Intro:: story is full of emotional saga story about twinkle and Kunj who married by arranged marriage.

Kunj Sarna son of Manohar Sarna.Twinkle have on yonger brother who is now 18 year old his name is fuzail.and Yuvi is Anita son her first husband son.

After she marry to Surjit Manohar big brother after she husband die in car accident.

Mahi is twinkle cousin sister who marry to Yuvraj. 

Kunj and yuvi is bestie.Usha is Same like in show she hates twinkle.

Kunj and twinkle relationships is too same.Cherry who behind twinkle. 

Twinkle and Kunj who loving each other but didn’t tell to them.they happily living. 

Kunj understandings his small brother in law like a brother even Mahi and twinkle too staying happily.. 

Promo;: girl crying like front of everyone begging for herself respect they all blaming on her talking rubbish about her character put allegations on her she is pr*stitute sale her body for money she fighting for herself no one listen to her. 

But no one come for her support. 

Girl: you’re the first person who broke my heart for the rest of my life you will always be the one who hurt me the Most don’t forget that.. 

Two different personalities Kunj who is great business man while twinkle is very bubbly apple of her parents eyes. 

They full filled her all wishes.. 

A love story that didn’t starts already storms comes in their life’s before only. What name we’ll give to their love.they just finding the name.. 

Some relationships are tied in a strange knot. They begin with conflict and thrive in the shadow of hate. They stumble, they fall, but they remain intact. The hatred intensifies and the knot tightens further— until one day, even hate seems weary of going any further, and that relationship is reduced to a mere bond. But only of hatred. Sometimes, it seems as though, among all that hate, there is something, that whispers to me, to give this unheard, unknown, unspoken feeling, just one chance. But when a relationship’s very basis is hatred, wouldn’t it be naïve to expect anything from it? But perhaps I have given in to this naïve, foolish hope. Otherwise, despite all the hatred, why do I think of you, remember you? Why, after I fight with you, argue with you and you leave, do my eyes seek you? Why do I speak of you to the flighty winds?

Nafrat Paas Aane Na De,

 Mohabbat Door Jane Na De jinhe.. 


All other cast is same.hope you like this  small story.I’ll Post when I get time. I’m sure you all will love this story personally I like it too. Bye love you all.. just small story not big 

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