see him. She went towards him.

Twinkle:years back toh jiss kunj ke saath I stay he is very particular person everything should be in Neatly. What happened today..

Kunj:he looks at her. When life become mess up things ka kya hai.he calls his pa she sends new clothes kunj take the clothes And went in washroom.

Twinkle:kuch jada hi paise wala nahi horaha hai yeh.she gets ready fully Kunj come out of the washroom get ready in seconds. Where are you going Mr Sarna.

Kunj:why did you have any problem haa.

Twinkle:yup.I’ll go office who will handle ammar in my absence haa he had holiday.

Kunj:even I have meeting. Why not you take the break for him.

Twinkle:don’t give me offer.

Kunj:okay you go I’ll see him.

Twinkle: and clean this mess as well. Kunj look at in shocking way.Don’t give me look you wanted na we stay with you so you have to do everything Mr Sarna if not than we can go back to our place.

Kunj:let her do whatever she wants I’ll see her.okay twinkle ji something else you want.

Twinkle:don’t dare to take help of servant.

Kunj:haa.ammar wake up and look at twinkle and Kunj he gives smile..

Twinkle:okay I’m going down you Male him ready bye.she went downstairs Kunj take ammar and give him bath they both father and son doing masti..

Twinkle went downstairs Anita and usha along with maya and Mahi was in living room they all turned and look twinkle who coming down from staircase she wears saree looking beautiful carry attitude on her face she come down they see her get burned like a roasted chicken.

Twinkle:hi good morning everyone.. Bebe and dadi come from back.dadi taking support of stick.

Bebe:good morning puttar she turned and take their blessing.see how beautiful my kunj wife looking see MAA she nodded her head in yes caress twinkle face.

Mahi:bebe this love you never shower on me in these years haa??

Bebe:why you jealous with her she is your sister forget mahi.

Twinkle:sister for name’s sake Bebe.

Bebe:come let’s have breakfast. They both went towards dinning table while usha look at twinkle

Usha:don’t get happy too much soon you’ll be out of this house like before.

Twinkle:acha my so called mother-in-law yeah I’ll call you selfish mother.don’t forget I come here because of your son he brings me I’m not interested.lock your this bitter tongue.she gives her Tasha and went towards everyone.mahi and maya bring breakfast twinkle just see them and take beside bebe they both look at her..

Mahi:in heart see her as if I’m her maid.

They all sit and having breakfast Yuvi come and joint them he feeds dadi.

Twinkle see him and give smile.

Yuvi:my dadi aww.where is father India

Kunj and ammar come down together holding Each other’s hands looking extremely cute..

Bebe:lo father and son both come.they went towards everyone kunj get busy in his phone.twinkle feeding ammar while mahi Romir.

Kunj:Yuvi give to dadi her medicines and where is that nurse..

Bebe:Arey she just went her home she’ll come back soon.

Usha:kunj what’s the need of nurse we all here for mummy ji.

Kunj:Acha maa I don’t think so aap se toh Papa ki care nahi hoti hai always he misses his medicine I don’t this happened with my dadi and don’t worry I don’t have trust anyone here does’t know what you all will do.

Usha:in anxious way. What do you mean by this kunj don’t you think nowadays you become mannerless.

Kunj:okay I’m sorry I didn’t take your name MAA.aap bhi always ready to argue with me.he went from there. Kunj went in his room and open his laptop and get busy in work tears escaping from his eyes. Pata nahi kya hogaya Meri Maa ko phale toh she isn’t like this. Today I didn’t see love in her eyes for me phale toh mere liye duniya ka pyaar ta..after breakfast twinkle entered in room see kunj.She sees nostalgic face of kunj.She went in side and sit there looking at Kunj..

Twinkle:what happened to this sadu why he went on silent mode he is toh like this only.Kunj pa come she went to kunj.

Pa:sir I fixed your all meetings what I’ll do today..

Kunj:Acha don’t worry I’ll do the meetings.

Twinkle:okay bye I’m you going.She takes her clutch and left for office.

Kunj:let’s go and take ammar with us..

Pa:okay sir kunj went down he sees ammar playing with Romir.

Kunj: ammar lets go.

Ammar:where Papa.

Kunj:with me office..

Ammar:no I wanna play with Romir you go.

Kunj:no your mamma isn’t there ammar. Just than Leela come there.

Leela:Arey kunj puttar you go I’ll see him don’t worry.

Kunj:But MAA If Twinkle get to know. Acha his nanny will come soon.Kunj left with his pa out of the Amritsar for meeting.

Twinkle reached in office everyone looks at her new avatar loved it abeer and vikram come and teased her she didn’t say anything went in her cabin.She sits and look name plate ammar. She caresses.

Twinkle:this step I took for my ammar hope this will help my ammar. Mehar come.

Mehar: hoo Mrs Sarna looking beautiful what’s the matter.

Twinkle:come not matter this sadu wants na deal me karna pad raha hai.

Mehar:where he is today didn’t see him in office.

Twinkle:I don’t know hoga apni office me he didn’t come there today.

Mehar: and how’s your day there I mean.

Twinkle:I don’t care with them I just went there for ammar.My so called mother-in-law roasting so much to see me there.


Aditi went to meet with Yuvi in office. She went in cabin and see Yuvi doing his work she went near him Yuvi see him and give smile..

Yuvi:tum yeha..

Aditi:yes I bring lunch for you..

Yuvi:aww thanks. She sat beside him.

You sit I’ll come he went in washroom and wash his hands and come back aditi open the lunch box and arrange on table Yuvi come and having lunch with her Aditi feeding him in between.

Aditi:where is bf today I call him he didn’t pick up my call and how’s Twinkle.

Yuvi:good I didn’t like her this deal decision and Kunj accept as well idiot end of the day he’ll lose his everything.

Aditi:see Yuvi I can understand twinkle Pain what bF did with her she is right at her place but her terms and condition is unValid..

Yuvi:hmm idiot ne whatever did just under pressure of his so called mother.

Leave it.

Aditi: how’s Romir.

Yuvi:he is good his holidays were going on so sir must be enjoying it.

Aditi: good you don’t have time learn from kunj how much he run behind ammar and you.

Yuvi:acha Aditi. Both burst out in laugh.

At other side kunj fully get busy In meeting back-to-back.He called nanny and asked her about ammar in every 10 minutes.After sometimes later twinkle finished her work she left for Taneja Mansion with abeer and Mehar.

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They reached Taneja Mansion went inside twinkle see ammar and Romir playing along with hiya game Leela see twinkle get so happy.They went towards them and sit in living area.

Rt:how’s your day.. ?

Twinkle:good papa.. ammar is here where is his so called father.

Leela:Twinklee?. He went for his work.

Twinkle:so he leaves him alone giving me lectures..

Leela:he take him with him but your son deny going with kunj and I request him I’ll handle him and one more thing his nanny is with him she handles him not me.. so called father bolo kya kuch aur end of the day he is his father.

Twinkle:again MAA like before you started taking his side. His work is more important than ammar.

Abeer:Leave twinkle why you stretch the matter..

Leela: aur twinkle did they people tell you something??

Twinkle:why will to me MAA I’m not old twinkle who listen their words that time they are something of me today my relationship break down with kunj only even with them as well.

Leela:if your relationship break down with kunj than what is this yeh sindoor aur mangalsutra at least for your sakes don’t disrespect these things.

Twinkle:I told him but he wanted. They chit and chatting with each other’s twinkle check ammar he is fine.They all sit for dinner had their dinner quickly Twinkle sit with Leela and Rt for sometimes mehar and abeer left for their place.

Romir:ammar I’m going now.

Twinkle:wait Romir don’t go alone.We’ll go together.

Leela:you should go now it‘s too late..

Twinkle:hmm.chalo Romir and ammar. She holds their hands and left for Sarna Mansion.they went inside everyone was in their respective rooms. Romir went in Yuvi and Mahi room.

Ammar:mamma I’m coming you go..

Twinkle:let’s go I know..she takes him in room.They entered in room twinkle changed her and ammar clothes give him medicines.

Ammar:mamma where is my papa.

Twinkle:don’t know baby.Come let’s sleep ammar rest his head on twinkle lap she caress his hairs.Where this kunj went didn’t come back till now. Should I call him and asked where he is.. no no twinkle you can’t.Ammar closed his eyes he sleep in her lap.She kissed on ammar forehead and place his head on bed she look at clock and see the time it’s 12:45.. she get up and went in balcony looking at gate.Kaha hai yeh Kunj. She went in room back and went to dressing table combing her hair.
Kunj reaches Sarna Mansion he parked his car and went inside.He entered and see all lights were off he went upstairs and firstly he went in dadi room and see her she sleeping peacefully he give smile than went towards his room .
Kunj open the room door and twinkle eyes went on him.Kunj messy hairs shirt coming out loosed tie dull tired face he was busy in phone.Without looking her he directly went towards couch and sit twinkle tie her hairs and look at Kunj.

Kunj:okay I’ll talk to you in morning.He kept his phone on table and rest his head on couch backboard..

Twinkle:where are you till now?? He look at her.

Kunj:Kyu in low voice..exhausted 

Twinkle:what do you mean by Kyu you leave us here than what’s the need of bring us here we are happily staying with our family here stuck with strangers.

Kunj:strangers really don’t forget I’m your husband till.And please twinkle right now I’m in no mood to argue with you.I’m please I’m very tired.He closed his eyes twinkle look at him.

Twinkle:(think) till now you teased me lot wait a second what I’ll do.She went towards him and wake up Kunj Sarna.


Twinkle:you can’t sleep. Here..


Twinkle:I don’t want..

Kunj:please twinkle spare me I’m very tired today let me sleep.

Twinkle:sorry I can’t let you sleep peacefully.See this my pending files recheck this all and I want in morning.

Kunj:I’m not your servant.

Twinkle:than okay.She throw water jug on couch now you can sleep peacefully she went towards bed and lay down.
Kunj see whole couch get he can’t sleep.he look at in whole room there is not other couch.He get up and went out of the room.

Kunj:now where I’ll sleep.Today first time I’m getting sleep without pills.He look at here and there.Went towards staircase
Chal beta Kunj sit and there only.He sit on staircase and cuddles his knees sleep there only with in no seconds.

Twinkle:where this sadu went i thought he’ll fight with me but not shit and I know he went to his Devi MAA good night twinkle..she too sleep.

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Twinkle wake up early and see the time.

Twinkle:today no Work good she get up and get ready quickly.She went out of the room she come near staircase her eyes went on kunj his back facing to him.She come near and get shocked to see kunj who sleeping on staircase shivering in cold. Kunjjj.he sleep here idiot you are so heartless twinkle haa. I Put water on couch didn’t thought he’ll sleep on floor.Her heart started aching to see him like this tears appears in her eyes she sit down and caress his face.
Kunjj wake up please let’s go in room.

Kunj:hmm in sleep slightly open his eyes.

Twinkle:get up. She make him stand hold his hand take him in room.

Kunj:please let me sleep na.

Twinkle:haa baba sleep here na.she take him near bed and help him to

Lay down on bed kunj lay down twinkle take out his shoes and tie covered him with duvet fully she sit beside him and caress his hairs pagal inshaan.she kissed on kunj forehead.She went downstairs Bebe and dadi wake up and come served make tea and bring for them twinkle have tea with them.after sometimes later everyone wake up. Twinkle went in kitchen mahi making breakfast she went and started making breakfast both didn’t look at each other’s Usha come there and see them.

Usha:good to see you here.I mean breakfast good.Twinkle ignore her she make the breakfast and take for Ammar and Kunj in room only.. she went in room and see ammar and Kunj sleeping she kept the breakfast tray in side and went towards bed she started waking up ammar.

Twinkle:baby wake up na.. in one go he wake up and look at twinkle he give smile cuddles twinkle and sit on her lap.

Ammar:mamma papa didn’t wake up still.

Twinkle:hmm wake up your papa.Let’s get freshen up I make your favorite breakfast today she lift him and take him in washroom.Kunj phone ringing due to this he wake up and sit there only. Get confused how he come here.He rubbing his eyes kunj get up and take his clothes get freshen up in another room twinkle come out of the washroom she dressed up ammar.Both mother and son sit on bed he cuddles duvet due to cold weather.Kunj entered in room.

Ammar:Papa good morning..

Kunj:good morning he get ready and sit in side checking out twinkle files.

Ammar:Papa come have breakfast with me.

Kunj:na you have.Servant come with coffee she kept on table and went.

What nonsense is this all twinkle this all is old workless files..

Twinkle:I know ?.Don’t wasted Time.

Kunj Leave the files he enjoying his coffee and admire ammar and twinkle. He finished the breakfast.

Ammar:Papa today no office and no school.

Kunj:yup what we’ll do..

Ammar:let me think. I’ll asked Romir okay he run down.Kunj get aditi call he talk to her till than twinkle clean her room.

Kunj: did you give him his medicines na.

Twinkle:yes not like you irresponsible you toh went for your work and leave my son alone haa. Aise toh bada mere beta karte Rehte ho I’m idiot why you’ll care you toh throw us before only Kunj get angry he leave everything went towards him and held her elbow..

Kunj:what do you mean by this I’m taking him MAA stop me and madam I didn’t throw him understand this you know I didn’t know about him..

Twinkle:this all is baseless kunj.. leave me.

Kunj:acha.. he pilled her towards wall and his hands above his head resting on wall he look at her with anger eyes she too.

Twinkle: what nonsense is this.. leave my way.

Kunj:why.Biwi haina mere abhi toh..

He moved his finger on her face she make faces at him.And jerk Kunj hand.

Twinkle:kunjjj.Kunj tucked her hairs he take off her earrings and kissed on her earlobes.she closed her eyes.He take her duppta and throw it in side.Twinkle look at him she push him and going in backwards while kunj towards her she falls down on bed kunj come beside her and lay down half on her and half on bed.

Kunj:what did you said you don’t care about me than why you bring me in room let me sleep there only na. Bite her neck

Twinkle:woh if anyone see you than.

Kunj:I know you can’t see me in pain.

Twinkle:acha who told you I’m not like you na Kunj Sarna heartless.

Kunj:good.. he caress her hairs.Why we wasting the time..


Kunj:I mean lets starts the baby mission.?winked at her.She didn’t said anything look at other side.Kunj looked her lips he Bend down his face on her face she look at him.Their lips inch apart their nose hitting with each other’s Kunj cupped twinkle face and sealed her lips tightly.started kissing her

He come hover all on her.Twinkle rubbing his back after long deep liplock lace of oxygen she break the kiss both breathing heavily.both look at each other’s just than someone knock at door.They both look at towards door. Twinkle push kunj and composed herself . Chinki open the door and see twinkle.


Twinkle:Arey chinki tu.. I’m coming. She take her duppta. Kunj look at her.

Kunj:ja teri chinki is waiting for you. And listen twinkle get ready tonight ?.she throw tantrums and went from there. While kunj went to down he went in garden and see Romir and ammar playing along with Yuvi.Chinki and twinkle sit in side.

Chinki: how you got ready to stay with kunj twinkle and I heard about baby.

Twinkle:yes twinkle ammar want bone marrow our didn’t match with him so baby bone marrow will match with him due to my own reasons and ammar I

Come here you neither I can’t ever.. Chinki look at twinkle neck and see love bite she cutch her duppta in anger.Both chits chat with each other’s.

#At garden Yuvi and Kunj playing with their kids basket ball. Kunj wining over Yuvi and Romir ammar get happy.Dadi and Bebe seeing them get happy.

Ammar:well done papa.

Kunj:Yuvi you can’t win in front of me ever.Twinkle and Chinki come in garden and see them they stand there.Kunj get the basketball he lift ammar he put ball in basket net.Lastly they win kunj drenched in sweat he started breathing heavily he stand in side.

Yuvi:what’s the need of this haa kunj when you get problems in breathe haa.


Bebe:where is your inhaler.. Kunj sit.

Ammar:Papa take deep’ll get fine.Kunj smile chinki stare kunj..
after sometimes laters Kunj went in room along with ammar they both sit and playing games in tv.ammar laughing loudly Kunj Itself loosing.. twinkle entered in room and sit beside them. Mamma where is Romir call him.

Twinkle:he went out with his mamma and papa.

Ammar:acha Than Papa we should go

Kunj:where you’ll go baby..

Ammar:kahi bhi na..

Kunj:kahi bhi kaha first you decided na.

Ammar:mamma lets think na.. let’s go to

See movie new one??..

Kunj:that you can see here only na..

Ammar:haa right even I’m thinking this cancels it.He leave the game remote. Kunj and twinkle see him.Kunj make him sit on his lap.

Kunj:what happened to my Ammar let’s go and see movie.

Ammar:na papa kunj check him.

Kunj:are you okay na..

Ammar: hmm.. tears escaping from his eyes automatically Kunj and twinkle get shocked to see him. Kunj cupped his face.

Kunj:kya hua.. ammar hug him..

Ammar:papa what happened to me.. why i get pain in my body suddenly.

Kunj:nothing happens to you.He cupped his face and wiped ammar tears.Let’s go out today okay.

Twinkle:yes ammar.Kunj lift Ammar and they went downstairs they about to go usha come and stop them.

Usha:kunj where are you going haa.

Kunj:kahi nahi MAA bas aise hi.before she speak more they went from there and sit in car.they drove off.They went to mall and did shopping after went to food court have yummy yummy food after this kunj take ammar in gaming section he played many games they both mother and father just admire him.

After this they went for ice skating.Kunj and ammar or twinkle doing ice skating ammar and twinkle floundering Kunj helping them he hold their hands and they together doing skating:

Chalun main tere peeche peeche
Baaki saare bandhan tod doon

Jo tere tak na jaye

Us raste ko chhod doon
Har khwab mera umeed meri

Main tujhe jod doon…

They creating happy moments twinkle push kunj he falls down while they both at him three of them laughing loudly others see them get happy so much..

after this they went out and ammar and twinkle see cotton candy vendor both started jumping for that Kunj bring them they both sit on car hood.both having cotton candy kunj click their pictures. They walking near beach feeling cool breeze Kunj folded his and ammar pant they fly the balloons in sky.Get tired and sit there only.Yuvi and Romir see them and rushed towards them.

Mahi:Yuvi I’m going bye she went from there.

Yuvi:you people here.

Kunj:you went alone so selfish Yuvi.

Yuvi:Arey I thought you must be busy that’s why..

Romir:papa mamma went.

Yuvi:great na..

Romir and ammar started playing with mud making houses Yuvi message Aditi to come there she come kunj understand only he calls him but didn’t open it twinkle pass smile to her.

Aditi:hi pidhi..

Ammar:aww pink panther.. ? they four of them sit and watching ammar and Romir.They looking at sea last point.

Zindagi bhi samundar me dagmagati kashti ki tarah hai jise sahil par pahuchna hai Tufano se hokar.. he think in his mind.Kunj come out of his thoughts due to ammar he giving voice to him Romir and ammar starter fighting they rushed towards them.


Ammar:aaya maza.Romir to break his house with his foot. Ammar and Romir Both pulling each other’s hairs they get shocked kunj and yuvi pulled them.

Twinkle scold ammar he started crying.

Aditi:you both become mad haa aise toh we are buddies haa.they Lift their babies in their arms.Ammar get angry with twinkle.While crying Romir and ammar sleep in their father’s arms. After sometimes later almost night they drop Aditi than left for Sarna Mansion they went inside mahi see them. Kunj went to see his dadi he went in her room.He place ammar on bed Yuvi too come and place Romir beside ammar he covered them with duvet they both swelling on dadi feet’s Yuvi bring oil both sits and apply oil on her swollen feet’s pressing her legs she admire him and give smile.

Kunj: how you feeling now.


Yuvi: haa because of me.??.

Kunj:did you call na aditi haa.He didn’t said anything.Numbers of times I told you don’t do Yuvi still don’t know when you understand me.Already you know
Mahi still.After sometimes later they all sit for dinner quickly they have their dinner without single word.Cherry look at twinkle she knows this.But she neglect.After dinner all went in their respective rooms.Twinkle come out of the washroom after get freshen up kunj come and locked the door she see him and recalled his words her heart beats started fasting.Kunj look at her he off the lights only dim lights were on.he went towards twinkle she about to go he held her hand hand pulled twinkle.

Twinkle:kunjjj.he didn’t wasted time he lift her and went towards bed kunj place twinkle on bed and come top of her he look at her she too.she side her face Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and kissing her she closed her eyes her bitter past flashing in her mind.Tears escaping of twinkle eyes kunj hands moving on her body.. few words which aching and breaking her lot that echoed in her ears.nahiiiii kunjj he get shocked and leave her neck and look her she push him and get up and stand in side kunj get confused he too get up..

Kunj:Twinkle he keep his hand on her shoulder she jerk him.

Twinkle:don’t touch me in stern voice.

Kunj: Twinkle are you okay na..

Twinkle:I can’t do this I don’t have strength kunj again insulted by you once time I get lot now I can’t kunj.It’s very tough for me to do this with you.Feeling so Disgusting???.Kunj understand her he cupped her face..

Kunj:shhh don’t cry I can understand your way you want time take it.I’ll not force you.She look at him nodded her head.He give her hug she cuddles him after she become normal.

Twinkle:kunjj ammar.

Kunj:haa I’ll bring him.he went and bring ammar back they both lay down beside him and sleep at midnight ammar wake up and look at twinkle and Kunj who sleeping he started crying due to this kunj and twinkle wake up with jerk. Ammar…

Twinkle: kya hua.. he cuddles twinkle she rubbing his back he clam down.

Ammar: mamma bhuk lagi hai..

Kunj: I’ll bring food for you wait.He went down.

Usha was in side and talking with someone in phone.

Usha: don’t worry I’ll do something kunj was passing from there his eyes went on usha and went near her.

Kunj:Maa. Usha heard kunj voice she get shocked and leave the phone and turned and look at Kunj.Maa you are here at this with whom you were talking.

Usha:woh Kunj aise hi Anant se.

Kunj: Anant Bhaiya se.

Usha: you are here didn’t sleep till now.

Kunj:haa I was just come to bring food for ammar okay good.

Usha:goodnight kunj went in kitchen.

She closed her eyes and take deep breath uff good kunj didn’t listen

anything.Kunj take food for ammar and went back in room.He closed the door and went towards them.

Kunj:food he was in twinkle lap kunj feed him food he happily having.

Ammar:Papa when I slept..

Kunj:kab ka.. ammar keep blabbering Kunj and twinkle listening his chatter phatter. He went on you twinkle in this matter so chatter box like you ??.

Ammar:haa you are not.

Kunj:yes I’m no! asked your mother I least talk.

Twinkle: haa.

Ammar: mamma you didn’t get bored.

Twinkle:so much he is old radio ??. Ammar and twinkle laugh out at Kunj.

After food they lay down ammar hold twinkle and Kunj hands.

Ammar: Papa even you are too like me one.


Ammar: Papa why your mamma is so stern. ?.

Twinkle: ammar no..

Kunj: she is like this only. ?. Likes your mamma. While talking, they sleep..

Like this 2and 3 days have been passed way twinkle making her self ready but always end of the moment back off. Kunj didn’t force her.

Ammar and Romir having breakfast getting Late for their school.Everyone was there only.Usha come there and started blaming twinkle.Ammar look at usha driver and nanny come and take them and left for school.

Usha:what your plan behind this all. Why you went in my room. And burn my saree haa.

Twinkle:what I’ll burn your saree and I didn’t went in your room firstly stop blaming me.

Usha: don’t raise your voice in front of me. Usha held twinkle hand.

Kunj:Maa what is this leave her.

Usha:kunj Throw her out of our life don’t know whom blood she give birth now putting on my son head again come for baby find some other for this you are used too.Twinkle didn’t think once she immediately slapped her hard. All get shocked.

Twinkle:don’t dare to speak utter word for my son. I’ll break your mouth.Usha about to slap twinkle kunj held her hand on time.Usha look at Kunj who looking her back.

Usha:kunjjjj. Kunj Leave her hand. Everyone look at them.

Kunj:what’s your problem Maa.

Usha: I have problem with her kunjj..

Kunj: so what..

Usha: throw her from here and that boy too.

Kunj:enough is enough Maa now I

thought for my happiness you’ll understand me and my problem here my son fighting with his life and you do this Maa she is my wife you have to give her respect if not than Maa you don’t have any right to disrespect her.Okay fine you have problems with her I’ll go from here don’t worry.

Surjit:kunj don’t forget your place here it’s my house Kunj look at Surjit.Already we all suffered because of your father lot now you bring one more. Kunj look at Surjit with stern eyes.

Kunj:I know my place you don’t need to tell me and talking about my father I’ll take him.

Surjit:acha what you’ll do.Leave Manohar think about yourself family

Those don’t have roof on their head they didn’t talk to much.

Kunj:slightly laugh out painfully.Don’t live in dreams it’s your house I know I Itself leave from here.

Bebe:kunjj why you people making this small matter so much big..

Kunj:please bebe.

Usha:yeh kahi nahi jayege. Kunj went in his room in anger while Yuvi and twinkle behind him. Kunj open the wardrobe and taking out their clothes Yuvi and twinkle along with Bebe they entered in room.

Bebe:kunj what are you doing it stop.

Yuvi:kunj stop na he held his hand.

Kunj:please Yuvi don’t interfere in my matter.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Yuvi:so you’ll go from here it’s final decision.

Kunj:yes.he packed their clothes bag..

Bebe:kunj please na..

Kunj:nahi bebe I don’t have energy and I’m not going from here because of you all my own Maa is my culprit.she never understood me Meri Maa nahi ??mere pass aaj.twinkle get confused tears falls down from his eyes Yuvi and Bebe get emotional they stand in side. Please let me go I have my own family now:.packed your another things twinkle Till than I’ll see my dadi. Kunj went to dadi room and tell nurse she packed her all things even twinkle too.Kunj come down with luggage’s everyone look at them usha come to kunj.

Usha:kunjj for this girl you leave your mother Maa.

Kunj:yeh ladki aap ke liye hai Meri toh Biwi hai na Maa.

Yuvi:kunjjj you can’t dadi..

Kunj:yeh Meri dadi hai..

Yuvi:acha when this you decided.

Kunj:don’t stuck with me.Kunj hold twinkle hand they went out even dadi too.Everyone just look at them Anita get so happy now her raaste ka kanta is out.Kunj look at his father. He closed his eyes, and they sit in car twinkle didn’t get chance to react.Kunj starts the car and drove off he driving in full speed..

Twinkle:kunjj what is this.he didn’t answer her.Soon they reached Kunj stop car in front of huge building.Twinkle remember something.Why we come here.he come out of the car even twinkle too bring out dadi too.Kunj call someone he come and take the luggage.Kunj hold his dadi from her shoulders he went ahead while twinkle looking at building.It was her dream she told kunj to get one house in this Lavish apartment.She went behind them kunj call lift they went inside.Twinkle look at kunj.Lift stop they come out of the lift stand in front of door kunj open the lock with security password automatically door open it twinkle is shocked pass word is ( twinj..) they entered inside the apartment.


Kunj:dadi you sit here kunj make her sit in side couch.

Twinkle:kunjj.Why you take us here..

Kunj:from onward we’ll stay here.

Twinkle:see the condition of this house.

Kunj:you sit quiet now don’t eat my head please I’m already pissed off..

Kunj call his pa she bring servant they come and clean whole house quickly. Twinkle went in room the room was huge she went inside and open the curtains and the apartment was sea face beautiful sea view coming from window and huge balcony.

She stand there and lost in her thoughts.


Kunj:dadi you come with me in your room nurse will come soon.he take her in room she lay down.I’ll oder food for you your medicine is now.He oder food he went upstairs in room and see twinkle she turned and look at him.

Twinkle: kunjj yeh ghar..

Kunj: yeh ghar mera hai..

Twinkle: but..

Kunj:I know you must be thinking how it’s my.I was about to gift you at your bday but destiny didn’t give me chance you leave wanted na this and I day and night earn and buy for you but everything is went in vain,I know now you toh don’t remember.He sit in side hide his face under his knees.

Twinkle:who told you this I remember each and everything till now.ghar dil se banta hai kunj paise se nahi.. when your mother don’t want me why you take us there.

Kunj:please for god’s sake leave me today he fold his hands in front of her. Kunj wiped his tears twinkle went out of the room just than door bell ring she went to open the door. Food has come.

Man: mam oder.

Twinkle:maybe Kunj oder it.Yeah she pay the bill and take the door and lock the door.She take the food in kitchen I’ll give food to dadi.she place in-tray make plate for her take for her in room.Dadi was chanting something on chant beats.She went towards her.Come dadi have your lunch. She sit in front of her.

Dadi: kunjjj.

Twinkle:aap ka kunj room Me hai you know he is sadu.She laugh out slightly twinkle feed her food with her hands.

She happily eating.After this twinkle give her medicine she rest for sometime after she went in her room back to see kunj he was sitting while having gloomy face looking down and tears flowing down.She went in side and keep all their clothes in the wardrobe room…

Other:side Yuvi told each and everything to Aditi and daee jaa when they both get to know even they too shocked and feel bad what Sarna family members did with kunj..

Aditi:your father did wrong Yuvi..

yuvi:I know Aditi what I’ll do you know.. me and bebe try to stop kunj but he didn’t listen us..

Daee jaa:let it be he will stay alone with twinkle and ammar that’s good..

Yuvi:I’ll bring him back let his anger clam down.Daee jaa and Aditi give Yuvi side hug..

Later twinkle see the time now it’s time to bring ammar back from school..

Twinkle:I’ll go and bring ammar.Kunj

Already call his pa to bring ammar here. Before twinkle tell him and asked anything.Twinkle went towards door she open about to go just than her eyes went on ammar who coming with kunj




Pa:kunj sir told me to pick up him from school..

twinkle: thanks..

Pa:it’s okay mam.: she left. While twinkle take ammar inside ammar see the house.

Ammar: mamma why we come here haa.

Twinkle:now we’ll stay here come my baby.

Ammar:why mamma.

Twinkle:I’ll tell you later come she takes him in room kunj was in balcony he looks at birds.Twinkle changed ammar uniform.He gets freshen up twinkle give him snacks.She oder all glossary things which come within 1 hours she arranged the kitchen ammar and dadi sitting in living area enjoying cool breeze..

What happened to this kunj haa after that he didn’t speak anything I shouldn’t react this much. He didn’t have his lunch I’ll make coffee for him and take for him.She makes coffee for kunj and went in room she went inside balcony she sits opposite him.Oye sadu Sarna kya hua.why you are so silent go and see ammar he calls you.By the way kunj this house is really beautiful thanks for this she gives quick peck on his lips. Kunj slightly raise his cold eyes and look at her.:coffee??

Kunj:please twinkle leave me alone..

Twinkle:Kunj if you don’t wanted to come here than why you come haa. Because of me you leave your house.

Kunj:don’t say this my house woh mera ghar nahi hai hota toh aise nahi Bolte..

Twinkle:kunjj why you take on your heart..

Kunj:chodh de please.

Twinkle:okay fine she gets up and about to go, but she turned and look at Kunj. Who wiping his hidden tears.kya hua hai aaj Iss ko aaj tak kabhi itna bura nahi laga hai..

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Twinkle prepared dinner itself all kunj favorite dishes which he like very much. She makes everything and place

everything on dinning table ammar and dadi come twinkle served them.

Dadi: kunjj.

Twinkle:aap ka kunj toh abhi tak shuja hua hai.I’ll give him later they sit together and have their dinner happily. When Usha and Anita get to know about this they get burned inside their hearts they both thoughts kunj will beg in front of them but their plan went wrong..

After dinner twinkle give medicines to ammar and dadi they sit and watch movie after nurse come and take dadi in room ammar and twinkle in room.Kunj changed his clothes and take matrix and place in balcony and lay down twinkle see this his back facing to her he cuddles his knees and tears falling down.

Ammar:mamma why papa sleep there..

Twinkle:don’t know you come she lay down beside him and caress ammar hairs he sleeps while twinkle eyes just stuck on kunj only.While thinking don’t know when sleep took her.. at midnight kunj was seeing nightmares he shakes in sleep.A small baby boy who was crying for his mother he about to hold her hand before she falls down from cliff Kunj screamed in sleep maaaaa loudly he wakes up and breathing heavily full drenched in sweat..

Kunj:maa??.. he got up went in room and see them they sleep peacefully Kunj went out of the room he scared fully shivering in fear he went in dadi room he rushed towards her dadii..she wakes up and see kunj. Kunj cuddles her tightly and sobbing.

Dadi:kunjjj kya hua.

Kunj:dadi woh Maa?.. she closed her eyes something in black color flashing in front of her eyes little boy crying like same for his Maa.. she consoled him.

Dadi:bas bas See your dadi is here na kunj look at her she said same which he used to told him in childhood he gets confused how she remembers

understands doctor told him little bit she’ll remember few things back.Kunj rest his head on her chest.she caress his hairs.Mera kunjj.whole night dadi

Was wake up for kunj when kunj sleep than she gets relief.

Twinkle wake up and she open her eyes directly her eyes went on balcony find empty Kunj wasn’t there she gets shocked.

Twinkle:where is kunj he is in tension he didn’t went somewhere she got up and went out of the room searching him everywhere than lastly she sees dadi room door was slightly open she went inside and see kunj sleeping on dadi lap

As soon as she sees him she got so relief she takes deep breath and went ahead covered both of them with blanket.Good he is here. Twinkle open the curtains due to sunshine dadi wake up she gives smile to twinkle good morning dadi.Good to see you both together.

Dadi:goodmorning dadi look at Kunj who sleeping stress free in her lap she kissed on his forehead and place his head on pillow get up.She and twinkle went outside both get freshen up twinkle make breakfast while dadi Itself went in kitchen don’t know what happened to her she makes something twinkle get confused, but she didn’t said anything let her do it she went to wake up ammar he quickly gets ready for his school just than Kunj entered in room.

He went in washroom and twinkle bring his clothes ammar went out of the room. Kunj come out of the washroom in towel lost in his thoughts.Twinkle went

Near and snap finger near his face kunj come out of his thoughts.twinkle forward his clothes to him. Kunj take the clothes he gets ready.

Twinkle:now come with me..

Kunj: where.

Twinkle: you didn’t have anything from

Yesterday come na kunj she holds his hand and take him dadi and ammar playing with spoons twinkle and Kunj went towards dinning table twinkle make him sit beside dadi and served him breakfast.Kunj see today dadi

Make this cheese paratha.. Kunj look at dadi.

Kunj:you remember dadi how.she tore the small piece of paratha and take near kunj lips she gestured him kunj open his mouth and eat.he closed the eyes feel same taste aww dadi so delicious.ammar to have with dadi hands twinkle enjoying them.Their small family.

Twinkle:Kunj you drop ammar school please and I’ll stay with dadi I’ll do my office work from here..

Kunj:no no I’ll see my dadi you don’t worry na..

Twinkle:now I have to see ammar too and papa tell fuzu to joint office so you teach him he is new na.


Ammar:let’s go Papa.Twinkle kissed on his cheeks dadi and twinkle see off them both bid bye to them and went in lift.Twinkle and dadi went back inside twinkle tell servant their work.

Soon kunj drop ammar school than he left for office he reached office quickly.

He went inside Yuvi and abeer was there.Kunj didn’t say anything to Yuvi he went inside the cabin Fuzail come and meet with everyone.

Kunj:your di tell me to teach you How to see work and how to do.. are you okay with me fuzu.


Kunj:than lets starts from today only abeer tell kunj all in formation about twinkle company kunj and fuzu sit kunj explain him slowly slowly step by step happily fuzail Listen kunj and understand as well. Kunj give him to check file and find errors Till than he’ll come. Kunj went to cafeteria he saw Yuvi.

Yuvi:so finally you get time kunj sarna.

Kunj: haa.

Yuvi: I was mad who calling you like idiot.

Kunj:my mood was off Yuvi please I don’t have any issues with you.

Yuvi:than why you leave the House.

Kunj:see everyone have problem with twinkle and right now you know everything so understand me and my

Problem there we stay happily my own little family.

Yuvi:I know you hurt by usha aunty.

Kunj:leave na.. they take the coffee and went in side.

Yuvi: I’ll get you back.

Kunj:let’s see..

Yuvi:now fuzu doing work.

Kunj:haa in twinkle absence it’s difficult to handle work and ammar together now he needs her any time.. so I’ll teach him.

Yuvi:within two days he’ll run no one can’t do work like you man.

Kunj:shut up I’ll check him he takes coffee for him and went back hua??

Fuzu:hmm he went and sit beside him Kunj give him coffee.. he check.

Kunj:not bad fuzu.

Fuzu:thanks where is di..

Kunj:ghar pe aur kaha..

Leela call twinkle she told each and everything to Leela she gets shocked.

Leela:what type of people they are twinkle beta are you okay my Ammar if you can’t stay there than please come back I know you can’t stay in struggle.

Twinkle:Maa what.I’m fine you And papa come na if..

Leela:okay I’ll tell him.

Twinkle:than it’s finally tonight dinner at our place..

Leela:you Just stay happy twinkle.

Twinkle:Maa I’ll call you Later dadi calling me.she end the call and went to check dadi.kya hua..

Dadi:kunj kaha..

Twinkle:dadi he went to office na.

I’ll plan dinner.Driver went to take ammar back from school dadi and nurse or ammar went down in garden playing with other kids of building.Later kunj and Fuzail get tired due work.They back to home.

Usha was sitting with Manohar in room and looking at him.

Usha:see your son went and leave you

Alone hehe.Now no one will save you. Ji now it’s your medicine time:Manohar push the medicines Usha get angry she forcefully gives him medicines and laughing at Like a devil.No one will come like years back Maa ??.she did mimic of baby..

Kunj reached he parked his car and went inside he ring the door bell twinkle come to open kunj see her get shocked she wears apron and flour on her face everywhere she look so cute he went inside and giggling at her.

Kunj:what is this.

Twinkle:why you laugh at me..

Kunj:Twinkle see your condition ?.He went ahead and see kitchen omg.. twinkle try to wipe her face kunj held her hand and stop her.Wait I’ll do it he carefully wiped flour on twinkle face. She admires him song play in bg.both look at Each other’s twinkle wearing sleeveless kurti.Kunj caress her cheeks bone.He looks at her rosy lips she understood his intentions very well she Itself closed her eyes kunj Learn for kiss their lips just inch apart about to meet with each other’s. Just than dadi and ammar come back due to noise they both come in sense and get shocked.

Ammar:mamma and papa.. he come in kitchen and look at them.Twinkle and Kunj looking here and there the situation become awkward for them.

Kunj:ha my baby come he lifts him and went in room. Kunj went in washroom get freshen up twinkle come and tell him. Fuzu first day was great.

Twinkle:acha please don’t used your

Style at him he’ll run in one day.

Kunj:my way is best..

Twinkle:very much strict business man. Arey I come here to tell you I call Maa and papa for dinner tonight are you okay na with them.

Kunj:why I’ll have problem it’s your wish.

Twinkle:good I just want to tell you.. both father and son don’t mess the room please just than twinkle get docter call. She gets tensed Kunj see this.

Kunj:kya hua..

Twinkle:Doctor call..

Kunj: give they both talk to doctor.

Doctor:we don’t have time please hope you both understand.

Twinkle:hmm end the call both look at each other’s.Twinkle went back in kitchen see other things doctor words running in her mind everything is prepared she gets freshen up twinkle send them address Taneja’s reached they look at place get stunned.

Leela:Twinkle standing here.

Fuzu:address toh yehi hai Maa let’s go they went in lift.And reached last floor door was opened it already ammar see them started dancing in happiness. They come out of the lift.

Ammar: mamma nani.twinkle come there she welcome them and meet with them.

Twinkle:maa and papa.Kunj come he too meet with them Leela and Rt see the house get so happy.They all sit in living room servant bring water for them.

Leela:waha twinkle puttar your house is so beautiful.

Twinkle:I told you na and you think nonsense. Kunj give them space twinkle chit chat with her family.

Rt: now everything is fine na between you and kunj.

Twinkle:haa papa happy here.After they all sit for dinner they all sit together and have candled light dinner.

Fuzu:di you made this all?..

Twinkle:yup.they enjoying the food with laughs just than ammar started coughing badly he throw blood.all get shocked at the same time knows too..

Kunj:ammar.Kunj rubbing his back he clean his face.Give him water.

Twinkle:why this blood again.Kunj gesturing her stop.Kunj get busy ammar in talks so his mind didn’t went on in this things.They finished the dinner again sit in open terrace sea view coming beautifully.Twinkle bring ice cream for everyone.Twinkle didn’t give ammar he started crying for ice cream.While crying he lost breath Kunj cuddles him and rubbing his back.

Kunj:Twinkleeee give him na than why you bring in front of him.

Twinkle:Kunj he already had cold.Kunj take ice cream and consoles him and feed him ice cream.Leela and Rt admires them.

Leela:okay now we should take a leave.

Rt:yeah.Thanks for dinner..

Twinkle:bye Maa and papa.they bid bye them kunj take dadi in room nurse give her medicines she sleep.Kunj and twinkle take ammar back in room they give medicines him.Ammar laying in

Middle while twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s. Doctor ne..

Kunj:you listen everything is in your hands.

Twinkle:but ammar.Ammar baby sojo na.They both making him sleep.but he didn’t sleep both giggles inside.

Kunj:mere baap soja.they caressing his hairs after so much time he sleep.They check him. I’ll take him to dadi.

Twinkle:if he wake up than.

Kunj:hmm.he lift him carefully and take him in dadi room he place him beside him carefully and covered him. He come back in room and look at twinkle who laying on bed her back was facing to him he went and lay down beside her lock his hands around her waist tightly twinkle closed her eyes.Kunj slightly turned her she lay down on bed straightly Kunj look at her she look at him he tuck her hairs kissed on twinkle forehead than her eyes on face

everywhere.Kunj kissed on her lips while twinkle didn’t reciprocated she clutch the bedsheet at the same time she didn’t stop kunj put stone on her heart let him do it.She just lay down beneath him.Kunj break the kiss nuzzles his face in her neck tears escaping from her

eyes.Kunj didn’t feel anything back from her he stop and look at her who closing her eyes seemed like kunj forcing himself on her.He backoff twinkle open her eyes and look at him.

Twinkle:kya hua kunj why you stop.

Kunj:see twinkle when you not

comfortable and not ready for this

without your will I can’t do it.So leave it

We’ll see other way.I know and

understand your hesitation what I did with you.You are not comfortable with me but with any other one..

Twinkle:Kunjj please you know na what doctor said please leave I’m telling you do it.she open her arms for him kunj hugged her tightly.Both hugging each other passionately twinkle caressing his hairs while kunj moving his hand on her body.He cupped her face and sealed her lips both kissing each other only moon light was coming on them.Kunj bite her lips and nibbles twinkle too did same Kunj give her love bite on her neck everywhere he slightly

Removed her upper nighty gown Kunj press his body with her she moaned his name loudly.Within no time they fully naked.Before go ahead Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:Twinkle are you ready.She look at him.

Twinkle:hmm.. Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Kunj:sorry.Kunj entered inside her slowly she winched in pain kunj caress her.He kissing on her lips.She become normal both feeling each other’s inside.Kunj linked their fingers.Rest on bed both get busy in each other’s fully.after long time.They get tired leave each other’s. Are you okay na?


Twinkle covered herself in blanket both share long lip lock.Just than they heard crying voice both shocked look at each other’s.

Twinkle:Kunj yeh kaun roh ha hai..

Kunj:shit ammar.Ammar was at door who banging the door and crying loudly.

Twinkle: kunjj ammar leave shit.let me go.

Kunj:haa you go I’ll see him.Everywhere darkness Kunj wear his pant quickly while twinkle went in washroom Kunj went to door and open found Ammar who crying loudly his eyes were closed. Mere bacha come he lifts him and take him inside consoling him.He stop and sleep twinkle come out of the kitchen and look at Kunj who look at her back. She went to them didn’t maintain eye contact.Kunj place ammar on bed.

Twinkle:you sleep here only Kunj don’t sleep in balcony it’s too cold if you catch cold than ammar to get..

Kunj:hmm.he quietly lay down beside ammar they three of them happily sleep turned their face their back facing Each other’s both thinking about right now what happened they become one..

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance.They only know it feels right to be with one together

Make love not war.


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