Episode 1
Story started twinkle working in kitchen.mahi come and help her.. nowadays twinkle and Kunj started feeling differently.They don’t know what happening to them. Everywhere finding each other’s in everyone.Their hearts wanted to fly.Their new new feeling making them so happy.Everyone come for breakfast.Twinkle and Mahi served everyone food. Just than twinkle got call from her small brother fuzail twinkle cut his call and sit beside kunj usha didn’t like twinkle every much because she finds twinkle unlucky for their family between love mahi like her own daughter still twinkle never complain to everyone about this Leela and Rt just taught and make understand kunj is best for her that’s it.
Kunj and yuvi passing jokes and laughing.
Just than Bebe asked twinkle about her family..

Bebe:Twinkle puttar how’s your brother.

Twinkle: fine Bebe.

Anita:did Leela ji and your Papa come back from Canada.

Twinkle:no they are coming tomorrow.

Bebe:so he is alone how he managed.

Twinkle:he can bebe somehow.. after breakfast kunj went in his room twinkle went behind him. She makes him wear his blazer. Again fuzail phone comes.. this fuzu na..

Kunj:talk to him what he wanted.

Twinkle:hmm Twinkle pick up his call.
Yes fuzu..

Fuzail: what yes didi I was calling long back but you didn’t answer my calls.

Twinkle:bas bas What happens..

Fuzail: what happened me didi here no one is for my exam on my head no one is at home I have to managed even you didn’t come..

Twinkle: acha how I come fuzu..

Fuzail:why where is jiju..

Kunj:here call on speaker..

Fuzail:Jiju please send di even you too come na..

Kunj:okay your di will come don’t worry.

Fuzail: thanks jiju.. he end the call, twinkle fixed kunj collar while..

Twinkle:why you tell him I’ll come..

Kunj:what do you mean you go twinkle.

Twinkle: what about mummy ji..

Kunj:don’t worry about MAA I’ll see her. Okay he kissed on her forehead, and they both went downstairs Kunj tell usha send twinkle to Taneja mansion he and yuvi left for office while usha started r blabbering about twinkle. Due to her taunts twinkle didn’t went Taneja mansion.She and Mahi get busy in house chores.Whole day twinkle just thinking about her little brother.Twinkle make Yuvi and Kunj lunch and send with driver. Anita went out with Bebe while mahi get bored she thinks let’s go to her friend house. She asked usha happily usha give her permission that make Twinkle heart break down.Still she didn’t said anything. Went in kitchen doing her work with sad faces even house servant to talk about twinkle how’s usha treat her like more than servant.Twinkle went in her room.After kunj and yuvi meeting get over they went in cabin and together have lunch and praise twinkle cooking.At evening kunj got call from fuzail till now twinkle didn’t come.Kunj get confused when he and yuvi going back to home they pick up fuzail and tell he stays with them.Soon they reached. Twinkle was in her room after make all dinner she went to get freshen everyone sitting in living there Yuvi and Kunj along fuzail.
All see them and get surprised to see fuzail kunj treat fuzail like his own little brother.

Kunj:come fuzu.. they went to everyone. They sit servant give water them. Usha see fuzail she didn’t get happy..

Usha: what fuzail doing here at this time.

Kunj:I bring him. Twinkle come from upstairs and see kunj and even fuzail as well she gets confused and surprised too. She went near them.

Twinkle:fuzu you here why..

Kunj:what do you mean why..

Yuvi:please give me food..

Usha:go and get freshen up.Kunj went in his room.Twinkle gestures fuzail come with her they went in side twinkle asked him what’s the need of coming here.

Twinkle:why you come fuzu..

Fuzail:didi jiju bring me Itself I didn’t come.

Twinkle: this kunj didn’t understand. Fine come with me she takes him in their room tell him sits here only.Fuzail went in balcony just than Kunj come from washroom.He found twinkle in tension.

Kunj:what happened to you..

Twinkle:why you bring fuzu here.

Kunj: what you tell me. I told you go to Taneja why you didn’t.

Twinkle:did I have right to go without permission.

Kunj:acha I give you permission whom permission you wanted now.

Twinkle: leave this kunj please next time do you know mummy ji didn’t like this all even I too didn’t wanted anything happened in front of my brother it’s our house personal matter.

Kunj:you and MAA impossible.. they went downstairs for dinner all sits Mahi bring bowl just than she falls down mistakenly.
Twinkle come there tell her go and wash her hands before it’s burned she will clean this twinkle cleaning the floor usha come and see started scolding twinkle fuzail see this and get shocked.

Fuzail:aunty didI didn’t do anything.

Usha:acha don’t forget you are in my house.

Kunj:MAA.He is right.

Usha: just take your wife side.

Kunj: what MAA you tell me why you didn’t send twinkle Taneja mansion.

Usha:why it’s my wish. She started telling anything to twinkle she just listen and tears coming from her eyes.

Fuzail:why blaming on my di..

Twinkle:fuzu.she holds his hand take him in her room.Bebe hushed up the matter all sits And have their food quietly. After usha talking to Anita about twinkle and his family all rubbish twinkle Listen this and feel so bad.Outside heavy rain is going on.
She goes back in her room.

Twinkle:fuzu go from here.

Fuzail: now di..

Twinkle:yes right now.. after reached call me immediately.

Fuzail:at this time.

Twinkle:yes for me.. twinkle give him him umbrella. Fuzail went outside rain going on like anything twinkle seeing him from balcony with teared eyes. Kunj come there and see fuzail going he asked to twinkle she gives no expression.

Kunj:where he going at this time in this rain haa.

Twinkle:let him ghar toh jana hi hai.

Kunj:you send him na why..

Twinkle:I don’t have strength to listen so harsh word of your mother kunj that also in front of my brother. She treats mahi so nicely behaving so rudely with her own Dil.

Kunj:Twinkle I understand still don’t know what MAA wanted even Papa to tell her.
You didn’t do good to send him.

Twinkle:I did you don’t know you aren’t at my place she wiped her tears and lay down without having anything.Kunj come he too lay down beside her and telling her have something.After fuzail message twinkle he reaches home safely. Twinkle and Kunj sleep next morning they wake up and find each other in each other embrace and get surprised. Kunj look at twinkle face. Tucked her hair. While twinkle looking him. She blows down her face kunj gently kiss on her forehead. Wish her Good morning.

Twinkle: good morning just than alarm clock ring twinkle get shocked.I’m late she gets up and run in washroom.Soon she gets ready in hustle she about to fall but safe..
she run to kitchen prepared everything.
Served everyone their teas and after like as usual everyone come for breakfast and having their food mahi who come now still taking yawn Usha caress her face..

Usha:mahi take care of yourself after miscarriage you become so thin..

Mahi:no chachi ji I’m fine.Twinkle just served everyone and standing Beside kunj chair.

Yuvi:where is fuzail..

Kunj:he went back last night only
All understand.

Mahi: sauce..

Twinkle:I’ll bring. She went in kitchen and bring sauce for Mahi and give her went in garden. Kunj completed his breakfast take fruit juice for twinkle.Twinkle sitting sad Kunj sit beside her and offer her juice glass and she look at him confusedly.


Kunj:drink please he makes her drink juice with his hand. Usha see this and get burned.

Twinkle:aur go office.

Kunj:Twinkle I want to tell you something.

Twinkle:even I too.

Kunj: kitni badi drama queen hai tu..

Twinkle:no drama queen just queen.

Kunj:Meri queen they looking at each other.Yuvi come and See and do act like he didn’t see anything.

Yuvi:I didn’t see anything.

Kunj:acha even we didn’t do anything.

Yuvi:kunj come we’ll get late for office.

Twinkle:haa you go.. Kunj give his tie to twinkle.

Kunj:Without this.Twinkle smile and make him wear tie Kunj kissed on her forehead it’s his Daily routine without kissed on her forehead he never went to office.Twinkle fixed his collar. Kunj and yuvi left for office while in the car kunj message twinkle get ready at evening and reached there.twinkle see the message get so happy. She did her all work and went to Taneja mansion to meet with her parent they come back at morning. As soon as she see her parents she run towards them and hugged them tightly her eyes get wet.. Rt rubbing her back and cupped her face and see tears in her eyes.

Rt:Twinkle are you okay na bacha are you happy na in your life.

Twinkle: yes MAA I’m fine and happy as well it just I see you both after so many days and this house too.

Leela:acha.Come they three of them sits together talking about here and there and how’s kunj twinkle..

Twinkle:he is fine MAA.

Rt:acha Leela give twinkle gifts what we bring for her. Servant bring twinkle all gifts box twinkle see them and get so happy if in Rt and Leela hand they never let tears come in twinkle eyes.So many things they bring twinkle and in laws twinkle kissed on their cheeks.

Twinkle:I love you Papa and MAA. For this all.

Leela:see ji now she thanked to us.

Twinkle:where is your son.

Leela:he went to give his exam.


Usha: how’s usha ji.

Twinkle: good MAA.

Leela:Twinkle please tell me clearly everything is fine in your house mahi always look so happy see my twinkle after marriage your face shining vanish why. Why you stay so gloomy.Usha ji toh Tere saath acche hai na.

Twinkle:haa everything is fine with me MAA why I’ll unhappy everyone love me like anything. Still Rt and Leela heart didn’t willing to believe in twinkle. After fuzail come back from college they all sit together have their lunch Leela feed her both kids than they both did masti.. twinkle knows she has to reached Sarna Mansion on time before Usha call time. She takes all gifts and left for Sarna back. She went inside and give everyone their gifts. Usha take it with annoyed face. Twinkle went to her room she went in washroom and get freshen up come out in bath robe see everywhere kunj and songs playing in her hearts.. she sees all saree than she final one and get ready she look killer like anything. She messaged Kunj she is ready other side kunj to finished his all work get ready in office looking handsome.They both left. They can’t wait to propose each other’s and confessed their love today.. this roads become big for them soon they reached to the venue they went inside twinkle see everywhere is darkness she calls kunj and lights get on twinkle see kunj coming they both see each other.They come near their eyes didn’t look here and there just stuck on each other’s.

Twinkle: I find someone kunj whom I can say everything.

Kunj:even I too because of her I find my life beautiful. They both come near to each other’s their face is very close.. both giving smile.. Kunj coming near twinkle face she closed her eyes Kunj see her and he too closed his eyes and their lips about to connect before it.. just than Kunj get call from Anant their moment broke they open their eyes see each other feel awkward.


Kunj:hmm… Kunj received the call what he listens get shocked that ring box he has in his hand that immediately falls down. After kunj expression twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:what happened..

Kunj: woh Papa he run from there while twinkle behind him.. they reached to Sarna Mansion and see media and press was there and Manohar laying on bed.. Kunj went to usha and see her she cry like anything..

Usha:kunj Tere Papa. He cut his wrist.

Kunj: why.. kunj went in his room and see his father doctor giving him treatment. Media started questioning to twinkle she gets confused.

Media: twinkle ji please tell us your some pictures comes in media with another man.

Kunj:what nonsense you people speaking.

Media: sir we have proof they show twinkle sleeping with her best friend vikram. All get shocked more twinkle.

Usha: see kunj her. Just because of this new your Papa did this for his reputation.

Twinkle: no kunjj this is all wrong you know this all is fake me and Vikram is best friend nothing is between us. After see news Vikram and Taneja come there. Kunj went to Vikram and held his collar.

Kunj: Answer me what is this

Vikram: no kunj this all isn’t true..

Usha: we all know what going on between you both she become my son wife in front of world eyes but whore of you.. after Listen this word twinkle floor break down.

Rt: usha jiiii.. ?? mind your tongue.

Usha: acha I’m saying truth your daughter is character less girl raas Leela Iss ke saath Chii.. twinkle went to kunj.

Twinkle: Kunj believe on me this all isn’t true.Truth me.Kunj push itself he never like their friendship.Twinkle shocked to see kunj..

Usha: Arey because of you my son in this condition.Even sl*t too better than you twinkle.She did her work this file sale her body for money.Get out from our house. Usha push twinkle she about to falls down her brother held her on time.Kunj standing number twinkle try to explain each and everyone all putting allegations on her character. Usha calling twinkle by so bad words..

Twinkle:please mummy ji I didn’t do anything. Kunjjjj even you toh truth me did you think your twinkle can do this..

Kunj:don’t know twinkle people can do anything for their needs..

Rt:kunjjjjj.She is your wife..

Usha:for penny I’ll not let become my son wife don’t know kesh kesh ke saath raate betai hai..

Bebe: usha chup,,

Usha:today you bebe If this girl stay here I’ll kill my self.all get shocked when Usha took knife.twinkle crying badly.Usha throw her out of the house kunj didn’t said anything just in few seconds what happened.Rt and Leela see twinkle make her get up Vikram come and wiped twinkle tears and Kunj see this boil in anger.

Leela:you all one day regret on your sins.
They take twinkle from there..

I wish that I had never met you then there would be no need to impress you no need to want you. No need for loving you no need for crying over you. No need for heartbreaks. No need for pain and tears. No need for forgotten promises. No need for rejected hugs no need for ? myself to sleep no need for acting like you care. No need for everything you’ve done to make me feels like absolutely nothing.

When love ruined just because of fake things that is not love..

It’s just a Starts many more twist and next make you all cry ????..

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