Twinkle come to Taneja mansion along with her parents, and she cry so badly. Her hairs all messy and face become dull her mascara all smudge her eyes become red due to crying.Twinkle don’t know what happened to her just now.She was so happy today but everything is finished.While Leela and Rt don’t know what to do. Twinkle run in her room she looks at herself in mirror all those words told my usha to her that echoed in her eyes she closed her ears tightly and throw vase on mirror that break down due to this sound Leela and Rt or fuzail rushed towards twinkle and see her.

Twinkle:noooo I didn’t do anything.Rt and Leela Look at each other’s. They went towards her and held her from her shoulder.

Rt: Twinkle puttar..

Twinkle:Papa I didn’t do anything these pictures are fake nothings going between me and vikram.

Rt:I know twinkle puttar.. twinkle falls down on her knees crying so horribly even they too sit beside her. Rt cupped twinkle face twinkle beta please tell me each and everything today what’s going on in your life till now I asked you many times after see them today I don’t think so whatever you were telling us that’s truth..

Twinkle:papa in shivering voice I try my level best to make my place in mummy ji heart but I’m unsuccessful Papa.. she didn’t like me at all as Kunj wife never that I don’t know. I know I’m not her idol bahu still I try my level best did all work learn everything she can love mahi but not me.. i never complain about this.. Papa and MAA.

Leela: and Kunj..

Twinkle:kunjj he is perfect husband did everything don’t know what happened him today.I’m not like that Papa and MAA.

Leela: I know bacha..what they did today I’ll never forget and forgive them as well even Kunj too.. twinkle tell each and everything to her parents whatever happened to her in Sarna Mansion her parents get shocked till now they are unaware about their daughter pain she hides everything from them.they think she is happy in her life now but not.. somehow Leela and Rt console twinkle and while crying she sleep in her father arms..

Rt:I’ll not leave them.. I thought my twinkle is happy but not Leela see what we have done with her we find wrong family for our twinkle make her life hell itself her own parents.Today they disrespect my daughter very much.they kissed on twinkle forehead and sleep beside her only while fuzail friends messaging him his sister looking hot in anger he broke his phone.

Next side Sarna Mansion kunj went in his room he open his shirt and throw in side open the closet and throw twinkle all dress on floor..

Kunj:why you did this twinkle abhi toh we started trusting on each other’s now only you have to broke my trust why you did this with me.he see her pictures and throw and get so.Angry on twinkle that he can’t describe.He lay down on couch and sleep in anger while others worried about Manohar.

Next morning twinkle wake up with sad face Leela and Rt see and wish her good morning while Twinkle didn’t give any respond them. Rt and Leela leave her alone they went out of the room while twinkle see the time it’s kunj wake up time. She take her phone call him. Kunj who sleeping.

Kunj: in sleep twinkle please see my phone no answer he open his eyes look at bed it’s empty remember twinkle isn’t here what happened last night.he see his phone ringing see twinkle call he ignored but twinkle again and again calling him at last he pick up the call.. what you wanted now..

Twinkle:kunjj please listen to me once at least you don’t do this with me.

Kunj:I listen enough Last night what humiliation me and my family bearing because of your kartut..

Twinkle: Kunj don’t say I didn’t do anything trust me..

Kunj:this word didn’t suit from your mouth now don’t call me we are over..

Twinkle:kunjjj he cut the call.tears coming from twinkle eyes. She get freshen up looking so dull went downstairs lost in her thoughts her family members see her stage get shocked. Leela bring her make her sit on chair..

Rt: Twinkle See I make your favorite walnut waffles..

Twinkle: I don’t want.

Fuzail:didi please have na.He feed her with his hands just for his happiness twinkle have it.. after twinkle went in garden there chinki come and asked twinkle about her what coming in news about her and Vikram..

Kunj lost in his own thoughts maya come at Sarna Mansion cheers up his mood.
All news showing rubbish about twinkle character.Manohar is fine but went in semi coma.he can see move his hands but can’t talk and walk..

Usha just curse twinkle so much no one tell her anything mahi mother went to Leela house and asked her about this did really twinkle did this or not..

Noor:Leela Bhabhi what is this all happening.

Leela:everything is rubbish Noor even Sarna’s not believing on my twinkle.They think wrong about vikram and twinkle.

Noor: hmmm.: I saw in news Bhabhi.. How’s is twinkle.

Leela: keshi ho shakti hai Meri bachi..

Twinkle calling kunj he just cut her call even she call to Yuvi and Mahi as well they too didn’t answer her calls she felt so bad within in just one night all change so much.

Twinkle went to servant take her phone and dial Kunj number due to unknown number he pick up the call immediately.

Kunj: hello kaun..

Twinkle:hello.twinkle closed her eyes tears drops falls down from her eyes


Twinkle:kunjj don’t cut the call please ek baar Meri baath sun lo na please.

Kunj:kya sunu me twinkle.. just than vikram come there and calling twinkle this kunj Listen.please spare on me twinkle.

Twinkle: kunjj where I’ll go.

Kunj:where.You are in that picture but leave me.. now stop calling me from another number get it and cut the call. Twinkle turned and see vikram she tell him about kunj..

Twinkle:vikram see what kunj saying..

Vikram:Twinkle don’t cry I don’t care what people talking about us we know our friendship is so pure I didn’t expect this from kunj. They take us wrong make our pure relation dirty. I never think like this about you Chii for me you always my best friend cam sister. Twinkle hug him..

Twinkle:even for me too vikram.. but I can’t live without kunj please do something for me.

Vikram:haa I’ll do something for you. Now don’t cry okay.they went inside vikram holding twinkle hand this Noor see. Vikram take Twinkle in her room make her calm down.After Noor went from there.

At night vikram and all have their dinner twinkle just playing with food..

Sarna Mansion here also everyone having their food just than Noor come there and Mahi hug her. She asked usha what happened. Usha tell her each and everything in front of everyone She using so cheap words for twinkle.

Anita: what’s the need of this vikram always behind twinkle.

Noor:hmm even I went to Taneja mansion he is there, and he hold twinkle hand kunj closed his fist in anger but control he leave his food and went in his room.Take out alcohol bottle gulps in one go.

Twinkle just crying and missing kunj so much crying for him like anything. 2 days has been passed twinkle didn’t come out from her room. Everyone is worried about her next side kunj is same but anger filled in his eyes for twinkle. Usha did his brainwashed totally.Vikram finding who did this. He call twinkle and they meet one person..

Vikram:Twinkle he can tell us did this photos is fake or real. And if he tell in front of everyone our all problems is solved.

Twinkle:good please do something fast. They went inside and they meet with man and show him their photos and asked him.

Vikram: please can you tell us did this photograph is real or someone did morphing please..

Man:I can’t say I have to check it.

Twinkle: please do fast.. he went inside and call someone and went back outside.

Man: these pictures are morphed.

Twinkle: acha thanks please come with us tell our family if you can I’ll never forgot your favor..

Man:okay I’ll. Twinkle get so happy.

Twinkle:think see kunj I’m coming back to you. They three of them went outside

Vikram: Twinkle I bring bike so..

Twinkle: you both go together I’m coming behind you

Vikram:okay come fast.They both left.
While twinkle finding taxi but can’t road was so lonely some mans come there and see twinkle lustily even rain started.

Twinkle:twinkle let’s go kunj I’m coming.
She run like anything drenched in rain water. Background song please listen while reading you all will love it. Qismat..

Qismat badaldi vekhi main
Ehhe jag badalda vekheya.
( twinkle Kunj I know no one trust me but you’ll see your twinkle is just yours I never think about anyone apart from you today I’ll tell you how much I love you)

Main badalde vekhe apne
Main Rabb badalda vekheya (x2)
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
(Twinkle wiping her tears she was so happy today can’t explain just wanted to hug kunj tightly)
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Chal jar hi javangi
Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya
Main te…
(Blood coming from twinkle feet’s because she didn’t wear her shoes. )
Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya
Main te mar hi javangi (x3)
Ho qismat badaldi vekhi main
Ehhe jag badalda vekheya
Main badalde vekhe apne
( she falls down but again get up just kunj face coming in front of her eyes she didn’t care about anyone)
Main Rabb badalda vekheya
Tu aakhri umeed meri
Tutt kite jaavin na
Lutti hoyi nu ve Jaani
( kunj anyone can change but you can’t )
Lutt kite jaavin na (x2)
Main jhooth badalda vekheya
Main sach badalda vekheya
Main badalde pathar vekhe ne
Main kach badalda vekheya
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
(Other side usha kept small party in Sarna Mansion everyone having good time)
Chal jar hi javangi
Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya
Main te mar hi javangi (x2)
(While Rt and Leela or fuzail worried about twinkle.)
Ho qismat badaldi vekhi main
Ehhe jag badalda vekheya
Main badalde vekhe apne
Main Rabb badalda vekheya
(Usha give official statement to media that twinkle having affair with her friend)
Je lod nahi ae hun meri
Mooh te mere bol ve
Maang na salhaan jaake
Par lokaan kol ve
Je dena ae te dil naal
Saath devin mera tu
Je rolna vi ae te fer
Changi tarah rol ve
(Car come in front of twinkle she hit with but giving smile get up and she breathe so heavily can’t walk.. twinkle tujhe bagana hai Tere Kunj ke liye)
Main chann badalda vekheya
Taare badalde vekhe main
Haaye lod pehn te duniya ‘ch
Saare badalde vekhe main
(He was waiting for me he can’t stay angry with me so much)
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Chal jar hi javangi
Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya
Main te mar hi javangi (x3)
Twinkle reached to Sarna Mansion. Vikram and that Man as well. Guard didn’t let them go inside he called Usha they all come outside as soon as Twinkle See kunj she rushed to him and hugged him while Kunj didn’t hug her back. Rt and Leela or fuzail to reached there kunj see vikram and break the hug with jerk.

Usha:why you come here haa.. even with your Vikram. We are good people not like you both.

Twinkle:Kunj please listen to me I’ll prove and I have proof too I didn’t do anything all get confused.. See this man.

Kunj:I don’t want more drama twinkle.

Twinkle:no kunj she can’t speak properly.

Usha: what is this all. Leela ja take your daughter from here..

Vikram: we have proof please them tell.

Man:this photographed is fake kunj get shocked. This they tell me to say in front of you all and give me money for this twinkle and Vikram shocked.

Vikram: what nonsense you speak please such bolo do..

Kunj: hey stop this I know everything.

Twinkle:nahi kunjj please he saying wrong.
Mera Vikram ke saath kuch bhi nahi hai. I know tum mujhpe trust karo ge..

Kunj: I don’t want this type of wife who spend night with another man.What he give you that I didn’t give you tell me Twinkle haa. I know why you went to him.. Twinkle floor slip after Listen this words..

Twinkle: kunjjj?????.. aesha mat bolo he is just my best friend.

Kunj started clapping and laughing.

Kunj: see everyone what she saying who sleep with best friend even Maya is my bestie did I sleep with her even you have so many friends did you sleep with them also. Twinkle slap kunj so hard..

Twinkle:kunjjj today you cross all limits I thought this world can change and think wrong about me but you can’t I’m wrong.
What you say right now it’s show how much you respect me:. I’m whored of Vikram good I’m.

Usha:don’t know from where you
Leela ji get her.

Leela:Twinkle chal yeha se..

Twinkle: nahi MAA Mera ghar shadi..

Usha:kaun si shadi and ghar.. I’ll
Find good girl for my kunj not like you
sl*t. Don’t know about her if she bring someone bad blood in her womb and come to us.. chiii. ???.. twinkle falls down and crying horribly everyone laughing at her..

Rt:shut up usha ji and Kunj.

Fuzail: if my sister is whore even yours kunj.. Kunj screams at fuzail.

Fuzail: you feel bad na.. what about my twinkle didi.. di come please no need to proved anything here. Twinkle went to kunj and hold his shirt and with one hand she cupped his face.

Twinkle:Kunj don’t do this with me I’ll die without you. Think about me. You’ll regret one day kunj for this all.

Kunj:acha why I’ll ab tum hara maan bhar gaya hoga vikram se you wanted to come to me haa. How much money he give you to give your body to him.

Twinkle:kunjjj don’t say she closed her ears and screams loudly. Usha come and push her hard twinkle hit with pillar.

Leela:Twinkle Vikram held her.

Kunj:don’t worry twinkle Vikram is here for you. You make her your whore make her your wife that’s good.

Twinkle: kunjj Sarna ???.Today I’ll break everything to you she pulled her mangalsutra and throw at Kunj.
Today you let down me in front of IN my own eyes.You have so cheap thinking about me. I feel ashamed why I’ll stay with you till now. I’ll never show you my face remember this. She wiped her tears and her duppta falls down inside she broke down totally no hope.. she walk like lifeless girl car coming Twinkle didn’t care she hit with this Leela and Rt rush towards her.Twinkle falls down and get unconscious. Kunj about went to her whole Usha held his hand take him inside.

Rt and Leela take Twinkle to home back they sprinkle water on her. She wake up and hugged rt tightly crying like anything scream kunj name. Leela did her dressing. Twinkle get numb totally. Whole night twinkle crying and screaming kunj name. She went in washroom wash her sindoor. Feeling so shamed can’t look at herself.

She come out of the washroom and lay down on the floor and broke her bangles blood oozing from her hands.
Twinkle:keshi ne shai kaha pyaar kuch Nahi Hota do hi gawah the Meri mohabbat ke waqt aur wo ek guzar gaya dusra mukar gaya.

How can there be pain in a place here there is so much joy? A loving relationship is the most awesome experience in the world. This is why it also holds the potential for some much sadness.

Night went so fast next morning come. Twinkle get up and just stay in her room. She side behind bed.Chinki come and talk to her spend time with her. While passing days Twinkle make her health is worse whatever she have immediately do vomit feeling so nauseous.still pretend she is good. Twinkle sitting in her room than she feels like puke he rushed to washroom and did vomit she feels dizzy there only she falls down and get unconscious. While fuzail finding everywhere twinkle he went in her room she was not in room as well than his eyes went on washroom and give her voice.

Fuzail: di are you there.. he open the door and get shocked to twinkle he give voice to Leela and Rt they immediately come there. Fuzail lift twinkle and place her on bed Leela started crying to twinkle condition her lips become white,

Leela: Meri bachi ???Twinkle.

Rt: fuzu call to doctor please..

Fuzail: haa he call to doctor soon doctor arrived she went everyone outside and examined twinkle Leela and Rt hell worried twinkle now.. Leela started crying fuzail as well. After sometimes doctor come out of the rooms and Leela and Rt run to doctor asked her so many question without break.

Leela:doctor please tell me how’s my daughter.

Doctor: in this stage this much stress is not good for she is so week..

Rt: what do you mean in this stage doctor.

Doctor:she is pregnant one month,
Leela and Rt get shocked and happy as well. Please take care of her don’t let her take any kind of stress she can lose her baby as well. Doctor gives some medicines to twinkle and left Leela and Rt or fuzu went side and see twinkle looking at window lost in her own world. They went inside her.

Leela: Twinkle.. she look at them. Meri bachi tu MAA banewali hai.. twinkle too get shocked and remember something and tears escaping from her eyes she hugged Leela.

Twinkle: maaa ????. Aap bhi yeh soch ti hai yeh bacha keshi aur ka hai.

Leela: nahi Twinkle. Twinkle keep her hand on her belly.

Twinkle: MAA Papa yeh bacha mera and Kunj ka hai.. ??. What I’ll do now this baby everyone calling me whore Rt covered her mouth..

Rt: no twinkle this baby is yours and Kunj. Don’t take his name from his mouth.

Twinkle:Papa he told me so much. ?I m not like this.

Rt: he compare my twinkle self-respect with money god is good Twinkle.

Twinkle: Papa I don’t want to stay here take me please if they did something with my baby. I don’t wanted this baby Papa it’s kunj baby If he call me someone whore I’ll die.. already my soul broke now I don’t have strength now.

Fuzail; didi don’t cry. I’ll become body guard of your baby. Twinkle hugged them in group they all crying together.

Episode end on their faces..

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