Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the pandit saying the 12 pm mahurat to being the Ganpati. Anjali says thanks. Shlok looks on. Pandit ji says the tradition of keeping the Ganpati at home and how prosperous it will be. He leaves. Anjali thinks Shlok will talk to Niranjan and make him agree for this now, he will do this for Niranjan and he will break Astha’s fast too. Shlok is in his room and maid asks him to come for having food.

Shlok says I know Astha is fasting, but if you don’t care about me and can’t apologize to Baba, why should I care for you. Sojal serves food to Niranjan. He asks about Varad and Shlok. She says Varad went for work and Shlok will come now. Shlok comes and ears the food. Niranjan sees Anjali and Astha and says the food is really nice Sojal. She says thanks. Kavya comes to Shlok and says Astha is not having anything. She says ask her to have food, she is not listening me. Astha looks at him. Sojal sends Kavya. Shlok does not eat the food and says he has an important call. He leaves. Astha sees this.

He comes in his room and thinks about Kavya’s words. Astha says why did Shlok not agree, please agree and end the fight today please Shlok. They both come out of their rooms. They see each other. Khuda………………..plays…………………… They have an eyelock and stand at either side of the rope. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………..plays………………. Shlok brings water for her and gives her the glass. Saiyyan ve…………………plays………….. Astha takes the glass. Niranjan looks at them from far. Shlok thinks about Astha’s words against Niranjan and does not leave the glass.

Shlok throws the water on the ground and leaves. Niranjan smiles. Astha cries. Its morning, Astha prays to Lord and says till Shlok breaks my fast, I won’t have anything. Anjali asks Astha to come to drink water from Shlok’s hand. Shlok offers water to sun. Anjali asks her to come. Astha takes the water and drinks it. Astha thanks Lord. Shlok opens his eyes and sees her. Astha says what type of husband are you, I kept fast for you and knowing everything, you did not think about me, is it so, is this your love, you told me you won’t make me drink water, but Lord wanted this to drink water by your hands. She says you can’t break our relation. He says what do you think you are. She says your wife.

She says how much anger will you show, I know we both love each other. She says she is hurt to be away from him, tell me you love me. He says I love Baba first. She says very good, its natural, if we make mistakes, elder show us way, and if they make mistake, we should show the way to them. She asks him to think being neutral and then decide. She leaves. Astha asks Anjali to have water as she has also broken her fast now. Anjali smiles. Astha says Bappa made things possible for me. Anjali drinks the water. Niranjan looks on and is shocked.

Kavya gets ready. Sojal asks what for all this. Kavya says we are going to get Ganpati. Sojal says we are not celebrating this year. Kavya is adamant. Sojal says we will go out and see. Kavya says she will tell Shlok and leaves. Sojal is angry on Shlok and Astha. Niranjan taunts Anjali for breaking the fast herself and breaking the traditions she was boasting about. He asks what happened today, now you are being equal to me, and eats food before me, then why all this. She says she did not break any traditions, she had the water from the bottle he touched.

She says I still respect you, but I m not afraid, I m hurt when you get angry. She says you won’t understand this and water the plant. She leaves. Shlok comes in his room being angry and says how can Astha be sure that I love you, I will prove she is wrong and Baba is right, I don’t love her, if she insults Baba again, our relation can’t change then. He sees her family pic and breaks it. Kavya comes and says you are very bad, even I m annoyed now. No one is bringing my Ganpati home. She runs out. Shlok says all this is happening because of Astha.

Everyone look for Kavya. Sojal cries and blames Astha for all this. She says she is lost because of you, as you told her to bring Ganpati home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh my god! what happened to kavya? we wait for tomorrow.

  2. God pleas take care of my kavya. Hope nothing will happen to our little girl and yes kavya. Be stubborn like astha and prove everything with astha

  3. kya ho raha hai bhaai

  4. poor Kavya she is suffering because of elders
    she loves her chachu and chachi more than her mom and dad.she always tries to unite Aastha and Shlok.

  5. Oh my god i don’t want something to happen my little girl kavya,because i like that girl she is so brilliant

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