Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wirh Sachin playing cricket with his friends. He sees the food truck and shouts happily. Apsara is stunned seeing Astha bring the food truck back. Rekha taunts Apsara and hugs Astha. She says you can start the food truck business again. Chowksi helps them. Shlok breaks the coconut. Apsara thinks whats going on, whatever I plan, Astha fails me, I should be careful, else I won’t have respect in this Chawl, I have to do something that she can’t fail me again. Niranjan sees Shlok’s pic and apologizes to him for not being a good father to him, but Shlok proved to be a good son, come back. I will never give you a reason to complain again. Varad comes there and sees Niranjan with Shlok’s pic. He gives the files he wanted to see once.

Niranjan asks is there any problem at office Varad says no. Niranjan checks the files. Varad thinks sorry Baba, you are seeing the files which did not have any changes so you won’t object to anything, these files were made by Shlok which you have seen before, and you will not remember now, you can remember Shlok by all means, so that I can give my name to the business you made, as everyone will just see Varad Agnihotri, no one else. Niranjan says he remembers his proposal made by Shlok, and even Astha helped him, and he is glad that he is doing Shlok’s project. Varad says yes, I won’t let Shlok’s hardwork go waste, you have all details of this project, then I think you should focus on your health. Niranjan says thanks, but this project is close to my heart and I would like to be present in the meeting.

He says I m thinking I don’t need to come, Shlok has made a good presentation, I will be at home. Varad says as you feel right. He leaves. Rekha serves food to Chowksi and praises him for getting the food truck back for Astha. He says no, Astha did the magic. Rekha says Apsara has done all this, she has complaint against the food truck, we should tell this to Astha and Shlok. Chowksi says no, they will fight, forget it, Apsara can never change. He reminds how she spoiled Pappu’s birthday party, both Apsara and Shanta are mad.

Ajju talks to Kalindi and says she is thinking something. Kalindi asks what did she think about Ankush. Ajju says she was thinking about her, I think you are right, maybe he changed, he passes in all the tests. Kalindi says I think he changed for sure. Ajju says we should tell Astha that she has a good brother Ankush. Kalindi says yes, I was also thinking this. Astha works at the food stall and does not take money from a Kaka, asking for blessings. The man blesses Astha and Shlok and leaves. Shlok says lets go home now. She says yes, even I m very tired today. Sachin comes and shows the food truck to an aunty. The aunty says she came in Sachin’s party and liked the food. She says its her son’s birthday and gives Astha the order by tasting the food. She gives Rs 5000 as advance and leaves. Astha starts dreaming about many orders and Shlok asks her to not to dream and come home now.

Sojal gives coffee to Varad. He says everything is in control as Baba has refused to come in meeting. She says but he will come office any other day. He says yes, till then the handling ways will change, and he will be helpless to let me work my way. Sojal asks how will be Shlok, Astha and Anjali. He says they took decision themselves, we can’t do anything. Its morning, Niranjan sees a tv interview recording of him and Shlok. Niranjan and Shlok answer the same thing. Niranjan says Shlok will give the answers. Shlok says whenever Baba give me project to handle, I work on it myself and I keep all the points Baba tells me and puts his thinking into it.

Niranjan stops Varad and sorry for calling loud, I will come for the meeting. Varad is surprised. Niranjan says I know I said no, but its Shlok’s project and I have to come, when he comes back, what will I tell him. Varad says you know all details, we have to just pass it, there won’t be any changes. Niranjan says Shlok and I had understanding, maybe you won’t understand, its small thing for you, but for me, its important. He goes to get ready. Astha and Shlok work at the stall. Sachin asks for Rs 10 loan. She asks for what he wants, and he can take it. He says he got clients too. She asks the reason. She asks him not to show attitude and gives money and snacks.

She says she wants account for Rs 10 later. He says fine and leaves. Shlok brings auto and says he will go to give order. Astha says I will go, its nearby. He asks why will you go. She says she will meet more ladies, talk about food truck, show their menu and get more orders, then they will get attrack to our food truck, as you get attracted to me. Shlok says not bad. Sojal tells Sita what to cook in lunch. Varad comes to talk to Sojal and asks did Niranjan have breakfast. She says no, juice is ready for him. He mixes some tablets and Sojal is shocked. She asks what is he doing. He says Baba wants to attend AGM today which I don’t want, I have put sleeping tablets, make him have it, he should not come to office today.

Niranjan drinks the juice and Sojal smiles. He leaves. Sojal informs this to Varad that Niranjan went to office. Varad gets tensed, as Niranjan reaches the office.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. poor varad

  2. astha wish u get more orders

  3. instead of making shlok a supplier please bring his character strong. think director has forgot for what purpose they both came to mumbai . what is his (shloks) identity now? just aasthas husband?

  4. pls make shlok character more strong and blod like before. cannot see shlok helpless.

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