Episode 6..

After haldi today is mehndi function..
so all girls along with bride sitting and applying heena while twinkle health not well so she just sitting in side like a lifeless girl.Maya applying mehndi while kunj sitting beside maya making twinkle get jealous. While with heavy heart twinkle see them and liquidated her blood..

While Kunj went from there he walk just than he bumped with Mehar she holding ammar in her arms..

Kunj: sorry.

Mehar: it’s okay.. my baby are you okay. Ammar face covered in his blanket..

Kunj:sorry I really i spoiled your baby clothes. Because kunj having cold coffee in his hand while collided with Mehar coffee falls down on ammar..

Mehar:it’s okay..

Kunj:thanks.Mehar went from there while Kunj too.So nice girl.didn’t like that siyappa queen.

Twinkle was in garden sitting alone playing with flowers. One man busy on phone he was talking to someone I think she is really important for him that showing on his face the way he talking. He turned his face.

Man: okay baby I’ll talk to you later. He saw girl who sobbing that vision didn’t come clearly.. who she is crying here let’s see her. Make her happy as I used to do for my bestie twinkle.He went near and twinkle wiping her tears that man see her face and get shocked didn’t belive on his eyes what he saw right now..

Man is really in deep shocked he look at twinkle fully hell jerk to see her in this condition he don’t know whether he got happy to see her and moreover find his bestie in this condition.

Man: twinkiiiiii…in shivering voice.. twinkle heard her name and look up..


Man: yes me vikram yes that man is all must be confused what he doing it here in this wedding so guys vikram come from girl side because that girl is vikram father long time friend daughter.Twinkle got up from bench..

Vikram went near twinkle with shivering hands he touch twinkle face didn’t believe that she is really here or it just a dream and imagination of him..

Tears coming from his eyes vikram touch twinkle cheek and feel her while twinkle closed her eyes.why destiny did this with her only.

Twinkle: vikram 😭😭😭.. while crying..

Vikram: Twinkle 😭😭😭.. vikram immediately pulled twinkle in hug.twinkle hug him tightly she needed someone to take out her pain..

Twinkle: vikram 😭😭😭😭.. she crying really hard in his embrace while vikram caressing her back.. Kunj and yuvi going out they stop to see twinkle and vikram..
they see twinkle and vikram busy in hug.

Kunj closed his fist to see them this much closed.Yuvi look at Kunj face and understand.

Yuvi: let’s go.. while Kunj didn’t moved from there.. vikram broke the hug and twinkle weeping badly her whole mouth shivering like anything.. vikram cupped her face and wiped her tears while weeping twinkle tears his hand shivering just because of their closeness today twinkle standing that was pure like brother and sister but this world f**king people make dirty with their words he know they are pure but he know he is boy that didn’t affect on his character much more than on twinkle because she is girl even married.

Vikram:Twinkle don’t cry please.. twinkle just looking at vikram face while vikram in her eyes he can see twinkle pain in her eyes everything is crystal clear in twinkle eyes. Twinkle twinkle eyes  speaking how she is it wasted of time and why making her wound again wet..and everything written on her face what she bearing now.. most important and first question comes in mind after see twinkle how she survived.. like dud water tap tears coming from twinkle eyes  same that dud water tap you can’t closed just water coming out same with twinkle but not water it’s tears.. twinkle red eyes and her dull face making vikram die.. vikram nodding his head to not cry twinkle now while twinkle too nodding that it’s very hard for her.. this tears automatically come out from her eyes they just slightly accommodate in twinkle eyes when twinkle eyes see her beloved ones they can’t stop just flowing down.. at least these tears are with twinkle they didn’t lie that it’s tears of happiness but tears of pain at least they didn’t giving her fake tranquilize but showing her truth which is! Twinkle can’t control on her self she again hugged vikram tightly cuddled him.. this enough for kunj to lost his sense but yuvi take him from there.

Yuvi:kunj calm down why you reacting so much..he look at Yuvi and give him look..

Kunj: really Yuvi why I’m reacting can’t you see what going on in front of my eyes.I till yet thinking that may be she is right I’m wrong somewhere but today what I saw everything clear.. I’m wrong thinking about her due to her I didn’t sleep properly don’t know in this year when I sleep Yuvi. After leaving her to me she take my everything my peace everything I’m just broken soul. That nobody can’t see it why???.. Yuvi I love her lot why she did with me kaha me kaam raha gaya ta Twinkle ko  khush rakhne me I give her everything. I planned so much for us but she wanted this now she showing she is in pain f**king nonsense Yuvi she is happy with that vikram can’t you see the way they both hugging each other in our marriage she didn’t let me touch her even I never try to do give her time. Wanted first we fall in love for each other but this never happened she finished everything I wanted to live my life with her but she wanted to with that vikram that she doing it.. see she is with her love still not happy fully this is what she getting after betraying me Yuvi this is her punishment god is great he didn’t leave. He just taking my revenge from her.

She is with me we staying in one room as a husband and wife still we didn’t share a husband and wife relationship. Because she making love with I’m idiot never cross my limits after becoming her husband never ever force with her always giving her what she wanted.see what she give me in return.This is right ladkiya just

Running behind this twinkle is on top. Maya and Mahi come there and see kunj roaring face.

Maya:kunj.. he saw them and immediately clear his tears.

Maya:let’s go..

Yuvi: yeah.. they sit in car while Kunj on driving seat.. Mahi wanted something so they going for shopping Kunj just looking straight just twinkle and vikram face running in his mind.. he driving so fastly..

Maya:kunj araamse please..but Kunj didn’t listen her.. soon they reached mall. They went inside maya hold kunj hand. Kunj see her but he didn’t back his hand remember twinkle and vikram hug he hold her hand more tightly.

Mahi:you both do your shopping till than me..

Maya: okay privacy hmmm..

Mahi: kuch bhi😛😛.. they went in different direction maya finding something for herself just than Kunj see baby shop.. he remembered how today she spoiled that baby clothes he went inside the shop. Seeing so many clothes are there.. Kunj see this smile appears on his lips.he started looking clothes for ammar.
Kunj see one cute dress for baby. He take in his hands.

Kunj: it’s so cute.. if I had baby than for him I’ll buy this whole shop. But I don’t have.Maya finding Kunj where he went.
Kunj take clothes for ammar.I spoil that baby clothes so this needed.. Kunj do the payment he hide the bag and went back to maya.

Maya: kunj where were you went.??

Kunj: not anywhere just I got someone call.

Maya:someone means??

Kunj:maya now you concentrate on your shopping..

Maya:I did already just finding you don’t know what happened to you kunj..

Kunj: let’s go see what this husband and wife doing it.. they went down and see mahi and yuvi busy having ice cream.. Mahi act like baby this kunj see and laugh out. She exactly doing like twinkle Kunj remember same scene and their moments which making him laugh loudly maya see him..

Maya:twinkle from where she come?? Maya just look at Kunj his face colour really changed shinning like old Kunj..

Flash back.. twinkle and Kunj come for shopping..after long hours Twinkle shopping done.Kunj just holding her bags.

Kunj:I think you buy whole mall today.

Twinkle look at Kunj face and give him look. My whole money gone..

Twinkle: acha you only tell me to come for shopping.. she face drop down kunj see this..

Kunj:Arey I’m just joking twinkle ab Meri ek hi biwi whom I spend my money only on you na.. sorry.

Twinkle:okay don’t do this next time..

Kunj:yes my twinkle.. now let’s go MAA will scold us.

Twinkle: true.. just than twinkle eyes went on ice cream shop.. Kunj I wanted ice cream.

Kunj: acha okay lets have ice cream today. They went to shop. Kunj take all bags and keep it on table.. so Mrs Sarna which ice cream you wanted..

Twinkle:hmm let me think while thinking ice cream twinkle making puppy and cute faces which adore by kunj he give smile to see her.Twinkle one smile is enough for him..which immediately vanish Kunj stress his world started smile.. even he don’t know why this happening with him every time Twinkle smile had some power. Kunj I wanted chocolates even strawberry too.

Kunj: okay my queen anything else..

Twinkle:no mr Sarna just your saath.. to finish my ice cream with my hot temper Sarna.

Kunj: kuch bhi people didn’t believe when they see me with your what I’m with them. Totally opposite..

Twinkle: that’s true after marriage with me you improve little bit that’s sure kunj. I love this so much she pulled his cheeks.. Kunj make irritating faces..

Kunj:Twinkle don’t do this yaar im not small baby do this with your baby.. twinkle stop and look at Kunj suddenly he take baby name.. she looking here and there try to avoid their awkwardness which come between after baby name.. Kunj see this I’ll bring ice cream you sit okay..

Twinkle: hmmm.. Kunj went and bring ice cream for twinkle he sit in front of her..

Kunj: take your ice cream okay with double favorite.

Twinkle:thanks she take and happily having ice cream with naughty and cute faces Kunj just lost in her cuteness. Hmmm take kunj..

Kunj: no I’m fine..

Twinkle: Arey thoda..

Kunj:okay twinkle feed him ice cream.. both enjoying ice cream.Kunj passing jokes twinkle laughing loudly like manic her laughing sound echoing in kunj ears like beautiful tune.. flashback end but Kunj

Still laughing till now Yuvi and Mahi come back. Yuvi look at Kunj and found him lost in his own thoughts.. he snapping the finger Kunj come back in real world from his old and beautiful world.

Yuvi:where bro are you lost come to planet..

Kunj: haa you both done..

Mahi:yeah let’s go mom must be waiting for us.They went outside and sit in their car and left for resort..,,

Other side vikram take Twinkle in side first he make her drink water and wiped her tears fully correct her hairs which become dry no life in them..

Vikram: no more tears past from one hour I saw you just crying why you crying this much..

Twinkle: vikram what I’ll do..

Vikram:Twinkle where have been you went haa yaar I find you like a crazy person everywhere  where is possible but from everywhere I come back empty your family leave Amritsar what reason come twinkle that much I know my twinkle isn’t this much weak..

Twinkle:vikram reason very big reason I have because of me and him My whole family decided for us to leave Amritsar.

If I’m alone vikram I can fight at least somehow but with him I can’t whenever I saw him first feel so bad that I love his father than feel hell petty for him because of me and us he too suffering somewhere.

While vikram get confused for whom twinkle talking about we???.he leaves me alone when I needed me most.Where he leave me still left inside me something his part.He didn’t think about us still too..

Vikram:I didn’t understand twinkle what you mean by this all.. twinkle look at vikram..

Twinkle: vikram I’m talking about my baby.

Vikram: what baby??how twinkle I mean..

Twinkle:I know vikram it’s shocking even for me too when I know.. but when I got to know this beautiful news in my worse time of life.yes vikram I was pregnant with kunj child. After that night I got to know about this kunj baby is in my womb I was shocked never thought about this.

Vikram:still he didn’t believe on you twinkle.

Twinkle:that’s why I didn’t went to him he is my baby.. just because of ammar MAA and Papa take me away from here..

Vikram:good Twinkle you went from here.

How you come here again.Twinkle narrate him everything how she saw kunj here and his family. Twinkle you have to be strong now you have reason..

Twinkle:I don’t have any reason to live vikram after him I totally break down..

In starting feeling like just come to him and give his blood to him. But I can’t vikram how I give him birth only I know still suffering to see him.I thought at least not kunj but his baby with me but he increase sometime my pain more whenever I saw him kunj reflecting in him vikram.

Vikram: so do you wanna kill him haa😡

Twinkle: no vikram how can I kill him. If I can’t kill kunj after what he did with me still I love him how can him he is innocent what he did in this all between us he just grinding.I can’t live without my baby.

Vikram: look at me twinkle today listen my words he cupped her face see twinkle you have your baby. God gives you as a gift. Kunj is very unlucky he is unaware about his own blood baby. Who will be unlucky

More than Kunj he can’t see his baby so poor this is his punishment Twinkle one day in life he regretted lot when he come to know about don’t cry I’m with you in all path of life twinkle I’m hell shocked too see your condition.This must be kunj condition not where is your baby don’t you show me.. twinkle smile.

Twinkle: yeah I’ll show you.come with me..

Twinkle take vikram in her room.Twinkle open the door and they went inside the room and see baby peacefully laying down on bed playing itself with his legs.
Mehar was busy in phone.. vikram sit.. vikram look at baby he smile.Twinkle take baby and place in vikram hand.You play with him I’ll come..twinkle went in washroom.

Vikram take ammar properly in his hands and he look at baby face.. he was amazed to see baby..

Vikram:he is really carbon copy of kunj man.That same eyes and face totally Kunj reflection inside him.twinkle is right..
Ammar look at vikram and started crying.
Arey baby don’t cry.. just than twinkle come there and laugh to see vikram face expression..

Twinkle: don’t scared he is like this only.

Vikram: see your son how much he crying.

Twinkle: hmm he just happy in those arms whom he used too if in any random one takes him he started crying like this only.

Vikram:you mean baby can sense his beloved ones.


Vikram:what his name?? Twinkle take baby back to him..


Vikram:beautiful name…

Mehar: Arey Twinkle when you come back. She look at vikram.

Twinkle: mehar he is vikram my best friend and vikram she is my cousin..

Vikram:okay.they sit together and have coffee.twinkle is happy now little bit normal we can say.Rt and Leela entered in room.And find vikram and surprise vikram meet with them and they both see twinkle find her happy somewhere,.

Rt:Twinkle you give him after come to here I didn’t got chance to play with my little son..

Twinkle:take him.Leela and Rt take ammar with them..

Vikram see twinkle hand find its empty she didn’t apply heena..

Vikram:Twinkle why not you apply heena.

Twinkle: no

Vikram: why.. ???

Twinkle: for whom I’ll apply vikram you know I didn’t like very Much for whom I used to apply just for his happiness.

Mehar: why??

Twinkle:because he used to love mehndi

On my hand just for him I apply.Like a bride he didn’t like my empty hands.

Mehar: why not now twinkle??at least for yourself

Twinkle: jiss ke liye I apply he is not with me I just apply his name heena on my hands now no need. When I apply mehndi first time only his name and last too after him I never ever apply.. jab tak me hu uski hi naam ke mehndi laugi nahi toh nahi. Now it’s impossible and I hate him don’t wanted his name color on my hand..

Mehar: don’t love someone this much twinkle.

Vikram:Leave this all let’s go down guys.

Vikram take Twinkle and mehar downstairs there everyone was there.
Kunj see vikram and twinkle together..
twinkle and vikram sit in side and talking about here and there..

Noor:kunj puttar please take this mehndi and give to usha ji..

Kunj:sure aunty..
Kunj went and give heena Bowl to usha But he looking at twinkle and vikram mistakenly mehndi out on kunj hand.That he don’t know.. after sometimes later twinkle feel thirsty so she get up and went to take water from other side kunj coming.

His mind isn’t on place.Twinkle and Kunj bumped with each other’s twinkle about to falls down kunj hold her from her waist.

Both shocked for this sudden collapse. Both just look at each other eyes.After see them seemed like that they just waiting for this moment they meet with each other no matter how but to see each other nearly..
ocean of tears comes in their eyes.. without blink they looking each other..

Both today take breath properly which just lacking.Just like when a patient need oxygen mask when he didn’t take breath properly after he get relif what he feeling actually that same  Kunj and twinkle feeling right now.their heart get least for some minutes they get relief. Kunj hand mehndi applied on twinkle hand which they don’t know.. they heard noise both

Come in Sense and look at each other’s. And there position as well kunj remember vikram face he composed themselves and leave twinkle with jerk and went from there in anger.While twinkle too. Later everyone sit for dinner.Chetan bring twinkle and make her sit beside riya and Abhay and tell her have her dinner with them.Others making faces those burned.

Abday:Twinkle have..

Fuzu gesturing her relax he is here only.

While everyone is inside only Kunj who was sitting in garden he roaming here and there because from since he saw twinkle with vikram he didn’t feel good.Mehar sitting with ammar while ammar is in his baby stroller.

Mehar:okay you take care of him I’ll come after have dinner. Rt call nanny for ammar for some days..

Nanny:yeah I’ll. Mehar went from there.

Nanny get call she went in side.Now ammar is alone he was just playing with moon itself.Kunj was passing from there his eyes went on ammar. He smiled and went near him sit.

Kunj:I baby.. ammar only one small baby here.hows you sorry I fall coffee on you and spoil your dress too. Ammar look at Kunj with his tiny eyes and started smiling. Kunj see he looking at moon. Hoo baby even you too playing with moon even I used to still I whenever I’m alone.Ammar started crying because moon hide under clouds.Kunj take him in his hands.He immediately stop.Awww so cute baby soft like toy I’m not less than you😛😛..

Ammar:ahhaaa😛😛😛.. Kunj look at ammar and find himself in him..

Kunj:you are so adorable baby your parents must be lucky they have such a cute baby.Kunj kissed on ammar cheeks and forehead.Ammar pulling kunj hairs while Kunj laughing loudly which make him too laugh loudly.Kunj take his toy and take near his face and clang which make ammar really laughing with open mouth.
Kunj doing this ammar continuously laughing in end itself kunj stop because he laugh lot.Kunj make his videos in his phone Some.Ammar make kunj cheek wet with his saliva but didn’t care he just enjoying with and feeling connection with ammar that he don’t know. Kunj about to put ammar back in his stroller but he don’t want to go again started crying.

Kunj:haa mere baap don’t cry. You don’t want to go back to your stroller don’t worry I’ll not keep you.what we both do now haa.

Kunj lifting him in air and hold him back ammar enjoying it unknowingly he spending moments with his father. Kunj remember that he brought clothe for ammar which in his car. He went to car and take out bag and back to place.

Kunj:see baby this I bring for you. Did you like it haa.


Kunj:good it’s suits on you. Mehar come there and see kunj and ammar she smiled and shocked to see ammar with unknown man he was happy..

Mehar:I’m shocked to see him he is so happy.

Kunj: why??

Mehar:that he didn’t cry in your arms.

Kunj:good baby is happy with me..

Mehar:hoo See Him Naughty boy..

Kunj: take this I bring for him. Mehar see and look at Kunj.

Mehar: but how can I take..

Kunj:take na please in morning I spoil his dress I Itself find this for him.

Mehar:thanks. Mehar about to take ammar from kunj. While ammar catch kunj shirt tightly with his tiny hands..

Kunj:baby go to mamma..
after so much difficulties Mehar take him forcefully.. ammar started crying.

Mehar:I’ll make him wear this clothes.
Mehar make ammar wear the clothes Kunj see him and he looking more beautiful in this clothes kunj loved it.. ammar just crying Mehar taking him inside while still ammar looking at Kunj from back his head on Mehar shoulder Kunj give him flying kiss.

Kunj:kash babaji he is my baby I’ll never leave him alone I feel so good play with him.

After sometimes later in twinkle room. Twinkle see ammar clothes.

Twinkle:this clothes..

Mehar:haa twinkle ammar new friend gives him.

Twinkle:acha he make friends too. Twinkle take ammar. He didn’t drink milk from long back. She try to feed him while ammar moved his head in side didn’t wanted to drink milk. What happened to him.Ammar teasing twinkle very badly twinkle get irritated with him.She take him and walking in whole room to make him normal Still.Twinkle went her balcony see there all boys playing cricket even fuzail too but not in kunj and yuvi team.. ammar eyes went on kunj and he started smiling.. twinkle see this and get shocked and surprised as well.What did you see ammar which makes you happy haa. Ammar rest his head on twinkle shoulder and closed his eyes after sometimes later twinkle check he is in raw sleep she went inside and give him milk he started drinking and just than twinkle eyes went on her hand and see mehndi on her hand.When this comes on my hand than twinkle remember this happened when she collapsed with colour nahi aane dugi.she try to remove. Twinkle stoping to feed him while ammar started babbling in sleep.Twinkle stay back and she closed her eyes she don’t know when she falls down in sleep..

Episode end…


In precap: kunj singing song which make twinkle crying lot.. finally everyone got to know about ammar is twinkle baby boy Mehar. What there reaction will come..

So here is quick promo for my lovey readers some of wanted promo from me so I’m giving here for you all..take..quick and short glimpse of what happened in next.

Narrater life is not too short so you can end up for one person your life..

Well, it’s true. No matter how tough life has been and may seem, the best thing to do is to keep moving forward, even when it hurts with the assurance that you are not alone. God is there,…Kunj and twinkle can’t become one they are very far from each other like a moon from earth without each other’s they are incomplete even twinkle and Kunj too. Aur kitni kasuati se
Innke pyaar ko guzarna padega..

Life give one more chance to live let’s see how twinkle will live and understand important of life and what she had right now. Time will be change but people will not story will be same on whom started but only they aren’t together how they come together..

One lady holding hand of one boy.. they walking around beach..

this small step did bring happiness in twinkle life.

New life new twinkle kesha hoga but ek power full MAA will fight with this world.

Hi everyone quickly write it down episode for you all so here is your episode.. read and comment I write in hustle and bustle 

Almost less than in 2 hours no proof reading.. let ready to see twinkle young with full power..  bye love you all last time comment nahi toh no episode..

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