Episode 5


One week has been passed away. In this week twinkle suffered a lot rt and leela handle twinkle as well her baby too. Other side in India Chetan noor was busy in wedding preparation everyone was all set to go Mumbai they did their shopping mahi was really happy for his little brother wedding she was so much excited to do lots of fun at wedding.

Usha was really trying to make maya and kunj come together, but she was failed in her all idea all went in vain.

While¬†kunj¬†condition was really sad he doesn’t know what to do try to do make himself busy in work.

A normal day in yuvi and mahi in their room mahi was packing their staf their flight for Mumbai after 2 hours.

Yuvi:mahi I will come to see kunj

Mahi:ok¬†yuvraj¬†come soon till then I will see other things.¬†Yuvi¬†went towards¬†kunj¬†room.¬†Kunj¬†was sitting silently¬†yuvi¬†see him and went near him’.

He sits beside him and keep his hand on his shoulder’

Yuvi: what happen bro. kunj just look at his face, and he gives him plain look.

Kunj: nothing yuvi just little bit in tension

Yuvi: just take a chill pill bro Dont be stress

Kunj: yeah yuvi so all set to go mumbai then there

maya entered and saw kunj and yuvi she went near them.

Maya:what’s up guys.

Yuvi: nothing maya ji you tell me still your shopping is left.

Maya: yeah what to do I’ll do some in Mumbai with my best friend kunj.Haina kunj.

Kunj:hmmm just than Kunj got some call. Excuse me he went in balcony and attend his business call.Yuvi went from there while maya pack Kunj clothes and others things as well.

Maya:don’t know why this kunj make his mood so off.

Noor call Anita they should leave for airport their flight will be miss.after everyone had their dinner and left for airport.They did their security checking and sits in plane.Maya sitting beside kunj.

Kunj remember last time when he went Mumbai with twinkle due to business meeting, so he takes twinkle with him.

Yet he didn’t go again after her.

Maya rest her head on kunj shoulder and sleep kunj turned look at her in maya Kunj seeing twinkle.He got shocked first his eyes become red totally.than become normal her hairs coming on face kunj slightly went near her face tucked her hairs behind her ears gently Kunj caressing her cheeks just than maya wake up found kunj so near her face she got happy the way he look at her.maya give smile while Kunj still thinking she is twinkle not maya lost in her eyes. Just than air hotesses did

Announcement due to this kunj come in sense he looked and find maya get hell shocked. With sudden jerk he composed himself.


Maya: twinkle here kunj are you okay na.

Kunj:yeah I’ll come he went in washroom and wash his face why I see her everywhere please babaji I don’t want to see her face again in my life she is blo*dy hell who living her life beautiful make my life hell and went. Kunj go back to his place he had coffee than closed his eyes try to sleep. Maya hold kunj arms and sleep on his shoulder Usha see this and get so happy.After sometimes Kunj open his eyes see maya.

Flash back they Both too in aircraft..

Twinkle: Kunj I wanted to sleep.

Kunj:so sleep siyappa queen here too you wanted to do some siyappa.

Twinkle: where she looked at Kunj.and give smile she rested her head on kunj chest and cuddles him tightly Kunj give smile.

This is much better than any comfortable pillow.

Kunj:acha.Kunj kiss on her forehead they both sleep together others look at them give smile to see so lovely couple..

In present tears coming from kunj eyes.

Kunj: people saying right waqt keshi ka nahi hota hai ek waqt you beside me it’s your place now see where we come twinkle just because of you. I’ll hate you till my last breath. After sometimes later they reached Mumbai finally they all went out of the aircraft in airport take their luggage.They went outside already chetan book cars for them.

Mahi: I’m so excited for abhay wedding. They sit in cars and left for resort.

Soon they reached resort after see resort view everyone excited very much they went inside other relatives already come than all went in their respective rooms to do rest it’s almost midnight.They all very much tired and sleep they all have to attend haldi function in morning.

Other side In London Leela was giving oil massage to ammar make his bones strong twinkle come there and see ammar crying like anything.

Twinkle:MAA leave him na see how much he crying.

Leela: you better keep quiet twinkle you don’t know anything you make him like you. This oil make his bones strong let him cry for sometimes it’s good.

Twinkle: okay she did puppy face and sit there and looking at her who looking back his mother. Making pouty lips. To see him like this twinkle become emotional that Leela can see. MAA give him I don’t want strong bones to make him cry she takes ammar in her arms while Leela and fuzail smiling.

Leela:today you feel bad haa good twinkle what about you how many times you make him cry didn’t look at him once when you tired with your own things..

Twinkle place him near her chest., making him calm.

Twinkle:I know MAA but what to do I don’t have anything you know MAA.What pain I bear..

Fuzu:Leave this di lets go and give him bath together.

Twinkle:okay.. they both brother and sister went in washroom place ammar in small baby bath tub and giving bath he was enjoying lot in water. Mistakenly soap went in his eyes he started crying fuzu and twinkle shocked give helpless look.. they both give him quickly bath twinkle warped him in towel take him in room she pats on his back.

Twinkle: bas bas mera baby kya hua See we are sorry for this.Leela and Rt seeing this from window today they find that mother love towards his baby in twinkle they know that twinkle have, but she scared to show. After twinkle dress up ammar beautifully..

Later Rt and Leela call fuzail that call twinkle down he went and call her with baby.

Rt:Twinkle beta I told you before that we are going to India for to attend wedding.

Twinkle: India nahi Papa with ammar.,

Leela:so what he is your son one day anyone knows about this. With teary eyes. Fuzail and Rt hug twinkle,

Rt:this time I’ll not let anyone harm my both kids twinkle trust your papa.Twinkle hugged Rt,,

Twinkle:Papa I’ll not give my son anyone.

Hate kunj very much.

Rt:Leave about this he is no more part of your life.. There is no need to mention he is your and kunj son.He is just yours twinkle.

We’ll come back soon..

Twinkle: hmmm..

Rt: your MAA did your packing already. In some minutes we leave for airport okay. Twinkle give sad looks which killing Rt lot. He cupped her face don’t worry we going in our personal aircraft. You are my princess twinkle I’ll keep you like a princess bas tu roya mat kar. To see you like this tera papa tooth jata hai.. I just wanted to see you happy at any cost no one is important for me before you now as well too, phale I have to take care of my two kids now I become nanu so now three.

They all share painful smile.than they left for airport even twinkle cousin sister¬†mehar¬†too going with them India..¬†twinkle¬†was hell nervous due to this affecting on her health but try to her best to stay strong…

Rt: I take you twinkle sorry to lie but I don’t know about what will happen after reached to Mumbai as per chetan kunj family wasn’t there if there I don’t care. They used one single word for my twinkle and ammar I’ll kill them that time I was helpless due to in my daughter pain but today ammar nanu wasn’t at all..

Mehar handling ammar while twinkle just looking at window..

Twinkle:I m going back to India with my ammar I already broken babaji not again just because of my Papa I make myself strong little bit again something happened I’ll die..

Next day in morning resort.. everyone was wake up quickly all get freshen up and went in garden breakfast arrangement in garden all come and wish good morning each other while Riya and Abhay giving smile to each other’s.

Kunj:bas¬†Love birds¬†ūüėāūüėā.they all sit and have their breakfast after all get busy in¬†haldi¬†function arrangements.Kunj¬†and¬†yuvi¬†see all decoration things.while¬†Taneja‚Äôs reaches Mumbai they come out of the airport.They¬†sit in car and left for resort¬†chetan¬†give Rt address already.they reached resort twinkle looking here and there.they went inside asked receptionist for their rooms keys..take the keys and went in their room..

Leela:where is chetan and Noor.

Rt: maybe busy let’s get freshen up and Leela make sure you see twinkle don’t leave her alone okay.


Twinkle place ammar on bed he sleep.. she takes her clothes and went for bath.

Like this they all get ready.. fuzu. Oder their breakfast in room only they all have their breakfast..

Mehar:Twinkle me and fuzu going outside till than you feed ammar okay..

Twinkle:hmmm..twinkle take ammar in her lap and caressing his hairs my baby kiss on his cheeks.she feed him than make him too ready. Leela & Rt went in hall there they see chetan even he too he run towards them Rt got so happy to his brother. They both share the hug.

Chetan:Bhaiya when did you come didn’t you in formed I’ll come to pick up you from airport. How’s you bhabhi.

Leela: I’m fine what about you.

Chetan: good I’m so happy to see you both here where is fuzu and twinkle.

Rt:here only. Noor were coming with Anita Noor see chetan talking to somebody. So she gives voice to chetan he turned Noor see Leela and Rt and get shocked as well happy too.While Anita was in terror condition. Chetan called Noor she went near to them she takes Rt blessing.

Noor: bade Bhaiya aap and bhabhi when you people come..

Rt: just now Noor.

Chetan:I call them..

Noor:good chetan..

Leela: aur Noor how’s you.

Noor: I’m good bhabhi you come with me I’ll show you riya.noor hold Leela hand.

Leela: Noor wait I’ll see twinkle Noor smile fade away..

Noor: Twinkle too come bhabhi.

Leela:yes any problem.

Noor: no no she managed. Leela went with Noor in garden while Anita went to usha.

Anita:you know usha who come..

Usha:who Anita.

Anita:she smiles like a devil wait look at there.Anita forward her hand towards Noor and Leela coming as soon as usha see Leela she jerks totally.


Anita: yes Leela.

Usha: what she doing here haa after whatever happened to them still they

Come here to bear again same humiliation I think something left..

Anita: whatever Usha but you just keep your eyes on Kunj..

Usha:hmmm Anita right. Noor take Leela to riya she was with her friends and sisters.

Noor: riya beta meet with Leela bhabhi.

Riya: hi..

Leela: hi puttar Noor your dil is really beautiful she takes Leela blessing.

Noor:bhabhi you sit here okay I’ll see other work.Leela sit there looking here and there. Leela eyes went on Usha.

Leela:so this people also here.

Mehar and fuzu roaming in whole resort.

Mehar: place is really beautiful.

Fuzu: yeah true..

Otherside twinkle get irritated with ammar he just crying continuously didn’t take name to stop.

Twinkle: just stop mere baap what you wanted from me haa. This people leave me alone and went.Somehow twinkle manage to stop him he falls in sleep while crying.Twinkle standing near balcony. While ammar in her arms she patted on his back.while kunj was passing from twinkle room.Suddenly twinkle and Kunj feel something strange they can smell each other aroma  .Don’t know why.

Twinkle heart started beating fast. She cuddles ammar tightly she didn’t what happening to her.While same happening with kunj.Kunj look at room door.

Kunj:why I feel like she is here.Kunj went near room door. While twinkle come near to door..

Twinkle: I’ll check.. they both at same time keep their hands on lock handle Kunj about to open the door but his bad luck Yuvi come there..

Yuvi:kunj where come mahi was waiting for us..

Kunj: he looks at Yuvi hmmm I’m coming. Yuvi come and dragged him. Twinkle open the door look at other side in lobby no one was there kunj and yuvi coming in other side twinkle turned and see both boys back.. they went from there. Twinkle just shocked to see her heart still beating same for him. There fuzail and mehar come they see twinkle face expression.

Mehar: what madam.

Twinkle: hmm nothing.

Fuzu:di lets come down you have to see this resort.

Twinkle:no fuzu even baby not in good mood so.

Yuvi:what happened you looking tensed,

Kunj:no Yuvi.. you tell me what you wanted.

Yuvi:Noor mom give me some work so come with me.

Kunj:okay.They both went..

Later now it’s time for haldi function.

Everyone gets ready all come down while twinkle still in her room.

Fuzu: di wear this lehenga.It’s so colourful. Twinkle look at dress with teared eyes.

Twinkle:fuzu my life isn’t colourful all colors of my life went very far away from me now I used to what I wear.

Fuzu:okay.twinkle went in washroom come out she wearing salwaar kameez suit. Twinkle did light make up. Mehar come there..

Mehar:let’s go down guys.


Mehar:I’ll take him okay. They went for down.

At hall everyone was presenting in hall.

All decorations were really so beautiful and other’s too looking good.Riya and Abhay come they both wearing yellow colour dress both of them looking awesome.Riya wearing floral jewellery Mahi make Riya sit on jula abhay too sit beside her.Kunj and yuvi busy in selfie kunj and yuvi wearing yellow and white combination outfits. Maya just adoring Kunj.Leela and Rt standing together Bebe see Leela and Rt she gives smile, but they didn’t give her look.Fuzu wearing kurta and  looking hot. Fuzu bumped with kunj.

Kunj:I‚Äôm¬†sorry sorry.Kunj¬†and¬†fuzu¬†see each other face both shocked like anything.¬†Fu..zu….

Fuzu:ji… he stops in middle.Yuvi¬†come there and see¬†kunj¬†face reaction.

Yuvi:Bhai kya hua..Yuvi turned his face towards fuzail even he too shocked like kunj. Fuzail went from there.

Kunj:what fuzu doing here..

Yuvi:yeah..suddenly.than their eyes went on Leela and Rt..

Kunj:I think they all come in wedding.

Yuvi:you leave about this..

Noor:we should start the haldi ceremony.

Mahi bring haldi bowl. First Noor applied haldi on groom and bride faces.Than Noor called Leela and Rt they both too applied.Mahi see them and look her mother she didn’t say her anything just confused look. One by one everyone applied haldi on riya and Abhay faces.. Yuvi and Kunj covered their whole face with haldi everyone laughing.Rt see kunj and inside his heart boiled..

Rt:after snatch my daughter happiness you were happy kunj.

Maya:¬†kunj¬†ūüėõūüėõDon‚Äôt apply on my face please..

Kunj: no where you’ll go.He holds her hand

Put haldi on maya face they all laughing.

Mehar standing in side with baby.while twinkle coming down from upstairs she was so nervous.all come and see twinkle. She just looking down.sarna’s shocked to see twinkle and her condition as well.. fuzu went to twinkle he held her hand take her down.Yuvi gesturing to kunj he turned and look at upstairs and see twinkle.Face fade away from kunj lips..

Kunj:twinkle¬†ūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪūüėĪ..¬†fuzu¬†take Twinkle In side..

Twinkle:fuzu what happened.

Fuzu:nothing di you just be here okay..

Twinkle:okay..twinkle sit in side couch..

Leela looks at Rt in worried way while Rt assuring her nothing will not happen their twinkle just trust him.let her face this her hard time than only she coped up.

Kunj world rolling down in 360% after see twinkle in this condition which really hard for him to digest.

Usha was fuming in anger to see twinkle and her family.

Usha:this bad girl again come.But really happy to see in her in this condition it’s give me relief twinkle really.While ammar with mehar only.

Twinkle walking just than she bumped with Usha.

Usha:¬†tuch tuch….¬†kitni¬†giri¬†hui¬†ladki¬†ho tum. Twinkle raise her face she already in shocked after listen¬†usha¬†voice twinkle see it‚Äôs¬†Usha¬†who standing in front of her. Twinkle whole soul shake.Tears¬†escaping from twinkle eyes like anything while¬†Usha¬†giving her devil smile.

Usha:are you shocked to see me in this condition. Twinkle hand in Usha hands while Usha jerk her hand twinkle about to fall down but she holds side pillar. Just looking at Usha she didn’t believe on her eyes that Usha is here. Usha give her look and went from there while twinkle sit down on her knees she can’t take breath. She mouth got open in shocked..

Twinkle:in trembling voice…

mu…m…my…..ji..¬†Chinki¬†see twinkle she run towards her.

Chinki: Twinkle….. she get so happy to see her¬†bestie..while twinkle wasn‚Äôt in good stage that she react to see¬†chinki.Twinkle¬†just get up with lots of difficulties she run from there went in garden..¬†twinkle¬†my twinkle.

After haldi function get over everyone come for to have their dinner. Ammar started crying in mehar Arms now.

Noor:bhabhi and bhaiya come lets have dinner..

Leela:yeah Noor..

Mehar:bas baby.. don’t cry.

Leela: give him. Leela take ammar.Still he didn’t stop.Everyone seeing Leela..

Usha:yeh bacha kesh ka hai.. hoga iss ladki mehar kab se iss ke saath hi hai..

Rt:¬†fuzu¬†take him outside…

Fuzu:yeah Papa..come to me rockstar

Mehar:yes go baby with maamu.Kunj shocked on maamu..fuzu take ammar outside.somehow ammar stop fuzu playing with him.. after sometimes

Twinkle sitting in garden she sobbing so badly.Her whole body shivering like anything.while all younger sitting in garden.Kunj and yuvi along mahi or maya they watch twinkle From little far..

Yuvi:what she made of herself..

Kunj:yeah it’s really amazed to see her here.

Mahi:dad call them..

Maya:hoo.. chinki come sit beside twinkle.

Mahi: see chinki ji..

Chinki:¬†Twinkleūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠..¬†chinki¬†hug twinkle tightly twinkle where are you..

Twinkle:¬†chinkiūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠..¬†she¬†hugged her back both crying in each other arms..

Yuvi: true friendship..

Mahi: huhu.. they broke the hug twinkle look at chinki..

Chinki:Twinkle what you make of yourself.

Twinkle: you chinki here..

Chinki: same you here twinkle.. im here because abhay wedding..

Twinkle: abhay wedding.

Chinki; you leave this twinkle tu keshi hai.

Twinkle: keshi ho shakti hu chinki.. Mehar come there with baby..

Mehar: Twinkle ammar.. chinki look at baby.

Chinki: it’s your baby twinkle.Twinkle nodded in yes she give smile..

Twinkle: even sarna’s too here she look at ammar. Mehar about to give ammar to twinkle while she jerk her hands..

Twinkle get up walk out from there..

Mehar and Chinki shocked.. fuzail too come there asked mehar she gestured him look at twinkle..

fuzu: mehar you take baby from here I’ll see di..

Twinkle in all shocked even Kunj family also here she can’t walk properly her body totally stop working her legs freeze.she walk in hustle bustle her leg stuck, and she falls down on grasses.Kunj and yuvi get shocked they get up and went there while Mahi and maya as well. Fuzail and chinki shocked.Twinkle get up tears just escaping from her eyes. She look and found Yuvi and Kunj or Mahi and maya now hell shocked like anything to see kunj. Twinkle take step back she just look at kunj and cuddle her duppta. Her pastime come in front of her eyes and those words.Twinkle sit down she just looking down taking deep breath. All shocked to see her. Fuzu come near twinkle.



Chinki:Twinkle what happened.Fuzu make twinkle stand.

Fuzu:let’s go from here.. he hold her from her shoulders and take her.Kunj turned her face and look at twinkle going on the same time twinkle too turned and both look at each other’s.Twinkle push fuzail and run in her room which make everyone shocked Leela and Rt too run behind her.

Thanks fully she didn’t lock the door.

Twinkle cuddles herself she so scared.

To see twinkle in this condition make fuzail break down he look at Rt and Leela.


Fuzu: What Twinkle Papa in roar voice why you take my di here when you know this people also here now see my di.. fuzu went near twinkle. Di look at me..

Twinkle:¬†fu….zu¬†kunjj¬†is here even his family..¬†no¬†she closed her ears whose words echoed in twinkle ears. She started screaming..¬†kyu¬†ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠..¬†twinkle¬†started hurting herself..

Fuzu: di don’t do this with you please. He hugged twinkle tightly.

Twinkle:fuzuuuuūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠..¬†twinkle¬†hugged¬†fuzail¬†tightly get unconscious in his arms. All flick..¬†fuzail¬†patting on twinkle face..

Fuzu: diiiiii wake up.. he lay down her on bed than Leela give him injection fuzail give twinkle. Papa you both are wrong.

Rt: I know fuzu but what to do my son I have to do this for twinkle betterment.

Fuzu:betterment really Papa can’t you see di..she doing same what she going in starting after so much difficulties she become normal..

Rt: yes she had to fight with this fuzu this important for her. Even I can’t see her like this till when twinkle staying like this.. kabhi dar ko khatam karne ke liye dar ka shamana karna padata hai.

Fuzu:I don’t know anything Papa If anything happened to my di and rockstar I’ll not leave them.Rt keep his hand on fuzail shoulder.

Rt: the way you love them even I too.Ek mera apna hissa hai aur dusra meri beti ka.. fuzu went from there.. Rt and Leela sit beside twinkle caressing twinkle caress Rt kiss on her forehead. Leela place ammar

Near twinkle.

Leela:mere¬†dono¬†bache¬†ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠. Later

Twinkle get conscious and look at her parents. Leela make her sit..

Leela: how’s you..

Twinkle:hmmm fine.

Rt: now have something. They both father and mother feed twinkle food with their hands and give her medicines too.

Leela:now you rest I’ll send mehar okay,

Twinkle:hmm. Rt and Leela went from there while twinkle went in washroom. Look at her face in mirror kunj face come in mirror twinkle washing her face with water back to back. Twinkle you can’t become week now ammar you have to fight for him. If kunj get to know about ammar his son no no.. he’ll not maybe. She went back in her room see ammar talking in his baby language twinkle went near him and take him in her arms she caress his face. My baby

Ammar: ha..

Twinkle: hungry my baby haa.Twinkle feed him even ammar to get relief as well Twinkle too.

Other hand kunj just thinking about twinkle.

Kunj:where is vikram??.. Kunj didn’t feel good in his room so he went to poolside.

Twinkle get up ammar in her arms.. she opened curtains and seeing pool view from her room. Just than her eyes went on kunj who standing and talking on phone.

Twinkle:kunjjjjj… see baby he is¬†kunj..¬†how¬†helpless and worse our destiny¬†Kunj¬†here your baby is here but that you don‚Äôt know.

How much I try to deny that you are nothing to us. yes you are nothing to me. but you have relation with ammar you are father of him. Tears coming from twinkle eyes while ammar look at Kunj that he don’t know why..

Ammar:ahha flying his tiny hands towards him.. he look his mother face. With his small hand ammar wiper twinkle tears this shocked twinkle.

Twinkle:mere baby..¬†ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠..uske¬†pyaar¬†me¬†itna¬†dard¬†hai..¬†we¬†are so closed¬†kunj¬†still far from each other‚Äôs our heart never meet again.There¬†maya¬†come she hugged¬†kunj¬†from back twinkle see this..

Kunj you moved on in your life but I can’t I’m still standing there where you leave me. Fhark itna hai that time you aren’t with me today as well but I have my baby.

Episode end…

In next episode: kunj play with ammar.. how ??let’s see this in next episode..


How was the episode???

Hope you all enjoy this emotional saga.

That soon turn very much thriller..

my two little brothers helping me I was telling them they write little bit love bros ūüėćūüėć.

Bye love you all please guys comment please please..

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  2. It was too emotional episode Api
    Felt really bad for twinkle without any mistake she is suffering so much…and the people who always hurt her are busy in enjoying their lives plz make twinkle strong for her parents brother and most especially for amaar…
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  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

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