Episode: 10…

finally 10 episode is complete 😂😂😛

Kunj and she sits in restaurant this place is there all time favourite.

She: so what you wanna have in breakfast.

Kunj:hmmm let me think. She smiling to see kunj face expression. Just than waiter come there..

She: one pancake with apple sauce.

Kunj look at her just and smiling non stop.

Kunj: and for her bring aalo paratha..

Waiter: okay sir anything else..

She: haa one coffee and one tea that’s it.

Waiter takes the Oder and went. Kunj took her hand in his hand..

Kunj: how you know I wanted pancakes.

She: I know each and everything about you. what you wanted when?? Like you kunj.

Kunj:you know what you are the best.

She:even my kunj too she pulled his cheeks.

While ammar sitting having ice cream in side fuzail was finding him everywhere. His eyes went on ammar who sitting in corner . He smiled to see his rock star.

Fuzu: what my rockstar doing here..

Ammar: in cute voice maamu ice cream.

Fuzu:acha lets go home mamma was waiting for us.

Ammar: don’t tell mamma what we have done in summer camp..

Fuzu: yeah never.He lifted him and car waiting for them.They sit in car and left for Taneja Mansion.

(In these years taneja family didn’t meet with anyone they hardly communicate with their relatives even not Chetan family come their place very much due to ammar they keep distance with everyone.)

Soon ammar and fuzail reached Taneja Mansion now this Taneja Mansion Change totally. Twinkle and Rt or Leela heard car horn they get so happy finally their baby come back.They standing near inside entrance ammar come out of the car run inside. He entered inside twinkle see him he too. Twinkle sitting on her knees ammar jumped in her arms hugged her tightly.

Twinkle: ammar… 😍😍..

Ammar:mamma😍😍😍cuddles her tightly. While twinkle caressing his back.. fuzu come and meet with Leela and Rt hug them.. twinkle cupped ammar face and look at him kissed on his face allover..

Ammar: mamma your lipstick huhu..🤮..

They all laugh at ammar cuteness.

Twinkle:acha bachu.She wiped his face. How’s my baby look at him become so thin.

Leela: now let me too meet with my baby.

Ammar: nani😍😍😍.. he went to Leela hug her she kissed on his face even Rt too both showering their loves on ammar.

Rt:didn’t you miss us ammar..

Ammar: I miss you all nanu..,

Twinkle: and you fuzu did he trouble you.

Fuzu: no di we enjoy lot..

Ammar: yes mamma I’ll go again

Twinkle:no I’ll not send my baby now anywhere you know mamma and nanu or Nani missing you like anything..

Ammar: why now I’m become big now no more pamper baby 😂😂…

Twinkle: acha see MAA and Papa how naughty he becoming day by day..

Fuzu: MAA give me something please I’m so hungry..

Leela: yeah breakfast is ready you go and get freshen up..

Twinkle: chalo ammar you too.Twinkle lift him and they went in room..twinkle take out ammar clothes take him in washroom.

Ammar: mamma you go na I’ll take bath Itself now I’m big boy.

Twinkle:😂😂look at this big boy.. now come.. twinkle removing his clothes just than she saw ice cream stain on ammar tshirt.. did you have ice cream.. he closed his eyes and giving blushing smile..

Ammar:haa I have Amma just little bit..

Twinkle: I’ll not leave fuzu..

ammar:Arey maamu don’t know. Today I meet with one lambu uncle..

Twinkle: what lambu uncle she laugh out.

Ammar:yes mamma he is so tall more than me..

Twinkle:ammar you are so front of you he is tall only na.twinkle give him bath after warped him in white towel take him in room. She make him wear his clothes.

Ammar:mamma my friend Papa too so tall everyone Papa is tall na.. twinkle busy in him.

Twinkle:haa sab ke Papa tall hai okay..

Ammar: phir toh mere Papa bhi tall honge na. I’ll too went on him in height. Twinkle stop. She look at ammar and think something.

Twinkle:ammar you have na mamma bas now come.She make him ready than they went downstairs.Leela and Rt waiting for them at dinning table. Twinkle and ammar come twinkle make ammar sit on top of the table.. fuzu too come and take his seat.

Fuzu: MAA I miss your hands food.

Leela: haa.. she served him. While ammar looking what they make for him.

Leela: today I didn’t make for ammar anything. 😛😛..

Twinkle: only milk.

Ammar: no I’ll not drink milk wanted my favourite..

Twinkle: what my baby wanted..

Ammar: I didn’t like this all things my

pancakes 🥞 bas.. Leela show him pancakes he get happy. Thanks Nani..

Leela:we never forget about my ammar.wanted

twinkle: yeah now let’s have.. twinkle started feeding him with her hands.

Ammar: mamma something is missing

Rt: what beta..

Waiter bring Their oder and served them.

Kunj: now let’s have baby.

She:yeah.Kunj take the bite of pancakes

🥞. But he stop in middle. What happened kunj.

Kunj:something is not perfect.

She:let me taste she taste the pancake find is good. Kunj it’s good.


Twinkle:ammar now have without doing any drama.

Ammar: mamma this you didn’t make na.

Twinkle: how you know..

Ammar:because you know I didn’t like nuts in this.Twinkle look at Leela..

Leela: I’m sorry I totally forgot Twinkle beta I know ammar have allergy of nuts..

Twinkle:it’s okay ammar. Mamma will make for you another you have this paratha it’s so yummy..

Ammar: okay.. happily ammar have paratha.

Kunj check the pancake and see call the waiter..

Waiter: yes sir..

Kunj:why you put nuts in this…

Waiter: I’m sorry sir.. I’ll bring another.

Kunj: no need of this take this from there.

Waiter take the pancakes plates from here.

She: you know kunj I see you many times you didn’t find any pancakes best I don’t know what taste and perfection your were finding it in pancakes everyone make like this only.

Kunj:no sweetheart everyone not make pancakes like this. Someone make world best pancakes even you can’t find single mistake in her pancakes.

She:acha.Now what my kunj will have.

Kunj: nothing.
she tore the paratha morsel and take near kunj lips.he look at her with wet eyes. She gestured him to open his mouth kunj open his mouth she put the paratha in his mouth with painful smile kunj have this she feeding him while Kunj having too.Tears coming from his eyes. She went near him cupped his face and wiped his tears with her duppta.

She:why you always cry haa.

Kunj:don’t know this tears automatically come out from my eyes.He hugged her instantly.why everyone did this with me only. Only you are the one person whom I trust fully.

She:Kunj for one person you can’t ignore everyone I told you go home meet with everyone MAA and Papa Bebe everyone loves you.

Kunj: yeah I know this they love me. But they didn’t understand my pain.Maa just behind me. Don’t know what magic Maya had done on her.Whole day she just chanting maya name tasbih…

She: you leave this all things just think about you only.

Kunj: now what I’ll think just I thought about you only. Only you give me happiness. I find peace near you.

She: today someone buttering on me😛.

Kunj: kuch bhi me aur buttering never you are not bread 😂😂. She slap on his face playfully while Kunj laughing. After this kunj drop her home he left for his office..

Ammar just teasing twinkle while having breakfast.

Twinkle: ammar what is this baby.

Rt: let him twinkle..

Ammar: mamma I’m done okay now let me go and watch my favourite cartoons.

He gets up and run from there all look at twinkle..

Twinkle: you all making him more mischievous.

Leela:haa so what remember your days twinkle you are no more than as compares than Ammar.

Fuzu:yeah di rockstar didn’t went on you..
😛😂just only on masti..

Twinkle:huhu he is my baby.she went from there behind ammar see him he cutely watching cartoons.Twinkle call servant 

And tell him too bring ammar medicine.
Twinkle sit beside him ammar see her but ignore he know why she come to him. Baby see here.

Ammar: mamma no more medicines why you giving me thesw medicines everyday. My friend didn’t take only me😩😩making crying faces..

Twinkle: I know baby what I do mamma is helpless na. If you take this medicines you become more strong.

Ammar: even I’ll not falls down while running.

Twinkle: yes now open your mouth. Ammar open his mouth twinkle give him medicines.

Ammar: pani pani🤢🤢.. twinkle make him drink water.. yuck mamma.

Twinkle: I know baby.. she cupped his face give him peck on his lips.. Mera bacha now you enjoy your cartoon and don’t go anywhere okay..

Ammar: where are you going mamma.

Twinkle: mamma going office. But come back quickly.

Ammar: okay bring my nerds gummy candy .

Twinkle:you are so small still wanted gummy candy.

Ammar: haa I love this when I get bored..

Twinkle: okay mere baap..

Twinkle went in her room.She take out her clothes.Get freshen up and wear her office clothes. She wear high waist jeans with

Balloon top.With high pony.. looking extremely hot. She went in balcony.

Twinkle:thinking ammar is right all kids went on their father even he too went.

Don’t know babaji how I’ll handle him in up coming by day his all habits went on kunj. I try to make him away from kunj. Even I did it his shadow never falls on him still he is same too kunj. Babaji please I handle myself after so much difficulties or ammar is my life I’ll never let him know about his father.His MAA and baap dono me hi hu.we are in same city still never conformation with each other’s. After that night babaji I didn’t saw him.

Flash back..

After Riya and abhay wedding all leave for Their place. Twinkle packing her clothes. There Rt and Leela come along with ammar he was on Rt Arms..

Leela:Twinkle beta.. what happened you call us?? ‘Anything is serious..

Twinkle:no nothing is serious.

Rt:than why you cancel our tickets.

Twinkle: Papa I don’t want to go back London.

Leela: but why where you’ll go.

Twinkle: MAA my place our Amritsar. They both shocked..

Rt: what do you mean by this twinkle??

Twinkle:Papa I run lot now no more when I m innocent I didn’t do anything.Why I’ll run away.I’ll face each and everything. I stay lot in pain now I can’t Papa I have to fight with this world. I’m not single Maa and Papa I have my son. Today this sarnas point their fingers on my son one day anyone can Papa I don’t want to give any chance..

Rt:I wanted this only from you twinkle.

Twinkle:yes Papa I bear lot now I wanted to live my life with my baby and my family.

I’ll show this a mother doesn’t need father for hwe baby.I’ll grow up him without a father give him everything.Become his both mamma and Papa. Even you are with me Papa. I’ll teach him how to respect people specially a girl self respect not like his so called father who is just blood sake father nothing else..

Rt come near to twinkle hold her from her both shoulders.

Rt: I’m proud of you my twinkle beta. Bas keep stay like this.. my strong twinkle..
After that they all went Amritsar.Their old mansion they didn’t used it that near Chetan house so they away from this all.

After usha twinkle become strong.She started working with Rt in his office at the same time she handle ammar too. Twinkle working so beautifully her hard work take company so high in less time. One day.

Rt: Twinkle beta I wanted you take the responsibility of this empire.

Twinkle: means Papa.

Rt: I wanted you become ceo 👩‍💼 of

This company.

Twinkle: me keshe Papa.

Rt: you are twinkle. You are the reason today our company stand here this famed

Just because of you and your hard work behind this so please sign the paper.

Twinkle: okay Papa. Twinkle sign the paper after that day she become ceo of Taneja empire. Fuzu who still busy in his higher studies. Due to some reasons he leave his studies in middle Twinkle explain him and convince him to continue his studies he listen twinkle again he started his studies.Like this day was passing in fingers ammar become big that small ammar who just in everyone Arms. Now he running while holding his both grandparents and mother or maamu finger.This time is hard for twinkle being a single mother many people asked her questions but she replied each and everyone nicely.. this major changes come inside in twinkle make her strong woman. This emotional twinkle switch into confidence girl. It’s not easy for her change herself but this change is great.

Whatever is twinkle just because of her confident and her willpower.She can beat all men’s she had this much power..

She come out of her thoughts..

Twinkle: this journey old twinkle to this twinkle who standing now in front of everyone it’s not easy for me . but I love what I’m.. today.. just than she get call from her pa… Rajiv

Rajiv:mam today new international company give us chance to work with them on a very big project.

Twinkle: great this Rajiv call them if they wanted to meet us call than please call

Innovation Meeting..

Rajiv:yeah man it’s not single many companies collaboratively on this project.

Twinkle: okay I’m coming.. she end the call Take her bag and went downstairs.

Leela: you are going beta??

Twinkle: yes Maa today our company get a chance to work on very big project.w

Rt: great beta go ahead your success waiting for you.

Fuzu: yeah di.

Twinkle: my brother go and study leave this rockstar he is in school only.

Leela: yes.

Twinkle: okay I’m going. She give flying kiss to everyone but went to his little soul and kissed on his cheeks leave her lipstick print on his cheeks. Bye bacha..

Ammar: uhh 🤐🤐. Bye mamma. Now let me watch cartoon..

Twinkle: pagal. She left for office.

Next scene

Kunj reaches his office and went inside in full tashan.He went inside and immediately call his pa she entered in cabin in hustle did she do something wrong.

Zara: yes sir.

Kunj:what’s the highest point of today in business world..

Zara: sir new international company wanted to work with Indian companies.

So they approach many companies. It’s not small project.


Kunj:turn and take the spinning ball keep spinning.I know very big merger this.

And tell me the name of those companies with get ready to work with them.

Zara:yeah sir I have list of those companies. she gives him and Kunj see the names..

Kunj:hoo he laughs sarcastically 😂😂.

Even my Yuvi brother too great man. Kunj see many companies names but he saw one new company name.. who is this A/T company man…

Zara: sir this is new company.. but very big company in very less time this company got success.

Kunj:interesting. Man

Zara: sir even you too they invited for their innovation meeting. What you think sir.

Kunj:what you think this is very big race zara I’ll loved to work with this company. I mean he winked at her hope you understand what I mean I just waiting for this day. Today see the day has arrived. I’ll work in this project but let’s see if this project done successfully or maybe submerge it 😂😎😎😎..

Zara: this give us too loss sir.

Kunj:Main har kaam paise ke liye nahi karta (I don’t do all my work for money)

Zara: okay so I’ll fix your meeting with them. We have to go to their office..

Kunj: yeah we’ll go zara. Kunj take his glares and wear it .the fight for the win begins he said and went in down…

Zara: don’t know what sir thinking but something really big running in his mind. Hope he didn’t defeat in this.She too went out of the cabin..

Kunj went to Yuvi office which on second

Floor. He went in his cabin.Yuvi was sitting and doing his work he was happy seemed like to his face…Kunj went inside and take his seat on desk and take The Apple and take bite of apple in very cute way. Yuvi look at Kunj.

Yuvi: bro you are here..

Kunj: yeah didn’t you get happy after see me like your wifey 😝😜.

Yuvi: no bro I’m so happy leave about Mahi she is pathetic.

Kunj: hehe.

Yuvi: today you here what’s the matter..

Kunj: yeah while having apple. I’m here too celebrate and congratulations you bro.

Yuvi: for what??

Kunj: Arey you approached by international company for merger project is it not good news Yuvraj ji…

Yuvi:hoo I totally forgot about this yeah its  great news  Your name comes on top of the list this must be great more than my.

Kunj: yeah yeah what you think about this.

Yuvi: obviously who will leave this great opportunity kunj sir..

Kunj: yeh bhi hai so are you ready fully.

Yuvi: yes I’m fully ready kunj to work in this merger Collaboration. 😎😎. Even you should too. Didn’t leave this project from your hands..

Kunj: yes I can’t you know me.. I’m hungry business man didn’t let any single project gone from my hand first is my right than others.

Yuvi: Kunj really you totally changed this arrogant Kunj Sarna mad behind money.

Kunj: Acha I’m mad what about you didn’t you. If not than why you separate business with me. Everyone wanted profit and victory alone. Defeat they wanted to share but victory can’t be Yuvi. My time teach me on correct way on my life.

Yuvi: Kya Kar ta me Kunj. We work together but only your names come in frame Kunj Sarna only where I’m stand. This Mahi and my mother can’t see just because of them I separated from you.

Kunj:I know Yuvi.Today also where are you stand behind me only.Insecurity didn’t give us anything Yuvi.They wanted to see me look back off you but happen only what god wanted not peoples. If you are with me today you too stand in number business mans of world but I’m happy for you.You just love victory sometimes try to enjoy the fun of defeat it’s amazing..

Yuvi: you are great Kunj Sarna I’m yuvraj Luthra Bhai..

Kunj:leave this all. Don’t you want to go in innovation meeting??

Yuvi: I want to go but I had some work let’s go together..

Kunj:na tu ja I have something so first complete this than I’ll come..

Yuvi:As your wish bro.He said this and left.While Kunj thinking something and smirked.

Otherside twinkle working in her cabin just than there abeer along with mehar come..

Mehar: hi miss Taneja our business woman twinkle laugh but didn’t look at them. Abeer and mehar sit in front of twinkle.

Abeer: oyy twinkle look at us madam.

Twinkle: haa bolo today you both get time to meet with me haa..

Mehar:Arey Twinkle you know today only my doll come back..

Twinkle: yeah I know even my one too.

Abeer: so devil is come back 😝😝😛.

Twinkle: don’t call my baby devil..

(Guys mehar wife of abeer Malhotra..

You all must be thinking how they have baby when mehar come with twinkle India that time she leave her baby with abeer just for twinkle she come to give her company..)

Abeer:Twinkle chale na together.

Twinkle:hmm I was just waiting for rajiv

He will than we’ll go.

Mehar: you both just talk about business try something else..abeer pulled mehar cheeks give her side hug.twinkle see Their love and get sad but happy for them.

Twinkle: guys If your romance is done shall we go abeer leave your wife for sometime.

Abeer:sure.He get up hold twinkle hand.

Mehar:bye I’m taking both kids out. Rishi and Sasha too coming.

Abeer: you go we both get free soon we’ll too joint you people.

Twinkle: haa mehar now let’s go abeer. First impression is last..

Abeer: haa chal Meri MAA.. they both went down and their pa was waiting for them both sits in car and left..

Kunj too went left.. he was just smiling he don’t know why..

Soon they all reached abeer and twinkle went inside the office.They get amazed to see the office ambiance.

Boy:good evening mam..

Twinkle:good evening woh.

Boy:yeah I know please you all go inside and take the seat sir is coming.

Abeer and twinkle went inside the conference room they see others too sitting they both too sit.

Abeer: after see them project level is really big twinkle.

Twinkle: yes abeer this give profit our company dekhe hai just 4 companies will

Be select. It’s tough I mean all repudiated companies come here.

Abeer:your name is sure..

Yuvi too come there but he didn’t went inside just stand outside busy In phone.

After sometimes later. Purushottam come he was the head of this company. He is very nice person and humble too never show his money power to anyone.he just appreciates everyone hard work. He is old but young from heart 70 years old Purushottam.
He went inside see the all company heads come.Yuvi went inside there is dark so dim lights were on. He take seat and thinking about kunj where he is??

Yuvi: where is this boy..

Puru: good evening everyone I think everyone should be presented here so we can started the meeting. Purushottam pa call him that one person still not come.

Outside the office.
Kunj come out of the car his four guards standing beside him.He take the step ahead and see the office building.

He look at just company name and read with full In roar way..

Kunj:DEEWAN COMPANY.. removed his glares and just read this name again and again give smile. Let’s go Kunj Sarna jung ki aur ek kadam.😎😎 he went inside the office.He went with his pa inside.. zara open the door kunj entered inside puru see him.

Puru: come.. gentlemen.. Kunj went inside.

You are late only on first time..

Kunj: I’m not late you can see the time I’m come on perfect time for latecomer there is not place in mylife how can I be.. puru nodded his head and see the time. You can see Mr deewan time you give 5clock time and still 4 mins is left..

Puru: hoo Yes now can sit.. Kunj went and sit beside Yuvi. While twinkle thinking something.

Twinkle: this voice I heard somewhere it’s so familiar voice. Leave twinkle just concentrate on meeting.

Puru: here I’m Purushottam deewan head of deewan groups of empire.Here I invited I know you all are the best business and women’s is here only single lady.twinkle smile.. this project I’m working but wanted your help and support not because of financially but because you all are very talented I appreciate talent.This mega merger project in 5 companies one is our company and 4 backrest companies I’ll select in you all so ready all nodded in yes. First abeer give his CD to puru Pa she play while Abeer pa explaining about his company all high points why his company is best for this project all see this get impressed with this. Like this many comes and now Yuvi turn. Kunj giggles inside in his heart he knows so he punch on his back. Still he laugh out.

Kunj: murmured in Yuvi ears Yuvi you should bring mahi and Anita aunty they are very well known about your company. 😜..

Yuvi: chup saale.. next twinkle come now all men’s are very curious to see twinkle company data and financial status and all that how this company work what  their work level. each and everyone shocked too see twinkle work level and her company . They never thought even a girl too can take the company so high. All clapped for twinkle.

Kunj:in heart who she is man what mind I mean nowadays girls running behind makeup they know only Brands names but look at her she is totally opposite milna padega man.

Puru:last please kunj gestured his pa who standing beside him. She give the CD while Kunj is full tashan.

Yuvi: tu toh select hai boss.

Kunj:I know this still 😛can’t say anything in game anytime  luck can change it you can’t say it.

Puru:great man your company.. I like it.

Kunj: thanks mr deewan..

Puru: I’m very curious to work with you.

Kunj:I’m more with you 😎😎.. now done.

Puru: now I saw your all CD give me sometimes I’ll tell you all.They all went outside twinkle passing from kunj Both didn’t see each other due to crowd.

Kunj didn’t wait for puru come and do the announcement.

Kunj: I’m going okay.

Yuvi: kunj wait na.

Kunj: okay mere baap. Puru come out and see everyone.

Puru: hey everyone I know you all must be waiting for announcement. See I love your all work. But I can’t do anything only 4 company collaborate so sorry. Don’t be sad life is very big you got more chances.

Twinkle busy with abeer she standing in front while Kunj in back just time passing least interest what puru saying.

Puru: first I really appreciate you ms Taneja.

Yuvi: taneja Hmm he thinking but leave it.

Puru: first company is A/T. Second is KS company Yuvi give side hug to Yuvi. Romir company.

Kunj: ho ho bro..😛😝..

Puru: last twinkle looking at abeer.So abeer Malhotra.So please sign the contract papers thanks you all come here.

Abeer and twinkle sign the contract papers Kunj busy in his phone.

Kunj: pen please from back.

Twinkle: haa. She give him pen from back didn’t turned both hands touch. Twinkle shocked Kunj take the pen and went in side he sign the paper while twinkle turned didn’t find anyone.

Abeer:Arey you okay na baby.

Twinkle:yeah.Suddenly twinkle feeling uneasy she don’t know.

Kunj:now sign mr Luthra. Bye bye.

Yuvi: where are you going.

Kunj: you know na where I’ll go rather than.

Yuvi: okay see you there only.

Kunj: okay bye he said and immediately left from there.while twinkle started searching everywhere.

Abeer: Twinkle what happened to you.

Twinkle: no abeer let’s go na I don’t know what happened just didn’t feel good..

Abeer: okay. After everyone leave from there.

At garden..

Mehar along with her both daughters she come in garden mehar one daughter is elder than ammar just one month and second one is just 2 years old..

Ammar:aunty you come where is sasha aunty..

Mehar:she is coming okay.. just than Sasha come there with her son Karan..

Karan and Romir both of them is besties of ammar they are in same school even Mehar daughter hiya.. too.

They all started playing together. While Mehar and sasha sitting with Mehar second baby mira handling her.

Hiya: ammar and romir or karna let’s go jula julte hai..

Ammar: haa good idea. Why not we play basketball.

Hiya: this boy just love basketball my Papa is right you are devil.

Ammar: shut up you red chilli😂😂..

They all went towards basket ball court.

They saw someone play alone.

Hiya:this big boy is here.

Karan:haa see him.Just than Yuvi come there and see romir.

Yuvi:hi romir he turned and see him.

Romir:Papa you here hugged him.

(Yes romir is mahi and yuvi son).

Yuvi: yes me.. Yuvi see kunj. What my baby doing here.

Ammar: Yuvi uncle we come here to play basketball. But see this uncle.. huhu. Yuvi laugh out.

Yuvi: Arey mere ammar ji wait.. Arey kunj let kids play your and my age went.. Kunj turned and see Yuvi just than ammar mouth got open after see kunj..

Ammar: hoo hoo Arey lambu uncle 😛he covered his mouth 🤭🤭.. Kunj see him and remember what happened today at morning..

Yuvi: lambu😂😂😂..

Kunj: you zidhi pidhi..😠😠..

Ammar: you lambu.. all started laughing.

Yuvi: kunj really lambu..

Kunj: Yuvi this boy is so dramatic..

Ammar: same here.

Kunj: wait now I’ll not leave you. Kunj about to catch ammar he running kunj behind him but he falls down.

Ammar: ouchhh..😭😭.all shocked more Kunj he went near him. Give his hand to ammar while he jerk his hand kunj laugh out to see his anger..

Kunj: oyye pidhi sorry.

Ammar: you leave from here I’ll not talk to you and I’ll do your complain to my mamma.

Kunj: acha me toh dar gaya huhu😂😛.
Kunj lift him and see his knee just little scratche come oyy don’t drama okay it just a small scratches.

Ammar:I know I’m not crying like girls..

Hiya:oyye should I scratched you more.
Ammar give hiya look Yuvi and Kunj really enjoying this. Kunj wiped his tears.

Kunj: okay sorry..

Ammar: hhhh okay.

Karna:let’s play basketball now.


Romir: my Papa is in my team.

Karan: and our ammar.

Ammar: ammar is enough for everyone.

Yuvi: what a boy kunj😂😂😂.

Kunj: chal pidhi I’ll in your team.

Ammar: hara mat dena mujhe. Kunj lifts his one eyebrow 🤨🤨.

Ammar: I can do better than you he lifts

His both eyebrows 😛😛😜..

Kunj: great. They all started playing basketball ammar and Kunj playing so good they didn’t let romir team win.They didn’t do one goal till now. Ammar having ball in his hand romir about to take but can’t.

Ammar: my height is small. Kunj lift him from his waist so now ammar put the basketball in basket net. Goal😍. He was so happy now.

Otherside twinkle reaches gurudwara she sitting in front of babaji..

Twinkle:babaji why I feel like he is there.. please don’t do anything now I don’t want to see him.again don’t let our path impinge with each other again.
If you wanted to see us happy please kunj just away from us specially from my ammar. Nothing else I wanted more..

Again scene change basketball court

They all playing basketball like mads drenched in sweat. Yuvi about to goal.

Ammar: lambu uncle don’t let him it’s last.

Kunj see ammar he went to Yuvi and snatch the basketball from him and quickly did the goal.. ammar started dancing kunj see him get so happy to see him happy don’t know why.. they all sit after get tired..

Ammar: haa lambu uncle great I’m impressed with you.

Kunj: Acha don’t call me lambu hoga Tere baap.

Ammar: Arey don’t be irritated see your long and tall legs kaam aayena aaj..

Yuvi: kunj he is your father man..

Kunj: yeh kaun yeh pidhi

Romir: kunj Chachu he is my bestie Ammar.

Kunj:hoo.Maza aaya..

Ammar:haa you are the best player. Mr…..

Kunj:kunj 😎😎..

Ammar:okay. Mr Kunj.. ammar shake hand with kunj..

Episode end here only


Next episode: kunj and twinkle meet due to merger in deewan office.. 


Thanks for your comments guys. 

You all thinking who she is??😂😂😂keep thinking.. in this story twist and turns on every step it’s a thriller cam emotional saga 😂😂😛.. don’t be shocked 😂. 

Hope you all this episode so twinj going to work on same project let’s see when you both get to know about this and see each other their reaction.. 

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