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Color The World With Love

Time went so fast nothing has changed in our life very much it just ZINDAGI JEENE KA NAZARIYA BADAL GAYE PHALE HAR CHEEZ ME KHUSHIYA DUNTE TE AB BAS JO MILE WOH HI KHUSHI HAI..




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

3months later.Β 

First scene comes a man sitting with a girl and both discussing something.

Girl: sir you story is awesome i mean.

Man:it’s not awesome but fully mixed of everything.Β 

Girl: right sir.Β 

Man:mohbbate ka safar lamba hua toh Kya hua but woh apne saath bhut khushiya Lata hai.Β 

Girl:you should leave your business start writing.both laughs out they take sip of coffee.The great Kunj Sarna sitting with me it’s so amazing for me. Yes the man was Kunj Sarna.Β 

Kunj:and I’m too why you are so curious about me and wanted to write a book at my life story. Miss Shaheen.Β 

Shaheen:hehe when I heard about you and your wife love story I wanna write a book about you both. Kishi filmy Story se kam nahi hai aapki story. And today you standing here number one business.Β 

Kunj:it wouldn’t be possible without my wife and my family or I have best two things first my bestie now he is my brother and my bestie Aditi. Today when we think about our life usme bhi apna maza ta..Β 

life has many ways of testing a persons will either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once,

You may not see it today or tomorrow but you will look back in a few years and he absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful_ or where you always wanted to be you will be grateful that things didn’t workout the way you once wanted them too..Β 

Kunj:sitting with a writer who writing book on his life..Β 

Shaheen:now what sir next.Β 

Kunj:nothing ab zindagi me kuch nahi chahiye bas sab hai mere pass.And you take my enough time Miss Shaheen.Β 

Shaheen:Arey sir I just lost in your story.Β 


Shaheen: last thing sir..Β 

Kunj: sure..Β 

Shaheen: what love for you.

Kunj:for me love is?Being in love can make you feel happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, and even angrier than you’ve ever been.

It can elate you and deflate you at almost at the exact same time.Love taught so many things to us pyaar me term and condition nahi hoti.Pyaar world ki best thing hai.My wife twinkle who taught me everything without her I can’t live now she gives me two best gift ever my babies ammar and Amaira sarna.My journey wasn’t easy but love gives you strength.Β 

Our real journey in life is interior; it is a matter of growth, deepening, and of an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts. Never was it more necessary to respond to that action.

Shaheen penned last line and closed the book.Β 

Shaheen:nice sir your story motivates lovers Lot you didn’t leave your love hand and she too how much people try to separate you both end of the day you both together today your love win their hated loose. Police and media all write rubbished about you.She pass book towards Kunj and he see the book cover page and smiled. NAAM sir..Β 

Kunj:kuch toh log kahenge.Β 

Shaheen:logon kaa kaam hai kehna.. Β 

Kunj:NAAM The Story Begins…

Shaheen:hmmπŸ˜›πŸ˜›. But sir iss pyaar ko Kya Naam Dege???Β 

Kunj:you’ll get to know come at my place. He get up and take wear his glasses and went outside.Guards was standing for Kunj he went and guard open car door for him he sit in car and left. He see the book and his and twinkle photo was ok book.Kabhi nahi socha ta humhari kahani daastan ban jayegi..Β 

Than Kunj got message from his love he see the message and smiled.Soon Kunj reached Sarna Mansion now here everything is changed.Kunj car stop He went inside mansion become more Β 

lavish.He entered in side and see toys everywhere scattered.Kunj about to falls down but he hold side wall.Β 

Kunj:mere bache bhi na.. Kunj went near window he stand there water falling on glasses.Β 

A lady come there who wearing saree and looking very beautiful.. she see Kunj and went towards him and stand beside him.Β 

Lady: what happened Mr Sarna Kunj turned and see her. He smiled to see her.Β 

Kunj: hi Mrs. Sarna. My twinkle. Yes she is twinkle she hugged him.Β 

Twinkle:kunjj where were you I m missing you and your doll too.Β 

Kunj:acha.kissed on her forehead. Kunj cupped her face. Happy anniversary twinkle.Β 

Twinkle:happy anniversary to you kunj.I can’t believe kunj we completed almost 6 years.But sometimes feels bad.Β 

Kunj:haa so what now forget everything.Β 

I just went to meet with miss Shaheen.Β 

Twinkle: so finally done.. she is crazy.Β 

Kunj: for our love story 😍.

Twinkle:humhara pyaar kitna sacha hai Kunj.I still remember that day feels like I lost you forever idiot who did this haa.Β 

Kunj:what to do if we didn’t do that than today we aren’t here.. both looking at each other’s with tears eyes.Went in flash back.Β 

So continue from cliff..

Kunj and yuvi itself falls down from cliff.

Leave everyone in shocked while Aditi and twinkle crying like anything and screaming their name.They both going Edge or cliff Fuzail and Abeer hold their hands.

Twinkle:kunjjjjjjj.. me keshe rahugi tumhare Bina.her eyes went on ring she take ring in her hand.Mera kunjjj😭😭. You killed them he toh just bend down for ring.. she started screaming. Everyone had tears in their eyes what so suddenly happened this.Usha standing there. Anamika get up and look at Usha she hold Manohar hand and went near Usha.Both standing opposite of each other’s.

Anamika:chiii Usha she slap her.You kills my sons.again I didn’t do anything I can’t save my babies from her.But you don’t think you break a mother heart. She falls down on her knees.Β 

Manohar: nooo DONT do this.Β 

Anamika:Manohar again i lost my babies.Mere bache she run towards cliffΒ 

Manohar hold her hands.Β 

Manohar:nahiiii.. Aditi and twinkle sit down like lifeless bodies.Anamika feel dizzy.Manohar take Anamika from there.He calls cope and tell them find his sons. Aditi and twinkle didn’t wanted to go back from there .

Leela: twinkle Chal..Β 

Twinkle: nahi Maa mera kunjj.. I’ll not go anywhere he needs me. 😭😭 forcefully they take them.Padmakshi come and slap Usha and throw her in side while police arrest her and take her from there.Yuvi and Kunj falls down in water. Both didn’t leave each other’s hands.Β 

At Sarna Mansion everyone crying for yuvi and Kunj.Romir and ammar come and see twinkle and Aditi went towards them.Β 

Ammar: mamma why you crying where is my papa..Β 

Romir: haa my too. They both look at their sons and hugged them crying Lot.Β 

Twinkle: ammar tu.m.hare papa Leave us😭😭😭.. I have to find Kunj. 

Rt: twinkle sit..Β 

Twinkle:I can’t papa my heart doesn’t willing my Kunj leave me he is absolutely fine.He loves me Abhi toh HUMARI puri zindagi Baki hai.. MAA and papa she hugged her parents.Mere bacheΒ 

Leela:shhh twinkle 😭😭.While Aditi just in shocked she didn’t said anything. Mahi come hold romir hands about to take him.Aditi see this.. she get up tears falling down from her eyes.Β 

Aditi:don’t dare to touch my son. Mahi and others look at her. She jerk her hands and take romir in side.Yeh mere bacha hai Mahi. Now you happy you want this only today yuvi isn’t here you get happy he leave us.. 😭😭😭. She falls on her knees and crying loudly screamed yuvi name.. yuviii. Yeh Kesha pyaar tha humhare mila bhi ek na ho paya. She cuddles romir now I don’t have anything Kunj also leave me my son.Romir get confused and see Aditi and Mahi. Me Apana bacha kishi ko nahi dugi mera bacha. 😭😭😭..Β 

They all sit and crying for yuvi and Kunj lost.Twinkle went in her room locked at herself with her both kids.. she take Kunj photo in her hands.Β 

Twinkle:how can you do this with me kunj didn’t think about our babies haa. How I’ll handle them without you haa. Please come back.our babies needs you Me.Ammar see twinkle and sobbing slightly in side twinkle call him and cuddles him Amaira was in her lap. Tears just escaping from her eyes.Β 

Doctor come and see Anamika give her injection. Manohar went towards his mother.Β 

Manohar: Maa Kunj and yuvi 😭😭. Again I didn’t do anything my sons leave us. She cupped his face.Β 

Padmakshi: Manohar I never knew they both will do something like this.😭😭.

Manohar:I get to know about this yuvi is my son who lost years back. I was so happy my both sons together but see na ek mila but ek saath dono hi kho diya..😭. Shekhar come.

Padmakshi: Kya hua mile Kunj and yuvi.Β 

Shekhar: we finding them but they falls from so high I didn’t think so they will be alive.Β 

Padmakshi: noo you cant say this you have to find my Kunj and yuvi please.😭. 

Like this two days passed away they didn’t get any news of yuvi and Kunj.Β 

Police declared them death.Aditi and twinkle didn’t willing on this. All kept havan for yuvi and Kunj do their last farewell.All sitting and wearing white clothes Leela take out twinkle mangalsutra and wiped her sindoor..Β 

Twinkle: maa😭😭. You doing this with you own daughter.

Leela:I’m helpless but you have to expect reality twinkle beta Kunj iss duniya me nahi hai ab.. just than Shekhar get a call from hospital he take the call he get stunned and phone falls down from his hands..all see and get surprised what happened to him tears escaping from his eyes.Β 

Padmakshi: Kya hua???

Shekhar:do body mili hai..Β 


Shekhar:haa lets go.. may be it’s yuvi and Kunj.They didn’t wait for anything just rushed for hospital soon they reached hospital and get enquiry about yuvi and Kunj.Shekhar went towards doctor. Yes doctor.Β 

Dr:he calls you.. everyone see Chinki who standing in side.Β 

Twinkle:🀬🀬chinkii again you come haa. Get happy margaya mera Kunj.. chala Gaya. 

Dr: she is the who brought them here. He gives their belongs things. You check this: twinkle and Aditi check.Β 

Twinkle: yeh toh Kunj ki hai.Β 

Aditi: haa yeh mene yuvi ko diya ta.Β 

Shekhar: it means yuvi and Kunj zinda hai.Β 

Chinki: haa but their condition is very worse.Β 

Abeer:how you find them.Β 

Chinki:I was sitting near beach there I saw two bodies I went near and I see their face I was shocked like anything it was yuvi and Kunj.Than I bringΒ  them hospital and calls you Bas.All look at Chinki. They all sit doctor come.Β 

Manohar: doctor how’s my sons??

Dr:right can’t say anything their condition is very worse to stay in water for so many hours their body fully numb everything is in god hand now…Β 

Yuvi and Kunj laying down on bed connecting with many machines fully injured taking breath with lots so difficulties.Aditi and twinkle went near icu room they see Kunj and yuvi tears escaping from their eyed to see them. Everyone sit in side and praying for yuvi and Kunj at last they save.twinkle and Aditi sit in front of god and they both praying for their love.After so much times and pains yuvi and Kunj get conscious dr come and see them. They both breathing heavily.Β 

Kunj:in low voice with lots of difficulties. y..vuii.Kunj moved his eyes and see yuvi beside him.He too look him both giving each other painful smile.Β 

Aditi: dr how’s yuvi and Kunj at least us.Β 

Dr: now they get conscious still can’t say anything.Β 

Twinkle: we can meet with them please.Β 

Dr: sure but don’t do give them stress. They both entered in icu room.Twinkle holding Amaira in her arms. They see Kunj and yuvi they only knows how they control on their emotions put stones on Their hearts Both went toward their love and sit beside them.Twinkle caress Kunj face she see his condition every

bandage.Due to her touch Kunj

Open his eyes slightly and see twinkle tears escaping from their eyes.Same happened with yuvi and Aditi as well.Β 

Twinkle;😭😭😭ku..nj take his hands in her hands and kissed them. Yeh Kya kiya Kunj tum ne ek baar bhi mere Bare me nahi socha haa.. keshe jee ti me. Kunj smile. She kissed on his forehead I love you kunj. 

Aditi: drama king both of them jumped from cliff haa what you wanted to show.Β 

Yuvi; not so easily will leave you both πŸ˜›. Aditi laugh with tears and rest her head on his chest.Β 

Aditi; yuvi please don’t leave me I can’t leave without you. Kunj didn’t said anything just blinked his eyes and look Amaira who looking at. him.Β 

Twinkle:see your doll even she too missing you.She place Amaira near Kunj .

Kunj:twi….nkle..😭😭😭.. I… love.. you and sorry..Β  twinkle peck on his lips.Β 

Twinkle:now don’t say anything just keep quiet samjne hero bane chale te..Β 

After sometimes later twinkle and Aditi went and dr tells everyone now they both are out of the danger. So only two person can stay here.Everyone decided leave Aditi and twinkle here all others went.1 week passed yuvi and Kunj become better.Dr give them dischargedΒ 

Everyone waiting for yuvi and Kunj they all are very much excited.Twinkle and Aditi take yuvi and Kunj back to Sarna Mansion. They entered inside dadi and Bebe standing with aarti tali at door entrance.

Padmakshi: finally my both sons come back. She did their aarti.they went inside ammar and romir come and hugged Kunj and yuvi.Anamika come there Kunj look at her.Tears escaping from her eyes and his too.Kunj get up Anamika went near Kunj.Β 


Anamika:mera kunjj😭😭.She cupped his face.You are fine haa I scared again I lost my son my little Kunj become so big.She kissed on Kunj face all over. Wiped Kunj tears.Kunj hugged her. 

Kunj:meri maa😭😭.. they break the hug Anamika look at yuvi.He is same yuvi and my brother too Maa for whom you always crying. Anamika blinked her eyes and smiled she cupped yuvi face both Kunj and yuvi joint their heads with Anamika.All just look at them.Finally mother and sons reunion.   

Anamika:mere dono bete mere pass hai.Β 

They all sit and chit chatting with each other’s while yuvi and Kunj resting their heads in Anamika lap.Β 

Bebe: but Anamika we all thought you falls down na.

Kunj: haa Maa.Β 

Anamika:haa Kunj and Bebe.But I falls down but hang on trees Purushottam men’s takes you both and usha come and I was screaming for help she see me and take from there she kept me in cage and tortured me lot.In this years I just praying you all will safe.. one day my love will come and save me..

Yuvi: you were alive and away from us Maa..Β 

Manohar: haa. When I get to know about this even I’m too get shocked. Β 

All look at Manohar in confusing way.Β 

Haa mujhe pata Chal gaya ta Anamika is alive..Β 

At night when Manohar got heart attract.Before sometimes Manohar had doubts on Usha at night she always went outside one night he went behind her and when she reached old damage place Manohar hide behind walls Usha went inside and Usha on the lights.

Manohar: why she come here..??

Usha bring Anamika as soon as Manohar see Anamika he get shocked.Β 

Manohar: Anamika😭😭.Manohar went from there he entered in his room Usha entered in room.Where were you??

Usha: woh. Manohar hold her hands.

Manohar: do you are real villain haa where is my wife kaha hai mere pyaar.Β 

Usha: what??

Manohar: i saw each and everything from my eyes Anamika is alive. Now I’ll tell about you kunj your all truth come out you become god in his eyes na. Manohar about to go Usha get shocked she take rod and hit on Manohar head. He get unconscious Usha went from there. And twinkle photo drama take place.Β 

Manohar:bas and I become helpless..Β 

twinkle:and Kunj she giving papa ji wrong medicines I saw and that’s why I take papa ji to another doctor changed all those medicines so she didn’t doubt on us..Β 

Padmakshi:keshi inshan hai woh. Chii. Leave now we are together happily that’s good.. flash back end..Β 

Kunj: kabhi lagata hai humhari zindagi bhi na kitni funny hai.Β 

Twinkle: haa now let’s go your daughter and son is waiting for you. And Maa too.Β 

Kunj: you go I’ll come. Twinkle went from there while Kunj went in kitchen he saw Anamika and yuvi who teasing his mother Kunj smiled and went towards them. Yuvi you always teased my Maa.Β 

Anamika: come back see i made all your favourite thingsΒ 

Kunj: love you MAA cuddled her.Β 

Yuvi: Maa I love you more Than Kunj.Β 

Kunj: me. Both started doing arguments.Β 

Anamika: shh you both become fathers still fighting like kids what your kids will learn from you both.Β 

Kunj:nothing 😝😝.both cuddles Anamika.They went in living room Bebe padmakshi along with Manohar they were sitting together.Yuvi and Kunj went in their respective rooms while Aditi and Daee jaa staying here only buy Aditi is in different room. Kunj entered in room and see twinkle with his babies. Amaira crying she feeding her while ammar teasing Amaira tickles on her feet’s.

Twinkle:kunjjj see your son.He sit beside twinkle he too tickles on Amaira feet’s. Even you too Kunj.Β 

Kunj:give her to me.He pulled her towards himself my doll.Always hungry sometimes leave your mamma for me😝.

Ammar:for me too. 😝.Kunj and twinkle look at ammar. He went near Kunj and cuddles him.Papa she make noise so much. 

Kunj: acha 😝you didn’t like now what to do with Amaira haa.Β 


Kunj: throw her.Β 

Ammar: nooπŸ˜›. She is my doll. Na cuddle her Kunj and twinkle smiled to see this. Ammar take Amaira on his chest she licking ammar cheeks..Β 

Kunj:ewww baby not.Β 

Twinkle:haa only for Mamma.

Amaira:haha.. they both lay downs and take their ammar in middle while Kunj making Amaira sit on his tummy.

Kunj:look at here baby.Β 

Twinkle: Kunj don’t na.Β 

Kunj: you just shut up she is my baby.Β 

Ammar: haa. Ammar pulled her cheeks.Β 

Twinkle:you people take get freshen you know we have to go for orphanage house inauguration.Β 

Kunj:haa meri wifey..

Ammar:mumma and papa happy anniversary.Β 

Kunj:thanks who told you.Β 

Ammar:WO dadi and dadu.. πŸ˜›.They all busy in laughs just Than Amaira who was just naked wearing her nappy.She pee on Kunj and Kunj holding her hands making her stand on his tummy they see Amaira twinkle and ammar laughs out. Amaira pee at Kunj fully and chuckled 😝 meantime yuvi and Aditi along with romir they come. And see and they too laughs out.Β 

Yuvi: great Kunj..Β 

Kunj:don’t laugh so much so what she is my baby she can do anything.Haina. As if she understood nodded her head in yes 😝😝😝.. Kunj kissed on her cheeks. Why you removed her diaper haa.Β 

Twinkle: she feels good but your always bad luck I think she loved it kunj 😝. 


Romir: good shot.. Amaira. Bebe giving them voice.

Aditi: Chalo romir lets get ready Bebe will scold us.

Romir: yes mamma..Β 

(Yuvi and Aditi tell romir all their truth firstly he get sad but afterwards he become okay) Aditi and romir went.Β 

Kunj: now yuvi get marry soon.Β 

twinkle: whole night he sitting beside Aditi room😝😝like watchman.. 

Yuvi: you husband wife today I’m leaving you both just because today is your wedding anniversary let’s celebrate.

Kunj: haa lets see. Chal. He went from there.

Twinkle: now my doll come take a bath. She take and went inside the washroom while Kunj and ammar too come there. Twinkle place Amaira in her baby tub she playing with water while Kunj and ammar too on bath tub..looking good father and son. Kunj pulled twinkle near him: Kya kar rahe ho babies is here only ammar busy with Amaira.Β 

Kunj:so what.I wait enough now you are absolutely fine get ready to celebrate our wedding anniversary winked at her😝😝.she blushed they four of them playing with water and cherished their moments.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–..

after they went in the room twinkle and Kunj dress up Their both babies.than they both too get ready and take their both kids in their arms click their some family photos.Β 

Twinkle: chale mr sarna.Β 

Kunj:yes Mrs Sarna.both hold their hands and went downstairs everyone was sitting for them only all see them and get so happy other side Aditi and yuvi too come with romir.. they went towards everyone and take their seats Kunj give Amaira too dadi. And they all sit for breakfast.Β 

Ammar: dadi tasty food..Β 

Romir: haa dadi.. you are the best..Β 

Anamika: happy my little babies love.Β 

Twinkle:this both buttering mummy ji.. 😝.

Yuvi: like Kunj 😝😝. 

Manohar: now you both don’t start everything is set Kunj.Β 

Kunj: haa papa everything is..Β 

Padmakshi: today toh my Kunj and twinkle wedding anniversary is na.Β 

Daee jaa: haa.Β 

Yuvi:ab Kya celebrate dadi and Daee jaa both get old see their babies 😝. 

Kunj:shut up you look at yourself. They finished their breakfast with laughs and fun: after breakfast they all went for orphanage house inauguration. Soon they reached they come out of the cars and see whole orphanage house is ready.They all see and get happy. See twinkle this orphanage someone wanted to make her bad thing and what we had done.

Twinkle:all credit goes to you kunj only. Now this kids get everything here..Β 

Yuvi:saala Purushottam sleeping in hell.Β 

Abeer:Leave na.How beautiful is this. They went all guest and family members comes.Their kids cut the ribbon and done the inauguration of orphanage.All clapped and went inside many kids come Kunj and yuvi or others all give them gifts.Kids get so happy and playing Kunj kept all necessary things for them here.Each and everyone get so happy. Kunj pulled twinkle in hug.Β 

Kunj: Kya hua meri Queen.Β 

Twinkle:kuch nahi Kunj Kya ta Kya hogaya. I just love you kissed on his cheeks.Β 

Kunj: where is my gift.

Twinkle: I already give you two gifts you think about me.

Kunj: I too gives you two gifts don’t forget they wouldn’t come without me 😝.

Twinkle: shameless sarna. Yuvi give Aditi backhugged.

Yuvi: kaha meri battery.Β 

Aditi: see everyone is here.Β 

Yuvi:Bas bas. Try something new Aditi.Β 

Aditi:what did you think about us.

Yuvi:hmm give me time..


While half of the day they spend in orphanage.Β 

Leela:dadi ji.Β 

Padmakshi: don’t worry Leela ji everything is set.Now we should go give them surprise.They all went from there while they all Sarna Mansion decorated so beautifully. Twinkle and Kunj or yuvi and Aditi get confused to see this they all went inside see everything.Β 

Kunj:what is this.

Anamika: Kunj today we have something for you four of them.

Yuvi:what Maa.Β 

Manohar:today is your shadi.they four of them shocked and look at all.

Fuzail:don’t look us like this. Ab our two little romir and ammar didn’t see your wedding so we wanted for them.Β 

Anamika: cupped her both sons face even I too didn’t see my both sons wedding don’t you both fulfilled my wish.Β 

Padmakshi: me too even I didn’t see anything of theirs today we’ll celebrate each and everything.Β 

Mehar:haa so already we had done everything you guys come.Β 

Twinkle:Arey wait.. Mehar and Abeer open the curtains and they see haldi and mehndi set up there.All take twinkle and Kunj or yuvi and Aditi made them sit. Mehar bring haldi bowl give to padmakshi and Bebe.Β 

Kunj:this all is crazy.Β 

Yuvi:I’m toh happy..Β 

Everyone started applying haldi on their faces and enjoying lot.They both couples making faces.Rt handling his grand kids. Twinkle and Kunj share eye locks.


Jo pehle hua naa..
Ab hone laga hai..
Dil humko jaga kar
Kyun sone laga hai..

Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai
Ho isko main kya kahun
Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..


Kunj: ek baar phir seπŸ’–πŸ’–.. Kunj apply haldi on their face..Β 

True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.



they fully drenched in haldi and dancing. Than Aditi and twinkle sit for mehndi. Heena girls applying mehndi on their hands yuvi and Kunj adores their lady lovesΒ 

Kunj: In his heart I’ve fallen in love many times… but always with you.Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart. Because you always remain close to my heart and far from my eyes.

Yuvi:Aditi.. Ever since I met you, nobody else is worth thinking about.Β 

They done with mehndi and all’s Leela take Aditi and twinkle while Anamika her both sons..they get freshen up.Leela bring twinkle and Aditi wedding dress. Give them and went from there Mehar come.Β 

Mehar: ready girls.

Twinkle:hmm.they both wears their outfits and started getting ready while otherwise Anamika and Manohar seeing Their both sons in grooms attire’s they comes both get emotional.

Anamika: mere beta best. Come she kissed on Their foreheads removed evils of there Manohar bring turban and make them wear they both all set dadi and Bebe come they take their blessing.Β 

Padmakshi: looking hot my boys😝😝. 

Kunj: aap bhi na dadi mere bache.Β 

Bebe:Bas bas tere bache kahi nahi ja rahe hai they both with Fuzail and rt ji. Don’t worry now let’s go.They went downstairs all guest has arrived Kunj and yuvi went and waiting for Their lady loves.Β 

Kunj:kaha hai twinkle.While Mehar and Leela bring Aditi and twinkle they coming downstairs looking so beautiful yuvi and Kunj eyes went on them they get stunned to see them looking like angels.They both raise their eyes and their eyes meet with their love Kunj and yuvi both gestured them looking beautiful through their eyes they both blushed.And went towards mandap. Twinkle stand beside Kunj and yuvi and Aditi in second mandap. They sits and pandit ji started Mantars while twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s smiling like anything.

Kunj: Waha looking beautiful mr sarna.Β 

Twinkle: even you not less Kunj. Finally Kunj we become one.

Kunj:rest for our life.. hold each other’s.Β 

Aditi: why you smiling so much.Β 

Yuvi: my dream come true today give perfect name to our love Aditi.Β 

Aditi: hoo but Kunj bolta hai pyaar koi ek NAAM Nahi Hota hai.Β 

Twinkle:tumhare iss pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon Kunj you give me everything.

Kunj:haa that’s why tell stop saying this.Β 

Leela and rt did their kaniyadaan..They stand up for 7 vows taking promising vows stay together for lifetimes supporting each other’s no matters. Everyone showering flowers on them.Β 

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..

Tujhko dekh kar,
Tujhko dekh kar
Aankhein muskurane lagti hain
Tujhko mill kar
Dhadkne gun-gunane lagti hain
Aisa hota hai kyun?
Mujhko khabar nahin
Pehle kabhi hua, aisa asar nahin!

Wait for the one who simply adores you.Β 

The kind of person who brings out of the best in you and makes you want to be a better person the only person who will drop everything to be with you at any time no matter h at the circumstances for the person who makes you smile like no one else ever has. Wait for the person who want to show you off to the world because. They are so proud of you and most of all wait for the person who is ill make you a priority, because that’s why you belong.Β 

Happily they take the 7 vows and again sit Kunj filled twinkle hairline with sindoor. She closed her eyes. And adore mangalsutra in her neck while yuvi too did same. All clapping for them.Pandit ji declared them husband and wife.They take everyone blessing. Chinki come there Kunj and twinkle see she pass painful smile. Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s. In Their heart..Love and light will always win against hatred and darkness.Β 

The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate.. Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war love is a growing up. Hum juda hui bhi phirse humhare pyaar ki taqat logo nafart she jada Sachi ti humhara pyaar nahi hara woh hi har gaye kehte hai sometime jo humhe juda karta hai he only become the reason our togetherness. Yes if Chinki didn’t save them we’re not here together. Kunj and twinkle went towards her.Β 


Chinki: happy anniversary.Β 

Twinkle: thanks come.Β 

Chinki:really twinkle and Kunj your love is true today you both together after so much circumstance.Β 

Kunj:haa she is my everything. Unconditional love never failed any test it can struggle but the bond cannot be broken. GOD PLAN IS ALWAYS THE BEST SOMETIMES THE PROCESS IS PAINFUL AND HARD BUT DONT FORGET THAT WHEN GOD IS SILENT HE DOING SOMETHING FOR YOU.Β 

Both hold each other’s hands and went inside Kunj take Amaira in his arms. They meet with all guest and smiling gazing to twinkle.Β 

Twinkle:pagal Kunj sadu my.Kunj throw Amaira in air and catch her back. Someone come and Kunj see her get so happy.

Kunj:heyy you are late.

Shaheen:yes sir I’m late but what to do busy in your story too.Happy anniversary to you both.Β 

Twinkle:thanks so you are who behind our story.Β 

Shaheen:hmmπŸ˜›πŸ˜›.Hope I justify with your story. She give gift to Kunj and twinkle.Β 

Kunj: haa Come. They all click their photos and enjoying so much had tears of happiness what else they want More now. After sometimes later.Β 

Mehar:you guys go.Β 

Twinkle:hmm come Amaira.Β 

Anamika:today my great kids stay with us you guys go they blushed.Β 

Yuvi:not like this yuvi winked at Kunj both smirked before anyone say something both lifts their wife’s in their arms all hooting for them.All smile like anything.Finally their love wins. Both takes their wife’s. Entered in their room see the condition and get shocked fully decorated.

Kunj: ready.

Twinkle:ever😝😝. Kunj went towards bed place twinkle on bed come upon her kissed on her forehead. Humara pyaar jeet Gaya Kunj. 

Kunj:haa.Twinkle he captures her lips both kissing each other’s like anything nibbles each other lips.Twinkle moaning Kunj name loudly.Β 

Aditi and yuvi too busy in their romance.Β 

Yuvi:happy meri happy family wali.Β 

Aditi:very much.Share a liplock.They engaged in each other’s made love πŸ’–.Β 

Whole rooms fills with moan and Goans.Β 


No amount of words could ever describe the love You have for her..Β 

Peeche mud ke dekh kar rone ke din gaye… Ab waqt hai un yaadon ko samet kar zindagi mein aage badhne ka… Khul kar jeene ka… Aur khush rehne ka…😁😁❀️❀️

Β Another morning come Kunj and twinkle sleeping in each other’s. Both wake up at the same time look at each other remember their last night.Β 

Kunj: good morning.Β 

Twinkle:good morning.Thanks for coming in my life.Β 

Kunj:even you too twinkle Kunj get voice message.He received and put the voice message on Speaker yes.??

Shaheen: it’s me sir I got name..Β 

Twinkle: what..Β 

Shaheen: your LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN OVER HATE.. Β First Love, Last Love

how’s it.Β 


Shaheen: my work is done sir bye end the voice.Β 

Twinkle: true our love win over hate Kunj. Both joint their foreheads. Let’s go our babies.

Kunj: haa both get up and get freshen up and run down together finding their babies other side yuvi and Aditi they went in garden and see their all family members together. Kunj and twinkle hold each other’s hand take their babies in their arms and lay down on grasses even Aditi and yuvi with romir in circle..Β 

Aditi:our journey was awesome.Β 

Yuvi:so much drama I mean.Β 

Twinkle:full filmy..Β 

Kunj:but end of the we are together guys. Happy with each other’s Everlasting Love.

Hold each other’s hands. Loudly togethersΒ 


Twinkle: hum saath hai bas yeh hai..Β 

Kunj get up and sit on his knees. He take out that ring.Β 

Twinkle: for whom.Β 

Jo mere dil ke paas hai
Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hain
Jo mere dil ke paas hai
Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hain
Ho aise mein kya karun
Kya karun tu hi bata

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..

Kunj: idiot for you only na. She forward her hand Kunj made her wear the rights kids clapping for them.Β 

Love is one experience of life which help you to discover the real meaning and enjoyment of life. Love is one beautiful journey which helps us to get thought the wild journey of life..Β 

Kunj give backhugged to twinkle while yuvi too Aditi and twinkle holding Amaira in her arms while romir and ammar jumped on Kunj and yuvi back they both cuddles them they all smiling.Β 



however your journey begins always try to make the ending happy. As the beginning isn’t in your hands but the end sure is.Β 

Β  Β  True love stories never have endings


THEΒ END πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’–


Finally end one more story of my.. the journey was really amazing guys.Thanks for supporting and love my story how can I kill yuvi and kunj😝😝😝.. hope you all like the last part they are together happily forever. 

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third..Β love this sad thriller mysteries full story.. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

people try to separate them but it’s true Their love win over hate.. so much misunderstanding still they are together.Β 

at last.Β 

Leave error.πŸ˜›πŸ˜›..Β 


@signing off..

kiya… πŸ–ŠΒ Β πŸ–Š

Bye love you all..Β 


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