Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha waking up as the bed starts shaking. He says its looking like it will break. She says yes, lets sleep on floor on mattress. He asks how. She says I will show how. A rat comes there and she gets scared. She shouts and asks him to help her. He says fine and you have to help me too. She says fine, and gets on the bed. He shoos away the rat and she smiles. He says come, lets sleep on the floor. She says no, the rat can come back. He smiles. She checks the bedcover. He says sleep, the rat won’t come. She says we have to sleep in attention position else bed will break. They laugh hearing the bed sound.

Kaka (the lodge owner) comes over there and hears them laughing. He leaves. The kitchen cook knocks the door in morning. Astha opens the door. He says water is coming for one hour, bath and freshen up soon, then water will go. Astha asks Shlok to wake up. She says water will go. He says Agnihotri’s house does not have water less. She thinks Shlok, open your eyes and come out of your dreams. Kavya writes a message for Astha on the kite, asking her to come to her reading the message. She tells this to Sojal. Niranjan hears this sitting there. Sojal says fly the kite, Astha will come running reading your message. Kavya goes to Niranjan and asks when will Astha and Shlok come back, I miss them a lot, Astha used to tell good storied and we used to have lots of fun. She asks him to call them.

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Niranjan leaves. Sojal asks Kavya to fly the kite and see Astha will come soon. Kavya goes. Astha comes in the room after having bath. She wears her bangles and earrings. She sees Shlok sleeping and sprinkles the water of her hair. She says good morning and he holds her. He says good morning, you got ready so soon. She says yes, you also freshen up soon, I kept bucket of water. He says where. She says out. He says what, I m not comfortable, you know me. She says I m with you, come. She takes him. He says I won’t bath here. She takes him insisting. He says try to understand.

He says are you mad, I can’t, see its so dirty. She says come on and takes him. She gives him towel and soap dish. He comes out and says Astha, it does not have lock. She says so what, I will stand out. He says no, there is no lock. She sees the lady taking the bucket and tells Shlok that its their bucket. She takes another empty one and fills water. She asks Shlok to go fast. He says how to go, without lock. She says I m standing here. H goes to take bath. A lady comes and pushes the door. Shlok shouts. Astha says Taai, what are you doing, my husband is inside. Astha says sorry Shlok.

Shlok calls out Astha with all foam on his face. She asks what. He says water got over. She says I will do something, and sees the lady talking on phone. She takes the bucket and gives it to Shlok, as it belonged to her. She stands there. Shlok coms out dressed in driver clothes. The lady says who stole the water bucket, I will not leave that person. Astha and Shlok hide. The lady says once she has beaten a woman holding her hair, don’t know who stole the water. Shlok says I know this happened as you are here. She says is this time to give lecture, tell me how to go, lets stay here. He covers her face with pallu and asks where is out bucket loudly. He scolds Astha and asks where is the bucket. She smiles.

He says the lady would have used the water too. Astha says sorry, forgive me. He says did you see our bucket. The lady says my bucket also got stolen. He asks her to be careful as there are many thieves. They come to the room. Astha laughs and says Shlok you handled that woman so well, my husband is talented, but you got this talent from me. He holds her hand and tickles her asking did she steal the bucket. She says yes, as you had foam on your face, and everything is fair in love and war, love with you and war with her. He says thanks so much for coming in my life. He hugs her. She says I should thank Bappa for sending you in my life and making you my life partner.

He asks how you handle everything simply. She says as you are with me, you are with everything. He says enough drama now. They laugh and hug. Shlok gets thinking. Kalindi asks Ajju to come for breakfast. Ajju asks where is Avdhoot. Kalindi says he went to office early, he said he will have food in office. Ankush comes and sit for breakfast. They look at him. He smiles and asks what problem is it now, Kalindi is a painful soul. He asks her to pass food. He says get happy, as your good days are coming, I have decided that I will change for good.

He laughs and says yes, I will change. Kalindi thinks looking at him, feeling his behavior odd and pretending to change, and many things going on in Ankush’s mind. Sojal asks Kavya to have milk. Kavya says no, not till Astha and Shlok comes. Sojal says fine, I will complain them. Kavya says no, I will drink the milk. Jyoti comes to talk to Niranjan and asks Sojal where is he. Sojal says I was calling you. Jyoti says she needs some answers from Niranjan. Sojal says he is in his room. Jyoti leaves. Kavya asks why was she crying and angry. Sojal says no, go and do homework.

Sid comes to Anaya and asks where is Jyoti. Sojal says went to Baba. Sid says since I told her everything, she is worried and wanted to come yesterday, but I stopped her saying I will bring her in morning. Jyoti asks Niranjan why did he do this, when he loved Shlok so much, was this his love. She says how could you give the wound of lifetime, why did you let him go. She says you always wanted to have this house by your way, why did you not stop him, we all respected you and you broke that relation, how many hearts will you break, the house has broken because of you, Shlok loved you so much and you gave this gift to him.

He gets angry and says ask Shlok, not me. He breaks the pic of Shlok. He says he went in anger and will come back, you say this house goes as I say, I did not wish the house to get divided, and your second marriage, but everyone followed Astha, why should I stop them, he has ended our relation, you don’t tell me whats right and whats wrong, I did not give you right to misbehave, so be in your limit. Jyoti says what type of person are you. He says shut up, Niranjan Agnihotri does not answer anyone, I don’t care if anyone goes, I m fine alone, you can go now, leave. Jyoti cries. Niranjan sits in tension.

Avdhoot sees Shlok washing his face at the road side. Kalindi buys the vegetables. Avdhoot says Shlok and calls out his name. They look at Shlok who is in driver’s clothes.

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