Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali saying Shlok that she is his mum and Niranjan’s wife, both relations can’t be compared, how can you ask me to choose anyone. Shlok says I don’t trust him, he does not care about anyone, why should we care for him, if you want to be with him, its your decision, but I don’t want to see his face. Anjali says just hear once what he wants to say, I got call from Vridh ashram and they said Niranjan went there in bad state, I can see truth in his eyes, Varad has changed and kicked your Baba out of home. Shlok says Niranjan has fall so low to prove himself right, he has hurt you, and tries separating me and Astha, see from my viewpoint, why did you not tell me everything, matron said Niranjan is finding us to ruin us and take away our happiness. Anjali says I know he did wrong with us, but see his state, he is very weak, I can’t kick him out of home, I can’t, forgive me.

Shlok says fine, if this is your decision, but I will not stay in that house. He says I will stay here in the food truck. He leaves. Anjali asks Astha does she not trust Niranjan’s words. Asths stays silent and leaves. Anjali gets sad. Sid argues with Jyoti and asks why did Varad send electronics to Riya. Jyoti says I don’t know, he has asked me about it, and has sent all the gifts by his wish, I did not ask him. he says its not gifts but a favor. She says if someone wants to gift Riya, we can’t say no, he did not do this to hurt you. Sjhe says if I take this today, and not return to Kavya then, we should be in my limits, else it hurts.

She says yes, but if we have good status, then we can give her more, Varad has always tried to help us and we always said no, he will be feeling bad that we always refuse, I don’t want anything, but if he is giving gifts as his blessings, whats the problem, I promise I will return anything with interest without hurting you and him. She says lets go and have breakfast now. Niranjan says Shlok, forgive me, I can’t let my life get annoyed with me like this, I have to tell him and explain him that I have changed, I was wrong before. He cries and says I will go to talk to him.

Anjali comes and asks him to rest. He says let me go to Shlok. She says he will not talk to you at this time, he is annoyed, he did not cope up with the pain, but he will reply to Varad, let he talk to Varad. He says no, whatever happened was very imp, I had to get this punishment for my sins, I should have got this before, I have hurt you all a lot, and can’t meet your eyes, I was so blind and wrong. She cries. He says I did not think before hurting everyone, and about Varad, he has gone very far from right path, and its impossible for him to return as it was for me, I don’t have complains, let Varad be happy, I just want my son Shlok, I have cried a lot for him, and when he is near me, I want to go to him, what should I do Anjali to make him forgive me.

He says he listens to everything you say, and folds hands requesting her to make Shlok forgive him. Anjali promises him that she will try her best to explain Shlok, but on right time, give him some time, you said time changed you, he will also change with time, he will know the truth. She thinks she can’t see Niranjan’s such state, what to do to explain Shlok. Astha tells Shlok that maybe Baba is saying truth. Shlok says I don’t care even if its true, I can’t trust him again, I can’t do this mistake. She says you are strong and I m with you, I won’t let you break.

Mala talks to Kalindi and says Ankush and I went for movie, and he then went for some work. Kalindi smiles and says I will be happy if you both stay happy, when Ankush returns, give the property papers, I m eager to see happiness on his face. She leaves. Mala thinks sorry Aai, I can’t give him property papers, first I will tell him my feelings, I did not get chance when we went for movie, but I have to tell him when I get a chance that I love him and want to marry him. Niranjan asks Anjali where is Shlok, so much time passed, I know he can’t be annoyed with me for long, I know he is annoyed, but he loves me. He says I did big mistake, but I won’t let my ego come against my relations, I will go to him and start fresh, I will hug him and he will forget everything.

She stops him. He says I hhave to go to Shlok, I have hurt him a lot, I will explain him that I changed. She says don’t be adamant, don’t go. He says you are always right, but I will listen to my heart, I will hug him, he will understand. She says he is very angry, he won’t listen to you, stop. Sid comes to know from loan manager that Varad has taken his guarantee. Sid gets angry and tells this to Jyoti. Renuka gets glad seeing them fight. Sid says why did Varad give guarantee, can’t I get my loan passed, maybe you told him to help me, you want me to keep loan too. She says I really don’t know he passed the loan. He says why is Varad interfering in our life, I m happy the way I m.

She defends Varad and praises him, having best virtues. She says maybe he heard that you are having problem in passing loan, you have to repay it, don’t bring bitterness in heart, you can talk to him. She calls Varad. Sid talks to Varad and says you are my idol, I want to make my identity without taking anyone’s help, why are you not supporting me, I know you worry for us, but I want to take care of my responsibility, I will keep money this time, but I promise I will return soon. He ends call and leaves. Renuka scolds Jyoti for making issue of Riya’s matter. Jyoti says let me talk to Sid first, he is upset. She leaves. Anjali asks Niranjan to come with her. He sees Shlok working at the food truck and is shocked seeing him clean the table.

He cries and recalls Shlok’s high class life before and his lavish cars, and office. Anjali says come with me. Niranjan shows her Shlok and goes to him. He hugs Shlok and cries. Shlok gets angry and pushes Niranjan. Anjali holds Niranjan and Astha says Baba… Anjali shouts Shlok…..

Anjali cries and asks Shlok to forgive Niranjan for her sake, his behavior is also like Niranjan, if anything happens to Niranjan, she will never forgive him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It’s very intresting to see this story now

  2. love u Aastha & Shlok!!

  3. Niranjan should realise that his misdeeds cannot just be forgiven
    Attempted murder on astha,kidnapping

  4. I really like this spoiler! This tells me exactly what happened in this episode. I missed yesterday’s episode and this has paid off and now i know what has happened in this star plus show!

  5. how can she justify varad
    poor niranjan

    1. Please can you like my comment as I have done the same to yours!

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