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Finally silver jubilee ?????????????????????. It’s hard for me too reached there.But just because of you all.. iss Twinj ke pyaar ko don’t know what name I’ll give. It just a story like sea how when fast winds come the way water shaking in ups and downs. Flowing water.. same there love is too same You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.
A woman is like a tea bag you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water the way twinkle over come out of her pain..I think you can’t define your love in one word. Everyday it’s increasing and showing you another level.If I define love so for its experience.The world is very big and life is very small in the between of this two we experienced about everything god bad pain betrayed..! One word for love is dream till when you sleep it’s feels so good when you wake up everything is isolated.

SILVER JUBILEE ???????. 25

Episode from morning.Twinkle and Kunj sleeping in sitting position while both of them holding ammar hands.Leela and Rt didn’t come back from wedding they get late at night, so they stay there only.Yuvi calling kunj due to this kunj and twinkle sleep get disturb they both open their eyes at the same time and look at each other’s than ammar who sleeping peacefully.They both bend down and kissed on his forehead together.They about to get up ammar wake up.

Ammar:in low voice mamma and papa ?.

Kunj:he cupped his face what happened to my baby haa kunj check him he doesn’t have fever now.Ammar get up and sit in kunj lap,,

Twinkle:ammar you must be hungry I’ll make something for you what you’ll have told mamma.


Twinkle:okay they went downstairs goes in kitchen ammar is in kunj Arms cuddling him he carries him on his hip.twinkle making breakfast while kunj and ammar looking both sit I’ll come na.just than Fuzail come there get surprised to see kunj here.



Fuzail:where is MAA and papa.

Twinkle:they didn’t come they stay there only where are you going haa.

Fuzail: woh..

Twinkle:you have college na fuzu.


Twinkle:good go and get ready and take him till I make breakfast. Fuzail come to kunj.

Fuzail:come rockstar what happened to him.


Ammar:you don’t go anywhere paka.

Kunj:yeah. Kunj give ammar to Fuzail he takes him and went from kitchen. Kunj get Yuvi call again he picks his call.

Yuvi: kunj where are you man..

Kunj: Taneja Mansion me..

Yuvi: whattt. What are you doing there haa.

Kunj: Arey I come last night because of ammar.

Yuvi:why what happened to him everything is fine na..

Kunj:don’t know Yuvi what happened to him hope he is fine twinkle can feel concern in kunj voice for his son.I’ll talk to you later…

Twinkle:you go and get freshen up..

Kunj:hmm he went in room and get freshen up till now twinkle too get ready even ammar and Fuzail too.They sit for breakfast.

Twinkle: ammar open your mouth please and have your breakfast my baby.

Ammar:mamma please na I didn’t feel like have anything..

Kunj:why you didn’t eat anything last night too.

Fuzail:if you eat na we’ll go for movie.. ammar look at Fuzail.

Ammar:paka na maamu..

Fuzail:pinky promise.ammar open his mouth twinkle and Kunj smile.okay di I’m going..

Twinkle:Arey wait na when I call you come please we’ll take ammar to doctor..

Ammar:loudly whyyyyyy..

Kunj:ammar. Why..

Ammar:I’ll not go anywhere I’m fine.

Kunj:you’ll go to doctor look at yourself.

Twinkle:yes whole day you say you are fine when night come don’t know what happened to him.

Ammar:I’ll not go anywhere I have test today.

Kunj:haa so what you have test don’t worry about test you are just in baby class.Ammar raise his eyebrows.Twinkle get surprised.Even Kunj too did.

Fuzail:bye di and rockstar.He left for his college.


Kunj:yes you becoming like stick eat something.

Ammar:I’m fit and fine..

Twinkle:haa pata hai…

Kunj:okay I’m going take care of him and don’t forget to take him to hospital.My baby kiss on his cheeks.Kunj too went. After sometimes later Leela and Rt too come back. Ammar do insist twinkle he wants to go school.

Twinkle: ammar you aren’t fine baby we have to go to doctor.

Ammar:we’ll go after school paka..

Leela:let him na twinkle.

Ammar:okay bye I’m going he run Romir was waiting for him only..

Twinkle:MAA you send him if kunj will get to know he burst out at me he strictly tells me take him to doctor.

Pinni:hoo hoo Twinkle why you scared of him today he gets sympathy for his son haa.

Twinkle:please maami he didn’t use any right on me, but he had right on ammar. Rahi baath sympathy ki so ammar he is his own son how can he’ll not get worried about him.We have issues our personal not related from ammar,she said this and get ready for office and left..

At Sarna [email protected]@everyone sitting together in living room..
Anita:bebe now is high time to named everything on Sarna heir name..

Bebe: why.. Anita.

Anita: by the way everything will go on my Yuvi son Romir.. after all he is only the one hired..

Bebe:sorry Anita you are wrong even twinkle and Kunj son is also here..

Anita: from where he come haa..

Bebe:your kind of in formation Anita kunj son he real vansh of this Sarna Family after kunj. Anita and Mahi fumed in anger.

Usha:yes my kunj one and only progeny ammar.

Bebe:yes even Romir is too shareholder of this Sarna empire.Kunj who heard this all. He come down.

Anita:acha Bebe don’t forget this all of is my husband surjit..

Kunj:acha Anita aunty..

Anita:yes don’t you know kunj. Your father toh lost everything.

Kunj:I know this house is your husband but don’t forget this Surjit tauji have whatever he gets in virsat of bade dadu..
(Note that surjit is cousin brother of Bebe and Manohar).. so everything is crystal and clear and please leave this all things I don’t want anything we have enough and no need of to take my son in this all you take everything happy. He went from there while Usha get shocked??

Usha:why everything will be equally..

Bebe:you should Concentrate on Manohar health instead of this all rubbish things.. Bebe went. While Usha looking at wall.

Usha:in heart I suffered and did so much as well to reach here this all thing is just mine how can Romir become heir of everything till now kunj don’t have anything now he had son I have to used him only to get this gold mine..

At [email protected]@..
today kunj had his personal meeting he calls everyone at twinkle office only.he was busy in his work well twinkle was busy in their new project along with Yuvi.

Yuvi:what happened you looking tensed haa.


Yuvi:I know you worried about ammar like kunj.

Kunj mind wasn’t in meeting He wrapped his meeting quickly and went in his cabin.
While Yuvi and twinkle went together for work.. Kunj holding his head..

Kunj:hope Ammar is fine where is twinkle she didn’t in formed me.he calls her she didn’t pick up his call.

At other side in school ammar was sitting Romir call him to play in ground.Ammar feeling low he went his head spin sweat drop coming on his head.

Ammar:mamma papa?.he holds his head.fall down on ground and get unconscious.Romir see him all kids surrounded him.They call teacher soon teacher come they take ammar in the class and place him on couch.Teacher try to call twinkle she didn’t answer her calls than he thinks to call ammar father she immediately calls kunj. Kunj phone was in his hands he quickly picked up the call.

Teacher: mr Sarna.

Kunj: yes.

Teacher:please come to school your son get unconscious Kunj get shocked he immediately left for school in whole the way he was just thinking about ammar only and get angry at twinkle soon kunj reached the school he run inside and see ammar laying on couch..

Kunj:ammarr he takes him in his arms sprinkle water on his face he slightly open his eyes.

Teacher:what happened to him nowadays haa he really look low. You should concern to doctor.

Kunj:yeah.He lifts the ammar and they sit in car and call his pa to take the appointment of doctor immediately.

Ammar:Papa where are we going..

Kunj:hospital why you went school ammar become silent.Kunj reach the hospital he come out of the car and take out ammar they went inside ammar wiping his nose..
Kunj made ammar sit in side he went towards reception and asked about doctor.

Receptionist:sorry sir you have to wait for doctor he is OT..

Kunj:please take my name..

Receptionist: okay sir.Kunj went to ammar and sit. Soon doctor come receptionist tell kunj, and he went in doctor cabin with ammar they sit in front of doctor.

Doctor:hi mr Sarna.

Kunj:hi doctor..

Doctor:so who he is lil boy..

Kunj:he is my son please see him he gets unconscious just now from past days he isn’t well.

Doctor:okay.Doctor check ammar with stethoscope.

Kunj:what happened doctor..

Doctor:kunj I’ll recommend one of doctor he is very best for kids specially. And I’m finding something so you go to him.

Kunj:why doctor anything is serious.

Doctor:I can’t tell anything right now because I didn’t find anything without reports, and he is very weak because of this he gets unconscious.don’t worry he is all okay, I’ll take your appointment.

Kunj: thanks..Kunj and ammar went out of the hospital.

Ammar:Papa I’m tired.

Kunj:haa baby.Come to papa he lifts him and take him to Taneja Mansion Leela see kunj and ammar get confused.

Leela:ammar aur kunjj..

Kunj: MAA take him in room..

Leela: what happened kunj.

Kunj: MAA he gets unconscious in school.

Leela: what mera bacha.

Kunj: don’t worry I take him to doctor he is fine. Still, please take care of him and you
Mr Sarna sleep. Leela take him went in room even Kunj left. Wait I’ll see this twinkle. Kunj went to office back he was in deep anger he went in twinkle cabin in roar way.. he entered in cabin and see twinkle who sitting she sees him and his facial expression his forehead line drenched in sweat.She immediately gets up and look at him. He went towards her. Where is your phone twinkle???


Kunj:I said where is your phone.. he held her elbow tightly.

Twinkle: aha kunjjj. What is this..

Kunj:why you send ammar to school when I clearly said you no.. Tell you take him to doctor no you didn’t you just busy in your f**king work haa,

Twinkle: Kunj listen to me.

Kunj: here teacher calling you and you did pick up her call haa In loud voice she gets scared Yuvi and abeer or vikram come there due to loud voice.. they come in cabin. You were working peacefully and there in school ammar get unconscious haa twinkle get shocked by this.

Twinkle: whattt when.

Kunj: you have this phone he takes her phone from her hand and throw it in side twinkle closed her eyes. When you can’t pick the calls what’s the need to take this haa.

Yuvi:kunjj calm down.

Kunj:I can’t.She is careless..

Twinkle:Kunj listen to me she Almost verged of crying.I don’t know about this.Kunj closed his eyes try to calm down his anger.

Abeer:haa kunj don’t be hyper..

Kunj:please leave us alone.twinkle gestures them they went out of the cabin.
Twinkle went towards him and rest her hand on his back.

Twinkle:kunjj.. how’s ammar now.,

Kunj: in fine voice he is fine I take him to doctor leave him at home.

Twinkle:what doctor said??

Kunj:I went one of a doctor he said he is fine maybe this all happened because of weakness he recommends another doctor we should meet with him what he’ll say about ammar.

Twinkle:good let’s go now.

Kunj:we’ll go get ready in evening on time twinkle i don’t want any excuses..

Twinkle:hmm.Why you worry so much kunj he is fine.

Kunj:my worries about him needed twinkle don’t know why feeling like he isn’t fine. He held her from her both shoulders. Don’t you think so twinkle.

Twinkle:you overreact kunjj.

Kunj:can’t you see ammar..

Twinkle:I know him since birth kunj normal fever become high for him he is weak very much that’s why.

Kunj: so you mean leave him.

Twinkle:I’m not saying this.Just normally for your sake we’ll go To doctor does everything whichever Satisfied you.Okay she cupped his face.You look more Ill than ammar ?.he sits in side in frustration twinkle fill water in glass and sit beside him.Drink the water you feel good.Kunj take the glass and drink the water.

Kunj:sorry I shout at you.

Twinkle:it’s okay.. he looks at her.whatt

Kunj:nothing.Twinkle can we stay together please..

Twinkle:kunjj we talk already.for me you are just my son father nothing more than this.

Kunj:didn’t I deserve second chance
twinkle I want to stay with you and ammar please. It’s hard for me to stay away from you both. With wet eyes he said.

Twinkle:she turned her face even it’s hard for me too in these years to stay away from you but I stay kunj time will teach everything when you can stay without me in these years what happened now she looks at him.Just because of ammar na because I had your son with me.

Kunj:you take me wrong always twinkle. You just see your side of story sometime see my side as well. Did you really think I m happy in these years if you suffered even I too suffered each cover of my heart aching for you.Whatever happened very fastly didnot get time to deal with this all.
But I love you yesterday and today as well
Why can’t you understand this..

Twinkle:because I don’t want to
understand anything kunj it would be good if you leave this that we’ll get together again.Kunj just look at her we are over kunj.Ammar is first and last thing connected us long back we apart from each other long tear ray escape from kunj eyes.Twinkle ignore him she sits and try to do work while kunj see her and went from there.after sometime later.

Twinkle went to Taneja Mansion back.
She directly went in her room and see ammar laying on bed having chips.she smiled to see him she went towards him and sit beside ammar.

Twinkle:yeh acha hai ammar father scold me and here son munching chips..

Ammar:mamma hugged her. Where is my papa.

Twinkle:I don’t know where he is I’m not carrying your papa in my pocket.

Ammar:huhu my Papa is so good.

Twinkle: you leave this all things tell mamma what happened to you haa. She made him sit on her lap..

Ammar:just get unconscious mamma and you know papa take me to doctor, and he scolds me slightly Male puppy faces..

Twinkle:acha ?today ammar papa scold my mamma so poor. She tickles on his stomach he laugh so loudly Leela and Rt come there and take seat..

Rt:what happened my baby is so happy.

Leela: Twinkle you know about ammar.

Twinkle:yeah Maa Kunj tell me everything.

Leela:what you think.

Twinkle:nothing Maa.Twinkle see the time.Okay I’ll get freshen up she went in washroom. After get freshen up she come and come ammar I’ll get you ready quickly.

Ammar: why..

Twinkle:if I told him he did drama aise hi. Twinkle get ready to ammar. Kunj went home he sits in living room maya come there and sit beside him.

Maya:are you fine Kunj.

Kunj:yeah I’m.

Romir:Arey kunj Chachu.Please tell me this.

Kunj: I’ll tell you later Romir.

Romir:huhu you just love your son ammar. Kunj smile slightly. He pulled Romir.

Kunj:acha bachu who told you.You are equal for me he pulled Romir cheeks Yuvi come there.

Yuvi:really. ?.

Kunj:ab I can’t love anyone more than ammar in my life before only..

Yuvi:buster.Kunj see the time..

Kunj:okay I’ll get ready I have to go. He went to in his room and get freshen up quickly.he messaged twinkle he went downstairs.

Bebe:are you going kunj??

Kunj:woh Bebe Doctor ke pass..


Kunj:woh aise hi ammar ko leke..

Bebe: what happened to him.

Kunj: kuch nahi bas.

Bebe:tabhi sochu why you look so sad for your son ahmm..

Kunj:he smiled aap bhi na Bebe how can I didn’t get sad after it’s about my son.Okay I’m going bye.He went outside goes to Taneja Mansion.Twinkle and ammar sitting in living room only with everyone.

Twinkle:chalo ammar.

Leela: where are you going twinkle.

Twinkle: woh docter ke paas


Twinkle:maa kunj wanted so.

Rt:it’s good. Kunj entered ammar see him he run to him kunj take him in his arms.

Kunj:what are you eating haa..

Ammar:chips ??.


Twinkle:okay Maa and papa I’m going.

Rt:call us okay.. they went outside and sit in car Kunj starts the car they doze off.
Kunj get call.

Kunj:haa cancel my all meetings..

Pa: okay..

Twinkle:why you cancel your meetings.

Kunj:I don’t have time..

Twinkle: Kunj you do your work I can take him.
Kunj:Kyu If I go you have any problem.

Twinkle:why I’ll have ammar happily having chips Kunj see him he snatches packed of chips!

Kunj:see him don’t eat this silly things.


Kunj:what mamma haa.ammar snatch back and having again..

Twinkle:leave kunj he will start crying.

Kunj stop the car due to traffic signal.He looks at near ammar nose and see something red he wiped out.

Kunj:mere baap bas bhi kar.

Ammar:kyu mere bache?.mamma you know papa ke Papa is so good he didn’t say anything just nodding in yes and no. ?.soon they reached the hospital.They come out of the car twinkle and Kunj hold ammar hands they went inside sit in waiting area.Twinkle and Kunj see kids in side who suffering with diseases. Feel so bad for them.

Kunj:god please my ammar is absolutely fine.After long hours nurse come and take them in cabin they went inside and sit.

Doctor: so you are Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:yes doctor Kapoor told you.

Doctor:yeah call me.Where is my patient ammar giving look to kunj and twinkle. What problems he had.

Kunj:Doctor see him fully.

Doctor:tell everything clearly.Kunj show ammar red spots to doctor.

Kunj: why he had this all.

Doctor:did he had any bruises on his body.

Kunj:yes kunj show his hands doctor see bruises.

Doctor:let me examine him. He takes him and make lay down on palpate ammar stomach. You feel pain here.

Ammar:no.. than he near his chest.


Ammar:haaa.. than he check his nose. See dry blood particles.. they sit..

Twinkle:what happened doctor everything is fine.

Doctor:haa. Yeah. See I have to first ammar blood test.


Doctor:without test I can’t say anything.
Now I’m prescribing some medicine to him give him it’s good for him. I’ll see after reports.

Kunj: okay.

Doctor: you do his blood test please.

Kunj:sure Kunj and twinkle take ammar for blood test. Nurse come.Ammar get scared.

Ammar:mamma ??..

Nurse:Arey what happened haa. Nurse take out injection to collect ammar blood he gets scared clutch twinkle twinkle.
Hold his hands.


Ammar: no no.

Kunj: ammar please. Kunj hold him tightly.

Twinkle:baby look at mamma.She cupped ammar face as soon as nurse put injection inside his skin ammar screamed loudly.He started crying moving his hands.

Nurse:bas bas hogya.she leaves him ammar hugged twinkle tightly she rubs his back.And lift him in her arms.

Kunj:bas.. Nurse went. Twinkle you sit I’ll get his medicine.

Twinkle:hmm.Kunj went to take ammar medicine while waiting for him in side Kunj get ammar medicine and come back still ammar sobbing.Bas bas..

Kunj:Arey you still cry Haa ammar.
Come to papa.he about to take him ammar cuddles twinkle tightly they both understand and give smile.Come twinkle. They went outside and sit in their car. Ammar making face at Kunj he sees and laugh out slightly. I thought my baby is so strong but see he is too like his mamma.

Twinkle:what do you mean by this.

Kunj:did you forget your day now took whole hospital on your head..

Ammar:I’ll not talk to you papa now.See my hand become so red.huhu.

Kunj:acha sorry ?..

Twinkle:Kunj Concentrate on driving. Ammar teasing Kunj pulling his hairs while kunj just enjoying his baby sweet Torture.
Ammar sit on kunj lap. Arey ammar how Papa will drive the car you sit here na.

Ammar:nope.ammar hold the steering. Twinkle clicking his photos..

Twinkle:Peace is the beauty of life to see you both together it’s so beautiful dream comes like true.She admires them.Ammar totally reflecting Kunj.



Ammar:let’s go for date again ?.


Kunj:stop eating outside foods now..

Ammar:Papa Than lets go to mall. I didn’t shop anything from many days.

Kunj:great than let’s go.Twinkle about to say something she stops.Kunj take the toward mall they reached mall Kunj lift Ammar, and they went inside the mall they went in kids shops.Kunj and ammar jumped on clothes.This one is nice.

Ammar:yeah.. Kunj they buy making clothes for ammar whatever he wants.

Twinkle:Kunj bas.


Twinkle:why you spend your money.

Kunj:why not twinkle on whom I’ll spend
After all than ammar. Happy had someone who can used my money you please stop.

Ammar:papa toys.Ammar take out many toys twinkle making their video they both shopping like crazies. After they sit in cafeteria. Ammar playing in side twinkle and Kunj admiring him.
While doctor just thinking about ammar he called nurse he come.

Nurse:yes doctor..

Doctor:nurse I want ammar Sarna reports as soon as possible I want to clear my doubt what I’m thinking is it..

Nurse:okay doctor..

Twinkle:Kunj now we should go.

Kunj:haa ammar lets go kunj hold the shopping bags almost kunj buy whole mall for his son.

Ammar:today maza aagya..

Twinkle:pata don’t do drama at medicine time get it.

Kunj:yes ammar take your medicine on time.

Ammar:okay mere MAA and baap?..
They come out of the car chinki who was standing near Taneja Mansion main gate she saw twinkle and ammar with kunj and closed her fist.Kunj side the car they come out.Servant come take all shopping bags inside.

Twinkle:thanks for today.

Ammar:why thanks to papa he is my papa and your patidev?. Kunj sit on his knees.

Kunj:take care of yourself okay ruffles his hairs.

Ammar: haa.. hug kunj tightly.

Twinkle:you both carry on I’m going
ammar come inside she went inside chinki just stare kunj and ammar with blood red eyes..

At night kunj and yuvi sitting together in room.

Yuvi:what doctor said.

Kunj: fine let’s see what will come in reports.

Yuvi:reports why anything is serious.

Kunj:no Yuvi just for satisfaction even I don’t want to neglect anything.

Yuvi: good so what you think about tomorrow you know kal kya hai.

Kunj:I know Yuvi kal kya hai how can I forget. The most awaited day of my life you remember how much we did fun on this day.

Yuvi:haa whole day just roaming around her.

Kunj:those days are so beautiful.

Yuvi:everything is all set.

Kunj:almost Yuvi tomorrow everyone gets to know about her.

Yuvi:still kunj we have to careful.

Kunj:hmm you see other preparations. Chale let’s sleep. They both went inside and sleep together.

Twinkle caressing Ammar hairs and thinking about kunj.

Twinkle:I never thought Kunj will love ammar this much.Happy at least he loved his son had time for him. She kissed on ammar forehead sleep took over her.

Next day ??☀️☀️..
Sunlight coming on kunj and yuvi face they wake up with a beautiful smile and open their eyes and look at each other’s.

Kunj:good morning.

Yuvi:good morning.they smirked out and run in washroom quickly they get ready and went downstairs see bebe doing aarti Yuvi and Kunj see her they Both went towards her and stand beside bebe and fold their hands and closed the eyes in front of god.

Kunj:hey god please what I wanted give me everything. Today I disclose the true of her.

Yuvi:god you know how much I love aditi and her she is the best please get her fine yeah keep my Aditi happy.Mahi come there Yuvi open his one eyes and see her shit this black-magic girl come huhu. Bebe see them and give aarti to kunj and yuvi or mahi.

Bebe: today my both handsome wake up early waha. Mahi went in kitchen. Bebe cupped Yuvi and Kunj face.

Kunj: yes Bebe today is special day na.


Bebe:haa woh toh hai but.

Yuvi:ho ho bebe now don’t be sentimental.

Kunj: bebe today I kept celebration.

Bebe: acha why kunj Usha come there..

Usha: Kunj you know today we didn’t do anything kind of celebration just for peace we donated many things in poor kids. And do pooja.

Kunj:I know Maa but me and yuvi got project na so just for that they lied..

Yuvi:yeah celebration is needed..

Bebe: okay. Do whatever you both want to do, come let’s have breakfast kunj and yuvi went near Manohar who looking at them only they both hold his hands.

Kunj:Papa today I’ll give your life.. Manohar look at Kunj and yuvi.

Yuvi:yes Manohar uncle.Today you get so happy.They hugged Manohar..

Manohar:in heart I just wish you both stay together people try to apart you both but destiny brings you both more closer.tears coming from Manohar eyes. Kunj and yuvi wipeout.

Yuvi:come.They take Manohar toward dinning table whole family have breakfast together.After than Yuvi and Kunj take the flowers’ bouquet both separately left.. soon they reached somewhere they went inside both give look each other’s and run. I’ll give first,

Kunj: nope I’ll.They entered in room and see aditi already sitting with Padmakshi.
They both went inside and sit beside her.
Happy birthday dadiiii. Give her flowers.
Happiest bday to most beautiful lady of this planet my dadi.he kissed on her forehead.

Yuvi:chal side hat. Take my flowers pinky like you babes. He cupped her face. May you stay healthy and happy for the years to come. We are all happy to have you here with us! She just looks at them.

Kunj:Love and happiness to the woman who gave me great attention and many warm hugs all these years. Happy loving birthday!♥ All those years you taught me countless lessons of life. May your birthday make you feel like an 18th years old woman my dadi they pulled her cheeks.

Aditi:bas bhi karo. So what’s the plan.

Kunj: you everything idiot.

Aditi: yup she chuckles ?. Almost everything is all set Kunj and yuvi.

Kunj:I’m just waiting for tonight.Yuvi and Aditi.Everyone gets to know there is no more secret.With wet eyes my dadi will see world he cupped her face dadi you can see everyone.How I explain my happiness.You know what I have one for you.You see Yuvi son na now see my son my one is more cuter than his ?In chuckled voice Aditi and yuvi hit on his shoulders playfully..

Aditi:acha leave this all things you both come to the point.

Yuvi: you just wait like others and see baby doll?..

Kunj:ahem ahem…

Yuvi: too go to doctor..

Kunj: very funny you both sit I’ll come.Kunj went while Aditi and yuvi look at each other’s.

Dadi: Yuvi.

Yuvi:yes dadi.. you want something.

Dadi:no kunjjj.

Aditi:your kunj is here only.

Kunj: yes doctor now tell me how’s dadi.

Doctor:kunj she is absolutely fine I start her new medicine. One more thing kunj she getting normal day by day but her past things she doesn’t remember at all.

Kunj:yeah you told me.

Doctor:now you can take her. when she see her family she will recover as soon as possible.

Kunj:thanks doctor if you are not with me today my dadi will be not good 24/7 hours you give her.

Doctor:it’s my duty Kunj..

[email protected] TM..

Ammar: mamma where is papa today he didn’t come haa.

Twinkle:why he will come everyday and what is this you mess up whole room. Mehar and abeer or chinki Vikram come there. Arey you all come.

Abeer:yup we are.They sit on side couch.

Mehar:ho shopping bags so many. What reason behind this much shopping haa.

Twinkle:koi reason nahi hai.

Ammar:this all my papa shopped for me?.

Mehar:acha Papa. Show me too.Ammar showing Mehar whatever he buy.nice ammar.Kunj taste is good.


Chinki:right kunj taste is good. She pulled ammar cheeks.


Twinkle:aw chinki mere beta hai..

Chinki:acha bachuu ?.

Ammar:you are so annoying chinki chaki?.. everyone giggles out while chinki Make faces on him.

Chinki:who told you this.

Ammar:my papa?..

Chinki:your devil father huhu..

Ammar: mamma I’m coming let me see where is your husband is busy today.. he said and run down.

Vikram:uff ammar is so naughty.

Twinkle:this all he teaches being in kunj company. Same to same.

Chinki: you should dont meet ammar with him twinkle he spoiled ammar.

Mehar:why chinki why he will after all ammar is kunj son.

Abeer:yes chinki we all see how much he loved him.

Twinkle:haa lost in her thoughts about kunj.Chinki at least kunj loved his son unconditionally due to his illness he become so hyper.

Chinki:you forget twinkle what he did with you I mean.

Twinkle: I remember each and everything I never forget what he had done with me. But he is very nice towards ammar.You know if I stop him to meet with ammar he had many way to meet with him. Jitna shida he look utna hai nahi.

Chinki:who knows better than me.

Mehar:when will your baby come ?.

Chinki:abhi kaha..

Twinkle:how’s others at home chinki

Chinki:everyone is good twinkle.Did anyone come from Sarna Family here.

Twinkle:why they will come..

Chinki:this kunj and yuvi is so cheap see twinkle here kunj saying he wants you but other side maya staying with him only more that Aditi don’t know from where she come mahi didn’t like her always behind kunj and yuvi.

Twinkle:mujhe kya karna hai whatever he did it’s his fine I’m out of his life if he stays with maya or Aditi.

Abeer:But Aditi is very sweet.


Chinki:characterless girl.

Twinkle:Chinki what happened to you.


Mehar:Arey Twinkle this saree is so beautiful. Kaha se li..

Twinkle:woh Kunj ne di when he shopped for ammar so he bought for me this. Chinki see the saree and Mehar teasing twinkle she gets burned like anything Clutch her duppta. Fumed like anything.

Mehar: Twinkle kuch bhi bolo he really loves you?.

Twinkle:aise pyaar ka kya mehar.

Vikram:you get cards Kunj kept party tonight.

Abeer:yes.Why he kept party today.

Mehar:let’s enjoy after so many days later we get happiness. Chinki get up and went.

Twinkle: don’t know what happening this chinki nowadays.

Mehar: leave na people get jealous to see your happiness.

Vikram:she’ll not she is her bestie.

Mehar:you never know and can’t say anything vikram.Ammar who waiting for kunj. He went to Sarna Mansion and giving voice to kunj.

Ammar: Papa pa.usha and maya come there and see ammar.

Maya: why you come here haa.

Usha:yes you bad blood.

Ammar:Matlab dadi.

Usha:I’m not your dadi wadi.maya held ammar hand about to jerk him just than there Yuvi come and see this.



Yuvi:what is this maya how dare you do this with ammar.

Maya: I’m just showing him door.

Yuvi:hoo first you see this house not yours.

Usha: even not yours as well.

Yuvi:even you too usha aunty I mean he is your own son( son..) this is house is ammar’s as well. And you come with me pidhi he lifts him and take him in kunj room.
Ale this big big tears in sadu son eyes.

Ammar:my Papa isn’t sadu..

Yuvi:this name given by your mamma ?.
He went in balcony and stand there only. Romir come.

Romir:Arey Papa put him down he did same with me.

Ammar:??. Sorry. He lifts Romir as well in his one side.They both cuddles Yuvi tightly. Where is my papa.

Yuvi:your papa is busy.Twinkle come in balcony and see ammar she gives smile mehar and abeer joint her. Both ammar and Romir pulling Yuvi hairs while he smiles and enjoying.ahaaa kunjjj.

Ammar: no one will come to save you.

Romir:yes papa. We both pulled your hairs fully like mamma ??.

Yuvi:don’t went on your tuti futi mamma.

Mehar:hehe they look so adorable.

Twinkle:in very less time ammar get great bond with kunj and yuvi na.

Abeer:haa.They both resemble their fathers fully. After sometimes later at night. Twinkle getting ready for party.She wears the saree which given by kunj to her. Ammar come who wearing suits. Looking hell cute he sees twinkle whistling on her.

Ammar: ho ho mamma looking hot ?.

Twinkle:even my baby too.

Ammar:you wear this look more beautiful. He tell twinkle do this and that she about to tie her hairs.No mamma open your hairs you look more beautiful.

Twinkle: okay mere baap.She remembers something. Flash day twinkle and Kunj going for party twinkle getting ready she makes bun of her hairs Kunj come there and look twinkle. Kunj see how I’m looking kunj see her head to toe.

Kunj:hmm one thing isn’t perfect.

Twinkle: what tell me my Make is fine. Than what. Kunj went near her pulled her hair bun clip her hairs falls on her shoulders he combed her hair with his fingers.

Kunj:now you look perfect.

Twinkle:why you open my hairs haa.

Kunj:because you look more beautiful in open hairs.??.. she come out of the flash back.

Twinkle:even he too find me beautiful in open hairs.Twinkle let her hairs open she takes her one part of hairs on front.Twinkle wearing royal blue saree in different way she carries she didn’t take her palu from in front but from back she sleeves sliver shimmering blouse making her more gorgeous.She held ammar hands and went down.

The party was in lavish hotel.The arrangement was very elegant and beautiful. Guest started coming while Sarna Family reached the venue.Kunj call all richest families of Amritsar and his all business colleagues.Usha see the


Usha:what’s the need of this all things this kunj just wasting my money.Huhu.

Bebe:aww see everything is so beautiful.
Taneja’s and abeer or Mehar too arrived as well mahi mother family too.

Mehar:wow.. the party seemed interesting twinkle.

Twinkle:hmm but why so suddenly he kept party.

Mehar: look at you twinkle you looking boom in this saree today damn sure kunj will be die???.Twinkle hit on her arms.

Twinkle:Hatt.. cheetan look at Rt he meet with him and Leela formally.While Mahi looking at twinkle even Chinki as well.

Usha:this kunj call this people’s as well.
Other side in room. Nurse bring dadi in new Indian salwaar suit Yuvi and Kunj see her get so happy to see her in this. They went near.

Kunj:everything is less in front of my dadi. They both together kept the duppta to on her shoulders Make her ready with their hands.They both look at her hugged her tightly.


Kunj:haa dadi.

Dadi: why this all..

Yuvi:Arey dadi today is your bday na so we celebrate.

Kunj:you stay with her till we didn’t come.

Nurse: yes sir they both went downstairs they see all guest has already arrived. Kunj busy in his watch twinkle eyes went on him and see kunj who looking damn hot.Girl eyes light up to see him.Kunj wearing blue shirt with black pant and coat with bow tie.And Yuvi too wearing suits black looking handsome.


Aditi and Daee jaa come they look them.Kunj went to meet with his guest.Mahi come to Yuvi linked her hand around Yuvi arms.Aditi see this her face drop down. Yuvi look at Mahi. Free his hand.

Yuvi: Mahi.

Mahi:Yuvraj looking so hot my hubby lock her arms around his neck Aditi turned her face.

Yuvi:excuse me Mahi. He went in side while all the way Yuvi admiring Aditi and she too or Twinkle kunj.

Twinkle:today Sadu looking really handsome I must say.

Mehar:uff twinkle Kunj looking killer ?. Both wearing same colour outfit ho ho.

Twinkle:so what.. Aditi went to kunj and side hug him.

Aditi:kunj looking great my BF pulling his cheeks while Kunj too this seen by everyone. Yuvi joint them keep his arms around kunj.

Daee jaa: today my three stars shinning like anything.

Yuvi:thanks Daee jaa. Aditi hmm.

Kunj:yes looking beautiful.

Yuvi: kunj where is your wifey. They joint their hands together cherish their purest friendship.

Noor: what is this Mahi why this Aditi always around Yuvi.

Mahi:what I’ll do mom.Kunj turned his face finding twinkle. He sees Leela and rt greet with them.Fuzail and Kunj share a hug.
Abeer and Mehar come..

Abeer: kunj party is really amazing.

Kunj: thanks enjoy. Kunj looking here and there Abeer and Mehar understands.

Mehar:what happened finding twinkle??

Kunj:In not sense haa. No no.

Mehar:I know ???.. Kunj turned his face and his eyes falls on twinkle who standing in side and talking with girls as soon as kunj see her he just freezes to see her beauty she look damn hot.

Kunj: my mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you.. I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.Wow she look like an angel.He closed his eyes and again open this seen by Chinki and maya.Kunj take steps toward twinkle.His eyes just freeze on twinkle beauty.Twinkle see Kunj she gets blushed the way he look at her. But didn’t show him. Chinki standing near twinkle.Twinkleeee..

Chinki:twinkle come let’s sit.

Twinkle:haa she about to go kunj held her hand she stops and look at him.

Kunj:you go Chinki.


Kunj:excused me.Yuvi and Aditi sharing eyes locks.Chinki take Twinkle b*t*h.

Usha: kunj why you call this twinkle haa why you kept this party I mean.

Kunj:why MAA she is my wife and I’ll call her’ll get to know the reason excuse me. Ammar and Romir come.

Ammar: papa.

Kunj:ammar.. ?.. he sits on his knees. My baby looking so cute.

Ammar:even my papa too..

Romir:haa my papa too..

Ammar: papa did you see my mamma she look hot?.

Kunj:Acha your mamma getting Tashan. Come with me he holds his hands. Shekhar come Yuvi and Kunj rushed towards him.

Shekhar: waha Kya arrangement hai. Yuvi and Kunj both together hit on his stomach playfully.

Kunj: today DGP pumpkin pie looking ahem ??.

Yuvi: whom you want to kill today still single I mean..

Kunj: finding his female pumpkin. Ammar and Romir touching again and again his tummy.

Romir:Papa what is inside of this.

Ammar: I’ll tell you. Lil lil puppies inside in this Yuvi and Kunj burst out in laugh so loudly everyone gets surprised and look at them.

Yuvi:wow what a answer man..

Shekhar: huhu where is your mother haa.

Kunj:here is his father tell me but he is right I mean puppies is right.They make fun of Shekhar. Okay sorry sorry Shekhar uncle come.

Ammar:bho bho In puppy voice ??..

Shekhar:your son went on you kunj.

Ammar:yes any doubt ??.this twinkle seeing from far.Shekhar went towards Bebe and meet with her he is Sarna Family old good friend.Kunj and yuvi take the mic.

Shekhar: why this party my boys..

Kunj: today you got your bestie.

Shekhar: sorry.

Yuvi: wait na..

Kunj:good evening everyone thanks for coming here today..

Yuvi:to become the part of our happiness.

Kunj:yes it’s wonderful to see you all.

Yuvi: you all thinking reason of this party.

Kunj:the reason is very huge.Today is very simple day for my entire family.

Yuvi: sometime we didn’t have reason to get happy but god gives you many reasons to get happy we didn’t see it.

Kunj:For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.On this beautiful day I lost someone but god is great he can return back as well. Like is very simple we Itself make it complicated.

Yuvi:You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes. When life took one reason from you he gives thousands reason to live you back he looks at aditi with love eyes.

Kunj:If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it..he looks at twinkle and remember what he had done with her.I missed you for too long, in too many ways, that it became just another part of me; engraved deeper into my heart with the passing of time. I would wake up, stretch, breathe, and miss you. They told me to let it go, to let you go, and I would say You cannot simply will your heart to stop beating, that no matter how long you hold your breath for, you cannot hold it forever, and I could only stop missing you if I stopped being myself entirely.” He said with teary eyes.Oh I’m sorry for blaming you For everything I just couldn’t do And I’ve hurt myself from hurting you Twinkle understand his words she look down try to control on herself.Leave this all things so this party for my lovely lady. To celebrate her birthday.

Yuvi:most the prettiest lady in this universe ever purest person.Who just knows how to smile make others.

Kunj:today I’m introduced you all with someone.He gestured ammar Aditi brings him to kunj. Lights was little all don’t know something about me.Twinkle get confused what kunj try to do.So my all beloved ones meet with my son ammar Kunj Sarna he said loudly all get surprised to know this twinkle get up in shocked. You all must be surprised to know this yes everyone he is my own son.Everyone should know about my son.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes I’m accepting in front of everyone he is my son.With full of respect and rights.Usha cursing.Leela and Rt get so happy. I made mistakes many now try to correct just. I’m really sorry ammar till now you grown up without your father. Proudly I can say I’m his father. ?. Manohar get so happy to see kunj with ammar.Twinkle sit in happiness. Finally Kunj said in front of everyone.

Yuvi:now come to the main motive of this night.After this see this you all must be got surprised. Wait a second.All lights went off.

Usha: what is boys doing.

Anita:yes.. everyone waiting eagerly slowly slowly dim lights starts Yuvi and Kunj coming lights went on their face only they both holding dadi from her shoulders carefully.They come down from staircase as soon as slowly slowly lights went on padmakshi her face didn’t come fully.They stop in surprised crackers blast. All lights soon as everyone saw her get shocked hell more Sarna Family.Usha and Bebe or Anita and surjit the seats and just look at her only.Manohar get shocked to see his mother in front of his eyes.. Bebe: maaa.. Kunj and Yuvi can see this.

Usha:mummy ji??.. in deep shocked.

Kunj:so meet with padmakshi Sarna. Others get confused in Tanejas some of as well.My grand mother.All get surprised dadi.. Shekhar look at her only.

Shekhar:Padmakshi ji?.she was famous face at her time she was very biggest business woman at her time people sacred to work with her.

Yuvi:the celebration just for her birthday.
Kunj and Yuvi make her sit on her wheel chair.. and take her towards family Bebe come near her and look at her.

Bebe: Kunj.

Kunj: yes Bebe.

Bebe: I mean yeh MAA..

Yuvi:haa Bebe. Bebe cried almost to see her Surjit consoled her.

Bebe: I mean MAA toh..

Kunj:I know bebe we all thought she was die, but she is alive. Usha couldn’t believe on her eyes.

Usha:mummy ji zinda hai.. how can.

Aditi:why Usha aunty.. Bebe hugged her.
Manohar drenched in tears kunj see this he sits on his knees take dadi hand keep in Manohar hands.

Kunj:Papa see my dadi in sad voice.Dadi look at Manohar.Yuvi wiped Manohar tears.Your MAA is alive I know you are so happy. But can’t show.Dadi see Bebe and papa aur MAA Usha drenched in sweat.. dadi look at Usha closed her eyes. She didn’t say anything.

Bebe:what happened to her Kunj.

Kunj:I’ll tell you all later.She didn’t remember everything actually.Usha get deep let me meet her with others.Yuvi and Kunj spin the wheel chair slightly.They take her toward Shekhar. Shekhar was her right hand always with her. When she died he was the one who almost verge of death.lo pumpkin pie your sweet and beautiful friend he pushes the chair near him.

Shekhar:don’t kidding with me she is real padma..

Yuvi:you can touch her.. Shekhar touch her get shocked.

Shekhar: means she is alive.

Dadi: kunj and Yuvi.

Kunj:haa dadi see your best friend who become now big pumpkin ??.Shekhar get emotional to see her.

Shekhar:I m so happy today to see her I mean what I’ll say. In these years I miss you each seconds.To lost friend like you it’s very huge loss.she gives him unknown smile.

Kunj:bola ta give you back..


Yuvi:now do our work fast tit for tac.

Shekhar:where she is.

Yuvi:everything you asked now only haa.

Shekhar:why she so quiet.

Kunj:she didn’t remember us.

Aditi:expect than Yuvi and Kunj now..

Yuvi:how can she forget me after all I’m his favourite.Romir and ammar looking at her with big big eyes. Kunj gestured them they come.

Ammar:papa who she is??

Kunj: she is my dadi.

Romir:your dadi..

Kunj:yes and yours great grand dadi..
And dadi this my son see I told you na he cute more than Yuvi son ???..

Romir:Huhu.. mamma ko bulau,

Yuvi:na.ammar and Romir touch her feet’s she smiling.Everyone meet with her.After they all stand for cake cutting.A huge cake come.Kunj and Yuvi hold her hand take the knife bow the candles many crackers fire..everywhere her photos sliding show they cut the cake feed her little than Bebe.they put lil on her face Amman and Romir too.They eat and making their hands dirty.. Kunj take the cake went towards twinkle.

Twinkle: kya..

Kunj:cake aur KYa.

Ammar:MAA eat very tasty ?..

Twinkle:ugh ammar what is this.Kunj eat cake to twinkle.Dadi looking at everyone.

Ammar:mamma meet with my great grand mother ?..

twinkle:Haan.I never know about kunj grand mother. Usha come near her she scared..


Kunj:I’m here only dadi,, bebe and Surjit sit beside her. Kunj and Yuvi putting cake on Shekhar face fully ??. Ammar and Romir come from back and put cake over his back. Both dancing in happiness Leela and Rt giggles out to see this twinkle to Ammar and pulled him.

Twinkle:ammar ?.


Kunj:haa Mera baby?.


Hiya:they are so bad aunty..

Ammar:shut up b*t*h,.Twinkle take him in side and wiped his face and hands.while guards around dadi…

Yuvi:let’s enjoy guys.. spotlights on.Yuvi take mic and act like singing ?.

Aditi:you can’t.Aditi throw mic at Kunj.He catches it.. Kunj take Aditi while Yuvi have to Mahi. (Song play in Bg)
Woh rang bhi kya rang hai
Milta na jo tere hoth ke rang se hubahu
Woh khushboo kya khushboo
Thehre na jo teri saanwari zulf ke rubaru
Tere aage ye duniya hai pheeki si
Mere bin tu na hogi kisi ki bhi
Ab ye zaahir sar-e-aam hai, elaan hai
Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu (x2).
they all dancing in song romantically Fuzail twirl twinkle Kunj got twinkle while Yuvi Aditi.
Twinkle look at Kunj he pulled her toward him his hands went on her bare back.while twinkle hands resting on Kunj chest. They both moving their legs.

Kunj:looking gorgeous twinkle happy you wear this saree..

Twinkle:so what don’t get any ideas.

Kunj:Kyu.their face is very near
Uljhan bhi hoon teri
Uljhan ka hal bhi hoon main
Thoda sa ziddi hoon
Thoda pagal bhi hoon main
Barkha bijli baadal jhoothe
Jhoothi phoolon ki saugatein
Sacchi tu hai saccha main hoon
Sacchi apne dil ki baatein:.

Twinkle:leave me I don’t want to dance with you.

Kunj:see today I did what you wanted tell in front of world ammar is my son.

Twinkle:so what you are late Kunj If you not accepted him I don’t care.

Kunj:Teri problem kya hai man..

Twinkle:Meri problem tum ho get it.. twinkle see maya who looking at them only. Go to your maya leave me please.

Kunj:your clock stop at maya only. Here I’m trying to talk to you but see you. Did you get court letter.

Twinkle: very bullshit letter I’ll stay with you very funny. I don’t want divorce.

Kunj:greater than. He move his hands on her back twinkle closed her eyes. Yuvi and Aditi romancing in Darkness. Kunj back hugged twinkle rest his chin on her shoulder and kissed on her shoulder twinkle clutch the saree….

Twinkle:kunjjj.he makes turned she looks at him.They can listen each other heart beats..

Kunj: you smell great twinkle.still same.
He side her hairs rubbing his nose on her bare collar bones.Twinkle leave the dance floor went in side.Kunj went behind her. He held her hand take him side room.He closed the door and pinned her Against the door. Twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle: Kunj what are you doing it..

Kunj: see twinkle now you take enough footage.why can’t you understand man I want you back.

Twinkle: why can’t you understand this no no means no. Let me go. She about to Kunj pulled her with jerk and held her hand twist on her back. Ouch Kunj you hurt me..

Kunj: what about you twinkle. Now you play with my emotions.

Twinkle:I’m playing really haa..

Kunj:now I’ll not let you go take you and Ammar with me at any cost..

Twinkle:in your dreams.. ammar will never go.

Kunj: again filled his ears Against me like that day.

Twinkle: why I’ll fill it haa.

Kunj:when did I abused him you tell him everything wrong yeh toh Teri Meri Baath ti na why you take him.

Twinkle: I didn’t tell him anything.

Kunj: how he come to know.

Twinkle: go and asked your maya she and your devi mother told him.I didn’t get it I’m not like you if I wanted to filled wrong in his mind for his father I do it long back. Now you feel this much happy what happened to you that day when I told you about baby.

Kunj:when you told me.I call you numbers of time you didn’t pick my calls go and asked Chinki.

Twinkle:why I’ll ask Chinki haa. Why you now behind me go to maya she is your life I’m nothing.

Kunj:are you mad twinkle..

Twinkle: you tell me I cheat you truth you cheat me you enjoy with that maya how you will remember about me and your consummation.

Kunj:I’m with maya when I cheat you twinkle I never in these years I didn’t think anyone apart from you.

Twinkle: do you think I’m mad that day I saw you and maya with my eyes Kunj Chii just week passed away that incident you Romance with maya haa. Kunj totally get confused.

Kunj:what nonsense you speak I’m romancing with maya what a joke man. She is just my childhood friend twinkle we don’t have anything like this I never saw her with that eyes.

Twinkle:even me and Vikram is childhood friends he treats me as his sister what you people said haa.First that Alisha.I don’t care you do whatever you want but listen one thing today I’ll not forgive you and never come back to you.. today you accept ammar don’t know what you will do with him one day. Kunj get shocked tears escaping from his eyes.

Kunj:you think this ill hurt him.Don’t forget I’m his father.

Twinkle:I know nameless father.Your own mother calling him bad blood and whoreson.. Kunj closed his fist.

Kunj:just shut up your blo*dy mouth. If you speak one more word no one will be worse than me.. ab tu dekhe ammar will go with me only.

Twinkle:whatever.Kunj turned his face fuming in anger he takes the vase and break in his hands twinkle see and shocked.He looks at twinkle than broken glass vase piece. He takes in his hand twinkle get confused.

Kunj: I’m asking you last time twinkle.. if not than.

Twinkle: what if not than i..

Kunj:I’ll end my life here only.


Kunj: I’m serious. If you are not in my life than no reason to live now.he takes sharp piece of vase.

Twinkle: Kunj don’t become mad please leave this.You’ll get hurt your wounds doesn’t heal..

Kunj:i don’t dare.. he tries to cut his wrist twinkle try to snatch the glass piece.

Twinkle:leave na baba kunjjjj.blood Oozing from Kunj hands.Kunj didn’t leave twinkle slap him out he gets shocked.What you try to prove you love me haa like this you get me never back’s your highly mistake. Kunj pulled her.

Kunj:Acha than let me die when you don’t care about me na..

Twinkle: grab his collar no so early and easily Kunj Sarna the way I suffered you’ll too one day.I’ll take my revenge back from you.She looks at his hand take in her hands.Kunj jerk her hands.. Kunj look at her with furious eyes. Their face inch part. Jaane do mujhe Kunjjj.he move towards her she went in backward Kunj pulled her on bed both fall down on bed.. Kunj what you doing. He come top of her.removed his tie and coat. Throw it in side look at twinkle.

Kunj:I can’t live without you. Nuzzles his Face in her neck she side her face. Closed her eyes.

Twinkle:mat karo it will just give you more pain nothing else chhdo mujhe.. Kunj kissing on her neck wildly biting her neck. She moan his name.He removed her earring side her palu from neck kya kar rahe ho. He rests his forehead on her forehead. Tear drops falls down on her face.

Kunj:one last chance please.. twinkle look at in Kunj eyes while he too with hope of Ray.She closed her eyes tears escaping from her eyes too. Her hands went on his nape Kunj kissed over all on her faces he kissed near her lips corner twinkle moving her face here and there.Kunj cupped my face Kunj tears drops falls on her lips.Kunj sealed her lips with his. Sucking her upper lips his hands travelling on her bare hands.Both nibbling each other lips. Twinkle caressing Kunj nape hairs Kunj bitting twinkle lips and making the kiss deep and deep she open her mouth Kunj entered and playing with her tongue showing his anger through kiss twinkle didn’t stop let him do.In between kiss i love you.sorry Twinkle.he leaves her lips bend down lil kiss on upper of her cleavage area rubbing his nose twinkle clutch his hairs tightly. Kunj give love bite on her collar bone and kissing on her arms moving his hand on her tummy which fully open. Twinkle pulled him cupped his face her hands near her ears backside..

Twinkle:why you do this haa did you think you’ll get me due to this all things’ no kunj.This making difference between us. That’s it understands. Give me divorce starts your new life kunj. He linked their fingers.

Kunj:nahi karni mujhe why don’t you start before than me.Let me too see new father of my son. She turned her face kya hua.!

Twinkle:choddo ab everyone must be waiting for you..

Kunj:let them.. I’ll put whole world in front of your feet’s twinkle just say yes.

Twinkle:I don’t want world and these moneys i wanted you but now no.. I think you must be drink.talking like drunker!

Kunj:giggles out nope after see you pene ki jaroot nahi hoti.he cuddles her tightly rest his head on her chest.ammar finding twinkle and Kunj. He bang the door.

Ammar:mamma papaaa??.

Twinkle:kunjjj ammar leave me.ammar entered in room.Twinkle try to get up but kunj didn’t.Kya hua why you cry come here. Ammar went on bed.

Ammar:that Chinki aunty is not good she always hurts my cheeks see he show his cheeks twinkle see fully become reddish..

Kunj: why..

Twinkle:I’ll see her later my baby.Ammar lay on twinkle she caresses his cheeks.and kissed on his cheeks.Kunj held twinkle hand.They stay like this only feeling so good.Ammar slept so quickly kunj get Yuvi calls.He gets up..twinkle place ammar on bed composed herself Kunj fold his sleeve.
What everyone will think about us she takes her palu from front now hide love bite.

Kunj:so what…

Twinkle: kaha lo Iss ko I can’t in this saree.

Kunj:oder Mat de,he lifts him and they went out of the room.Kunj give ammar to his guard..

Yuvi:where are you man haa.. he looks at him than twinkle. Ahem ahem..

Kunj: bas kar..

Yuvi:shameless man you busy in your make out.. twinkle looking down.

Kunj:chale.he wears his coat and went towards everyone.dadi calling Yuvi and Kunj with her hands they went towards her. She tries to get up.

Yuvi:aaram se..

Kunj called servant and bring food for her.
Yuvi talking with her while kunj feed her food with his hands.Leela looking at them.

Mehar:aww.twinkle sit beside her Chinki see twinkle face. Her neck fully red.

Yuvi: this kunj is so bad dadi.Kunj wiped her face.

Kunj:haa.They both hold her hands make her stand on her feet’s.She stands with lots of difficulties.Yuvi slowly swirled her.Yuvi pagal hai kya..

Yuvi:you leave her now.he lifts her in his arms and swirling so fast she laugh wowwwwww.Kunj just see them.

Aditi:he become mad.

Kunj:he is already today more.twinkle take ammar he sleeps in her arms. Blabbering in sleep kunj name.

Usha:how can she alive in that accident she dies.after sometimes later party get over.With full of care and love kunj and yuvi take her in car.. soon they reached to Sarna Mansion.They come out of the car.

Kunj:see dadi your real house finally we come.They take her inside she look everywhere..

Yuvi: let dadi rest.

Kunj: right. Kunj shifted her near his room he occupied all necessary things in room. They take her inside.Now dadi sleep okay. She lay down nurse give her medicines. They went downstairs.

Bebe:now tell us kunj.

Kunj:I can’t say everything yeah just few things I can..she didn’t die that day in farm house blast she run, and she met with an accident she was in hospital past from many years.

Anita:you get to know about her.

Kunj:Daee jaa saw her she told me.

Usha: when you get to know about this.

Kunj:passed from 4 years..

Bebe: what and you didn’t tell us in these years.

Kunj:I’m sorry bebe she is in semi Coma she is under treatment when I find her she is in worse condition in these years doctors giving her best treatments so now she gets fine lil and please don’t talk to her about anything she didn’t remember most of the things and treat her like a baby her mind of stage in this condition only.

Yuvi:don’t force her.we bring her here just because she stays with us.everyone went in their respective rooms..

Yuvi: kunj who is behind her from our family i mean.

Kunj:it’s just a start my bro wait and watch just.We said dadi didn’t remember whoever is get relief just. And we have to alert for her now let’s go they changed their clothes and went to her room and see she sleep they too sleep there only on sofa cam bed.Usha come there and see her.

Usha:good mummy ji didn’t remember if she remembered than my exist card Kunj pass quickly.Why she is alive. She went from there..

Like this two and three days has been passed kunj and yuvi fully busy in dadi.. they didn’t went anywhere..
normal [email protected]

Ammar playing in garden he felt dizzy he holds his stomach and suddenly started crying.

Romir:kya hua ammar.

Ammar:kuch nahi.
Kunj get call from hospital he talks to them. Kunj received ammar reports.

Kunj:finally ammar reports comes.I’ll give to twinkle and let’s see what come in his reports. Chal na Yuvi. I’m getting bad vibes.They both went to Taneja Mansion.
Twinkle ammar reports..

Twinkle:what come in his reports..

Kunj:I didn’t check..

Twinkle: let’s check na kunj..

Kunj:yeah he open the envelope and open the report he read the report get shocked. His floor slipped from his shoes..

Twinkle:Kunj kya hua… bolo na.

Leela: haa.. Kunj received call from doctor. He listens what doctor said now hell.

Kunj:Twinkle ammar..

Twinkle:what ammar you kill me by this look kunj bolo fast.. tears come out from kunj eyes and reports falls from his hands. Twinkle get scared to see kunj. She grab his shirt. Bolo na..

Kunj:in broken voice twinkle ammar reports come negative.

Twinkle:what negative tell me fully. He hugged her immediately.. all get confused.

Kunj:Twinkleeeee ammarrrr.. ko

Twinkle:kya ammarr ko..

Kunj: ammar ko cancer hai ?. As soon as Twinkle and other heard all get shocked she pushes kunj.

Twinkle: what rubbished you were talking haa..

Yuvi take out the reports and see he too shocked.

Yuvi: cancer..??.. Leela and Rt shocked..

Twinkle: you both playing games with me ha cancer isn’t fun. My ammar is absolutely fine.. she too see the reports Nd throw it in side. Kunj sit in side in shocked.

Yuvi: kunj is right twinkle.

Twinkle: no no???. Kunjj this reports isn’t true how can ammar have cancer. See him he is all okay I’ll call him. Ammar ammar.. twinkle behaving like mad.. Kunj closed his eyes and look at her hold her tightly from her shoulders.

Kunj:twinkle calm down.Please.

Look at me maybe these reports are wrong.Don’t do like this. Ammar come down he blink his eyes.He stopped and started doing blood
Vomiting.Everyone looks at him twinkle and Kunj rushes to him.They see blood coming from ammar nose, and he does blood vomiting. Ammarrr.. he gets unconscious in kunj hands.

Twinkle; ammarrr???. To see blood their half soul already jerked out.Kunj carry him they rushed to hospital only.. soon they reached doctors admit ammar. Twinkle crying like anything Mehar and Yuvi consoling Kunj and twinkle.

Mehar:these reports are maybe wrong.

Kunj:haa twinkle again we’ll do his reports. Doctor didn’t conformed.

Twinkle:Kunjj.. after sometimes later doctor give discharged Ammar Leela and Rt with others take Ammar home they give him injection.
soon doctor come. The doctor was same only.

Doctor: mr Kunj Sarna please come in my

Kunj:hmm. They went inside the cabin both sits.

Doctor: ammar report come..

Kunj: what is this doctor I mean how he get unconscious and blood coming from his mouth..

Doctor:what I’m saying now you both please be strong.

Kunj: doctor please say fast.. already we are afraid..

Doctor: I already doubt on ammar when I see him and you told me about him. But I wanted to assure my doubt that’s why I told you do his test and I wanted his reports as soon as possible.

Twinkle: he is fine.

Doctor:if I’ll say this I’m making you both idiot, you both see the’s true Kunj and twinkle Ammar suffering from cancer.Twinkle hold Kunj hands..

Twinkle:can.:.cer. Your reports is wrong doctor cancer no no..

Doctor:I know it’s tough for you both. Your son is very small but it’s a hell truth. He had Leukemia blood cancer.Common leukemia signs and symptoms include:
* Fever or chills
* Persistent fatigue, weakness
* Frequent or severe infections
* Losing weight without trying
* Swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen
* Easy bleeding or bruising
* Recurrent nosebleeds
* Tiny red spots in your skin (petechiae)
* Excessive sweating, especially at night
* Bone pain or tenderness.
* And ammar having this all he felt chill one second very soon heat too he sweats at night specially.ammar is cancer patient Kunj and twinkle could not believe on their eyes.

Twinkle: please doctor don’t say this.

Doctor:I can understand your you go and see him I give him injection. I wanted to start his treatment as soon as possible.

Kunj:doctor again please check.

Doctor: Kunj at least you understand. Twinkle went out of the cabin. You have to be strong Kunj for your son and wife. This is bitter truth.You come to meet tomorrow.

Kunj: haa.Kunj get up and went outside see twinkle crying like anything he went towards her.Twinkleee she looks at him and hugged Kunj ??..
episode freezes on their crying face..
Phewww.. I come again early yup??.
So how’s the episode hehe..
Hoo???Ammar cancer???? OmG..
I hope you all love the episode give your views this specially for yashu di?.
My third ff silver jubilee omg I’m so happy.
Thanks for your support and love towards this story I really really overwhelmed by your love and comments. You all are so sugary ???.. love you all back..
congratulations myself finally I reached here. Now what will Kunj and twinkle do a very big storm blast in their life their baby is suffering from cancer what next destiny planning for them???????.

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