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One week has been passed away after bone marrow reports save ammar doctors clearly says that twinkle and Kunj have to give birth a baby to save ammar this is a last way to save him there is no other way in medical..

Twinkle who was shocked after knowing about this and doctor Mittal try to understand her that she has to do this today or tomorrow as well at any cost how much time she’ll waste it will be worse for ammar.Her heart doesn’t willing her to do this and to take this step.Which is very toughest decision for her ever…

While Kunj doesn’t talk to her about this topic he just went to Taneja Mansion to meet with ammar and he tries to talk to some other doctors as well if any other way to come out good for them.After that Kunj and twinkle can’t main their eyes contact kunj doesn’t look at into her eyes because he had little guilt today this situation come in their life most in ammar just because of him if he didn’t do anything in his past today this problem not come in their life if this come than at least they both can solve this together this decision maybe not difficult for Twinkle like today..!!

#Normal [email protected]

Kunj was sitting with doctor along with Yuvi.He talks to manu doctors about ammar case..

Kunj:doctors if any other way..

DR:see mr Kunj Sarna we check your son all reports and his treatment is absolutely correct there is nothing is wrong. Whatever your doctor give you advice for your son case it’s best and there is no other way firstly his parents bone marrow doesn’t match it’s the last hope but sibling bone marrow 100 percent match.Most important your son is in starting stage don’t wasted your time more once everything went out of your hands than it’s quite difficult now everything is depended on you people.already it’s take 9 months.Kunj look at Yuvi he held his head totally become blank don’t know what to do now he never felt this much helpless in his whole life.. Think last..

Kunj:thanks doctor he take file went out of the hospital while Yuvi behind him.

Yuvi:Kunj stop.Kunj sit in car Yuvi run and sit beside him kunj starts the car in full speed Yuvi get scared to see him his eyes fully under tears and lower eyesight become fully red he just seeing straight rapidly turning the car here and there. Wow kunj bro stop the car control on your speed please.Kunj didn’t listen he drive like a mad from opposite direction bus coming kunj see now speed not under control somehow Kunj stop the car with sudden jostled. Kunj rest his head on car steering. Kunj are you mad just now we met with an accident haa.

Kunj: kya karu me Yuvi I’ll become mad fully I didn’t getting what happening to me actually Yuvi here doctor clearly say this is the last way to save ammar other side twinkle.

Yuvi:I can understand you kunj but you

Both thanks to god he give you people chance think about others they didn’t get chance to save you both can save ammar but you both giving more important to your own matter.

Kunj:what I’ll do in this I can do everything whatever in my hand to save ammar.

Yuvi:pata hai go to twinkle make her understand this you both not doing this for your own selfs but to save your son kunj parents can do anything for their kids you both can’t do this haa what kind of parents you are think about your baby forget your past whatever happened closed it at least for ammar think once. Don’t blame afterwards to god he give you enough time.tears escaping from kunj eyes.

Kunj:I don’t have guts to talk to twinkle about this matter Yuvi I can understand her pain.Again come with me it’s really tough for her.Yuvi hugged him wiped his eyes.

At Taneja Mansion twinkle doing her work Leela and Rt went towards her.they sit beside twinkle.Twinkle look at them.

Leela:Twinkle why you doing this haa.

Twinkle:what I have done MAA.

Rt:Twinkle we know you and can understand your pain as well. But this is not the way.

Leela:yes she take her hand in hers Leave everything twinkle beta think about ammar day by day his health getting worse last night only he get unconscious in bathroom. Dr ne bhi bola hai.

Twinkle:haa doctor just saying one thing baby from where I’ll get baby haa.

Leela: Twinkle you can give birth haa. She look at Leela with tears eyes.

Twinkle:MAA I can’t do this it’s very difficult for me to think about this. Me aur kunj nahi MAA once again I can’t. This thought shake me fully once I get hurt again I can’t.

Leela:fine but you can getting to lost your son.

Twinkle:MAA I can’t how you can say this.

I already lost my one baby I can’t lost ammar MAA.If any other way to save him I can do everything expect than this MAA.

Leela: your own pain is very big important than my ammar haa MAA duniya me kuch bhi kar shakti hai apne bache ke liye and you can’t do this simple thing we know about you but still twinkle right now ammar is more important than anything.

Twinkle:MAA me kunj ke saath I cant stay.

Rt:we didn’t say you to stay with him we need baby for our ammar. And you are enough matured twinkle he get up and went from there.

Leela:yes twinkle your papa is right chahiye kuch bhi ho end of the day only you and Kunj save ammar. She get up went out of the room leave twinkle in deep dilemma..

After sometimes later ammar playing with Romir at Sarna Mansion garden. Ammar get tired he started breathing heavily and suddenly doing blood coughing Romir get shocked to see this.

Romir: ammar what happened are you okay na..

Ammar:hmm he sit down and hold his stomach and winching in pain loudly.AHA.

Just than Yuvi and Kunj car stop they come out of the car and heard screaming voice they both run backside of garden and see Romir screaming ammar name while ammar crying like anything they both get shocked and run toward them.

Kunj:ammar.. he sit and take him in his arms kya hua..

Ammar:pa ????.To see ammar Romir started crying Yuvi consoling him ammar screaming loudly.

Kunj:ammar shh don’t worry ammar slowly slowly closing his eyes and his whole body become cold he Lose his body to see this kunj get shocked well worried about him.ammar ammar he patting on his cheeks.Yuvi and kunj take him hospital immediately soon they reached hospital blood oozing from ammar mouth and nose continuously flowing like water.Kunj screaming doctors name soon nurse come operate Ammar in ICU Room kunj called Doctor Mital he immensely come went to check ammar other side kunj itself become weak he sit in side chair in shocked Yuvi sit beside him.Rest his head on his shoulders.

Yuvi:don’t be kunj.

Kunj:Yuvi you see him.Dr Mital checking ammar due to extreme pain his ribs which uncontrollable for him his screamed voice coming till out side.Doctor give ammar injection he having breath problems so he breathe with an oxygen mask.A drip injected in his hand. Doctor went out of the icu room as soon as kunj see doctor he and yuvi rushed to him.Doctor my baby.

Dr:kunj calm down.

Kunj: how I can doctor.

Dr:come with me he take them in his cabin they sit.See kunj today if you didn’t take ammar to hospital so you almost lost him.


Dr:yes kunj any second went Than you can’t see your son.Don’t know why you and twinkle can’t understand kunj.Don’t think you’ll save him and he is starting stage so don’t worried sometime in Leukemia Kunj a patient can die anytime you can’t get time to think.Firstly his body not supporting to handle this pains and he already had blood issues if like this his blood flow than what you will do haa.You taking this case very easily today his just in deadline.Now do fast.

Kunj: how he is now..

Dr:I operate him for some hours under my observation now I give him chemotherapy injection so.He went from there.Kunj and went out of the cabin and both see ammar throw icu door small glass window see ammar who connecting with many machines his breath sound echoed.

What a terrible feeling to love soemone and not be able to help them.Kunj eyes stuck on ammar just..

Kunj:I am so angry with myself because I cannot do what I should like to do, and at such a moment one feels as if one were lying bound hand and foot at the bottom of a deep dark well, utterly helpless.Tears flowing from kunj eyes Yuvi see him he didn’t told him.He went to bring water for him while kunj get permission to see ammar he went in icu room wearing face mask ammar didn’t get any infections Kunj sit beside him he see his small hands injected fully with drip.He kissed on his hand.Tears falls on ammar hand.Kunj kissed on his head yeh kya ho raha hai mere ammar ke saath I never thought one day I’ll see him here. I can’t Lose him.Yuvi come and see kunj.He gestured him he went outside.

Yuvi:kunj we should in formed twinkle.

Kunj:no need of this you go and tell her doctor didn’t allow anyone to meet with ammar so tell them don’t come to hospital after sometimes later I’ll bring him till than I’m here with him..

Yuvi:okay calls me if you need any help. Yuvi left.

Twinkle finding ammar everywhere she asked servants about ammar.They said they don’t know.Where this boy went his medicine is now..

Leela:maybe he went to play let him he’ll come.

Twinkle:still MAA.

Rt: he is with kunj only don’t worry.

Twinkle:is fine if he is with kunj he can handle him better than me..

Leela:don’t know about this if he fulfilled a husband all duties but a father

responsibility very well Twinkle.Twinkle look at Leela think about kunj.They all sit for dinner finished their food Yuvi entered there he went towards dinning table they get confused to see him here.

Twinkle:Yuvi tum..

Yuvi: haa twinkle I come here to in formed you something.

Twinkle: what Yuvi ammar and Kunj isn’t here.

Yuvi:I know twinkle ammar is in hospital right now. As soon as they heard it immediately leave the seats and get up.

Twinkle:what hospital me kab keshe haa.

Yuvi:Twinkle I cant say anything right now only this he is fine now and doctor kept him under observation so kunj was with him in hospital.

Twinkle: you people didn’t in formed me haa.

Yuvi:this happened so quickly we didn’t get time to react.

Twinkle:I want to go hospital my ammar.

Yuvi:you can’t twinkle doctors strictly deny to meet with ammar anyone due to some issues so no one can’t meet with him.Don’t worry kunj hai waha uske saath

As soon as that chemotherapy is over kunj doctor discharge ammar.

Twinkle:he is so bad didn’t heed to tell me once about my son.

Yuvi:don’t worry he went from there twinkle sit and crying.

Fuzu:di don’t cry I’ll call jiju and asked him about ammar.He dial Kunj number his call coming out of the range.

In icu room kunj come back to ammar he take out his coat and keep it in side.He see ammar still he is unconscious.He didn’t have anything simply sit beside ammar and rest his head on pillow near ammar face.His hand resting on ammar chest while ammar slightly hold kunj finger.

(You can’t change the pain you suffered in the past, but You can do everything possible to prevent the pain you might suffer in the future.)later

Twinkle call Doctor Mittal he received her call and talk to her about ammar normally he didn’t her about his current condition at this time.

Twinkle: how he is now uncle.

Dr:he is fine twinkle now.Wait I’ll show you. He went in icu room and do her video call

He show twinkle ammar.Everyone see ammar laying on bed in very terrible condition to see him like this they all felt

So bad fuzu and abeer hold twinkle hand while mehar consoling her.They see kunj too who sleeping beside ammar.Dekha twinkle don’t worry you’ll meet with him tomorrow.

Rt:see him and please in formed us.he end the call twinkle sit down and started crying.

Mehar:Twinkle please don’t cry..

Twinkle:keshe nahi mehar See my son.

Leela:still twinkle think again.. they went in room only mehar and abeer was there.

Abeer:yes twinkle why don’t you take the decision.

Mehar:Twinkle we all know your condition.

Twinkle:mehar and abeer you people know how much I suffered in this years now I toh babaji give me happiness at least after apart from kunj my baby is with me see this new storm entered in my life this pain babaji can give me why he choose my baby.

Mehar:even babaji give you chance to save ammar.

Twinkle:that way is not easy Haa I don’t want to see kunj face and here doctors and everyone saying me to have another baby.You know for that me…

Mehar:we know each and everything but at least for ammar see today kunj he was with his son he doing whatever is in his hands twinkle.Think about ammar he is last existence of your and Kunj..

Right now you aren’t a wife you are a mother of ammar leave everything in side twinkle.Think like as a mother when you can bear so much pain to bring kunj babies in this world what so difficult today

This pain toh you bearing since the day start .

All I can say you have to taken a decision fast in this situation don’t know twinkle if you lose your another baby like last time they both husband and wife get up and went in room.Leave twinkle in deep shocked she closed her eyes that horrible few seconds which snatch her few hours born infant.

She thought happiness come in her life with two hands fills her godh with two blessings that was surprised for her unexpected.There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared.

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins but life doesn’t give her this chance god give her twins but didn’t let her enjoy this two blessing comes in her life in one time.she let her eyes flow.she sit there and think about everyone whatever they said her.

At midnight in icu room kunj wake up with jerk he screamed slightly MAA..
he open his eyes and find himself in hospital and realised than see ammar who sleeping peacefully he kissed on his forehead he feel ammar had fever now he covered him with blanket fully.

He went out of the icu room let nurse stand there till he didn’t come back.He went in canteen and bring coffee for him.He back to icu room and sit in side couch.looking at ammar kunj phone his phone and see ammar baby time photos than suddenly one photo has come to see this kunj get emotional.he cares the photos in photo two twins baby sleeping peacefully in her mother lap. He cuddles his phone.

Kunj:life is so strange na maago toh woh dedeti hai jiss ka kabhi tumne Socha bhi nahi hoga aur kabhi woh leleti jiss ko tum dena hi nahi chahte ho.kabhi nahi Socha ta I’ll have baby when I met with him felt so familiar when I came to know he is my own baby in one time my life open all arms for me but immediately turned my happiness in pain.tears dropping down ammar blabbering mamma and papa in sleep.Kunj went towards him and check ammar he started breathing heavily he immediately calls doctor they come and see ammar he become fine.due to medicine he blabbering and he can’t handle those heavy dose so his heart beats getting fasts.Whole night kunj standing on his legs his eyes become stone.

#Next day in morning doctors come and check ammar again till now chemo dose is over!

Kunj:Doctor why he didn’t get conscious

Dr:kunj due to chemo dose he is dozing off

Kunj:nothing to worry na doctor.

Dr:nope chemo is normal. for chemo you have to come when we’ll call you.

Kunj:sure doctor..

Dr:you can take him..

Kunj:yeah. Kunj went and did payment.

At Taneja Mansion twinkle was worried about ammar why not kunj didn’t come back everyone handling her make her have food..

Mehar:Twinkle why not we have ammar favorite food he gets happy to distrust her

Mind she said. Somehow twinkle get ready they both went in kitchen with heavy heart she does.

Kunj done all formalities he went to in icu room.Nurse didn’t removed the drip from ammar hand due to weakness he need glucose so that nurse will come at home and apply there only due to drip injection ammar back palm fully get swollen.Nurse changed his clothes kunj carry him in his arms in sleeping position. He went out of the hospital little anger in his eyes for twinkle after ammar condition still she gives more importance to her pain that was justified at her place but now things had Changed it.She can’t think about her pain only even ammar suffering more than her he fights with his life.he sits in car driver driving the car Kunj was sitting with ammar at back seat.Kunj caressing his hairs.

Kunj:mere bacha.. soon they reached.

Twinkle:this didn’t come now I’m going hospital he didn’t answering my calls.

Leela:they will come twinkle why you so worried.Kunj come out of the with

ammar he went inside kunj entered with ammar twinkle see and rushed towards them kunj coming towards them only.

Ammar was sleeping in kunj arms twinkle see his face which was fully turned into whitening grey colour..

Leela:kunj beta he is fine na..

Kunj:hmm MAA I’ll come.

Twinkle:why he sleeping.

Kunj:I’ll tell you everything he went upstairs goes in room.He places him on bed and covered ammar he went downstairs.

Twinkle: Kunj didn’t tell me anything what happened to my son haa.

Kunj: he is fine twinkle..

Twinkle: you didn’t in formed me about ammar. You take him

Kunj:is it important and I don’t have that much right that I can’t take him to hospital without..

Twinkle:mene aisa kab bola Kunj.

Kunj:yeah my mistakes.Kunj went to Ammar and sit beside him twinkle went in room.

Twinkle:Kunj kya hua. Ammar

Kunj: he is in under chemo dose effects. Leela and Rt or others too come..


Kunj:doctors has starts his

chemotherapy from now.

Rt:nothing is serious na kunj.

Kunj:serous toh hai hi haina.Don’t tease him let him sleep how much he wants.

Kunj said this he gets call from Yuvi he picks up the call. Haa Yuvi.

Yuvi:kunj here dadi calling you..

Kunj:I’m coming you handle dadi till now.

Kunj went for Sarna Mansion Twinkle sit beside ammar and caress his hairs look at his hands.

Twinkle:mera baby..

Kunj went to dadi room and see her she was sitting with gloomy face he went towards her and sit beside her Yuvi holding medicines and water glass.

Kunj:Hayy Meri dadi MAA kya hua.

Dadi:in baby way see this Yuvi kunj he gives me medicines.

Kunj:acha you have to take these medicines.Kunj take medicines from Yuvi hands usha come there dadi see him getting scared of her.Arey dadi he gives her medicines in her way she takes.

Yuvi:kunj what doctors said how’s ammar.

Kunj:he fine didn’t get conscious.

Yuvi: your Australian clients has come for meeting.

Kunj:please don’t talk about this all with me now I’m not in mood. You see dadi please I’m very much tired.

Usha: giving trouble yourself just for that boy. Kunj see her with narrow eyes.

Kunj:MAA woh ladka mera apna beta hai. He didn’t argue with her simply went in his room get freshen up thinking about ammar.

Leela:Twinkle you stay here with me..

Twinkle:yeah MAA..

after sometimes later kunj went to Sarna Mansion to check ammar even Romir too went with him.

Kunj:Twinkle ammar wake up or not.

Twinkle:nope kunj till now he just sleeping.Kunj went to room with Romir they see ammar..

Romir: Chachu what happened to him.

Kunj:he is ill na. Slowly ammar open his eyes didn’t get clear vision my baby wake up.Tears automatically coming out from ammar eyes kunj wiped.Ammar try to get up but due to weakness he can’t kunj help him.

Ammar:aha papa..

Kunj:haa.Twinkle come in room.

twinkle:ammar you wake up great.

Ammar give normal smile.she cupped his face and kissed on ammar forehead.

He rest his head on kunj chest..

Ammar:aha my body.. ??..

Kunj:chalo vanished your laziness get up let’s get freshen haa.


Ammar:no I’ll not..

somehow twinkle and Kunj take him in washroom give him bath after bath get get ready they went down ammar blinking his eyes.Twinkle bring breakfast for him.Ammar feeling nauseous he get up and hold his stomach and throwing up there only all get shocked little blood in the vomit.Kunj already knows because doctors tell him after chemotherapy causes.Ammar started crying.

Ammar: mamma ??..

Kunj:ammar don’t cry.He clean his face and take him in room.Twinkle run behind them. Ale mere baby ko kya hua.

Ammar:Papa why my body paining this much I can’t bear this.he sobbing twinkle seeing this kunj consoling him.

Kunj:haa papa knows let’s have something.

Ammar:kuch nahi Khana..???.. twinkle run down can’t see his son.. Kunj feed him something he had with force he give him medicines after nurse come and injected him.Ammar laying down on bed ammar sobbing slightly in pain slowly slowly he closing his eyes.

After screaming voice echoed in whole mansion they all felt so bad.Kunj went downstairs.

Twinkle: at least tell me na what doctor tell you haa.

Kunj:now you are so worried about him haa she get confused..

Twinkle:what do you mean by this kunj.

Kunj:acha you didn’t understand he held her elbow.Don’t show this emotions if you cared about him than you just adamant on your decision haa. Listen this maybe your pain is heal now.

Twinkle: what..

Kunj:I’m saying right twinkle you were saying na I’ll get punishment of my sins haa today I’m getting whatever I have done with you wrong through my son with wet eyes and in Sad voice.Yuvi come there along with Aditi… but twinkle your way is very rubbish haa. Don’t you see ammar condition Arey pata hai mujhe it’s difficult for you I’m your culprit twinkle not he why you doing this at least thing about your son. You know what yesterday he almost in that position he can die.Doctor clearly say if everything went out of their hands than it’s impossible to save ammar and moreover they even don’t know in Leukemia he can die anytime.Than sit and happily because your own pains is big than my son pain.You can’t get ready for this because of me na than why you give birth to my baby ammar hai toh mera hi beta na twinkle aaj tujhe uske baap ki jaga Meri jaroot hai.I accept everything your pain and haters is justified Twinkle but what ammar has done in this all. When you get to know about baby that time only you destroyed my blood in your womb only today at least he didn’t bear this all things. I’m the one who hurt he didn’t hurt you.You are his mother na kehte hai a mother can see anything but she can’t see her baby to suffers she can fight with anything. What type of mother you are haa tears escaping from their eyes. Duniya me do hi Maa hogi aeshi ek woh Meri Maa hai she can’t see my pain she just knows about herself didn’t cared about her son happiness I’m thinking only my mother is selfish with me but today my son mother is same wow.. mother is fighter who can fight with everyone for their kids didn’t let anyone harm their babies.He held her from her shoulders tightly and shaking her.Aur ek tu hai Meri Maa jeshi I can understand my Maa toh because she isn’t…? Closed his eyes but why you.twinkle don’t waste the time you’ll lose ammar.You have problems with me swear of ammar I’ll do whatever you want if you want na I’ll never ever used rights of my on ammar being his father and went away from your and his life at least save him.

At least try na.don’t play with him. Twinkle didn’t said anything just listing kunj even others as well they can feel kunj pain.Kunj turned his face and take deep breaths he recalled ammar pain.

Kunj:cupped her face in anger listen to me twinkle if anything happened to my son than don’t think I’ll leave you nope.

This is my promise.He take her in room in anger they entered in room nurse went out of the room.Kunj shut the door with jerk he pinned her towards side wall.Twinkle looking at him with tears eyes.He hurting her hands.

Twinkle:ouchhh kunjj.

Kunj:hua na dard aise hi mere bête ko bhi ho raha hai.They both look at ammar who winching in pain slowly while sleep.tears flowing down from twinkle eyes.

Twinkle:you hurting me.

Kunj:yes I’m hurting you can’t you see my son pain haa..

Twinkle:what I’ll do kunj.She turned her face and cuddles the curtains and sobbing.Kunj went near her he back-hugged her locked his hands around her waist.Even he too cried.She rested her head on his chest.Kunj resting his face near her face.Both hissing baldly..

Kunj:why you doing this haa can’t you see ammar pain twinkle hum kho dege Humhare ammar ko apne dard me..

doctor ne clearly boldiya hai this is last way.

Twinkle:I know this kunj but it’s not easy I mean see at least through my eyes you didn’t let anything for me if today we are standing just because of you.

Kunj:I know everything you are right at your point.We both did mistakes that night na whatever happened between us no matter if we did with our will or not. It’s not matter or not important. Ammar is sign of that night.He didn’t do anything we are wrong when we know our path didn’t let us connected in one knot.We don’t have any right to make a another life.whatever happened twinkle between us let be in side.For our sake we can’t do this with ammar life..

that night make us one and ammar is the existence of that night today he was in front of us.mat kar please.Mere pass Kuch Nahi hai ab khone ko already my life take many things from me I can’t see his pain it’s really tribble for me to see my son like this.He make her turned room light was off kunj look at twinkle. He cupped her face she look at him.

At least tell me what you have in your heart.

Twinkle:what I’ll tell you kunj haa.. what you have done with me that pain didn’t let me take any step kunj. Today you saying me that I’m what type of mother thing about you haha that day everyone abusing my baby “OUR” and you let them and give me name of characterless girl is it fine kunj you never think once day I cried lot begging in front of you. I m innocent that pictures are fake Kunj but you didn’t trust at me your mother didn’t left any second attempt to abused me you were saying me I didn’t tell you about my pregnancy and I should abort my baby just because you na. If he is your blood than Kunj he is my too he developed in me.You didn’t said a utter word to you mother and that peoples who abused us.You forgot everything in some seconds you exclaimed na that you love me and ammar kunj where you went that day in Mumbai your mother again abused me and she didn’t left my baby.

Still she doing same Kunj.. I was mad in your love kunj you know after ammar birth I didn’t like to see him why whenever I saw ammar face your face come in front of my eyes that words echoed in my ears. I’m selfish Kunj haa I’m not selfish mother I know his pain and can understand as well. I’m scared what about you can deny anytime to accept my babies they are yours if your mother stops you once you did with me now I don’t have any strength to bear those pain again and again in my life.

You saying I can’t see his pain and my pain is big than his kunj.Nope you don’t know anything when he is in my womb what pain I bear that you don’t know he fighting because of his disease and I bear that pain just to bring your BLOOD in this world. I give you right of ammar father kunj.You don’t have any proof that he is your son and I’m your wife years back you Throw me out of your life.


Kunj: I know I shouldn’t have done that twinkle but I was helpless twinkle my Maa stop me that day if I reached on time I’ll stop you that night only..

Twinkle:Kunj your mother is more important in your life than others and she’ll remain na.Today think we have another baby for ammar what future of my babies than there is no way kunj I don’t want to stay with you and come back to you that sure. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:okay fine everything and every word you have spoke hell truth. Talking about babies.I will not do again don’t give another chance to your husband but least to your son father.I Itself destroyed love for me in your life.**






But ek din toh woh bhi miljate hai kab aur kaha Iss nadhi me ek hota hota hoga unka say you don’t have anything for me in your heart fine let this continue don’t end this.


Sochana tu ek baar jo mene kaha hai. Aur Teri marzi baki ki toh.. he went downstairs everyone looking at Kunj who wiping his tears and went out of the Taneja Mansion.Twinkle falls down on her knees Kunj each words fighting with her pain..Kunj sit in car left in anger everyone understands their own susceptive.Yuvi and Aditi look at each other face they Talk to Leela and Rt normally after they all went to their place Leela and Rt sit in tension what they both will do one side twinkle who suffered because of her past and today ammar who fighting with life!

Whole night quickly off twinkle just thinking what she’ll do she gets frustrated went in washroom and look at herself in mirror her gaze falls in side see two same to same girls standing in side one is positive another is negative.

Hehe look at yourself today again you come that place only helpless ladki..

Don’t forget twinkle what kunj done with you negative one Said! Twinkle look at her.

No twinkle where you stand last time as a wife today situation totally changed it

You are a mother you are not helpless

Your blessing needs you today leave your pain in side he isn’t only Kunj son even yours more.Apne aaj ko dekho Twinkle apne bitehuye kal ki wajah se apne bache ke aane wale kal aur aaj ko Dekho.. positive one replied.

Wow twinkle what about you your past went in pain If today your baby girl isn’t with you just because of kunj only today ammar bearing this pain only because of kunj see this.don’t go back to kunj.

Negative said..

Twinkle don’t come in her words she just washes your brain listen to your heart. They both rapidly saying together twinkle stuck between them she looks at them no twinkle save ammar..

No twinkle don’t go to kunj.she closed her eyes and ears and screamed so badly take the bottle throw at mirror. She started breathing heavily she open the shower tape let flow water on her body she closed her eyes held the tape handles tears flowing along with water.

Twinkle:kya karu me keshe woh sab bhul jo Kunj ne kiya Hai.once I give him myself mistakenly now I can’t again give myself to him.She sits down cuddles her knees tightly.

Kunj was sleeping in his car he wakes up due to noise realised that he slept in car only.Everything rolled back in his mind which aching his heart.he bang his hand on car steering get hurt by this..

Kunj:kya karu me aisa jiss se mere beta Bach jaye.Kunj come out of the car and roaming on beach he looks at sunset. Everyday Brings new hopes and dream get solutions of all problems today I’m waiting I didn’t faith on you god because you always cheat me at least did for those who loved ammar and have faith on you.. do the Miracle..

Aditi and yuvi was talking to each other’s on phone.

Aditi:Yuvi BF didn’t pick up my calls hope he is fine.

Yuvi:haa even my too Aditi right now he is in tension.Twinkle didn’t understand all fault wasn’t of kunj only that night usha aunty stopped him.. that I idiot went na today Twinkle happily with him.

Just than Mahi come as soon as Yuvi eyes went on her. Okay I’ll talk to you later.She understands and cut the call.

Mahi look at Yuvi suspiciously.

Mahi:why so suddenly you cut the call after see me ha with whom you were talking Yuvraj..

Yuvi: why is it necessary to tell you about everything mahi haa.

Mahi:don’t forget I’m your wife.

Yuvi:wow did you remember this haa even I’m your husband what importance you give me you’ll receive same.Romir wake up and look at mahi and Yuvi..

Romir:ale mamma and papa good morning.

Yuvi:good morning my baby he gets up and hugged Yuvi Mahi look at them.

Mahi:come I’ll get you ready for your school.

Romir:mamma today is Sunday you forgot..

Yuvi:your Mamma mind Is not here baby.He gets freshen up and went out of the room while Mahi getting ready in front of dressing table and Romir sitting in side couch. She looks at him through mirror.

Mahi:don’t know what happened to Yuvi after Romir he changed so much my baby.She takes him down and everyone sits for breakfast Yuvi feeding dadi juster than Kunj come his face fully red. Everyone sees them.

Usha:where he was whole night.Kunj went in his room and locked himself in room…

Twinkle come out of the washroom and get freshen up she looks at ammar who sleeping but his face drenched in pain.

She went towards him and kissed on his forehead.

Twinkle:{in heavy voice}.now I have to think like a mother leave my all pain aside.My baby needs me and I’ll be here for him.She caresses his hairs twinkle went downstairs she makes breakfast Leela and Rt get confused to see her but they didn’t say anything normally they all sit for breakfast having their breakfast nostalgically.While having breakfast twinkle just thinking what to do.Ammar wake up and down come fuzu went and bring him he didn’t say just rest his head on his shoulder.

Leela:fuzu today take my baby out he loves na.

Fuzu:yeah I’m thinking this only today me and rockstar went out..

Ammar:mere papa in low voice..

Twinkle:Papa ghar phar hai.she feed him breakfast.After sometimes later..

Twinkle call kunj and others they all get shocked why she calls them here like this.While ammar went out with Fuzail.

Leela:what happened beta so suddenly you call them here.

Kunj:yes twinkle don’t waste the time.

Twinkle:don’t worry kunj. I call you here because I want to tell you something. She takes deep breath and closed her eyes.”I M READY TO GIVE BIRTH ANOTHER BABY OF YOUR JUST FOR AMMAR.. all listen this and get shocked while kunj totally blanked.

Kunj:what did you say??

Twinkle:what you hear kunj I’m ready. All get happy while kunj didn’t give any look.

Kunj:how so suddenly you get ready I mean.

Twinkle:what to do I didn’t have any other way.I’m not like you who throw his wife and son out of his life deny accepting them but I’m a mother.She taunt him.

Kunj:acha great..

Leela: haa twinkle beta.

Twinkle:but Meri kuch shart hai..


Twinkle:firstly you can’t use any right on me I’m doing this just for my son life.

Kunj: I know this. She forward some papers to kunj. Yeh kya hai??

Twinkle:read na before baby I’m cleared few things with you.after baby birth I’ll not stay with you and you’ll don’t have any right on my baby even not ammar. Kunj get shocked and others as well.

After ammar case you are just stranger for us.So are you ready and give me divorce as well. Sign this papers.Kunj

Look at her painfully yeh deal hai Kunj.

He smile with a huge morosely way..

Kunj: waha twinkle Taneja shodha kab se karne lagi.

Twinkle: jab se logo ne dard diya hai..

Kunj:acha he takes the paper and look at them. Great deal chal tu shodha samj ke karle aur me apne bête ke liye hi kar leta hu Kyu ki Iss me pyaar toh hai nahi.

Tu shodha me karle yeh me pyaar me.

Don’t worry me jaban ka paka hu end of the time I’ll sign didn’t back off. Phir ek shart tu bhi sunle Twinkle Taneja hi boleta hu.. aaj se tab tak we didn’t apart from each other and ammar didn’t get fine fully you will stay with me in one roof in this time period in I’m your son father and you are my son mother at least for sake.Staying like in front of ammar as a husband and wife.

Twinkle:okay fine I’m ready for this.If you want this than okay I’ll stay with you as your wife and ammar mother just for some times.

Kunj:thanks.Than get ready to stay with me.Fully in the same oder when you went first time with me at my house no hesitations.You understood what I mean.

Twinkle:Hmm..Kunj look at the papers he take went from there..

Leela: Twinkle yeh sab kya Hai..

Mehar:yes twinkle.I mean you deal with kunj..

Twinkle:humhare beach me ab shirf deal hi hoshakti hai mehar.He didn’t understand in helpless nope I’m not. Yeh bacha hoga But uspe Haq shrif mera or mera hi hoga..

Leela:I didn’t expect this from you twinkle rishtey deal pe nahi bante hai.

Twinkle:humhare rishta kab ka khatam hogaya ab Kuch Nahi hai humhare beach me and just for ammar I’m ready.

Yuvi:great twinkle you doing this for your son and he too.Haq papers or sign karne se na hi toh milta hai aur nahi khatam hota hai after sign this papers did you think you changed the fact your son is kunj blood. And talking about another baby he’ll too remain Kunj only.Whether you deny or vanished his rights on your kids they are kunj existence. He went and Aditi as well everyone didn’t expect this from twinkle but they are happy.. somewhere.

Kunj:uff Till now I’m doing deal in business today twinkle deal with me in real life great. If god wanted this than I’m happy and go with flow.twinkle went in her room packed her and ammar all stuffed. Ammar come and asked her..

Ammar:where we going haa??

Twinkle:we stay now with your papa ammar get happy. Just than Leela come with a dress.

Leela: Twinkle wear this?? She look at dress..

Twinkle:MAA why this.

Leela:kunj send this.

Twinkle:okay.She take::

#Otherside in Sarna Mansion kunj tell everyone about this usha and Anita get shocked as well mahi or maya.

Usha:kunjj that girl can’t entered here..

Kunj:MAA don’t worry I’m not going to stay here with twinkle and ammar.

Usha:what do you mean by this kunj haa.

Kunj:I’ll stay with them in my apartment.

Bebe:no kunj puttar please don’t do this

Think about us.

Kunj:right now I can’t think about anyone expect than my son Bebe.. because if Twinkle stay here MAA and others had problems with her so afterward drama I don’t want..

Anita:kunj But she cant stay here if my husband House according to this you can’t bring anyone here.

Yuvi:mom shut up it’s kunj house as well.

Kunj:don’t worry Anita aunty don’t give too much bothered to your mind..

Bebe:Anita And usha it’s my final decision twinkle stay here only I don’t want any arguments.usha and Anita didn’t said anything at evening I kept havan for peace and happiness.And you kunj too. Yuvi showing teeth’s to kunj he give him look and went from there while usha look at bebe and fumed while in side Manohar sitting and smiling in side in his heart.twinkle getting ready in front of kunj he called her she picked his call.

Twinkle:haa bolo..


Twinkle: ho hi rahi hu.. in cold voice..

Kunj:acha don’t leave any single thing you should be looked same like at your wedding time.

Twinkle:what nonsense is this.

Kunj:teri deal hi hai na Haq hai mera tab tak Contract hai..

Twinkle: sadu..

Kunj:see you soon.he end the call and laugh out painfully. Welcome twinkle.

Twinkle get ready fully looking extremely beautiful as today she getting married.She look at herself in mirror once wear bangles with heavy jewellery.

Did light makeup with red lipstick.

Twinkle: ready toh hogi me kunj But same like when I m going to marry that time I’m happy at least somewhere get ready to tie with you in one knot forever but today just for sometimes.She take her duppta.Check all things mehar and Leela come in room and they shocked to see twinkle Leela don’t know whether she get happy to see her daughter like this or sad. They went towards twinkle Leela caress twinkle face and put Kajal behind her ears to removed evil eyes on her.

Leela: Meri bachi same to same lag Rahi hai jeshe aaj hi uski shadi hai..

Mehar: yes twinkle looking very beautiful they hug her..

Leela:hope twinkle for what you going you will get successes and you both become one again.

Twinkle:that not happened MAA.she wiped her tears..

Leela: everything you packed haa.

Twinkle:hmm MAA.They went down Rt and fuzu or abeer was there and they see twinkle. Give smile to see her ammar wearing his shoes he look at twinkle get shocked cam happy.

Ammar:ale mamma you looking like a bride heheh ?..

Leela: see ammar is so happy.

Ammar: yes now I’m staying with my papa wow?. Kunj get freshen up and went downstairs.

Yuvi; so going..

Kunj:hmmm.he went to Taneja Mansion. As soon as he entered everyone see him twinkle was in kitchen.

Ammar:Papa he run to him and landed in his arms..

Kunj:hmm baby energetic awesome.

Ammar:haa..☺️.Kunj eyes finding twinkle.

Leela:take care of them kunj.

Kunj:yeah MAA they are just few steps away from you.. twinkle come there kunj eyes falls on her he get mesmerised to see her she looking stunning beyond his expectations. He didn’t blinked his eyes twinkle see him kunj looking down.So chale..

Twinkle:hmm served come and take twinkle and ammar luggage.twinkle meet with her family.

Ammar:Nani I’ll come everyday okay ?.

Rt:haa. Leela hug twinkle.

Leela:Twinkle ek nahi zindagi ke liye aaj Rahi hai mat karna apne Bache ki toh zindagi bacha legi But apni aur kunj
Ki zindagi toh Mat destroy karna.

Twinkle:hmm bye MAA and papa..

Rt: bye beta.They leave them till door. Kunj hold ammar hand and they went out.They reached Sarna Mansion. Recalling when she entered in this house for the first time that time too when they insult hers and today again destiny bring her here only.. twinkle stop.

Kunj: kya hua chalo..

Twinkle:hmm.he held her hand and linked their fingers tightly she look at him.They went inside while holding each other hands.Bebe and other waiting for them bebe standing at door entrance along with dadi who holding aarti tali to welcome twinkle and Kunj Bebe tell her to do her son and daughter in law aarti.

They reached everyone look at them happy ones get happy to see them and those evils people not they see twinkle and get surprised not less than bride..

Bebe:finally you people come.. wait.

Today kunj your dadi will do your and twinkle aarti..

Kunj:acha. Dadi did Their aarti. Bebe bring rice Kalash.

Twinkle; Bebe yeh.

Bebe:haa after years this house daughter-in-law come back grah parvesh toh Banta hai.. Kunj take the step ahead with ammar he forward the hand to twinkle.

Kunj:bola ta na puri respects se you’ll come back here twinkle push the Kalash and give her hand to kunj and do her grah parvesh.She take the blessing of Bebe and dadi.twinkle looking here and there.Usha see kunj holding twinkle hand she burned it twinkle looking here and there remember her those good days and bad as well.

Bebe:sit twinkle beta.Kunj get call he went in side while ammar and Romir sit together and playing bebe and twinkle chit chatting with each other’s. Mahi and maya staring twinkle go in your room twinkle in some time Pandit ji will come for havan..

Twinkle:okay bebe.She went upstairs feeling happy to come back her house but just for ammar.she open the room door and entered in room get emotional to see her room after years she touching the walls. Kabhi nahi socha ta Mene I’ll come back here in this.Kunj come from balcony and look twinkle he went towards her.

Kunj:what happened you thinking something she look at him.


Kunj:don’t worry twinkle peace fully stay here.she went near dressing table Kunj closed the door and went to her stand beside he give her back hugged. Kya hua truly you looking beautiful more than your wedding time.He make her turned and caress her face.

Twinkle: I did what you tell me you didn’t forget what I told you.

Kunj: haa pata hai. Weshe why don’t you apply sindoor now.

Twinkle:Kyu jada Mat udo samj.

Kunj:na twinkle ji ab deal hai toh ache ji karna wait a second he went towards wardrobe take out twinkle mangalsutra and vermilion box.. he went towards and show her mangalsutra twinkle see and get surprised her mangalsutra which she throw that night from there this come to kunj.Don’t be surprised I know you must be thinking you toh throw and went how this come to me. My dear wifey I take out and keep it to me.Ek hope ti na mujhe..he about to tie mangalsutra around in her neck.

Twinkle:kunjj please don’t do this all things no meaning come out.

Kunj:you don’t find meaning na I’ll find. He tie mangalsutra around her neck and open the vermillion(sindoor) box take pinch of vermillion in his fingers twinkle look at him.Kunj went to her hairline twinkle closed her eyes kunj filled her hairline tears falls down from twinkle hands.Now you looking perfect.He covered her head with veil adores her. He cupped twinkle face kissed on her forehead she held his elbows. Kunj rubbing his nose on twinkle face she moaning his name..

Twinkle:kunjj.. his one hand around her waist.Kunj removed nose ring and kept in side kissed on her cheeks take her hand and kissed on hand knuckle they look at each other’s painfully.

Kunj: deal ki hai na tune..

Twinkle: Kyu bura lag raha hai.. after 9 months no rights of your on us.

Kunj: acha he pulled her toward him

Their body hitting with each other’s.

Twinkle: what are you doing it kunj.

Kunj:using my right at least than till..

Rubbed his thumb near her lips.they learn for kiss both closed each other eyes just than ammar entered in room they both come in sense and look ammar composed themselves situation become ill awkward for them.

Ammar: what happened mamma and papa.

Kunj: kuch nahi Mera aap ki mamma ki deal ke rules pure kar raha ta.. she make faces at him and Kunj and ammar sit even she too.

Ammar:mamma see now we staying here only. He get so happy.

Kunj:acha Leave this did you take your

Medicine haa.He look at her she nodded in yes.. Bebe send servant to call twinkle and Kunj for havan they come down all set for havan Bebe Make twinkle and Kunj sit along with ammar they did havan While due to havan fire smoke kunj getting problems.. water coming from his eyes happily havan done twinkle give parshad to each and everyone they take kunj went from there.

Usha: don’t get so happy that you entered in my son life again.

Twinkle:acha don’t try to fight with me this time mummy ji push her slightly Usha get shocked twinkle went from there. She went to Manohar give him parshad and sit beside him. How’s you papa ji ha he smile twinkle rest his head on Manohar lap.. for sometimes..

In next scene Yuvi and Kunj or ammar, Romir playing with dadi they teasing her more their sons sometime covered her face with duppta fully. She get irritated making cute faces ?..

Kunj:Arey Meri dadi hai.. they giggling so loudly twinkle was passing from the room she heard giggles sound she stop and went near room and see the. scenario she smiled. Kunj protecting his dadi from lil devils. Yuvi see your son..

Yuvi:what about your.very much energy has come in him.

Kunj:dadi you don’t talk to him okay she nodded her head in yes.Kunj cuddles his dadi tightly and resting his head in her lap she caressing his hairs twinkle admire this.She turned and see maya there..

Maya: hi.twinkle ignores her and went from there.. after sometimes later at night they have their dinner while ammar doing drama twinkle running behind him.

Twinkle: let your papa come. Kunj went out due to work. Just than he come and see them.

Kunj: what happened.

Twinkle: see kunj she not having his dinner how I’ll give him his medicines haa.

Kunj:right kunj take the plate from twinkle hand and lift ammar from his waist.

Ammar: ale papa.. Kunj switch no the tv and play the cartoons Ammars favourite he fully get shocked. Kunj see him he was buys in tv kunj tore the bite and take near Ammar lips.

Kunj: ammar see him he will win.

Ammar:haa open his mouth Kunj put the morsel in his mouth he happily eat didn’t know twinkle surprised and laugh out..

Twinkle: waha..☺️☺️..she went towards wardrobe and see the condition of kunj wardrobe.Kunj what is this..

Kunj:you leave my things.

Twinkle:where is your clothes..

Kunj:pata nahi.. yehi hoge.. zara knows.

Twinkle:she is your pa she handling this..
Kunj:has she handling my everything food and clothes everything.

Twinkle:ajeeb hi hai.she take her night dress and went in washroom after she come out in long nighty she went toward Dressing table and see kunj who feeding ammar he almost finished his dinner. Twinkle take the medicine to him she give to kunj he look at her first. Give him his medicine.

Kunj:hah.. he take ammar come take your medicine he deny twinkle and Kunj both hold his hands and give him medicines forcefully which is extremely bitter ammar screaming at them.Hogya he drink water.

Ammar: you both are so bad..

Twinkle:pata hai if you not take medicine how you’ll get fine haa. Now let’s sleep it’s already too late.

Ammar: I’m going to Romir he about to go twinkle held his hand..

Twinkle: no don’t need to go in mahi room get it.

Ammar: what why??.. she show him her eyes he immediately look down.

Kunj: tu khud bhi darti hai kya aankho se mere bete ko Dara Rahi hai.siyappa queen.

Twinkle:acha this you saying who still scared of his mother if she saw one eyes who immediately run away ammar giggles out.. Kunj see them.

Kunj: don’t make him like you.

Twinkle:hmm very funny come my baby she take him to bed and both lay down while kunj went in balcony he look at pills.

Kunj:without this I can’t sleep if I didn’t take na my nightmares didn’t let me sleep.He take the sleeping pills.went in room see ammar and twinkle sleep peacefully he went near them covered them and kissed on their forehead.Take the pillow went in side couch sleep in sitting position.twinkle open her eyes and look at him.

Twinkle:itne pass hai Phir bhi dilome itni duriya hai chaha ke bhi dur nahi ho shakti hai kunj..

Episode freezes there only..




So finally finally twinkle get ready for baby that’s good now twinj going to stay together let’s see what does this new turn of life hold for kunj and twinkle life.. 

hope you all like the episode how was the episode??

Do comment please share your views if not happy than tell me please.. 

no proof reading I’m busy still read anyhow so.. leave mistakes ??.

Bye love you all


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