Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali thinking to tell Niranjan what Astha did. She thinks no, it will be a problem for her, I will explain her. Shlok and Jyoti come to them. Shlok says I need to talk to you Baba. He says I was thinking we should do Jyoti’s Godh Bharai rituals. Niranjan and Anjali looks on. Astha comes there. Niranjan says we will surely celebrate it, I also want to welcome my grand daughter well. Astha says see Shlok, I said Baba will agree. They start arguing. Niranjan says go now and do the arrangements. He asks Jyoti to take rest. Everyone leave.

Anjali signs no to Astha and Astha smiles. Anjali gives tea to Niranjan. He says invite all the guests, make a list and invite Abhay’s Bua too. He says what will we answer everyone about Abhay, Jyoti has done wrong. He says you have to make her come here. Anjali gets tensed. He asks what happened, what are you thinking, will Jyoti stay here forever? Anjali says no, I know, she suits in her in laws house, I will call Sulbha Tai, she will come in the function. She leaves.

Astha talks to the pandit and says I will tell Anjali tomorrow’s mahurat. Anjali comes and asks with whom are you talking. Astha says pandit ji said tomorrow’s mahurat is auspicious. Anjali takes the guests list and writes Abhay’s Bua’s name. Astha asks why should we call her. Anjali says Jyoti is married to Abhay, if no one comes from Abhay’s house, what will we answer people. She says first invitation to go to her.

Jyoti comes and says if this is so, then there won’t be any godh bharai, tell the relatives that I have cut off my relations from Abhay. Anjali says don’t forget, Abhay will be called the father of your child. Jyoti cries and leaves. Astha goes after her. Shlok sees Jyoti’s upset. He asks what happened, tell me, did Anjali tell anything to you. He says I will not leave her today. Jyoti says no. Astha says Anjali wants to invite Sulbhai Tai. Shlok asks why, after this happened, I don’t know why she wants to do this, Sulbha Tai has given you so much pain, I will see how she comes here.

Jyoti says I have accepted my fate. Shlok says I promise I will change your fate. He says let me talk to her. Astha stops Shlok and says don’t make an issue. He says Niranjan agreed as he cares for Jyoti’s happiness, and Anjali has a problem with Jyoti’s happiness. Astha says no, it can’t be, see from her vision, she wants to call her as she wants to shut people’s mouth, don’t worry, we will protect Jyoti. She says we have to celebrate the function and we don’t need to worry, this day will be memorable for you, and it will be fun. Shlok says yes.

Shlok says sometimes Astha says right. Jyoti smiles. Shlok says we will celebrate it well. Jyoti hugs Shlok. Astha says hello, my hug. He hugs her too.

Kalindi tells Ajju that she is thinking to buy a gold chain for Jyoti’s daughter. Ajju says yes, I will give her silver anklet. Anjali calls Kalindi and invites her for Jyoti’s Godh bharai. They get happy. Varad talks to Akash and asks him to come for the function to take pics. Sid hears this and smiles. He says I will cover the function and take the pics. Astha and Anjali come to meet Sulbha Tai with fruits and sweets. Sulbha taunts them. Anjali invites her in the function. Sulbha says I think Jyoti was waiting to send Abhay to jail and then celebrate, why did you come.

Astha says you should come if you think you did not do anything, we will send car for you. Anjali says its my request, come and forget the past. Sulbha says I will come, this is the difference between you and me. Anjali thanks her and leaves with Astha. Sulbha says I will come but to ruin Jyoti’s life. Abhay went to jail because of Jyoti, so I will end that reason. Sid comes to meet Akash and you have forgot me. He says you have supported me in bad times. Akash says Varad needs a photographer. Sid says fine, send me. Akash says ok, but don’t make any mistake, I want good pics. Sid assures him.

Astha sees Anjali making flower necklaces for Jyoti. She thinks I know how much Anjali loves her children and they should see this. Anjali says Jyoti will wear this. Shlok and Varad gets ready and come. Astha says its ladies function, go. Astha makes Jyoti ready. Shlok says I think we won’t entry straight. Varad says think. Varad asks Sid why are you here. Sid says Akash has sent me to take pics. He says I would have told you at office to come, if you told me, take good pics. Varad tells Sojal to guide Sid in taking pics. Astha brings Jyoti,

Sid and Jyoti see each other and smile. Sid takes her pics. Anjali comes and looks at Jyoti smiling. Kalindi and Ajju come and are surprised to see Sid here. Jyoti sees them and smiles. Astha comes to Anjali and asks shall we start the function. Anjali says no, let Sulbha come. Sulbha comes and greets Anjali. Anjali and Astha welcome her. Anjali asks Astha to stop Sulbha from talking to any of our relatives. Astha says don’t worry, I won’t give her any chance. Sulbha sees Sid and says you here also. Sid goes.


Sulbha makes the chandelier fall on Jyoti. Sid sees it and shouts Jyoti while it falls.

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  1. wow!! Sid is very lucky for participating to the function because Shlok and Varad also can’t participate this event.

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