Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shlok looking out for Astha. Astha is trying to take the auto. Shlok sees Astha and catches her. He looks at her angrily and says come home. She says I don’t talk to strangers, leave my hand. He says I m your husband, I married you. She says you cheated me, I don’t have any reason to come with you. He says there is a reason, my dad, he wants you back there. She says he did not ask me to stay in the house that day, stop taking his name, you are not my Lord, to trust you. Shlok says you have to come with me. Astha says leave my hand.

Kalindi comes to Astha’s rescue and slaps Shlok. Shlok is shocked and angry. Kalindi gives him a cold stare and says my daughter won’t go anywhere, don’t think Astha is alone, her family is with her, don’t come infront of her again. Kalindi says lets go Astha and leaves. Shlok looks at them leaving and is angry. Astha leaves in an auto.

Its night, Niranjan is waiting for Shlok and Astha. He says I have to leave for work, but I m unable to focus on work, I wish you make me feel you are a good wife, Sarvagunn Samparn. She says I will try again and calls Shlok. She says its not getting connected and calls Suresh. Niranjan talks to Suresh and comes to know Shlok did not come to office. Varad comes there and hears this. Niranjan says where did Shlok go. Varad says dad, I will go and see where is Shlok, you don’t worry. He leaves.

Astha is in her room thinking about Shlok and crying. Khwab ho pyara…………. aisa hai tuta…………. plays………………………Astha says I hate you, you have mixed poison in my life, I can never forgive you. Astha says when we don’t have any link between us, what for should I come in your house. She says why am I feeling your pain, why do I always have you infront of my eyes, what is this feeling,what is this relation, what should I name this feeling and if this is love then…….. What name should I give to this love. She continues weeping.

Shlok is sitting on the road drinking wine. He says what happened today, after this you have become my aim and madness. It won’t happen that I don’t bring you home. He says now you see Astha, how I snatch your freedom from you. Varad sees Shlok and stops his car. He asks Shlok to get up and come with him. Shlok says I m going to take Astha. Varad says her house is far, lets go home, enough, get up, come on. Shlok says I will bring Astha.

Varad says everyone are worried at home, come. Shlok says I m not drunk. Varad says enough, Shlok please. Shlok says are you sure you want to take me home. Varad says yes, come on. Shlok says you are right. Astha’s house is far, how will I go. He says book a flight for me. Varad says ok fine, I will do that, come with me to home. Varad takes him with him.

Kalindi talks to Ajju about Astha and Shlok, she says did you see how he misbehaved with Astha, he was pulling her hand and she was asking him to leave her hand. Ajju says he is her husband, we can’t deny this.Ajju says even Astha was hurt when you slapped Shlok. Avdhoot brings Sev puri from Astha’s fav Chat stall and presents it to her. She smiles seeing it.

Avdhoot says life brings such situation that we think its over. But we have to go ahead and fight with such problems. Niranjan talks to Shlok and makes him drink lemon juice so that he can overcome his drink. Shlok says I m sorry dad, I could not bring her back. Niranjan says I did not ask you anything.

Shlok says I can’t bear all this. Niranjan says I have full faith that you will bring her back to save my respect. Shlok says yes. Anjali and Varad looks on. Niranjan hugs Shlok and makes him lie removing his shoes. Kalindi talks to Avdhoot about Astha and Shlok. She says I have decided something. Astha comes and hears all this. Kalindi tells Avdhoot about Astha and Shlok’s divorce. Astha and everyone are shocked.

Avdhoot tells Astha to tell him what is her wish, as they will do as she says, whatever she wants. Astha cries and looks at Kalindi. Ajju gets worried hearing about the divorce.

Kalindi tells Astha not to worry about Shlok. The lawyer gives divorce papers to Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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