Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha stopping those people from ruining their small hotel. The man says you don’t have license and we can’t help you. They take the food truck and leave. Astha cries. Apsara thinks she is after my Shlok, see how she broke down now. Shlok comes and is shocked seeing Astha crying. He says Astha…. Astha tells everything that they have taken everything. Chowksi says he had to tell them about license. Astha says we will apply for license and pay the fine. Chowksi says it will take time, like 2-3 days, we have to bear the loss. Astha cries. She says I have a plan, come with me. Shlok says no need to do anything wrong, we will go, you be here. Astha says no, I will come along, we can’t be late. They leave with Chowksi. Apsara thinks nothing can get fine now.

Varad talks to Mr Choudhary who asks about Niranjan and Shlok’s decision in this business deal. Varad tries to convince him. The guy says Niranjan never missed coming to office, he always attended every meeting, make me talk to him. Varad gets tensed. Astha asks Chowksi to go, and she will call him if they need his help. Chowksi says fine, if there is any problem, let me know. Astha gives the license application and the man asks her to pay its fine. Astha and Shlok fill the form and fine. The man asks them to come after two days. Astha asks why. The man says it needs time to do formalities. Astha says we paid the fine and you are not giving us back our food truck. The man says if you argue, you will get the truck after four days.

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Shlok argues and the man refuses to give the food truck, asking them to do anything now. Astha asks Shlok to come. He says what do they think, they are govt officer so they will do anything. She says she knew this will happen, so she thought of some plan. She calls Chowksi and asks him to come. He comes and she tells her plan B. Shlok asks Astha is she mad, don’t do anything to create more trouble. Astha says this is the only option and I need your support. She says she will take the food truck back.

Varad calls Niranjan and Sojal takes the call and asks is Baba at home. She says he went out for some work. He says ok tell him to talk to me when he comes back. Niranjan asks Sojal whose call was it. Sojal is shocked seeing him. Niranjan says I m at home. She says I felt you went out, it was Varad’s call. He says why did you take the call on my phone. She says I felt its important and took it. He says don’t do mistake to answer my call again. She thinks she got saved from Baba’s anger today. Astha cries and creates a big scene on the govt office, and surprises them, saying about women empowerment, and how some people are going about the govt and pulling back women independence.

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Chowksi comes there as a reporter. Astha asks him to come and see what the govt officers are doing. She says I paid the fine, still they are not giving back the items to me. She asks him to record everything. She says the media reporter will expose them now. Chowksi does over acting like Sansani news anchor. She feels he is overacting and gives her statement to him. Shlok smiles watching this Jugaad. Astha shows the fine paid receipt and says this is the proof of my innocence. Astha says how will I run my home, I have two little children, and drags her drunkard husband who wastes all money, sometimes she does not have to get milk for children. She becomes a helpless woman and requests the man to give the food truck back, if this news reaches to senior level, what will they think about him. She cries.

Varad tells Mr Choudhary that he will attend the meeting, even if Niranjan is not here. Mr Chaudhary says this deal is important and I need to talk to Niranjan, we will do the meeting later. Varad gets Niranjan’s call and Mr. Chaudhary says he wants to talk to him. He says he has many complaints. Niranjan says I don’t wish to come office, but my elder son is managing everything. Mr Chaudhary says yes, but I have to talk about deal, its your way that this institute is here at this point, I have a request to come in board of directors meeting for half an hour, company needs you and we are habitual to you. Niranjan says fine, I will surely come. Mr. Chaudhary says Niranjan will come in tomorrow’s meeting. Varad says that’s wonderful and gets tensed.

He thinks if Baba comes office, he will see the changes and ask many questions, it will be big problem, I have to stop him from coming office. Rekha wishes the best for Astha. She bumps into Apsara and an argument starts. Rekha says Chowksi will get all the items back. Apsara says I know about him, he could not get the house free from us, what will he do to free the truck. Rekha asks did she do this, as she can’t see anyone’s happiness. Apsara says yes. Rekha asks what. Apsara says I m not scared. Astha says it will be a woman’s failure, my family will be ruined, I will be broken.

Chowksi says sister, don’t worry, your problem is ours and we will show it to entire world. He says see their faces carefully, they have made this helpless woman cry, she paid fine and still not getting her items. Astha says yes, I m that helpless woman, I started the small food stall to earn for my children, I expected them to help us. The govt officer apologizes and promises her that she will get everything back in 3 days. He asks her to go home, she can get her right but stop this scene now. Astha thanks him and everyone clap. Astha winks to Shlok and he signs she is impossible. Astha smiles.

Niranjan tells Varad he is coming for meeting. Varad mixes some tables in juice and asks Sojal to stop Niranjan from coming office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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